Heyyyy lovess. Early Tuesdays! In case you’ve forgotten 😛

I’m so glad we’ve finally got sunshine back – and I hope you do, too! It didn’t start out that way, though – I did not want to get out of bed this morning for anything! I even “slept in” (aka. 6:30 – but I dragged it to 6:45) and was still groggy. The thoughts of having to go to class were not helping my mood, and I woke up with a slight headache. Not a happy camper. But – don’t worry – this isn’t going to be a whiner post! You’ll see 🙂

After much grumbling and stalling more, I dragged my bum into the kitchen and rocked some cherry oats.

By “rocked,” I mean that the base was equal parts oat bran and rolled spelt flakes, vanilla extract, frozen cherries, trail power, and topped with flax, chia-acai icing, crystallized ginger, dried currants, coconut, and frozen cherries simmered in almond milk and some chopped almonds. Additionally, even I couldn’t deny the fact that this bowl was deserving of a couple dark chocolate chips!

But the real star of the show?

Remember how I mentioned I ordered 3 nut butters from Naturally Nutty way back when I placed my order? Well, I’ve stil only had the White Chocolate Coconut because I don’t like having toooo too much open at one time. Well – I’d be a fool to not use White Chocolate Cherry Almond Butter while it’s sitting in my cupboard! And I was not prepared for what I saw upon opening:

Uhm, are you KIDDING me?! Naturally Nutty, you’ve outdone yourself. I already thought you were simply amazing for your White Chocolate Coconut peanut butter – but can you believe that cherry goodness in this jar?! Me neither. But how did it taste? Oh, you know, no big…just similar to how winning the lottery would taste. I cannot wait to try every single one of their flavors. I need to step up the nut-butter consumption so I have justification to order again soon.

It was so frigid out this morning. I guess not by Vermont standards – but by recent standards, for sure! It’s been relatively warm in the mornings – 25 or so – but not this morning! I snapped these photos as fast I could, and had to microwave the bowl before digging in.

This meant I also wanted to nuke my coffee – and this operation turned into one gigantic fail. Try fitting a square bowl and a cup of nearly full coffee in a microwave (re: a turntable microwave, as most all are) and imagine the outcome when the plate tries to turn and there’s not enough room for both objects. Got it? Okay, if you’re imagining correctly, you’re seeing coffee all over the place. Yeah – not my brightest moment. And given that I was still in a “I hate school.” mood – this did not help.

Eventually, I sat down and generated a list of reasonable excuses to not attend class:

1. It’s supposed to be nice out today.

2. I don’t feel like it.

3. I have better things to do. Like…watch morning talk shows. Or something.

4. I could design my business cards.

5. See numbers 1 and 2, and repeat twenty times.

Enter voice of reason: Jess, you’re going to class. Go get ready.

Eventually, my funk started wearing off and after changing my outfit and trying to get a reasonable hairstyle situated, I decided I was just going to make the best of my day. I mean, I was already up. And what else was I going to do all morning? That’s what I thought.

Still – I would need some motivation on the drive in.

Enter: can either totally pump me up, or totally bring me down. I needed some Jay-Z to kick off my morning commute. Never mind that Eric Clapton’s Layla came on immediately afterwards – it made me happy just the same. More Jay and some Matisyahu kept my mood up as I thought about going for a run after class. Ooooh, a run!

After a boring class, I was still super-duper pumped at the thoughts of going for a run, and my mood had done a complete 360*. I was in the best mood! I credit it to the drive in and making the best of everything. I was almost floating – not to toot my own horn or anything 😉

I did have some quick grocery shopping to do, for some produce and fruits – and fueled with a nanner.

nanner lovin'. can we just look and laugh at my stray hair on the right there for a second, though? kthanks.

haha I’m so weird. Uhhhh – anyways. Grocery shopping happened quite possibly the fastest I have ever done it. No joke – I was so pumped! And I didn’t want to lose my motvation. I was in and out of there in twenty minutes. (Hey – it only took that long because it’s really hard to fit kale in those dang produce bags.)

Once home, I grabbed a quick snack

half a bagel thin with Rumi’s and dried apricots. These organic dried apricots I picked up from the co-op are handsdown the best I’ve ever had. I think the ones from the bag I’d been eating previously are a joke, or something. They are so…uh…not dry…and have this awesome, vanilla-y flavor. Heaven. Dangerous addiction. I made a side note that this would make a really good sandwich.

Laced up my choos – and off I went!

I’ve been saying a lot lately how I want to get back into horseback riding and/or running. I decided I want to start and see how I like running. It’s been quite a while since I’ve gone for a run, so I set myself goals:

1. Don’t push yourself so it’s not fun. I want to see if I enjoy this – I’m not doing it for weight loss or anything like that. Simply to get a little more physical exercise in my routine, and enjoy the outdoors and feel good.

2. Start out easy. You don’t need to even run a mile.

3. Walk when you want to. It’s your first time in a while. While I’m not unfit – I’m still relatively active – once again, I want to see if I enjoy this, and if I don’t – I’m not going to do it. There’s plenty of forms of exercise that I do find enjoyable.

In addition – I decided I would just do walk-run intervals. So basically, I didn’t exactly work-out much – I went a little over a mile, but again – did walk-run intervals – but I loved being in the fresh air, enjoying myself. It did get a little unpleasant towards the end, but only because of a n00b mistake: it was pretty windy, and my ears got quite cold. I always have had this problem when running, though. I almost wore a hat, but then didn’t. I think if I were in the sun more, it would have been fine…and I almost drove into town so I could run a little loop – but didn’t feel like going out again. Next time!

Once back, I did some stretching (since, you know, that was oh-so-strenuous…hah) and some quick sit-ups, bicycles, and push-ups. I should have reversed that order – I stretched last. haha.

And then feasted! This is where you realize that I’m really totally awesome, or really totally wacked.

Aw, yeah – look at that waffle lovin’. But what did I concoct this time? oh, you know – just a spinach buckwheat waffle with the lovely Mae‘s humnut cheese…

And hardboiled egg whites, red pepper, and roma tomatoes. Remember when I made these waffles? Well – I made enough dry mix for two meals knowing it would come in handy. I was planning I’d have it for dinner tonight – quick and easy! But got way too excited to wait until then when I thought of this during class 😉 I know spinach is pretty unnoticeable in green monsters (not from personal experience – just from hear-say!) and bought a huge thing of spinach last time I went shopping. Wanting to pump up my waffle and use some spinach – I just blended some handfuls with some almond milk, added some fresh basil and a garlic clove, and added that to the mix in addition to some egg beaters!

I won’t lie – my first bite was cautious. It didn’t smell so hot. It smelled quite spinach-y. I was nervous that this ended up being a drastic fail. Um, no, sir, not at all! No taste of psinach whatsoever. Just deliciousness! I love buckwheat. Although – I do hate how it looks, hah. Wouldn’t these be such a pretty green if it was a spelt flour or WW flour base?! Oh, well. Beggars can’t be choosers. Or something.

Additionally – loved the humnut cheese. I was just going to do hummus and melt some mozzarella – but then I’d realized I’d never tried the humnut cheese, and this would be the perfect humnut cheese vessel! Although – I still don’t have any tahini, so I went without. Ah, well.

So – have I completely weirded you out yet, or not? Heh – sorry guys 🙂 Love me?

So – this is it from me for today! I’m craving a tempeh-almond butter-jam sammie for dinner – that one from Sunday was delish! So I may do that. And if I don’t…you won’t be missing anything exciting, either way. But it’s way easier for me to not have to worry about blogging Tuesday nights! I hope you all have a beautiful rest of the day, and a great night!!

What’s your favorite music to listen to when you need to get motivated, or “out of a funk”? Or are there other things you do to motivate you?

If you’re a runner – how did you get into it?


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15 responses to “Three-Sixty

  1. Susan

    Yay for tempeh sammies and savory waffles!

    Jay is the MAN when it comes for motivation. That man can do no wrong. Neither can his wifey. Can you tell I love them both?

    Have a good day hun!

  2. How funny you never struck me as a jayz gal….running my god…it hurts me so much..i walk really fast then run at intervals on my threadmill..when my girls get bigger and let me leave the house I will run outside..haha..get into I needed it..


  3. Your blog posts always make me happy haha! I tried chia seeds today and agree they would be much better added to yogurt/smoothies than straight into oats. I love that they basically generate a pudding type gel! AMAZING! I also am not in school mood today…or ever really. I hate the fact that I feel like this because college is expensive, but I always feel like my mind is wandering and my interest are else where. If I could making a living doing something with food I would totally jump at the chance. UGH…can’t wait to be done with school. I also LOVE running around the open country side where I live. I like your mentality too, because I ran too much with no balance and burned out for a while. I missed running but was afraid to go out for a while because I didn’t want to over do it again. Running is so serene and peaceful to me when the weather calls for it! I think I am going to have to hunt down that nut butter too LOOKS AMAZING!! And I could never be weirded out by you combinations…I do the same. My friends always make fun of me for my combinations and food purchases. Honestly, if my roommate woke up and saw half of my breakfast concoctions I make she would find it so odd. That is my novel for today.

  4. Mae

    I. LURVE this post! hahahaha I can’t believe there is someone else in the world that will waffle anything. I can’t wait to try this recipe!!
    I’ve stretched out dough really thin and threw it in the waffle maker. It’s soo good! That almond butter looks amazing… I would love to try it just to see how it compares to good old Saratoga! 😉
    How far did you run? It sounds great!
    It was so warm here today, I feel horrible you guys were chilly! 😦 And we’re only like an hour apart!

  5. Ok I need to try this Naturally Nutty White Chocolate Cherry AB ASAP!!

    My only advice for getting into running is go slow. I feel like everyone I’ve talked to gives up because they try to run 3 miles in under 30 mins or something and the truth is it doesn’t matter how fast you go. I say work on distance first, then speed. That’s my two cents 🙂

  6. Pam

    Hi you! we had sunshine today also! I would pick the horseback riding over running…he he!

    Your food looks great and so do your pic’s….so cute!


  7. WOOO, way to go on your run! I’m with you on the intervals…I actually find them to be much more enjoyable/less boring.

    By the way – have I mentioned that you totally look like a Vermonter? It’s a good thing, promise 🙂

    MUSIC. Funny thing is, my everyday music of choice is indie(ish) – Broken Social Scene, Grizzly Bear, Sigur Ros, etc. But my workout mix? Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Ke$ha, and more dance/rap music. Night and day, right?! But clearly working out to indie rock just isn’t going to cut it 😛

  8. You are too funny.
    I love the peanut butter! I am going to have to do some research and get a few jars…
    By the way, I love your photos!

  9. Love the humnut sauce. And I need a tempeh almond butter and jam sandy. Amazing!
    I love how music can just change your mood instantly. My go to feel good songs are the ones my best friends and I listened to in college. “September” by Earth Wind andFire (we brought it back), “Don’t Stop Believin” by Journey, “Since You’ve Been Gone” by K. Clarkson, “Milkshake by Kelis, oh gosh so so many more. What a random assortment I just listed! Haha
    And thank you for your kind comment earlier. I really appreciate it!

  10. Nicole

    Thank you for the comment!

    I actually have some oat bran sitting in my pantry that I bought… a while ago. Haha! This reminds me that I definitely need to try it!

    And I really, really love that square-shaped bowl!

  11. Hi first visit here. The cherry oats look yummy. The thing I love about blogging is finding new ideas. Thanks for the inspiration.

  12. defunktgourmet

    Dearest Jess, i’ve given you a blog award. i hope that you consider it. Thanks kindly,

  13. haha! I love your posts!

    Kale into the produce bags..a hassle…totes agree! ;)Btw, LOVE your food! It all looks so delicious!

    I havent gone running in quite some time! Thanks for the inspiration!

  14. haha i agree w. your blog!! you are awesome! and SO ARTISTIC! something i am NOT-so i respect it so much!

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