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Did You Know?

Did you knowthat I am hopelessly obsessed with mashed banana overnight oats, topped with figs, walnuts, and peanut butter sauce?

…that bananas are, technically speaking – an herb?

Did you know…that dried figs are right up there with dates when it comes to amazing? They are a great source for energy, because they are packed with slow-burning and easily digestible sugars – which keeps you going for hours!

that figs are pretty high in calcium, for a fruit, at least?

My mom wasn't sure WHAT to think when she saw this package!

Did you knowthat in times of famine, some countries have survived off of hemp seed?

…that in China, it is available in movie theaters the same as popcorn is in the U.S.?

Dates stuffed with walnuts - the perfect work snack.

Did you knowthat walnuts are one of the oldest tree foods known?

…that walnuts have one of the highest concentrations of omega-3s?

This lunch is probably getting old to see...but not to eat! What can I say? We have a loooota tomatoes!

Did you know… there are over a thousand different kinds of cheese?

Did you know…that after this feta and mozzarella is all done, I will be making it a point to only purchase locally made cheese? (holla!)

Plums...quite possibly my favorite fruit!

Did you knowthere are more than 140 varieties of plums sold in the U.S.?

Did you know…elephants are the only mammals that cannot jump?

This KIND bar was very good. A bit on the sweet side (I love cranberries and their tartness!) but good 😉

Did you knowI thought free-radicals and antioxidants were really confusing, until I read this:

Antioxidants are substances or nutrients in our foods which can prevent or slow the oxidative damage to our body. When our body cells use oxygen, they naturally produce free radicals (by-products) which can cause damage. Antioxidants act as “free radical scavengers” and hence prevent and repair damage done by these free radicals.  Health problems such as heart disease, macular degeneration, diabetes, cancer,etc are all contributed by oxidative damage. Indeed, a recent study conducted by researchers from London found that 5 servings of fruits and vegetables reduce the risk of stroke by 25 percent. Antioxidants may also enhance immune defense and therefore lower the risk of cancer and infection.


Did you know…that KIND has a lot of really yummy-looking new bars out? Hmm…I’ll have to make some knock-offs! 😛

Did you knowthat broccoli bowls have become my automatic go-to dinner when I can’t think of anything else? This bowl featured a lot of roasted broccoli, two scrambled eggs, red pepper, and a tomato with a hummus-nooch sauce. And quinoa bread 😉

Did you know…egg yolks are one of the few foods that naturally contain vitamin D?

What do you know?!

(p.s. did you know – that voting ends tomorrow? clicky here if ya wanna help a girl out!)


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Imyam Balwho? Or…Stuffed Eggplant.

Okay, I’m really glad I’m not the only one who is very partial as to what shape their pasta is! It was funny growing up, because spaghetti was most often made. I would always groan “I don’t like spaghetti!” to which I would just be met with “You like elbows and ziti – they’re the same thing.” haha. It seems like the spaghetti lovers prefer spaghetti, angel hair, or fettucine, whereas the rest of us prefer the cutesy bow-ties or ziti. This could be a scientific experiment! Or a psychology one…heh. “What does your pasta preference say about you?”

Okay, okay – I’m shutting up now. I’m probably a little loony right now because today was my first day ever not seeing Teddie’s cute little face even for five seconds.

Sad thought.

We had a lot of fun stuff to do around here, though – shoveling these huge piles of dirt and logs that have been residing in our front lawn after some logging was done up back. So my mom and I basically spent all. morning. shoveling, wheeling, dumping, raking, and sweating our booties off.

These waffles proved to be great fuel. My original waffles…but for some reason they seemed exceptionally…exceptional? yes. Maybe because it’d been a while since I’d had them. (all the banana bread lovin’) or maybe because of the delicious white flesh nectarine and coconut topping it.

My money’s on the white flesh nectarine and coconut. So perfect. Joining it was a peanut butter chia icing and a drizzle of honey.

Mid-way through the morning was break-time. I reheated a slice of banana bread and  used the last slice of my triple wheat bread to make a pb & j. I let my mom take first pick but we ended up just going halvesies 😉

I thought that was a great idea - when I was "making" this, I realized I couldn't decide which one I wanted!

I also grabbed some chunks of energy as the morning progressed, though I was more than ready for lunch. We didn’t stop until nearly one, and as we were driving our last load to the dump I exclaimed excitedly “I want an egg sandwich!!!”

And so I had just that! On toasted homamade honey-oat bread: a fried egg (extra crispy!!) Cedar's garlic lover's hummus, and a fresh garden tomato, + a heavy-handed shake of salt and pepper 😉

I don’t think my mom’s ever thought of egg sandwiches while at the dump before, but there’s a first for everything, right? Last night I made a new loaf of bread – this time honey oat. I prefer the triple wheat, though that’s not to say this loaf is bad. I just prefer the texture of the triple wheat. It’s much chewier, whereas this loaf is a little crumblier. Which, is sort of odd because I actually added a little bit more olive oil than was called for.

Of course a GM was also necessary!

In the blender today:

topped with wheat germ, PB, cashews, another huuuge date, coconut, and a drizzle of honey.

And afterwards – we sprawled out in our beds. Unfortunately it didn’t last long, but whatever. Aaand I was a little bummed because I’d originally planned to just give Teddie the day off so that I could get work done here in the morning and then go to the Vermont Summer Festival in the afternoon. The VSF is a pretty serious horseshow that is about forty-five minutes away from me for the better part of the summer. Sundays are Grand Prix days, and this weekend was their very last one. Usually I make it out there many times a summer – but this year I didn’t make it out at all 😦 I was just too tired to even think of driving out there and walking around, and not to mention that leaving at 1:30 wouldn’t put us there until the Grand Prix was nearly over.

I guess I’ll just go with the thought that I at least saved some money – there are tonnns of mobile tack shops there and I really wanted to try and find a new pair of tall boots!

You all know I'm not a fan of the "- in a jar" trend - but if there is one thing I do enjoy, it's cereal in a sunflower butter jar!

After a short while, though, we went back to work with a little more “pile moving” before just calling it a day. I snacked multiple times – but this is all I snapped a shot of. Banana slices, original puffins, and almond milk is pretty spectacular in a sunflower butter jar. I’m not going to lie, though – I’m really sad to see the end of this jar. I couldn’t find the Full Circle brand when I was at the store last and had to get SunButter. Will it impress? The ingredients weren’t as impressive (use plain ol’ sugar) but I just couldn’t go a day without sunflower butter.

Murphy's Law in action: the one thing I don't take two pictures of is also the one thing that I was too hungry to bother taking an in-focus shot of.

And…finally, a recipe. Because for some reason, I decided making stuffed eggplant after being really gross all day was a good idea.

This is from a book called “The Vegetarian Cookbook” that I bought at a booksale for $3. Score. I tried to find it online to link it, but can’t. I think it’s sort of old-ish. Anyways – I’ve adapted it just enough to be able to post it 😛 They call it Imyam Balsomething…but it’s a stuffed eggplant. This is not meant to be offensive to the culture in which this dish originated – I just honestly have no idea how to pronounce it, and the book is far away. If you know the proper pronunciation, enlighten us please!

Stuffed Eggplant

for two

  • 1 medium-large eggplant
  • 1 T. olive oil
  • 2 cloves garlic, mashed
  • 1/2 a white onion, diced
  • 1 can fire-roasted diced tomatoes
  • 1/2 of a red pepper, diced
  • small handful of sugar snap peas, chopped
  • 2 T. raisins – golden or regular
  • 1/4 t. cinnamon
  • 1/4 t. nutmeg
  • 1/2 T. dried parsely
  • salt and pepper, to taste
  • 1/2 c. butter beans (I’ve also done it with garbanzos)
  • cashews
  1. Cut off the top end of your eggplant, and slice in half lengthwise. Leaving ~1/2″ walls, scoop out the inside.
  2. Chop the innards, and salt the shells and the innards. Oh yeah, and preheat your oven to 400*. Note: the eggplant should be allowed to sit, salted, for a bit, so I would suggest chopping all your veggies while it’s sitting.
  3. In a large saucepan, heat your olive oil. Add in the garlic and onion, and leave over medium heat, stirring occasionally, for about three minutes. Then add in the chopped eggplant and canned tomatoes, stirring frequently. Simmer for five minutes.
  4. Add in the remaining ingredients except for the cashews and beans, and then cover – simmered – for fifteen minutes. I know, I know. Raisins, nutmeg, and cinnamon are really random. Just trust me on this one, you will appreciate it later. After fifteen minutes, stir in the butter beans.
  5. Fit the eggplant shells in a baking dish, and spoon in the mixture. Cover and bake for 40 or so minuts, until the eggplant is tender.
  6. Top with chopped cashews, and serve with a grain of some sort. Note: It’s also good with a bit of cornmeal or quinoa in the eggplant filling.


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Cashew-Carrot Curry Spread


Or dip.

Hmm. I suppose this could go either way. I am most likely to use it as a spread, however – but you can eat it by the spoonful if you feel so inclined. So yes, this is that mysterious orange substance I spoke of. Sorry to let down those of you who were thinking sweet-potato something or other. Anything sweet potato is pretty exciting, so hopefully this wasn’t too much of a disappointment!

Cashew-Carrot Curry Spread

yields: a whole lot of carroty goodness


  • 4 small-medium sized carrots
  • 1/4 c. cashews
  • 1/4 c. plain greek yogurt
  • scant 1 t. dijon mustard
  • heaping 1/2 t. curry powder
  • 1 medium clove garlic
  • 1/2 T. honey
  • salt and pepper, to taste


Chop the carrots into smaller pieces and boil in salted water until easily pierced with a fork or knife.

Drain excess water and allow to cool for a couple minutes.

In a food processor or blender, blend the carrots, garlic, cashews, greek yogurt, and mustard until combined. It doesn’t need to be pureed necessarily.

Stop and add in the remaining ingredients, blending until you get to your desired consistency.

End result!

How to use this concoction?

In sandwiches!

Well, today I discovered it is outstanding with a hardboiled egg. No, that’s not a bunk egg – it just looks funny since it was squished against the bread all night 😉

It would also be lovely dovely paired with homemade crackers! I do not, however – recommend pairing it with a peach. Yes, I have been eating peaches like they’re going out of style.


I’ll take any fruit that ranges from 69 cents a pound to 99 cents a pound depending on the week, thankyouverymuch. Luckily – I do love peaches even if I still cannot get past their skin.

Base: almost 1/2 c. quick oats, 1/2 c. almond milk, vanilla chobani (mixed in in the am), trail power, cinnamon.

I’ve also discovered that the only fruit that can successfully take the important role that a banana plays is the blueberry. Another miracle fruit!

Topped with: wheat germ, peach-ginger jam, skinless almonds, goji granola, and nuked blueberries and chopped peach mixed with maple sizzurp.

This homemade peach-ginger jam cannot be described. So flavorful! Sweet, but not overly so – enough that it’s still got the zing of the ginger.

Some extra bold iced coffee joined me this morning. Lately, I have not been wanting to fall asleep at a reasonable hour. I like to go to bed by 10. This makes waking up at 5:40 ish a non-issue, and as I’ve said – I don’t mind being a grandma. But these past few nights I’ve been not able to fall right asleep and had sort of restless sleep, too. I don’t get tired until later, and even then, my mind keeps running. When my alarm sounded, I said “Oh HAAAAAAIL no.” and snoozed another twenty minutes. 5:40 wasn’t completely necessary today as it was a day-off for Teddie, so it was okay. And appreciated! Hopefully, though, I can kick this issue to the curb!

Chunks of Energy

While I was at the co-op, I saw that we had some of the real Chunks of Energy and was thisclose to getting some to try. But then realized. That’s my problem. And didn’t.

Although, can we just talk for a second about one of my pet peeves? Okay. Rude cashiers. Seriously. If you hate your life, at least try to make the most of it – you’ll be amazed at how not letting your bad mood take over your mind makes your day oodles better. Especially at a co-op! There’s this guy who’s been there the past two times I’ve gone, and you can tell he just has no where near the level of enthusiasm as most of the workers there do. Which I find especially off because it’s a volunteer position – it’s not like he has to do it for money! He kept practically throwing my food down once he punched in the number.

Maybe I’m just weird because I’m one of those people who loves greeting customers with a smile upon my face while working, and being the polite customer when checking out at stores. Maybe because I know how annoying it is to work with difficult, grumpy people, and know that one nice customer makes the whole day better. Or maybe I’m just happy. Yeah, I’m probably just happy, too.

Anybody else wanna share a pet peeve of theirs?

I made some "trail mix" to have at work - with Annie bunny grahams (hehe...every-bunny needs some bunny grahams!), skinless olive oil & sea salt almonds, papaya, and raisins.

Fun fact: when I was much younger, I used to help this woman with a bunch of rabbits. She showed and bred them. I even had one I trained. Did you know they have to be trained to sit pretty an all? And let me tell you – rabbit bites hurt. I had a scar for years. Anyways. We would feed them dried papaya as a treat, and I would always sneak some for myself. So now I feel like a rabbit for eating so much papaya lately. Although it’s kind of ironic because I’m not the hugest fan of it plain (or fresh, for that matter) but love the tropical twist it lends to bars 🙂

Hummus-Feta-Veg mess with 2 scrambled eggs (with almond milk and parm cheese)

Hi, my name’s Jess, and I’m a hummus and veg freak. Yes, I had to do this again. I was almost drooling on the drive home at the thought. I’ve done this with beans, seitan – next up was eggs! Scrambled ultimately won this time. In the bowl:

  • corn (from a leftover cob)
  • roasted broccoli
  • roasted carrots
  • roasted sugar snap peas
  • couple globs of Cedar’s Garlic Lovers Hummus
  • Ragu
  • feta

But!!! That’s not the last from me – I’m saving the best for last!!

I came home to a package from across the pond! I. am. so. excited.

Nikki and I did a bloggie swap – and I am SO excited to dig in to these bars!! It’s really neat to be sent something that I would never be able to get my hands on over here. I will certainly be letting you all know about each as I eat them 🙂

Peace out girlscouts 😉


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Brace Yourself!

Looks like I’m not the only one who tends to eat in because it tastes better and is a great money-saver, huh? Oh, well – I was all proud of myself for actually trying something new (eating oat) but I guess I’ll just save more money with that backfire!

Okay guys…brace yourselves. Today, I did something I’m always saying I “don’t do” because I’m too lazy…but in all honesty, am always drooling over.

Today, I had a SIAB for lunch. (Yes, I’m starting in no particular order again. I’ve decided I like being random better than going B-L-D)

I might be a convert. It was so refreshing. I really wanted an EGM…but I’ve no spinach.

I’ve become sort of a grazer when it comes to lunches and eating when I’m home. I’m not saying it’s a bad or a good thing, it is what it is. I think today, though, this was so appealing because I was dehydrated from not drinking much more than a Nalgene bottle all morning.

In the SIAB, measures completely approximate:

  • 1/2 banana
  • 3/4 c. blueberries
  • 1 peach
  • 1/2 c. almond milk
  • 2 dates
  • 1/2 c. greek yogurt
  • 3 ice cubes
  • spoonful peanut butter

I topped it with more blueberries, more dates, and 1/4 c. quick oats. Oh, and a drizzle of honey. Aaaand, another smallish spoonful of PB post-photo. I couldn’t resist.

It was quite fulfilling, and now I really want some gums! They look like they make smoothies so thick and dreamy.

Before all that, though, I had brekkist! Well, before anything save for feeding the horses, anyways. Of course blueberries were present once again.

Hey, by the way – let’s have some waffle Q & A, shall we?

I’ve been asked the question “How do you get your waffles so crispy?” quite often, and in case anyone else is wondering, too – I really don’t know why they look so crispy. Looking at the photo, I guess I can see how one who’s never had them might think they’re crispy…but they’re really not! haha. I think it’s just the unusual combo of ingreds for the batter. It’s not quite your typical waffle batter. Or maybe it’s my waffle iron? I just have it on the “3” setting – for medium brown. They’re pretty soft, like a normal waffle.

And then I received one question last night (hey girl!) as to how I get my waffles to not stick. Luckily this is the only one of those questions, but maybe there’s others who have been silently struggling? In any case – I’ve never had the problem myself, but I could understand how one might. There’s no oil in the recipe and, as mentioned – it’s sort of a strange waffle recipe. The only time I’ve ever had a problem was when I added fresh fruit. And it still wasn’t too stuck. Mine come right off – but I use a little bit of canola spray, and my waffle iron is relatively new, with no dulling of the non-stick-ability.

Sorry, don’t mean to get all blabbery on you guys! But just in case anyone else was quietly wondering the same 🙂

Lately, I’ve been enjoying an icing of plain greek yogurt, peanut butter, chia seeds, and almond milk rather than just splotched-on PB, too 🙂

Shortly afterwards, I grabbed a fig with peanut butter and scurried off to the barn. Figs + PB = one of my favorite little big snacks. I wanted to make sure I wasn’t hungry all morning – I was shooting a senior portrait at 11:00, and wasn’t sure how long it would be for. It was actually pretty short and sweet – we were done by 11:40! But, after working with Teddie I had a little rumble in the tummy and reached into my CEBS (or, more precisely – car emergency bar stash) and came up with an old favorite of mine:

Remember when I had these guys all the time?! They’ve been moved to my CEBS since they’re no longer enough to fulfill my hunger for the work day 😉 These bars are very sweet, but very good – like a little treat! Half was perfect for my “sort of hungry but not really but I don’t want to be starving shooting this portrait” mood.

insert smoothie lunch here

oh, and a package!

Hopefully, this one will last longer than my last. Thanks, Jess, for the CSN giftcard!!

Speaking of gifts, look what my mom brought home for me:

Someone from her work brought in co-op goodies. This is from a larger co-op about an hour and a half from us. Worth a trip one of these days! Ours here has food like this, too – but I don’t usually bother buying it because I can make it. But, they were good so hey – I’ll take what’s given!

And some fruit leather. I’ve been curious to try these, too!

Although, none of those goodies can top my snack of banana bread and iced coffee.

I enjoyed my afternoon snack sitting with Georgie and Maya, too. I didn’t share. (Although – I did share a Chunk of Energy with Georgie. She wasn’t so pleased, but she’s sort of finnicky.)

And after sweating all day, all I craved with/for dinner was eggs. I’ve been craving fried eggs like mad lately! I’m thinking it must just be a hot-weather thing – and since I don’t drink as much as I usually do on days I’ve got off, I must just want the salt. Because you bet I salt my fried eggs.

But of course I still wanted fresh crunch! I ended up combining:

  • 2 “fried” eggs
  • romaine
  • roasted broccoli
  • corn from a cob
  • red pepper
  • sundried tomato feta

and I thought I had more ranch dressing left than I did – so I made up the difference with some Ragu!

Also – thanks everyone for letting me know that my tahini isn’t spoiled and that’s just how it is! It’s easier to try to grow a taste for now that I’m not wondering if I’m eating something spoiled 😉 I don’t mind it so much on stuff, but by the spoonful is a no-go!

What’s been your biggest “eee, this is going to be so good I can’t wait to try it?!” foodie moment, only to be totally let down?


Weelll, Mr. Pony and I had the talk this morning.

You know how sometimes, you can ask a guy to do something – and they only do a half-bum job of it? And you sort of just let it slide the first couple of times so you don’t make them hate you, but then you realize it’s going to keep being an issue until you say something about it?

That’s sort of how Teddie was being about forward. It was a minor issue the first couple of times we rode – but he quickly learned what was expected of him, and we were doing well not abruptly stopping for a bit. The past couple rides it was a minor situation each time – but again, not much of a chance for it to really come to a head since that was the whole “learning to work with distractions,” era. And I’m sort of a bad trainer in that I feel bad disciplining even though I know it needs to be done, so I skirt-tail it as long as I can. I know, I know – this is bad, especially because disciplining by no means beating them over the head with a dressage whip, but moreso a command, not a polite request. (Like I tend to do. Hey – that’s how I am with people, too!)

Today, he did the abrupt stop from a trot so after the second time, I got off, grabbed a dressage whip, and was ready for him the next time he did it. That little bugger tried it again and after a quick flick of the whip he sort of did a little “OH, okay, of course, Mom!” and after a couple more tests he was much more willing to oblige. I don’t want any of the non-horse folk out there to think I’m beating my horse with a whip to go forward, so I’ll just throw out there that a quick but firm tap with the whip on his well-padded behind did not hurt him.

So, it wasn’t a pretty ride – but I think it was an effective ride. We’ll see next time! (And I have checked all tack fit and he’s not sore anywhere, so I am pretty sure the stopping is just a green horse thing, not a pain thing.)

This is already really long, so I won’t go into detail about Georgie and Maya, but we had a lot of fun with those cuties today, too 🙂


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4 Hours Later

So, as I alluded to yesterday – my mom and i found ourselves road-trippin’ it 4 hours today! To be quick and efficient yet not find myself starving within an hour or grumpy the entire way, or rushing around this morning, I made my breakfast last night.

Last time, I said I wasn’t a huge fan of overnight oats. Take them or leave them – but they were certainly handy – and I’d take the over a drive-through any day! Well, I made a different variation this time, and I’ve gotta say – they were good!

  • 1 T. steel cut oats, 3 T. Peppy Kernels, 1 T. chia seeds
  • 3/4 c. almond milk
  • drizzle maple syrup
  • chopped dried apricots

and then in the morning, I microwaved them until hot (not warm – and I don’t like them cold!!) and added:

  • microwaved, mashed banana
  • drizzle maple syrup
  • shredded unsweetened coconut
  • Cranberry Orange Nut Sauce
  • TJ’s Sun Butter

I think it was the combination of the mashed banana with  mape syrup and the sun butter that really wowed me. I’d never really thought to use sunbutter on oats before because I’m always thinking sweet – but lately I’ve been on a total sunbutter kick and thought – wouldn’t that go great with a mashed banana? And it was so perfect. I think I was daydreaming about sunbutter and bananas all while driving.

I still can’t say I’m a convert, since I love the hands-on of hot, morning oats – but that fact that I can re-heat overnight oats and be just as satiated and pleased is a definite bonus. My hopes have been renewed!

I had just a cup of Green Mountain Southern Pecan this morning and then we were out the door at 6:30!

None of the bars got touched...but I was prepared, I guess.

I, of course – packed foods. Overpacked, might I add.

Lentil salad sandwiches that got devoured, caramel oikoses that got saved for a later date.

I found myself riding shotty for the first two hours.


And by the time we were in the car for an hour, we wanted some real breakfast. Those oats were just a joke, you know.

So we found ourselves here.

Alright, so maybe we just needed to use the facilities. And a coffee for $1 for the moms. She drinks more coffee than I do.

And then I took over for the interstate driving. Here’s a sneak preview of what went down:

Mom: “Slow down.”

Me: “I’m going…68.”

Mom: “The speed limit’s 65.”

Me: “If we go 65 we’ll get rear-ended by a MAC truck.”

…continue going 68-70. Later:

“Please don’t go above 65.” (clutching dash)

okay so maybe the dash part was a little dramatic, but it goes without saying that she hates highway drivings. Reason why I did the highways. I didn’t tell her that they make me nervous too. Luckily, her truck is a lot smoother to drive on the interstate than the Jeep that shakes when you hit 60.

ANYWAYS. Where did 4 hours of driving take us? To a nice little town with a handful of gorgeous horses.

What did we drive away with after an hour and a half of oogling?

Okay, so maybe not. BUT! That is a representation of what will be delivered either next weekend or the first weekend in June 😀

(not that horse…work with me here.)

Yes, yes! The hunt is over. I figured as soon as I got all whiney I’d be made a liar of. It’s sort of weird story that goes along with how we found this horse…and my mom and I really think it’s just fate. I think that’s why we were a little disappointed when it started looking like we may not hear back. Just goes to show we were both a little too paranoid 😉 I’ve never felt this “right” about a horse decision. A lot of times, you go back and forth…sort of weighing the pros and cons of this horse. This one just feels right.

I drove another butt-hurting 2.5 hours back until handing over the wheel to my mom again. So glad we shared driving. I was starting to feel exhausted, and headachey. At first I thought it was just because it was so sunny out and I forgot sunglasses.

But after 24 fluid ounces of green-mountain bliss doused with a boatload of cinnamon, I have a hunch it may have also had to do with only having about half a cup of coffee all day.

Almost home. Green Mountains!!

…And got home just in time for dinner! When eggs popped into mind as wondering what I wanted, i knew I needed to do it up. And when’s the last time I had a down-home buckwheat waffle? And so easy to whip up:

  • 1/4 c. buckwheat flour
  • 1/4 c. almond milk
  • 1/2 T. applesauce
  • 1 T. egg beaters (I had them on hand – I’ve used a whole egg white before and it was a bit too much liquid, so just cut back on milk)
  • salt
  • 1/2 T. molasses

And had a mediterranean omelette! I guess I don’t have much of a future in omelet-beautification, but luckily beauty doesn’t affect taste.

  • 1 egg
  • 1 egg white
  • 3 T. almond milk
  • chives
  • garlic salt & pepper

stuffed with:

  • diced roasted eggplant
  • diced roasted red peppers
  • chopped spinach
  • some canned mushrooms
  • feta

And smothered everything with some hummus!! A complete meal 🙂

Have a great night, guys! I think I’m off to do a little bit of yoga – I need to stretttcccchhhhh!!


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