You’ve Read My Mind

Hey lovies! I’ve decided today I’m going to hop on the timeline bandwagon and give you a sneak peak as to my thoughts for a not-so-typical day ๐Ÿ™‚ Are you sure you’re ready for this? ย We’ll start from the beginning ๐Ÿ™‚

12:45am: Why do I drink so much water? Oh well. Now that I’m up, I guess I’m a little hungry! I want some warm Kashi.

5:55 am: This is the wrong news. Why is it so dark out? Ugh. It’s rainy. Why is this the wrong news?!

Oh. Channel 4. I need Channel 3.

6:10 am: Cherry-Almond Oats or Apple-Cinnamon Raisin oats? I hate how dark it is. This plum is pretty ripe, I’ll have plum oats.

6:12 am: This plum is nowhere near as gorgeously colored as all the other ones I’ve been devouring lately. This is annoying. At least it tastes good.

6:20 am: I have so many choices right now. Do I want peanut butter or cocnut butter? Ginger jelly or plum jam? Crystallized ginger?

When don’t you want crystallized ginger? I wish it were light out.

6:35 am: I’m going to break my own rule and blog read during breakfast. I can’t wait to see Nicole’s English muffin recipe!

6:40-7:00 am: How can it be legal for breakfast to be this good? Why am I running so late today? Wow that was more filling than usual. I am stuffed. I still need to make lunch. And why is it 7 already?!

7:00-7:30: get ready- Is it just me or do I look haggard today? My face is getting so dry. Do I really want to wear my hair like this? I need a flannel. I love space heaters. Dang, I’m rockin’ the colors today. I’m too AA. Naw, there’s no such thing. You need to do something about your hair.

7:30-7:50: -read more blogs. kill time. be useless.- I’m so full. Why was that so filling?! I wonder if we have a photo critique Thursday. What am I planning for dinner, again? Crap, it’s late. I need to pack my lunch.

7:50-8:00: -pack lunch- Hardboiled eggs are so much easier when I make them. It’s all about adding salt to the water. I love you, hummus. And wraps. And red pepper. Oh, phew. Just enough carrots left for today! Why am I so slow this morning? I need to went.

8:00-8:05: Wheeerree arrreee myyyyy boooots? It’s way too muddy to walk out in Cons. Crap. I left them at work. I’ll wear my mom’s.

8:05: Almonds and dried apricots never hurt anybody…

I should have been outta here 5 minutes ago. Are you ready yet? -leave. get in car. forget purse. realize I need gas before going anywhere. groan and run back inside through the slop-

8:10: Ugh. Gas is so expensive here. and slow.

8:13-8:30: Earth to Jess: you’ve just been listening to static for thirty minutes. Ugh, why are no stations coming in? It’s a million degrees in here, turn the heat off! Please charge your iPod.

9:05: How on earth am I only 5 minutes late? Whatever.

9:55: ugh. There’s already no more jobs. I am bored. What to do, what to dooo…

10:00: Of course I’ll run and get a floor squeegee from Home Depot!

10:00-11:30: Who’d have thunk there’s such a large array of squeegees? Ooh, while I’m out I’ll get some coffee! Why is my Jeep making funny noises? Oh, don’t worry about it. Just turn the radio up. Oooh, hello boy. Who are you?

11:35: I need my orange. Why is this orange so good? Ooh, I have prints to make! …after I eat this orange.

-work away-

12:00: I haven’t liked chocolate fudge brownies for the past 20 years, it didn’t change overnight. Thanks though. I’m really digging this Pink Floyd today. Hmm…I think I want some ZBar. Ohhh, this is heaven. I’m eating an apple pie. Save the other half for later.

1:15-1:45: Holy cow we are slow today. I wish it would stop raining. I might as well eat lunch, what better do I have to do? Holy yum – this is delicious. Is this allowed? I forgot how good cold wraps are, too. I should do this more often. I love you, hardboiled eggs. And hummus. And these are some bangin red peppers. And don’t worry – I didn’t forget about baby carrots.

1:50: Oh thank God, Chris just took in a big scanning order. This will finish off my day, I bet! I need to kick this off with some JayZ, I think. Sorry, Pink.

2:00-5:00: Oooh, they’re coming out of the woodwork, now! We’re hoppin’! Phew. Does rap get better than Jay? Time for some Popchips. This is a cool picture. That’s a lot of pizza for one person. I should really look into this Photo critique date. Maybe I’ll just print stuff for Thursday anyway. Do I want cherry chicken or cranberry chicken for dinner? Or should I use tempeh? Oh my god – I could have a sweet potato instead of a panini pita. YES! Sweet potato. ย I cannot wait. We need more coffee here. Our Blend isn’t cutting it. My eyes want to detach from my sockets.

5:00-5:30: I’m just going to do busy work until it’s time to leave, my eyeballs need rest before driving home. I can’t wait for dinner. Cherry or cranberry? Okay, I’m peacin’.

5:30-6:20: Why is my Jeep making that noise when I turn? This is frustrating. Maybe there’s water in the steering column. Or…something. Why do you keep listening to static?! Dinner is going to be off the chain. If this person doesn’t find their gas pedal, I’m going to flip my lid. Just kidding. But really now. If I hear Owl City one more time this week I’ll cry. This song never dies. Neither do tourists in Vermont. Please, pull over if you’re going 30 below the speed limit. Dear Jess, Please charge your iPod. This is so weird. It’s so light out.

6:30-6:50: Cranberries. Chik’n. Basil. Raisins. Dried Apricots. Splash of Balsamic. Splash of almondmilk. Splash of water. Simmer. Needs some honey. Needs some honey mustard. Needs a dash of Sun Crystals. Oh this is divine. Be even better with a sprinkle of Curry. Sweet potatoes are almost done. I love you, George Foreman. Kale. Kale! It is so light out! I don’t know what to do with myself!

6:52: This is better than it was in my dreams.

6:53: Easy, tiger…you’ve got all night to eat this, not five milliseconds.

7:10: That was better than it was in my dreams. I am full. Thank god there’s no leftovers, because I’d have to eat them. I need to make that again soon.

7:15: Oh my world that was good. I am too full for dessert. Take a shower. Oh! I think I’ll have chia gel – I should make it now so it can go in the fridge while I shower.

7:15-7:35: My arms are getting awful defined for someone who only does some cardio kickboxing. What’s going on here? Meh, can’t complain. I don’t want to go to class tomorrow. I’m so over school. Guh. Photo critique…which photos…I need a Moosewoods Cookbook.

7:35-present: Whoops, too much milk in my chia seeds. Hey, I’ll just add some instant oats and nuke it! Clever. Holy cow.ย Why is chia gel so good? This should be illegal.

…and that’s about it. That ended up being a lot more boring that it was as I was thinking it outi in my head. Probably because all of my clever, witty thoughts have long been forgotten. Shnoopsies.

How was the start to everyone’s week?! I’m keeping my fingers crossed for beautiufl weather ๐Ÿ™‚


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6 responses to “You’ve Read My Mind

  1. haha love the time schedule!!! i must try chia seeds!! what does it taste like? i love your thoughts!

  2. Haha! Love your daily thoughts! I FINALLY found chia seeds and cant wait to try!! I think I planned my breakfast while dinner was cooking haha…oh man.

  3. Tiffany

    Your blog is quite entertaining… ๐Ÿ™‚ Also, I’m enjoying your culinary creations. I’m on this new track to eat healthier, so your blog has been inspiring. ๐Ÿ™‚ How do you make those sweet potatoes? Do you grill them on the George Foreman or do you bake them? They look delicious, and I have two sweet potatoes that are waiting to be eaten. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Loved yourdaily thoughts! You are hilarious!
    And, yes, I can send you some banana bran muffins any time, but only if I get to have a taste of that delicious chicken curry dish of yours! Looks amazing!

  5. So funny. Love the recap of your day- inside your mind. Thanks for sharing, I had fun.
    And what delicious meals- esp dinner!!! Yumm

  6. okay so I’m not the only one …how funny-I love it!!


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