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It’s Raining Ponies

Cousin It found its way into our backyard today:

That’s a lot of hair. But, before I introduce you to our two newest comrades, lets do a lowdown on today.

I loved overnight oats yesterday morning so much that I decided to make some for this morning, too. Waffles aren’t very time consuming at all – but when it’s this hot, every second in the kitchen counts, and I wanted to get to the barn before another sweltering day.

I used the same base as yesterday, except with more Peppy Kernels and regular chia seeds instead of Ruth’s. I love the goldenberries and the mulberries of the trail power mix, and let to sit in the mixture overnight makes it that much better.

I tried to make the toppings pretty, but it’s really hard to do when an entire plum and banana is involved, and that’s hardly half of it. Eventually, I just said to heck with it 😉 On the top:

And yes, I did microwave the fruit and plum. I’m probably a raw foodist’s nightmare – I love microwaving my fruit if it’s going on oats or waffles of any sort!

My bad mom story of the day: I went out to work Teddie-kins before it was scorching – I figured he’d be fine with 20 minutes of walk/trot work. He was being sort of a punk – not naughty, but was more stubborn than usual. We would be going along fine and then he would just stop when we got to a certain point. So, he’d get the boot and off we’d go on our merry way until we got back to the same spot and, all of a sudden, stop. Boot, go, stop. ugh. By then I’d probably been riding him twenty minutes and we were both drenched, but, as with any young animal or horse – you don’t stop until you’re able to end on a good note. Finally, we walked a full circle and trotted a full circle past the “sticky” spot. I stopped to dismount (far away from the “sticky spot,” mind you) and that poor horse stretched out (as they do when they go to pee) and practically peed Lake Champlain. You have no. idea. how awful I felt. Although, he was still a gentleman – never offered to buck or kick out even though I’d have to boot him pretty good to get him to move. If I were him I’d have sent my derriere flying and said “yeah, I wanna see you run around this indoor with a full bladder.” Some horses just don’t like to pee undersaddle, and he’s probably one of them – or at least until he’s more comfortable undersaddle.

Bless his soul.

On a positive note, I cross-tied him today without any problems! And made sure he got a nice hose-down and plenty of grass after my “I’m a terrible mom” moment.

Now that I’ve taken five minutes talking to you about horse pee, lets talk about lunch. (Gosh, I’m weird. I’m surprised you guys stick around.) I guess this could also classify as breakfast #2. I’ll let you decide.

As you may remember, I’m out of bread until tomorrow. Did I mention that tomorrow, there’s a loaf of bread with my name on it? Yeah, special ordered that baby. I hope they make it with extra love.

Of course, considering the poor man makes each loaf individually with a tiny Kitchen-Aid mixer, he probably wishes I would move away already or something 😉

Anyways. Driving home I thought about eggs, and really wanted an egg sandwich. It’s hard to have an egg sandwich when there’s no bread. Enter: Down Home Buckwheat Waffle. Yes, please.  And a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. With a banana for bread. Because that’s how I roll.

I made a ranch-esque spread consisting of greek yogurt, garlic salt, pepper, basil, and chives which adorned the waffle along with some roma tomato slices. And a yummy crispy-fried egg.

And iced coffee, since I was obviously fantasizing about that driving home, too.

This lunch was pretty spectacular, if I may say so myself.

I cooled off for a bit before warming myself back up with some yoga sculpt. I don’t do yoga very often – I’ve been doing about 30 consistent minutes every Tuesday and Thursday, maybe some Saturday and Sunday, and if I feel like it a couple minutes at night MWF. But honestly…I already feel such. a. difference. Love.

Anyways. The snackery that occurred: (minus the random handfuls of cherries and dried apricots)

Kashi Puffed grains, sunflower seed butter, dried apricot, greek yogurt, honey roasted cashews, Xagave.

Charlene at The Organic Whey notified me of this whey protein powder, and asked if I’d be interested in trying it. I heard a big truck pull into the driveway when I was dripping with sweat from mucking out the horses and lugging down water for the ponies soon to come, so I was pretty excited to seen this on my doorstep when I went back in.

Especially because I was hungry again but not sure what I wanted! Enter: protein brownie batter! My mix was

It was so. good. I tried this with Tera’s Whey bourbon vanilla the other night, but even though I love Tera’s Whey flavors – it turned out pretty gross! This, however – hit the spot. Probably because it’s not flavored or sweetened, which is going to be awesome to add into bars and muffins and such!

Comparisons, click to enlarge. And also note the serving sizes are slightly different, so take that into consideration.

Tera's Whey

The Organic Whey

I’ll have to keep an eye out for some recipes to put it to use in! For me, I actually like that it has less protein than most…I try to get in my protein with the food I eat, so powders/supplements aren’t really necessary, but I don’t think they’re necessarily bad for a diet, either.

I also made a tabouli-esque salad during the day for dinner tonight.

  • 1/4 c. (dry measure) bulgur wheat
  • 3/4s of a finely diced roma tomato
  • 2 fresh basil leaves
  • garlic salt
  • chives
  • balsamic vinegar

I served it over a bed of local lettuce, and intended to add chickpeas to it for some protein. I forgot about that idea halfway through…so, imagine this bowl half-eaten, but with a bunch of chickpeas and feta added 😉

…and then, as we were finishing up dessert, it was pony central!

Remember the ponies I mentioned a couple of weeks ago? I wouldn’t be surprised if you didn’t. It was a while ago! We were beginning to wonder when they were ever going to deliver them, or if they’d decided not to sell them to us. We’d called enough times and they had our number so finally we started thinking they’d sold them to someone else or had shipped them already.

But, they came tonight! They were soaked with sweat getting off the trailer because it was so hot. Poor guys.  They’re not too skinny, but for Haffies could certainly use some pounds – and definitely some love! I mean…their tails are practically dreadlocked, and just look at this poor girl’s mane and forelock! Don’t think she can even see!

…but she’s got absolutely gorgeous, kind eyes hiding underneath there.

The mare with all the hair is actually the younger one – and is the daughter of the other mare, above. I’m thinking mama is probably crossed with some other pony breed possibly. She’s actually got a pretty cute trot on her, too. She is a little more stand-offish, but I think they’ll both warm up when they learn what affection is!

They haven’t been handled much, but lead and are friendly enough. We saw the mom dragged out of her paddock back in April when we were horse shopping. They just tacked her up and got on her, possibly for the first time ever, but at the very least the first time in years. She didn’t do anything bad but honestly didn’t know what to make of it.

They will be a project for us, that is for sure – but projects are fun 🙂


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Hey punkins! Hope everyone’s day has been bangin’ and didn’t have too much trouble getting back to the bump-n-grind of work, if you’re like me!

Naturally, mine wasn’t so bad since that also meant I was to be reunited with my lover.

...and by lover, I mean oats.

I was so ready for mango-raspberry-coconut oats this morning. One day without is far too many for this chicka! I’m a little ridiculous, I guess you could say.

The base this morning? Oh, well, since you asked…

Le toppings

  • chia-acai icing
  • slivered almonds
  • crystallized ginger
  • Dundee ginger jam
  • Artisana coconut butter
  • and a compote of ~1/4 of a diced ripe mango, a couple frozen red raspberries and shredded coconut, in almond milk and agave.

I've done this before. I'll do this again, too.

…because mango is just that good. I’ve started mixing the flax in with the base the past two times – Saturday, I couldn’t tell much of a difference – but today it was almost glutinous. Which, makes sense – it is used as an egg replacer, after all. This is what I thought would happen, and why I would usually just sprinkle it on top. It wasn’t too weird – but I think tomorrow I’ll use more liquid.

Although, really – I’m not sure if there’s much point to using flax when I use so much Chia Seeds? Do you use both flax and chia, or has one or the other sort of “eased out” of your food as the other has eased in? I am interested to hear thoughts!

morning snackage.

I had the weirdest sleep last night. I went to bed sort of early – and woke up ready to be basted around midnight. I know, no one wants to know that. It was gross. And yes, I also use the phrase “ready to be basted,” whenever I am remotely warm. Regardless – I still felt pretty rejuvenated when I woke up until I saw the weather forecast: rain all week. Yuck. That’s not supposed to happen. All random-ness aside, my morning snack consisted of a lovely banana and an equally as lovely mixed bag of dried organic apricots, Sahala Snacks valdosta pecans, and sea salt almonds.

That's not a sweet potato. And kale. And mango. That's HEAVEN.

Gahhh – see? I wasn’t lying last night when I said that loaded twice baked sweet tater was so good I made another right after I finished eating my dinner. Unfortunately – I ran out of almond mozzarella, so instead used a little bit of feta. It’s a pretty mellow feta, so it still worked – but I did miss the cheesiness of the one I had for dinner! Otherwise – exactly the same. Minus the fact that this sweet potato was gigantic so I just took half. And was full.

Funny side note? When I took off the lid of the kale and apple sautee I thought to myself “huh, that’s funny – I don’t remember putting ham in that.” I thought the apples on top were ham! They look it in the photo, too. Shnoopsies.


I also grabbed my almost forgotten about second Kombucha I bought a little while back. So excited to try this flavah-flav!

Totally tasted the love. Or maybe that's fermentation...

Gahhh – this Gingerade GTs Kombucha was fan-freaking-tastic. I am not kidding you. It definitely exploded a little bit in my bag (Nicole – I may or may not have spilled a little on your box!) but thankfully, it was just a small amount and I still got to enjoy its’ gingery deliciousness. I was a little concerned it would be too much ginger (hello, 100% pure ginger juice, goodbye any form of sweetener) but that was not the case! If you like ginger ale, definitely give this kombucha a try. It’s like ginger ale…except way, way better.  If only it wasn’t nearly $4/bottle 😦 I just drank half – the other half is waiting for me for Wednesday!

Another victim of the Kombucha leak?


Everytime I’ve seen these Luna Protein Bars reviewed – they seem to be either loved or hated. I’ve had this one sitting around for a couple weeks – and finally decided to put it to the test myself!

Peep the goods.

After scoping out the ingredients after picking it as my choice for the day – was not impressed that soy protein was first in the ingredients list. I’m still not super paranoid about non-fermented soy in my diet, but I’m also going to avoid it where possible, at least in large quantities. I’ve noticed it’s far more prevalent than I ever would have thought!

But anyways – the bar. Not too impressed. Too candy-like for me, and honestly – my jaw got tired of chewing it. It didn’t taste so bad, especially if you like cookie-type bars – but it’s just not for me. I would love to try the other flavors, but then there’s the issue of the soy protein and chewy texture. So, I think I’ll be passing. Sorry, charlie.

Luckily, I don’t have much of a sweet tooth in the morning (says the girl with fruit oats every day) so resisted any taste-test prior to 3:30 in the afternoon! I just wanted a shot of the bar itself – I was looking for some action shots before I finally made the purchase and couldn’t find any. So, if you’re like I was – here ya’ go. This meant that it was tossed in my bag partially wrapped and some Kombucha leaked onto it. hah.


Simple dinner: but I was soooo craving ham, eggs, and waffles! So – I of course made what I craved and got to test-drive my Bob’s Red Mill cookbook too! Well, sort of. That whole “gahhhh I can’t follow recipes” issue sort of reared its head. Sort of.

I realize this dinner is not aesthetically pleasing. Unfortunately for you, I like burnt broccoli and eggs. And Buckwheat waffles. Which – though delicious – are funkay lookin’.


My cheeseless self put nooch to the ultimate test. I wanted cheesy ham, broc and eggs – and only had nutritional yeast! I burnt the broc first with some balsamic and then sprinkled some nooch over while whisking one egg + one egg white, almond milk, maple dijon mustard, s&p, and nooch. Poured in, scrambled, and was quite surprised at the cheesy like goodness that resulted!! Coulda fooled me. Oh yeah, and I added some ham, but you knew that.

And le waffle?

Buckwheat goodness: buckwheat flour, cornmeal, baking powder, salt, molasses, flax egg, milk, and a drizzle of olive oil.

The molasses = perffff. The Buckwheat = perfff.

I just love experimenting with different flowers, and their different tastes!

Le dessert.

The rest of the mango, some Brown Cow greek yog, and an oat chewie. With a lovely drizzle of honey, of course. And now I have blogs to read! And a day off tomorrow 🙂 Thinking I’ll go to Hannafords and the co-op, though. I’ve got a list made up after browsing my cookbooks! Rut-roh, rorge…

Do you use any random, strange, or unique phrases? Ready to be basted, pickin’ up what you’re puttin’ down, I don’t even know what else!

What is your favorite kind of flour to play with?


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Rude Awakening

Hey lovelies 🙂 I hope everyone’s had a supah flyyy Thursday – can you believe it’s almost Friday already? I think I say that every Thursday – but seriously, where is the time going these days?!

So, after reading all of your wonderful comments for my last post – it sounds like I’m not the only one who sometimes faces having to defend themselves and their food choices! Who wants to start a town of oat-loving, kombucha-drinking, green-monster slurping, sweet-tater-nomming foodies?! I’ll bring the party!!

And by party, I mean Pumpkin-Gingerbread Spelt Flakes.

This morning started out with a rather rude awakening: my mom took the day off (for, what – the first time in ever?! she works too hard) though of course still woke up early – which means, the glaring light from the kitchen found its’ way into my room, along with some radio. Does anyone else hate fluorescent lighting?! I’m the one who, even when it’s almost dark, prepares meals using the oven overhead light only. Especially in the morning – I rolled into the kitchen with a squinty-eyed grimace, while she bopped her head to the music.

What? Too bright?”

No, no…not at all. haha. Love her.

Regardless! I persuaded her to turn the lights off (it was daylight, for pete’s sake!) and did my thang.

Obviously, this is my thang.

Randomness was in store for this morning. I couldn’t think of what to pair with pumpkin! I was – sadly – all out of frozen cranberries.

The base this morning was

-oat bran, rolled spelt flakes, and wheat bran

-brewed coffee & almondmilk

-drizzle molasses, agave, ground ginger, nutmeg, cloves

-pumpkin, zest and juice of half an orange

-1/2 T. chia seeds

and topped with:

-pumpkin chia icing, milled golden flax

chopped mixed nuts

-ginger jam and PB&Co Cinnamon Raisin PB

and a compote of orange slices, orange juice & zest, dried cranberries, dried currants, and frozen cherries – in a almondmilk & agave “syrup.”

If you're skeptical - don't worry, I was too. But this just worked.

Gahhh – this was amazing. I wasn’t sure about the citrus, but it made the bowl. Yes, please. To drank? How about a Cinnamon Bun?

The morning consisted of mainly bummin’ around. There were still people finishing exams – so I was not about to go to class and sit and wait. I don’t think there was anything planned for afterwards, so it would have been pointless. I got some blog-reading done, and tried working on business cards – but ended up getting a domain for my photography site! Needed to happen. I made use of the morning!

A savory snack? Whaaa?

You’ve probably noticed that I’m farr more apt to chose a sweet snack versus savory. Sure – I love my veggies, but other than carrots, I don’t often choose to ust have some alone, raw, out of the blue. But, I think all my hummus and hardboiled egg talk with Christina made me absolutely need red peppers, hardboiled egg, and hummus by the time it was only 10:00 am! And I did it up – I won’t say I rationed that hummus, because that’d be called lying.

Eventually – however – I started getting antsy and bopped my way into town. I had to have a drop slip signed to officially drop intro to CJ, and after that I made pit-stops at the co-op, Hannafords, and BB&B.

Rut-Roh, Rorge.

Fueled by Ramen. Err - nectarines and apples, rather.

After trackinng down all the necessary officials at school, I was on my voyage. Yeah, hi, nectarines – you are delicious. Why haven’t you kicked out oranges yet?

I was quite well-behaved at the co-op. And I am officially a member! Sure, the benefits aren’t huge and what-not, but I figure: why not join?

One of my immediately-consumed new finds?

SO stoked to try!

And yet - so frightened.

I’ve seen these all over blogs, to rave and poor reviews. I can’t find them anywhere but the co-op, and had passed the last couple times, but this time I felt brave enough to tackle the Kombucha monster. What made me even more nervous? The closer inspection of the label, revealing trace alcohol from fermentation, and the noise when first opening the bottle. Add to that, the smell when you take a whiff. What. did. I. get. myself. into?

But! The verdict? Holy yum! It’s so weird, yet so good! I love the strangeness of it, haha. That, and – the tart cranberry taste of this one. I was caught off-guard at first by the carbonated fizziness (I rarely have carbonation) but after a few sips I was used to it, and quite enjoying my new love. However, unfortunately – this probably won’t be a new love or addiction at almost $4 a pop. I (riskily) bought two of these babies, and I think I’ll have to make sure I only have one serving at a time for optimum enjoyment! Oh, well.

Before I rampaged Hannies, I looked to some of my other loves for fuel:

Matches made in heaven.

and then did the dang thang. And not only that – I was quite well-behaved once again! A lot of stuff (produce!!) would be cheaper at Price Chopper, so I just held off. Luckily, I’m pretty well set until the weekend in that department. I just wanted to scope out the organic section, of course!

But: the real jackpot was at Bed, Bath and Beyond! gasp.

Don’t worry – you’ll get to see my finds throughout the course of the next couple of days! Peep the lunch goods, though:

What is this, the Thursday classic?!

I don’t know – I guess Thursdays just scream tempeh, PB, Apple butter, apple, and Raisin flatbread?! Seriously love this combo. I should have it more often – it just feels like it’s too good to be lunch, though! That and – I do like my veggie wraps 🙂

After all that, though – it was time to boogie my way back to school for our second photo critique.

I. Have. never been in a class where I am the only vocal one. I usually hardly ever speak up – but seriously, if I didn’t talk, we were going to be there all day. This photo class is killing me slowly. This photo class should be fun. Ugh. Eventually, we were released. I was given another rude awakening by having to walk to my car in the pouring rain. Where did that come from?! I guess mother nature thought it would provide a fitting mood for a miserable class.

Just a little peek!

After unloading Gertrude, I had a quick (and adorable) snack just to tide me an hour or so til dinner.


Seriously falling in love with cottage cheese. No lies.

So – I heard a rumour that today is National Waffle Day! I;m not 100% certain this is true, but what does a waffler such as myself do when the words “national waffle day” are read?

Why, make sweet potato waffles, of course! And have breakfast for dinner. Another Thursday thing, apparently.

It's not burnt, it's well cooked.

Initially, I was legitimately upset that my waffle iron’s light never changed to green to signify my waffle was done – but as I ate, I realized: the best parts are the dark parts! It wasn’t really burnt or crispy at all – I think just because it was so moist, it burnt the top most layer.

Wait a minute - is that a new plate, too?

Truly spectacular. My sweet potato obsession is coming back with avengence. I’m not going to resist it – every time I finish a meal with a sweet potato, all I dream of is what to do with my next sweet potato. Okay, that might be a  lie, but saying that I’ve tossed around the idea of sweet potato oats is truth.

Basically, all I did was mash a sweet potato, add some spelt flour and an egg white, some almondmilk, some baking powder, and some seasonings (garam masala, salt) and voila! Actually – that’s not basically what I did…that is what I did.

Another new obsession that I can forsee? Garam masala. Yes, please.

Golden delicious!

I couldn’t make it through all the eggs, though…but apparently I can make some killer scrambled eggs? My mom finished them, and could not stop raving about how good they were, lol. I mean…I wasn’t even that impressed by them…and I didn’t do anything abnormal. They were just scrambled eggs! haha. Ah, well.

Moral of the story? Make sweet potato waffles and more eggs than you can handle. You’ll love life.

Dessert was more cottage-cheesey lovin, and I should disclose the fact that I’m seriously doin’ work on this bottle of Agave. It’s love. But – I want to know about you guys! Any new fun food finds, obsessions, hates, or experiments?

Here’s to Friday!


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Heyyyy lovess. Early Tuesdays! In case you’ve forgotten 😛

I’m so glad we’ve finally got sunshine back – and I hope you do, too! It didn’t start out that way, though – I did not want to get out of bed this morning for anything! I even “slept in” (aka. 6:30 – but I dragged it to 6:45) and was still groggy. The thoughts of having to go to class were not helping my mood, and I woke up with a slight headache. Not a happy camper. But – don’t worry – this isn’t going to be a whiner post! You’ll see 🙂

After much grumbling and stalling more, I dragged my bum into the kitchen and rocked some cherry oats.

By “rocked,” I mean that the base was equal parts oat bran and rolled spelt flakes, vanilla extract, frozen cherries, trail power, and topped with flax, chia-acai icing, crystallized ginger, dried currants, coconut, and frozen cherries simmered in almond milk and some chopped almonds. Additionally, even I couldn’t deny the fact that this bowl was deserving of a couple dark chocolate chips!

But the real star of the show?

Remember how I mentioned I ordered 3 nut butters from Naturally Nutty way back when I placed my order? Well, I’ve stil only had the White Chocolate Coconut because I don’t like having toooo too much open at one time. Well – I’d be a fool to not use White Chocolate Cherry Almond Butter while it’s sitting in my cupboard! And I was not prepared for what I saw upon opening:

Uhm, are you KIDDING me?! Naturally Nutty, you’ve outdone yourself. I already thought you were simply amazing for your White Chocolate Coconut peanut butter – but can you believe that cherry goodness in this jar?! Me neither. But how did it taste? Oh, you know, no big…just similar to how winning the lottery would taste. I cannot wait to try every single one of their flavors. I need to step up the nut-butter consumption so I have justification to order again soon.

It was so frigid out this morning. I guess not by Vermont standards – but by recent standards, for sure! It’s been relatively warm in the mornings – 25 or so – but not this morning! I snapped these photos as fast I could, and had to microwave the bowl before digging in.

This meant I also wanted to nuke my coffee – and this operation turned into one gigantic fail. Try fitting a square bowl and a cup of nearly full coffee in a microwave (re: a turntable microwave, as most all are) and imagine the outcome when the plate tries to turn and there’s not enough room for both objects. Got it? Okay, if you’re imagining correctly, you’re seeing coffee all over the place. Yeah – not my brightest moment. And given that I was still in a “I hate school.” mood – this did not help.

Eventually, I sat down and generated a list of reasonable excuses to not attend class:

1. It’s supposed to be nice out today.

2. I don’t feel like it.

3. I have better things to do. Like…watch morning talk shows. Or something.

4. I could design my business cards.

5. See numbers 1 and 2, and repeat twenty times.

Enter voice of reason: Jess, you’re going to class. Go get ready.

Eventually, my funk started wearing off and after changing my outfit and trying to get a reasonable hairstyle situated, I decided I was just going to make the best of my day. I mean, I was already up. And what else was I going to do all morning? That’s what I thought.

Still – I would need some motivation on the drive in.

Enter: music...music can either totally pump me up, or totally bring me down. I needed some Jay-Z to kick off my morning commute. Never mind that Eric Clapton’s Layla came on immediately afterwards – it made me happy just the same. More Jay and some Matisyahu kept my mood up as I thought about going for a run after class. Ooooh, a run!

After a boring class, I was still super-duper pumped at the thoughts of going for a run, and my mood had done a complete 360*. I was in the best mood! I credit it to the drive in and making the best of everything. I was almost floating – not to toot my own horn or anything 😉

I did have some quick grocery shopping to do, for some produce and fruits – and fueled with a nanner.

nanner lovin'. can we just look and laugh at my stray hair on the right there for a second, though? kthanks.

haha I’m so weird. Uhhhh – anyways. Grocery shopping happened quite possibly the fastest I have ever done it. No joke – I was so pumped! And I didn’t want to lose my motvation. I was in and out of there in twenty minutes. (Hey – it only took that long because it’s really hard to fit kale in those dang produce bags.)

Once home, I grabbed a quick snack

half a bagel thin with Rumi’s and dried apricots. These organic dried apricots I picked up from the co-op are handsdown the best I’ve ever had. I think the ones from the bag I’d been eating previously are a joke, or something. They are so…uh…not dry…and have this awesome, vanilla-y flavor. Heaven. Dangerous addiction. I made a side note that this would make a really good sandwich.

Laced up my choos – and off I went!

I’ve been saying a lot lately how I want to get back into horseback riding and/or running. I decided I want to start and see how I like running. It’s been quite a while since I’ve gone for a run, so I set myself goals:

1. Don’t push yourself so it’s not fun. I want to see if I enjoy this – I’m not doing it for weight loss or anything like that. Simply to get a little more physical exercise in my routine, and enjoy the outdoors and feel good.

2. Start out easy. You don’t need to even run a mile.

3. Walk when you want to. It’s your first time in a while. While I’m not unfit – I’m still relatively active – once again, I want to see if I enjoy this, and if I don’t – I’m not going to do it. There’s plenty of forms of exercise that I do find enjoyable.

In addition – I decided I would just do walk-run intervals. So basically, I didn’t exactly work-out much – I went a little over a mile, but again – did walk-run intervals – but I loved being in the fresh air, enjoying myself. It did get a little unpleasant towards the end, but only because of a n00b mistake: it was pretty windy, and my ears got quite cold. I always have had this problem when running, though. I almost wore a hat, but then didn’t. I think if I were in the sun more, it would have been fine…and I almost drove into town so I could run a little loop – but didn’t feel like going out again. Next time!

Once back, I did some stretching (since, you know, that was oh-so-strenuous…hah) and some quick sit-ups, bicycles, and push-ups. I should have reversed that order – I stretched last. haha.

And then feasted! This is where you realize that I’m really totally awesome, or really totally wacked.

Aw, yeah – look at that waffle lovin’. But what did I concoct this time? oh, you know – just a spinach buckwheat waffle with the lovely Mae‘s humnut cheese…

And hardboiled egg whites, red pepper, and roma tomatoes. Remember when I made these waffles? Well – I made enough dry mix for two meals knowing it would come in handy. I was planning I’d have it for dinner tonight – quick and easy! But got way too excited to wait until then when I thought of this during class 😉 I know spinach is pretty unnoticeable in green monsters (not from personal experience – just from hear-say!) and bought a huge thing of spinach last time I went shopping. Wanting to pump up my waffle and use some spinach – I just blended some handfuls with some almond milk, added some fresh basil and a garlic clove, and added that to the mix in addition to some egg beaters!

I won’t lie – my first bite was cautious. It didn’t smell so hot. It smelled quite spinach-y. I was nervous that this ended up being a drastic fail. Um, no, sir, not at all! No taste of psinach whatsoever. Just deliciousness! I love buckwheat. Although – I do hate how it looks, hah. Wouldn’t these be such a pretty green if it was a spelt flour or WW flour base?! Oh, well. Beggars can’t be choosers. Or something.

Additionally – loved the humnut cheese. I was just going to do hummus and melt some mozzarella – but then I’d realized I’d never tried the humnut cheese, and this would be the perfect humnut cheese vessel! Although – I still don’t have any tahini, so I went without. Ah, well.

So – have I completely weirded you out yet, or not? Heh – sorry guys 🙂 Love me?

So – this is it from me for today! I’m craving a tempeh-almond butter-jam sammie for dinner – that one from Sunday was delish! So I may do that. And if I don’t…you won’t be missing anything exciting, either way. But it’s way easier for me to not have to worry about blogging Tuesday nights! I hope you all have a beautiful rest of the day, and a great night!!

What’s your favorite music to listen to when you need to get motivated, or “out of a funk”? Or are there other things you do to motivate you?

If you’re a runner – how did you get into it?


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