Boredom Busters

Boredom Busters for  rainy Tuesday off:

After a humid night, wake to pitter-patters of raindrops on the air conditioner. Not craving hot oats, whip up some coconutty nectarine oatmeal waffles, with a coconutty nectarine chia topping. Enjoy with some homemade cashew butter and crystallized ginger.

Ponder life.

Sip more coffee than one person should in one morning, since another shipment is automatically on it’s way, yet you’ve hardly made a dent in the most recent delivery.

Hit up Price Chopper for some necessities – primarily, old fashioned oats, wheat bran, fresh fruit and veg, and milk – and see Annie’s Bunny Grahams on sale, 2 for $5. Acknowledge the fact you already have a box of Honey grahams at home. Acknowledge that maybe, at this price, why not try them all?

Come home and watch the Rachel Ray show and The Doctors before deciding to get with the times and bake Dreena’s SuperCharge Me cookies. Acknowledge the fact that you don’t really want cookies, you just want to bake. Or do something. It’s okay – need a welcome for sister. She’ll take them home.

[made with 1/3 c. maple syrup, not 1/2 c. – maple sweetened cranberries rather than raisins – dark choco chips rather than carob – mighty maple PB – added wheat germ to flax. these were so good, and my mom and sister raved. sister is even taking home the recipe with the cookies. i enjoyed them too – my kind of cookie!]

Decide you’re not done there, and maybe you should give homemade nut butters another try.

[toasted macadamia nuts + toasted walnuts + drizzle agave + maple sweetened cranberries + cinnamon + salt + drizzle almond milk. not pretty, but tasty. spready, not buttery. i do what i can.]

and while the processor is out, decide to make some homemade Laraballs once again.

Call future pony’s owner to make arrangements for the arrival on Saturday, and immediately afterwards call Dover Saddlery to place an order. Breeches and saddle pads are needed.

Break for lunch (hah! break…break from what?), and take way too much time putting things together that are just going to be disassembled prior to consumption:

[gazpacho bulghur salad romaine wrap]

[greek yogurt, honey bunnies, banana, pumpkin butter, and sunbutter parfait]

Start cleaning the kitchen, then expand to the whole house. Break out the vacuum and everything.

Develop an insane craving for cornbread and bust out all your tried-and-true cookbooks. Settle on a Moosewoods recipe.

Shoot yourself in the foot for buying medium ground cornmeal rather than fine simply because it was cheaper.

Sit on your hands before making anything else that involved food, since that would require inviting all the loony bins in town to come eat it.

After having the baking bug all day, for some reason opt for a simple salad supper;

[romaine + BBQ roasted sweet potatoes + chopped peaches + BBQ roasted portabella + black beans + walnuts (added after photo) in a dressing of maple dijon + apple BBQ sauce + balsmic + chili powder + salt + balsamic + water. cornbread muffin + earth balance to boot.]

Keep sipping coffee. Feed copious amounts to sister, too.

Are you a rainy-day boredom baker, too? What do you do on a dreary rainy day off?


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19 responses to “Boredom Busters

  1. Oh I’m definitely a boredom baker… and what’s worse is that I’m also a boredom eater. Ahhhhhhh but I guess that’s just life. :p

  2. Yeah so that salad sounds amazingly delicious!!! Sweet potatoes and peaches together.. oh yum!
    Must. Make. Super Charge Me Cookies. Stat!!! I used to make them all of the time and for some reason I stopped.. this is the 2nd or 3rd time I’ve seen them around the blog world today so obviously it’s destined, right? Right. Who cares that I made blueberry scones today… boredom baking as well. Such is life. And really, there are worse things than having too many baked goods around.
    Totally making your waffles for breakfast in the morning!! I am excited!!
    Love ya!

  3. Michelle

    Ugh. I totally buy the cruddy stuff because it is cheaper sometimes. Sometimes it can definitely be a mistake.

  4. Heck yeah, you know I bake! I can not sit still and do nothing on a rainy day! I get antsy all the time and need to bake or maybe I am looking for something to clean so I mess up the kitchen! I think everything looks delicious! Great waffles!

  5. Yes, I definitely am a baking machine when bored, but I really don’t mind…and rain, I’ll take it (most of the time). The super charge me cookies are the great, aren’t they? The rest of the eats look just as tasty as usual lady! I want some annies bunnies!

  6. Oh how I missed you and all your amazing foods! I have to go back and reread all your posts I missed to see if you shared that amazing gazpacho salad. I am SO a rainy day baker…I could go on for hours, just like you. I’ve yet to make the super charge me cookies, but I think I shall give them a try…with subs of course 🙂 and THANK you for those amazing things!!

  7. How much did you LOVE those super charge me cookies?! They disappeared so fast at my house. Mostly me and my sister were to blame for that! Oh and I love Dover Saddlery, I always had so much fun just perusing the catalog.

  8. I love the look of that parfait. What a great way to combine lots of foods, but in a prettier way than a mess of a bowl. And your waffles look beautiful.

    I’m a rainy day baker, usually when we don’t have any sweets in the house. I’ve found some great recipes over the years that call for very few ingredients.

  9. Your waffle today looks and sounds to die for, the coconut nectarine and crystallized ginger combo sounds amazingly good! can you come make me breakfast pleeeze? 😉 hehe
    And that bunny and yogurt sunbutter and pumpkin butter parfait is genius + probably the best looking/yummiest thing i have seen all day on a blog 😉 + your pics are so beautiful.

    baking on raining days is the best way to keep from being bored!..for me on rainy days i usually make it a plan to bake something but never end up doing that ;P don’t know why, i wish to bake more often, but i love just being cozy and watching movies, doing art! rainy days are my favorite! although it was sunny here today it is raining now, 10:31 pm ;)… rainy nights are just the best, i love the sound of the rain! relaxing 🙂


  10. Yummm! Your food always looks good, but those waffles look killer!! And a bbq portobella? I need to get on that STAT!

  11. Haha I love this post!! I totally bake when I’m bored – nothing better IMHO!! Those cornbread muffins look ace – I’m definetly doing something along those lines soon…and those cookies! YUM! Which blog is Dreena!?
    YAY for Satuday too, you must be so excited!!! I’m excited for you 😀
    Oh and how do you make your chia icing stuff? I know you’ve posted it before, but I did’t have chia seeds at that time so I read it and forgot it straight away; now I have chia seeds…I want to ice my bowls! 😀

  12. Yummy waffles! I’m starting to miss your oat bowls haha. 😀

    Baking is the best way to beat boredom. And you end up with tasty treats at the end. What’s not to love?

  13. yeah, I LOVE baking on rainy days! And watching movies.

    Those waffles look so, so good.

  14. urgh it was such a rainy tuesday .. and now its a rainy wednesday here.

    waffles would make all that dissapear.. at least for a bit!

    baking is a MUSt for boredom.. i cant even imagine how many times ive done baking to cure boredom.

  15. Baking is my go-to activity when I’m bored, and more often than not I just end up dumping my goodies on the BF so I don’t eat them all in one sitting and go into sugar shock. Those cookies are the best though- healthy but still 100% delicious!! I fully support your decision to stock up on bunny grahams as well. Those suckers are delicious. Hope you’re having a great week!

  16. teenagehealthfreak

    my mom and I color in coloring old books and watch movies on rainy days! love it!

  17. teenagehealthfreak

    ****old coloring books

  18. Katharina

    Hm.. I wonder if you can just grind the cornmeal in a blender or food processor to make it finer. All your eats look so comforting–I love it! I’ve missed looking at your blog! But I’m back 😀 I definitely get some cooking or baking bug on rainy days. It’s just such a relaxing thing to do you, you know? Some days I feel like I just want to make so many things… and I would have to invite the looney bin for sure :p


    p.s. my dad has chia seeds so I’m going to search on your blog for your chia seed icing I’ve been eyeing for the past couple of months lol.

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