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Millet and Black Bean Gratin

I can’t imagine being a chef and getting an oil burn or anything worse than a little “whoopsie.”

Made with 1/4 c. each: chia seeds, mixed nuts, sunflower seeds, 2 T: sesame seeds, garlic salt

I gave myself a baby burn while I was removing my crackers from the toaster oven (…and being stupid and twisting my arm around with the pan to put it on the far side of the cutting board, so yes, it was my fault.) and it’s still screaming at me. Matter of fact, it’s right on the area of my arm that also rests right on the edge of the keyboard as I type. Smooth moove.

The worst part of this story is that it didn’t even leave enough of a mark to make anybody believe it hurts. Le sigh.

What’s the worst you’ve hurt yourself in the kitchen?

Anyways. The main reason I had to contort myself into strange shapes with the pan was because I was taking up so much room with veggies to broil for a Veg Gratin. I saw a lovely-looking one on Nicole’s blog this morning, and I had to have one. First I thought of making hers, except with bulgur instead of brown rice, and broccoli too. But then I started surfing, and found this one on Epicurious.

I can’t really say this is like either one, but since I never would have arrived at this point had it not been for that initial influence, we wouldn’t be having this discussion now, would we?

Millet and Black Bean Gratin

Serves one really hungry person, or two as a “mostly dinner.” Because that makes a lot of sense.

  • 1/8 c. millet
  • 1/2 c. black beans
  • ~1/2 c. sugar snap peas
  • ~1/4 c. diced carrots
  • ~3/4 c. broccoli
  • 1/2 T. milled flax mixed with 1 1/2 T. water
  • 1 T. nutritional yeast
  • 1 t. dijon mustard
  • 1 small tomato, sliced thin
  • 1/8 t. garlic salt
  • salt and pepper, to taste

Begin by preparing your millet. To be honest, I’m not really sure how millet is supposed to be prepared (I thought it was 3:1 water to grain) because I followed the directions I found and kept having to add more water. But! I did toast it first, just so we’re on the same page.

While that’s simmering, prepare your veggies by seasoning with salt and pepper and roasting them for 15-20 minutes in a 400* oven. (for more crunch, don’t pre-cook your veggies.)

In a medium-sized bowl, mash up the majority of the black beans, some left for texture.

Add in the nutritional yeast, dijon, broccoli and carrots, and mix. You’ll want to make sure the veggies are relatively finely chopped. Once it’s combined, add in your cooked millet and then the flax egg. This helps to bind it a bit.

Spread the mixture out into a casserole pan, and top with the sugar snap peas and tomato slices. Bake, covered, for 30 minutes in a 400* oven.

Note: This was made in a toaster oven.

Observations: While I would have loved being able to do this with garbanzos or, even better – butter beans – I’m still in a bean crisis. Alas, the black beans in this weren’t so bad afterall! As I was making it, I thought I’d missed the mark just based on what I like. But I love the creaminess the beans and millet combined gives it. I was waffling about what to do for seasonings, but in the end, as you can see – kept it simple. Garlic salt was really enough! I find veggies, beans, nutritional yeast, and dijon don’t really need any crazy kind of “pumping up.”

Dinner: Naturally, I enjoyed mine over a bed of greens with some Ragu and feta.

Additionally, I think I’d probably like this with tomatoes and garlic and basil only (in the beans layer, beans being a white bean of some sort) but I have  broccoli and sugar snap pea overload. It’s okay, though – I do love them!

And last but not least – this was my first time trying millet! I know, I know – I realized at the co-op yesterday that I have so many grains I’ve yet to try. I was just going to restock on quinoa, but then amaranth, millet, and wheatberries had me change my mind. Didn’t get amaranth, but it’s in the line-up.

What’s your favorite grain?

But, back to something that didn’t require too much debate – breakfast!

I opted for gingerbread waffles today. To my typical waffle recipe, I added:

  • 1/2 T (?) molasses
  • 1/4 t. cinnamon
  • 1/8 t. nutmeg
  • 1/8 t. ground ginger
  • 1 t (?) light brown sugar

and to add to the ginger lovin’ I topped them with about 3/4s of a large banana sliced and nuked with chopped dried figs, slow roasted pecans, crystallized ginger, ginger-peach preserves, and a sprinkle of light brown sugar. Next time I would definitely add more ginger! And maybe a touch more molasses, too. I am always weary of over seasoning something. I mean – you can always add more, but once there’s too much, you’re done for!

These were a little bit “gooier” than the usual ones I make. Not a bad thing – I liked the moistness the molasses added – but just a forewarning if anyone has had trouble with these sticking in the past.

This proved to be the best fuel for dealing with the little monster today! He was quite full of himself. It was actually a lot of fun, heh. It’s also a little bit comical, because I think had a non-horse person watched us, they would have felt bad for me – but in the end, I felt very accomplished. Actually, I take that back – someone who couldn’t read a horse’s body language probably would have thought we looked good! There was a lot of “new stuff” to deal with. First, we rode while A was. Now, we’ve ridden with another pony in the ring before, and while A was finishing up – but never while she was cantering around, jumping, etc. So being in the same ring as another horse who moved faster than a slow jog was something he took surprisingly well. Didn’t care much at all until Jewel came in – the pony he (should be) used to, and doesn’t usually care about.

However, I think she may have been in heat, and Mr. Teddie here thinks he’s…ahem…more of a man than he really is. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if he was gelded very late and has little baby Teddies roaming around. So, with her – he was fixated. I was actually about to cool him out – long reins and all – when he decided he would bee-line across the ring to get to her. Luckily I put the kibosh on that, and took advantage of his renewed energy to make. him. work. And would you believe it, that little stinker was bending, flexing, using his behind, and moving out like the best of them! I had a lot of fun 😀 We got a quick canter in, although as I was saying to A – “we don’t canter, we take strides of consecutive buck and then sort of canter.” haha. But it will come. He’s already caught on that I don’t want a really fast trot when I ask, I want a canter – he gave me (some bucks and) a canter within a couple seconds!

My other thought was that maybe he was nervous that “his” mare was in the ring with him and another gelding – who A was on. Anyways.

All of that hard work was rewarded with some of the best sludge I’ve made yet.

Yes, this was probably the grossest colored green monster I’ve made thus far – but definitely the tastiest! I took the cue from Amanda and added coconut water instead of almond milk today. I, too, have been feeling insanely thirsty lately. I always drink a lot – but yesterday I swear I was thirsty every five minutes. I didn’t have a problem today, so I’m wondering if it was maybe just from not drinking much over the weekend.

But it was all about the blueberry-coconut relationship today! In the blender went (approximately):

I topped the pond sludge with:

  • more fresh blueberries
  • quick oats
  • marcona almonds
  • shredded sweetened coconut
  • chopped date
  • all-natural chunky peanut butter
  • drizzle of (local) blackberry honey creme

Oh. my. heavens. Why won’t coconut water just come out my faucet, already? So good. I enjoyed the rest with my smoothie – I think the whole bottle would have left it far too runny. I was happy to drink some plain, though 🙂

Wondering about the bennies of coconut water? I touched up just the basics here 🙂

Have you ever had coconut water? What did you think of it?

P.S. Alisa wrote a great article here about the findings linking calcium to potential heart problems. Well – that’s not as true as implied initially! Definitely give it a read 🙂


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Salads in the Summertime

It’s only been two weeks, but I think I’m in love.

Have you ever had a picture taken of yourself/something/someone you love, and everytime you look at it, you just get all giddy inside?

That's how I feel about this picture, and this horse.

I just love the glimmer in his eye, even if I do look like I’m half expecting him to bolt, and half overly excited.

Another funny fact is that that’s actually the compilation of two photos. My mom shot two – and of course one was with me looking like an alien from another planet, and Ted looking quite handsome, as shown here – and one where I looked like a normal, civil human being, and Mr. Pony was gnawing on his bit.

I put my skills to work and in the matter of minutes, a star was born. Work didn’t hire me just for my pretty face, you know. (That’s a joke – I’m not that vein, but it’s a pretty good saying, no?)

Though the more I look at it, the more I think my head is a bit small – and to make a long story short, I guess it’s just funny that I adore this photograph so much when it’s sort of a phoney.

mememe!! pick me!

Before I went on that long tangent, I was thinking about how much I adore this pony. He’s hardly my first, and not even the first I’ve trained.

But for whatever reason, I seem to have come to admire him quicker than any. Maybe because I feel the whole situation was truly meant to be. I never really divulged the story of how we “found” him, but to make a long story just a little bit shorter – my mom just so happened to be eavesdropping during one of the auctions we went to, and before you know it – we discovered Teddie.

His old mom nonchalantly mentioned something about “feedlot” and “Haflinger” to another person, and my mother – the normally quiet, shy person like myself – asked her about her experiences rescuing a horse from the feedlot.

We didn’t know she was trying to rehome him, my mom simply wanted to know her experiences. My mom has rescued horses before, but never from a feedlot situation.

Blue is an elder - and Teddie hardly respects him 😉

Before we know it, we’re headed back to her truck to see some photos of the handsome devil as she casually mentioned she may be trying to rehome him.

And soon after that, we’re exchanging e-mails…and you know how the rest of the story goes.

She hadn’t even advertised him yet.

And she almost didn’t even go to the auction that day.

Kinda like fate, if you ask me.

Lets hope we still love each other for many more moons, hmm?

But, anyways! Sorry for getting all lovey-dovey story-time on you guys…you want to see food, don’t you?! [insert awful Teddie-almost-was joke here. oh, I’m such a bad mom. It’s really not something to joke about.]

A little better?

You didn’t think strawberries were going to end after yesterday, did you? Trust me – you’ll be seeing them very frequently!

I woke up bright and early feeling even more rejuvenated than usual – lately I’ve been taking advantage of sleeping in a half hour extra or so, but I guess I didn’t need it today. I’ll credit it to a mini yoga sesh before bed. I needed to sttrrreeeeeetcchh!

I got busy in the kitchen after some quick bloggie-reading, and made my usual millet oatmeal waffles,and added in some strawberry juice from some nuked berries. Figs also joined the party, as well as cashews and some agave…but I guess I just wasn’t feelin’ the nut butter today. To me, strawberries don’t scream peanut butter as much as some other fruits do!

And who would I be without my coffee?

I knew it was supposed to get hot today, so I wasted no time this morning. I tacked up Mel with my new saddle for a quick ride, just so I could use it a bit before riding in it on Teddie. I didn’t actually end up riding him today, just lunged a bit at the “scary” end of the indoor. He was fine and I thought he’d need a little day off, so I left it at that. That and, I was all alone again.

The saddle seems to fit him well, but I’m hoping to have a fitter out soon, as I think some of the flocking can be taken out for an even better fit. Only the best for my boy!

I cleaned the office while I was out, and came home to a nice cool house, where I leisurely prepared lunch.

Part One

Plain greek yog + strawberries + galaxy vanilla granola + mixed nuts + cinnamon + irish cream agave…

Part Two

Panini with spinach + goat cheese + balsamic and basil marinated strawberries + seitan.

Enjoyed with a beggar

Bashful beggar...

And a blue sky.

Does it get any better?


Afterwards, my mom came home from Tractor Supply with some fencing supplies, and we got to work strength training.

Err, or maybe putting in a new fence for the ponies soon to come. We only have large areas fenced in for Jiggy and Mel, and wanted a smaller enclosure for when these guys get here. They will not be going out with Jigs and Mel.

We chose to pound in T-posts with a hammer. (well, not a normal hammer, but still – a hammer.)

I’m not sure if T-posts are used for stuff other than horse/animal fencing so I’m not sure if any of you are familiar with the business that is pounding in fence posts – in which case, consider yourselves lucky.I tried convincing my mom to get a T-post pounder because even though they weigh 20 pounds, you can pound the post in in 5 tries. It took us about 5-10 minutes per post with the hammer we had, and it was still a big hammer. By the time we were halfway done, it seemed as if the hammer was fifty pounds and there was a magnet in the ground that refused to allow me to lift it.

I’ve learned that the only days it’s sunny and hot in Vermont are the days you’re planning on doing some fencing. After a couple hours of that, food and hydration was necessary.

Ridiculous. In a good way.

This started out innocent enough – just a giant yog mess, pretty much the same as the one with lunch.

Just bigger.

And then I remembered some things…

Things like Purely Decadent’s coconut milk ice cream I’ve had chillin’ out (literally) in my freezer (it’s a bit chocolatey for me – though mixed with the greek yog it was perfect!) and thus, the final product ended up as such: greek yog + strawberries + chocolate Purely Decadent coconut milk ice cream + coconut + half a Super Charge Me cookie + Annie’s Bunny Grahams + honey.

Holy guacamole.

Enjoyed while browsing through a Smart Pak Equine catalog, where I pondered how Teddie would feel if I made our “colors” black and pink.

Might not fly.

thermometer in feline form.

Mouse is good for determining the weather. When he’s zonked out on the carpet underneath the dining room table, you know it’s hot out. Likewise, when he’s hiding in my room, there’s a storm coming. And when he’s just laying on my bed, chances are it’s going to rain all day.

I disrupted the sleeping panther.

It was nice to be able to come inside to a nice cool, comfy bedroom after all that pacing, pounding, and blister forming (and popping – eww!)

And it wasn’t long until dinner rolled around, where I had yet another salad, again with sweet potatoes and strawberries.

I love sweet potatoes in salad.

is this worthy of the kitchen sink title, rebekah?!

Spinach + romaine + sliced strawberries + roasted sweet poato chunks + roasted broc + diced butter bean cutlet + corn from a cob + salt & pepper – and a dressing of maple dijon + balsamic vinegar + poppyseeds + salt and peppah.

I love salads in the summertiiiiime.

And after-din bike rides. (it cooled down – or rather, a breeze picked up)

and “strawberry shortcake” with peanut butter banana bran muffins serving as the biscuit.

(I know, I know – it’s not summer yet. Don’t burst my bubble)

What’s your favorite summertime meal?


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I feel like it’s been such a long, dreary day, that if I didn’t have the pictures to prove I enjoyed this delicious breakfast, I wouldn’t know what I had for breakfast.

I just remember them being remarkably good. I was debating whether they were my best yet, but then decided I should stop saying that about everything I eat, so I won’t say it – rather, just plant the idea.

I’m not really sure why they turned out much differently than usual, as the only thing I did differently was almost forget the baking powder, so I added it after everything was mixed. I also had some Kamut hot cereal in the mix, but I wouldn’t think it’d be enough to make a difference.

I was never one for science, but maybe the order of adding baking powder is what made these more cake-y and puffy than usual?

  • 1/4 c. rolled oats
  • 2 T. wheat bran
  • 1 T. wheat germ
  • 1 T. WW flour
  • 1/2 T. kamut hot cereal
  • baking powder
  • 1 chopped dried fig
  • 1.5 T. greek yogurt
  • 1 T. applesauce
  • 1 flax egg
  • 1/4 c. almond milk

Topped with chopped apple and fig, raw almond butter, and walnuts.

Luckily, the breakfast was good. Unfortunately, the weather was not. It was definitely a day that encouraged any and all motivation to be M.I.A. It’s days like this where I wish I could just throw Teddie in the back of the Jeep and bring him home every so often…I so wanted to see him – but I just did. not. want to drive half an hour in the dreary rain to say “hi,” especially when my mom told me she didn’t feel much like spending a rainy morning at the barn with me.


Yes – rain is what indoors are for. But that’s besides the point.

So – I left before I had the chance to crawl back in bed and do nothing all day until going to an auction this afternoon with my mom. On the way there, as I was driving through patches of pouring rain, I realized I’ve once again joined the “kooky horse crowd.” There are two genres of humans. Sane and crazy. Crazy includes horse people and artists.

I am both of those things.

I am crazy.

Case in point?

I lead my shopping cart, talk the same way to children and horses, say “whoa,” to any object, animal, or person I want to stop, Teddie’s wardrobe is already bigger than mine, and my mood definitely depends on how well horsey time went.


I split a homemade granola bar with my mom when I got home around 11, so wasn’t too hungry for lunch even though I wanted something to keep me full for the afternoon while we went to a horse and tack auction.

I had my last black bean cutlet with some apple BBQ sauce, feta, gala slices, and romaine on toasted whole grain.

And a lukewarm applesauce mess – with some almond butter, macadamia nuts, golden raisins, peanut clusters, and some butterscotch chips. Butterscotch chips = heaven in warm applesauce. Sorry.

I also made some simple seitan out of the Veganomicon cookbook with a few swaps, as usual. The main being I didn’t bother to break it up into two separate pieces this time, and I ended up with this colassal piece of seitan.

Remember those weird plastic y growing alien creatures that used to be popular in our younger years?

Yeah – it reminded me of that. Goes in the pot half this size and thin, an hour later it’s bigger than my head.

(…well, maybe that’s an exaggeration.)

I snagged a mini apple pie larabar as well as a Tera’s Whey shake with the yumberry powder for the auction and we were off.

We (as in, my mom and I…) almost came home with the same little mini mule we almost came home with last time. We’ve named him “Abe,” and he is slowly winning our trust. This poor adorable little thing wants a friend so badly, but isn’t quite sure he should trust anybody. I’m not sure if he sold today or not, but I hope he finds a good home. I’m pretty sure if he was gelded (er…is that what you call it if it’s a mule, or is it…jacked or something? heh…) he would be chilling in our backyard right now.

Anyways – I threw together another simple and delicious meal for dinner once we got home. Another reason you can tell I’m falling back into the horse person category is the fact that my fridge is becoming greatly neglected. My fruit and veggie ownership is about nil…which pretty much eliminated any recipe I thought about making for dinner.

I settled on beans, since of course beans are always on hand. And I’m glad I still had some broccoli, too.

Luckily, this was far from tasting like it was grasping at straws for something to have for dinner. I simply sauteed one clove of mashed garlic in some sesame dressing (locally made, mix of olive oil, sesame oil, and balsamic vinegar) and added butter beans, chopped sundried tomatoes, chopped hydro tomato, and seasoned with dried basil, garlic salt, and pepper.

Supah stellah! I mashed it a little bit, leaving some beans whole – and put it atop some toasted whole grain bread with some feta and toasted pine nuts.

I love beans and toast.

On the agenda for tomorrow? Possibly some butter bean cutlets or butter bean hummus? I also need to make more granola bars and muffins (my freezer stash is dwindling and I love having these at night), go grocery shopping, and am not sure yet if I’ll give Teddie the day off or if we’ll go say hi.


The Teddie Chronicles

I think Teddie had much the same thoughts as me today when it came to weather and motivation, because he didn’t seem too thrilled to be fussed over, either.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned – it’s to not end on a bad note when dealing with young horses. It’s like giving a little kid what they want all the time.

I’m not sure if it was all the noisy rain on the roof (I could hardly hear myself thinking), the chill in the air, the work going on outside the indoor, or the blah day in general – but I just wasn’t so sure riding would go off without a hitch today, so I just did a couple minutes worth of well-behaved lunging and groundwork before letting him back out. He did nothing wrong, just a little more jumpy than usual.

Or maybe it was my own motivation speaking.

I was a little upset with myself for “copping out” on the drive home, but I just reminded myself that I didn’t put him away because he was bad…but because I knew that today was not a day I would have had the motivation to get in an argument and win, so I stopped before one had a chance to happen.

Maybe I sound crazy. I wouldn’t be surprised. But has anyone else just sorta gotten the feeling that a certain day wasn’t “the day,” even if nothing bad actually happened?

He is due for a day off, though – and as mentioned, am not sure if it will be tomorrow or Monday. Or both. Monday Adrienne has a lesson at 8:30 am, so I don’t think I’ll have time to work him but can at least go brush him. It’s “off” days where it’d be nice to have him a lot closer! The barn is fine for most days, except for when you just want to go say “hi,” and maybe fuss over them a little. It’s sort of a pain to drive half an hour to spend all of ten minutes there.


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The Real Deal

Guess who has real internet back?!

That’s right. This girl right here. I forgot how lightening-fast loading photos should be. I’ll try to make this quick because  I have 776 blog posts to read. (…or not. Forgive me if I just read the recent ones?)

No lying, I just got a little giddy loading that picture. It took about ten seconds compared to sixty.

Oh, modernization. I have to say, though – I am so glad that I “lost” internet, and gave myself the option to post due to that fact. Turns out I love it more than I even thought! It was also easier to adapt to not lounging around with the computer in the mornings. Like this morning! It was pretty easy to wake up after going to bed at 9:00 sharp. I woke on my own at 5:15, and my wake-up call wasn’t for another half hour.

Am I the only one who finds it so refreshing to wake up that much earlier than you need to by your own will?

These overnight oats were a little bit of everything. Last night, I combined:

and then this morning I stirred in a spoonful of oikos and topped with sauteed peaches with chia seeds and maple syrup, honey roasted almonds, mighty maple, and trail mix.

Except it was so cold this morning (think 40* again!) that I made sure to heat up the oats, and the hot peaches were welcome, too. As was Green Mountain’s Southern Pecan coffee. This has been my go-to flavor lately, even though I haven’t been mentioning it.

I am beginning to love overnight oats. And these babies were no exception – they were definitely the real deal.

It’s amazing what a power outage, internet outage, and weather change has done to me.

As always, bananas were had mid-morning. Although I’m not sure if 9:30 classifies as mid-morning…at least, that’s when I wanted it, but held off until 10:00, which I found to be more reasonable.

But I was ravenous pretty much all day, so I couldn’t wait for my panini lunch and hopped right on that train as soon as a realistic lunch hour rolled about. This may seem repetitive, but I have some tempeh to use and this is my favorite way to have it. And possibly my favorite sandwich anyways, I don’t know who I’m trying to kid.

This tempeh & jam combo used some local apple rum walnut conserve, and I added in some chopped walnuts, too.

A delicious peach and a goodie-bag mix of Snyders, banana chips, and honey roasted almonds was also had.

I enjoyed all of this deliciousness sitting on gravel outside because it was warmer outside than it was inside. Sad, but true. I enjoyed the fresh air, though. I can’t wait until we have a picnic table outside.

Naturally, Larabars were enjoyed when I became hangry once again as the day rolled on. Pecan Pie never disappoints!

Three ingredients? And that is why I love you. End of story.

Know what else I love, no questions asked? Black bean cutlets and BBQ-roasted veggies with bulghur.

So simple. So delicious. And eventually, I’ll even get back to posting some fun nutritional tidbits – I’ve been slacking lately! I mostly do it when I think of something, I don’t like racking my brain because then it’s not fun and enthusiastic for me. I’m bound to have more ideas when I go see what you all have been up to lately, though!


The Teddie Chronicles

I’m really glad I’m not the only one enjoying this new blog section 🙂 I seem to be bringing people out of the woodwork! It’s so exciting to meet other foodie equestrians 😉

I didn’t quite stick to plan this morning, as I didn’t lunge Teddie saddled as I had hoped. I’m not too worried – I have plenty of time (and so does he – he’s still young!) and don’t want to rush things. He’s a fun project for me, and I have just as much fun working him from the ground as from the saddle.

Instead, we just lunged in a halter again, but he was stellar after our initial little chain-breaking mishap.

He was pushy in the aisle again, so I decided to stop in the aisles and brush him first to work on patience. This was different from usual, where I’d go right in the indoor and start groundwork, and brush & such afterwards. I’m just going to say he was so excited to get to work that he didn’t feel like stopping with me to unhook a little plastic chain that goes across the aisle to get into the indoor from the aisles.

First Day - dying to make friends with Bleu, who wasn't having it.

It’s more of a “visual deterrent” than something actually meant to keep horses in…just a flimsy plastic chain connected to the walls with a flimsy eye-hook hardly screwed in.

Anyways…when he finally realized that yes, I really did want him to stop with me and not go straight in the indoor and through the chain, his butt had already swung around and pulled the eye hook the rest of the way out. I thought he’d scare himself, but the second he realized he was being rude he stopped and I gently reprimanded him with a tug, a firm “No.” and quick back-up.

I thought for sure I’d have my hands full with today’s lesson.

But that wasn’t the case! We’ll say he felt bad for being so excited to get to work 😉 He really was great in-hand and on the lunge the rest of the time, though. My decision not to saddle him was just from being alone again. I guess I never really clarified that when horses are run through those auctions, there’s plenty of times people have no idea what the horse has done, how long they’ve been undersaddle for, etc. I’d rather take it slow and play it safe the first few times.

As I said to the woman I bought him from and always say…I’ve no problem with a green horse, as long as there are no screws loose. As soon as a screw comes undone, count me out 😉

We're just a pair of goobers. We're even making the same faciel expression. Re: a terribly unflattering photo of the both of us.

So far, my observations and what we’ve learned about him:

  • he’s very sensible. when something scares him, he doesn’t lose his mind. He’ll simply stop, stare, sniff, and get over it. He doesn’t seem to be one of those horses who gets scared of one thing, and all of a sudden everything has a boogie monster in it.
  • He’s a quick learner. Granted, most of this is likely probably just remembering what he’s learned a while back. He’ll stop as soon as I whoa and turn to him, back when I say back and walk towards his chest, lowers his head, gives in both directions, moves over, and lunges great. Better than wanting to push through me when asking for a whoa.
  • He’s still very nudgy and mouthy, just like a spoiled baby. He doesn’t bite, just a lot of lip action. He’s started to learn that I don’t want him in my business all the time and he’s not going to get a treat every time I say good boy and he does something right.
  • He seems to like to work and enjoys the company; really wants to please. All I need to do is call his name when I want to catch him and he’ll come running. I wasn’t sure if he was charging at me the first time, hah.
  • He’s still really intrigued by the other horses, and seems to just want to meet everybody. I’m thinking he’ll be a handful the first time we share the indoor with one of them.


Some answers to some questions:

  • Lunging is a technique for training horses, where a horse is asked to work at the end of a long line and respond to commands from a handler on the ground who holds the line
  • Tack is the saddle, girth, pad, bridle, bit, etc.


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A Wonderful Day for Waffles

You know it’s a wonderful day for waffles when you open your eyes and see the sun shining, or at least beginning to. Lets be honest, at the hour I rise, the sun is never fully shining through my window, but you can certainly tell it is in somebody’s window.

And so with my new, weird “I like waffles in warm weather” obsession, I waffled up quite possibly my best yet. I feel like I’ve been saying that often lately. But no – really! It is essentially the same as the blueberry waffles without blueberries and only half a tablespoon of bourbon vanilla Tera’s Whey, and maple syrup instead of agave. Why such a small amount of the protein powder? I wasn’t sure if the flavor would really stand out, and with the figs I had in there, I didn’t want them to take the backseat!

My waffle iron doesn’t co-operate as well when I add fresh fruit, so I just left the last blueberries for tomorrow’s brek.

I topped these figgy waffles with a microwaved “melted” banana that I mashed with some cinnamon and golden raisins, and then drizzled with maple syrup.

To finish the splendor was some Full Circle sunflower seed butter and chopped walnuts.

I died.

And then came back to life and moseyed around getting dressed, lunch ready, and chillin with Rachy-Ray before boppin’ in to finally get Gertrude’s oil changed and see the little boy.

This isn’t necessary, I just found it comical that you wouldn’t catch me dead at school or out and about in something as “dressed up” as a polo shirt and sweater tucked in with a leather belt. But at the barn? Absolutely. Had I planned on riding, breeches and a leather belt would have taken place of jeans. Yes, I am more particular about looking put-together at the barn than at work.

As I always say, if you can’t look the part, at least you can act the part. I have a Haffie pony in a sea of imported Warmbloods. Just trying to blend in. 😛

Pan-Fried Seitan Cutlet with tomato paste, feta, romaine, and roasted red.

I was really disappointed to see my hummus starting to grow, and even though I almost just scooped off the “bad part,” I decided it was kind of old anyways and just chucked it. Thinking on my feet (don’t we always think on our feet?) I just used some tomato paste, but added some basil and garlic salt.

That’ll work, right?

It did – still dun’ good, even if it was wolfed down on the drive home. I was working with the pony through lunch.

But since I was driving home when I was eating lunch, I decided to just pair my snacks with Mighty Maple when I got home. And that I did, many times over. The apple got neglected, but in the baggie was Snyders pretzel snaps, dried apricots, banana chips, and honey roasted almonds.

The afternoon consisted of blog-surfing and trying to comment on everybody’s before becoming frustrated and quitting just as the UPS man pulled in the driveway with our new router. It’s not in use yet, but hopefully soon. To take up some time, I prepared a relatively time consuming dinner of another stuffed eggplant for my mom and I.

Halve one eggplant, and scoop out the insides. Cube and salt the insides, salt the skins, and let sit for 30 minutes.

Saute garlic and half a small onion in olive oil until softened, add in the eggplant and half a large hydro tomato. Season with salt and dried basil, add in some water and balsamic vinegar. Simmer 5 mins before adding in celery, sundried tomato and chopped red pepper. Add more balsamic as necessary, and simmer 10 minutes. Add in chopped pan-fried seitan, a spoonful of cottage cheese and mediterranean herb feta. Stir to combine and then stuff in shells.

Bake at 400* for 45 minutes, covered.

Topped with more feta and toasted pine nuts!

And a heel end of seeded whole grain on the side 😉


The Teddie Diaries (Chronicles? I like Chronicles better.)

These will get more exciting soon, I promise!

Mr. Pony was once again splendid – picked up right where we left off, though he was still quite interested in the mares outside. He still listens and I have his attention, but is always looking – so I’m not too upset with it, and think it will pass soon. He’s still a baby so for now, I figure if he’s still doing what I ask I’m not going to get on his case about everything. I introduced over and giving, and he’s picked up wonderfully on whoa, back, head down. Well, I shouldn’t say “picked up,” as it’s probably more like remembered.

The initial plan was to lunge him with tack today, and my mom was going to come help me when she got out of work. I pretty much just need help by having someone hold him, as I don’t want to tie him just yet as he’s pretty fidgity and we don’t have a stall. He’s been cross-tied, but I’d rather wait until he’s more familiar with the environment, rather than have an accident. In hindsight, I probably could have taken him in a stall, but I’m not sure how Adrienne feels about that since he has a run outside, and not a stall inside.

Unfortunately, I got there really early, so decided to just pull him and work on some ground work before she got there. I guess it was earlier than I’d realized, because she still wasn’t there by the time I was happy with how he was behaving in-hand, so decided to just go ahead and see how he took to lunging myself. If Adrienne was there I would have asked for help so I could tack him, but I was alone (another reason I was playing it safe, but I wasn’t too worried since I knew my mom was on her way. Just throwing that out there 😉 )

Anyways – he did really great! I kept it short since I’d already felt bad for doing so much ground-work (was trying to kill time) but sometimes shorter is better with the greenies if they do everything perfectly anyways. It took him a couple minutes to remember that yes, I did want him to circle around me, not follow me, but nothing out of the ordinary.

So that’s that! Probably pretty boring if you’re not a horsey kind of person…but I think it’s good for me to track progress so this part of the blog is probably here to stay 😉 The game plan for tomorrow is to lunge with tack if possible, and lunge & ride Thursday. If I can’t get to that tomorrow though, I’ll just have my mom help me with it Thursday. Sort of depends who’s there when I am.


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