Things I Enjoy v.1

Things I Enjoy, edition one

1. Falling asleep and waking up with freshly laundered sheets, blankets, and big puffy blankets.

Breakast...Overnight Oats Base: 1/2 banana, mashed with ~1/2 c. oats, chia seeds, cinnamon (and a lot of it!) and 1/2 c. almond milk.

2. FIGS!! Don’t expect this to be going away anytime soon.

Topped with peanut butter sauce, wheat germ, dried figs, and walnuts.

3. Space heaters.

It’s hard getting motivated to get dressed when it feels as if you’re in the arctic. A space heater in the bathroom? Quick fix.

4. Finishing the last part of my business homework before leaving for work.

5. Pairing everything with long sleeves to survive the sub-zero temps at work. (err…maybe not.)

6. How beautiful the sun is as I drive to and from work with this season change.


7. Fog on lakes.

8. Homemade crackers. And cashews (aka best nut ever. errr…one of)

Did you Know: Cashews are only sold shelled because the interior of the shells actually contains a resin used often in insecticides?

9. Work. (gaspshockawe – yes, it’s true! I do enjoy my work)

10. Being busy at work!! We were hoppin’ today.

11. The best wrap combination ever. Grilled tempeh, lots of garlic hummus, lots of mozzarella cheese, sliced tomato and salt and pepper on a homemade wrap.

12. Homemade wraps that keep really well – like these!

13. The fact that y grocery store has (almost all of) the new Larabar flavors. Chocolate Chip Brownie? Ironically – not a flavor I’d willingly select if it were any other brand – but in a Larabar? I jumped on that wagon faster than a kid chases Santa Claus.

A brownie lover’s dream come true. Made with simple, real ingredients the richness of this bar comes from pure, Fair Trade Certified™ chocolate and luscious cashews. It’s a delicous, gluten free brownie minus the baking time and risk of sticking your tongue in the beaters!

And I was impressed. Even though it’s date based and chocolate flavored, it wasn’t too sweet or too chocolatey for me! Well…by the end it was almost too chocolatey to me…but that’s still pretty impressive.

14. Homework that involved calculating nutrition information of a recipe for shortbread cookies.

15. Sweet potato cookies. Guys…these cookies are so. good. I think I’ll make them in muffin form next time, though. Sweet potato-cranberry-coconut-chip muffins? Uhm ithinkso.

16. Leftovers.

Leftovers have been making my life lately! Especially when they’re this good 😉

17. The fact that Frankenfish are actually being contested before they are just automatically released for human consumption. Uhm, seriously don’t enjoy the fact that this has even been concocted, though.

The United States’ Food and Drug Administration is in the midst of public hearingsto determine if it will approve AquaBounty Technologies’ application for fish spawned from genetically engineered salmon eggs to be allowed for use as food. These “AquAdvantage® Salmon” grow into full-sized fish in half the time that it would take a regular salmon, and if approved, would become the first “transgenic” or genetically engineered animals to be approved for human consumption.


18. New episodes of House and Two and a Half Men. That I’ll probably watch halfway before lose concentration like I always do.

19. Friends, Family, Happiness, and Health. (and Teddie, d’uh!)

20. I’d really enjoy it if you’d vote for me, too! 😛

What did you enjoy today?



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29 responses to “Things I Enjoy v.1

  1. Love the spiderweb pics!

    Today I was grateful for my health when I saw someone in a wheelchair and I was grateful for not getting a ticket when I passed in front of a police car while driving way over the limit. Whew!

  2. Just so you know, before I realized that I had 400 votes and I wasn’t limited to just one, I voted for your blog first. 😉

    I can’t agree more with how hard it is to get up, stretch and get dressed when it’s absolutely freezing. The worst part is is that it’s freezing before I go to bed, too hot in the middle of the night, and then freezing once again when I wake up.

    I love your taste in wraps too! Do you take your wraps deconstructed and then assemble them at work? That’s a pretty neat idea.

  3. I gotta say I’m jealous of your cooler weather and Fall scenery. It’s still 97* here and natures in an awkward identity of it want to be Fall while everything else is hanging on to the Summer…it doesn’t make for a very pretty scene. :/

    Hmm..I enjoyed an easy anatomy test and being able to have lunch at home instead of on campus 🙂

  4. I enjoyed sweet potato pancakes – ummm delicious.

  5. Wonderful post – sounds like you really had a great day!!!
    Today i woke up to beautiful sunshine and enjoyed a warm mug of freshly brewed coffee and read lovely comments on my post (especially yours!!!) that made me smile!!!
    After a busy day at work i enjoyed buying my mom an early birthday gift – a blown glass hummingbird feeder and then came home to enjoy whole wheat pizza topped with lots of mozarella and roasted peppers and spinach. Mozzarella cheese and hummus just make everything taste better!!!!

    Now im enjoying fresh figs and white peaches over frozen yogurt – as i just voted for my favorite blog!!!! (your of course – good luck!!!!!)
    P.S. those sweet potato cookies look delicious!!!!!

  6. Your overnight oats look seriously to DIE.
    And I LOVE your hair! (yes, I know that is one of the most random things like ever…)
    Leftovers are the bomb 🙂 As are fresh figs.. I can’t get enough of them!

  7. i enjoyed the wrap my mom made for me for lunch. wow..those cookies SOUND amazing..all yummy stuff!!!! ur pics are sooo beautiful! i know what u mean about being busy @ work..i hate it when theres like nothing to do!!! that’s so boring. i’m going to vote for you…right. now. 🙂 peace!

  8. You’re the only person in this entire planet that has ever made me think a spider’s web is beautiful. You’re so lovely, I want to eat everything you make (but, ya know, I wanna try n make it first). So bummed out that I can’t make your awesome wraps, it just ain’t my saavy I guess 😦

  9. Vote for you? Of course! I enjoyed homemade flax rolls, butterflies, sweet hugs from my husband, a gigantic bowl of Popcorn, kind words exchanged between family and friends, and a novel that I’ve been wanting to read since the moment I woke up. I loved hearing what you enjoyed…you embrace life so beautifully!

  10. Today I enjoyed my clean apartment, and some me time.
    i need to make those wraps!!

  11. Lovely! I enjoy most of the things on your list too (except for those I haven’t ever tried 😛 ).

    Today… it’s just 8 o’clock so I didn’t have much to enjoy but I hope I enjoy my first Japanese lesson tonight.

  12. Mmmm, what a wonderful post. ALL the pics are gorgeous, but the lake of course is especially…serene. Ah. I want your wrap. Just have to figure out how to make it without the mozza and the tempeh…and the wraps, haha. I’m putting wraps on my “figure-out-how-to-make-this-scd-legal”-list :-).

    I completely second sleeping/waking in fresh sheets! One of life’s little big pleasures.

    I made a recipe of yours, blogpost about it to come for sure 😉

  13. Would have to agree with all of the above! Especially, cashews, figs, and staying warm…I keep a fleece blanket at work!!

    Today- loving baking for a good cause and getting to sample what I’m making 🙂

  14. I have to quickly say, I did the exact same as Daniel – voted for you first before I realised I had 400 votes!
    I love this post 🙂 But i’m feeling super negative right now…my laptop died and I’ve lost everything (this is my mum’s computer)! So so far..haven’t enjoyed much today!

  15. I love little comforts like these!! The Fall always makes me feel cozy. Lovin the sweet potato cookies! Blue skies and old buildings made me happy yesterday. There is something about a perfect day that makes you stop and realize the beauty around you. I was in an area with lots of old home, and the detail and history that are in them completely takes my breath away. Have a great week Jess–love this 🙂

  16. Fall is definitely the season to get all sentimental about things.. isn’t it? Your photos are oh-so beautiful 🙂 Especially the spiderweb!

    I’m thinking of attempting similar muffin/cookie with some leftover kabocha squash that I have kickin’ around in the fridge. They just look so good!

    ❤ Tat

  17. I love this one! I love hearing all the positive! I needed that this morning. I loved baking and cooking my butt off yesterday. I really needed it to keep my mind off all the other stuff. Just a heads up, your package was sent out on Friday, so be on the lookout. I know the mail carrier is afraid of your critters and if it rains…

    Have a great day Jessica!

  18. Your homemade wraps look awesome. How do you make them?

  19. Those pictures of the fog on the lake are absolutely gorgeous! Is that near your house? You are so lucky to live in such a beautiful area!

    Yesterday I enjoyed not having to wait in a crazy long line up to get a new student card, having lunch with my friend, and getting in a good strength training sesh at the gym.

  20. #1, 2 and 3 are definitely true for me too!

    I did not know that about cashews, though I have always wondered why they were only sold shelled. That kind of creeps me out a little bit.

    Yesterday I enjoyed NOT getting a headache at school!!

    ❤ ❤

  21. Gosh, you are truly amazing at photography Jess. You have the ability to make ANYTHING look beautiful!
    I voted for you by the way 😉
    And please can you post an official recipe for the sweet potato cookies?! I’m dying to make some but don’t trust my own measurements!
    That’s really interesting about the cashews. I love learning random little facts like that!
    Today I enjoyed talking with my mum on the phone because I am missing her…

  22. What did I do today? I voted for you 🙂

    I think those pumpkin dreams would be quite nice in muffin form. and by quite nice I mean AMAZING!!
    Space heaters save my life. Mine’s on most days at work. Seriously the arctic chill is unlivable.

  23. Jen

    Awesome pictures!!! I bought my first package of Tempeh, but have no idea how to cook/use it. Any suggestions?


  24. That stuffed squash looks to do die for!! Also, I wish I knew what it was like to wear anything other than a tanktop and shorts. What I wouldn’t give for a little climate… haha

  25. One thing I enjoyed today is your blog!

  26. dee

    awesome post. it is fun to just think about what you love. i really wish autumn would start heading my way!

  27. Voted for you 🙂 Love this whole list, especially numbers 1, 3, 7 and 13…fall isn’t my favorite season, but it is gorgeous in New England!

  28. I haven’t seen that Larabar flavor yet, yum.

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