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Seitan Sausages

I had better not be getting sick.

My boss has been sick for the past…well, it seems like he’s always sick…but really sick for the past two weeks. I’ve been feeling 100% but all of a sudden this afternoon I got a tickle in my throat.

When these things happen, I tend to go a little overboard. Call it paranoia of catching the nasties, if you will. But as soon as there is even a vague hint of a cold or the nasties, I come home and start chugging the vit C and fresh veg.

And seitan sausages.

What, you don’t look to sausages to cure the plague?

…oh. Maybe it’s the higher protein content that I am hoping will shield me from infection.

You may or may not recall my mention of being burnt out on tempeh.

As well as my mention of limiting my grocery spending.

Enter: seitan. I used to make it all the time. What happened?!

I have no reasonably excuse for our time apart. I do enjoy seitan, after all.

But it was time to take vital wheat gluten’s and my relationship to the next level.

Every since first hearing I could make my own “seitan sausages,” I was intrigued by the idea.

Every time I went to make them though, I was turned off by all the many steps.

I think I was just being lazy, though. Truth is, making them was not difficult. I could have read the directions to Kaia and she’d have been able to make them, for Pete’s sake.

I based my seitan sausages off of these recipes. The flavors weren’t anything that tickled my fancy for what I envisioned in my mind, so I took the template and tweaked to my liking.

Aren’t they creepy looking?! No fear, though – they taste phenomenal. Perfect to go with a “sausage and peppers” theme. With pasta and jarred pasta sauce.

The initial idea was to have them with Chelsey’s Mexicalian cilantro pesto, but it was as I was chopping the cilantro for my sausages that I remembered I’m not a cilantro fan.

I think I get my herbs mixed up, and can only remember which ones I like when I smell them fresh.

From now on, I’ll just be that girl over in the produce aisle, sniffing all the herbs before landing them in my cart.

Hey, they have those little shower-sprayers for a reason. For wackjobs like me.

Either way, I still sauteed some sliced sausage up with onions and jarred roasted reds. We had no fresh. I’m telling you, my fridge is empty. I’m going to make it work, though. The cilantro was the last fresh bit of green in there, which is why it still made an appearance. The rotini tossed in jarred pasta sauce pulled it all together.

It’s the little things, people. The little things.

Tonight I had one in a similar fashion, but with polenta. Mmmm, mm. I love polenta.

Seitan Sausages:

yields 3-4 sausages

adapted from “Have Cake Will Travel”s fauxsages.

  • 1/2 c. + 2 T. vital wheat gluten
  • 2 T. nutritional yeast
  • 1/2 t. italian seasoning
  • dash crushed red pepper
  • 2 cloves garlic, minced
  • 2 T. onion, chopped finely
  • 1 T. fresh cilantro, optional
  • 1/2 t. sea salt
  • 2-3 sundried tomatoes in oil, chopped
  • 1 t. dried chives
  • 1 T. olive oil (I used the olive oil in the sundried tomato jar)
  • 1/3 c. + 3 T. water

Preheat oven to 325* F. In a large bowl, combine the VWG, nutritional yeast, italian seasoning, pepper, garlic, onion, cilantro, salt, chives and tomatoes. In a small bowl, whisk together the oil and water. Add to the VWG mixture, and mix to combine. Knead a few times. If you’ve got some herbs/onions/tomatoes wanting to fall out, that’s fine.

Divide the mixture into 4 equal parts, roll out a bit, and wrap tightly in a piece of aluminum foil. Repeat for the remaining, and place in a baking dish. Bake for one hour to an hour and 15 minutes. When done, unwrap and allow to cool. Or eat right away.

Some notes:

  • I think I overcooked mine a bit at an hour and 15. Next time I’d probably just do an hour.
  • I’d also like to try baking them in something, like tomato sauce. Maybe if they were baked in the foil for half the time, then taken out and baked in tomato sauce?
  • Needs more cowbell.

On another note, I wanted to share this fab little snack/dessert/what-have-you:

Averie’s banana oat cakes. The fig jam is a critical element.

What do you do when you have a hunch the plague is after you?

Seitan – yay or nay?


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The Bill Clinton Diet

…I’m not sure which is more stuffed. Me…or the really delicious stuffed butternut squash I had for dinner just prior to writing this…

I feel like I’ve been on a food holiday this weekend – I’ve done so much cooking and baking it’s a little bit ridiculous. This squash was so delicious. Dare I say…butternut squash > sweet potato?!

Anyways. Somehow, I managed to get homework and playtime squeezed in my days, too? Shocker.

I bet you all knew I’d be making peanut flour waffles with that peanut flour that Sarena sent me! And, naturally – I have. Many times over. Okay, well, as many times over as can be done in just two days!

I had quite a few questions regarding peanut flour. Peanut flour is low in fat but packed with protein – it varies depending on the roast, but this TJ’s brand that I have has 16 grams of protein and only 8 grams of carbs per 1/4 cup! Talk about packed with protein πŸ˜‰ And it’s 100% peanuts – which, you would think it’d be really high in calories because of that but it’s really not!

Peanut flour, either conventional or organic, is derived from blanched, high-oleic peanuts roasted to various degreesβ€”light, medium and darkβ€”to deliver everything from bland to bold peanut flavor. They’re then defatted via a mechanical, solvent-free process to fat levels of 12% or 28%. Like peanuts, most of the fat in peanut flour is monounsaturated and polyunsaturated. Compared to peanut butter, the lower fat level in peanut flour helps improve the shelf life of products. Although peanuts generally contain about 25% high-quality protein, removing part of the oil before grinding ups that percentage to around 50% in the 12%-fat flour and 40% in the 28%-fat flour. Moisture content in both flours is typically less than 2.0%.

Fat level plays a role in the degree of peanut flavor, with 28%-fat flour delivering a more-pronounced peanut flavor. The 12%-fat flour is best for high-protein, low-fat applications like nutritional and snack bars, where the bold peanut flavor can help mask off notes in highly fortified foods, as well as low-fat baked goods, notes Bruce Kotz, vice president, specialty products, Golden Peanut Company, Alpharetta, GA. The 28% flour often goes into confections, peanut-butter coatings, fillings, frostings and baked goods.

While my first experiment was to make a peanut butter sauce with it to top banana soft serve – my next experiment was, obviously – waffles! I simply used my original recipe without the WW flour and wheat bran, and added 2 T. of peanut flour!

So delicious! Thanks again, Sarena!

The weather this weekend – er, namely yesterday – was gorgeous! I wish it could just stay like this for eeever. It was sunny, breezy, hoodie weather!

So of course, Teddie had endless amounts of energy πŸ˜‰ We spent a while just geekin’ around the fields, and he even decided to drag me down a quasi-trail at one point.

This morning’s events after waffle eating involved something else, though! While I’d love to see Teddie everyday…it’s been nice to just have a day to do whatever. Work around here, cook, bake, veg, homework, whatever.

In this case – start the day by baking Ginger Birdseed Bars!

I basically took a 1/8 measuring cup and combined all sorts of nuts and seeds in my pantry along with some protein powder, rolled oats, puffed rice, raisins and uncrystallized ginger…and then used a mix of 1/8 c. milled flax, 1-2 T. peanut butter, 2 T. ginger syrup and a splash of water to bind them.

I baked them a bit longer than I intended to – but I’m going to embrace the crunch πŸ˜‰ Especially because the ginger syrup is awesome!

I haven’t been cooped up all day, though. There’s still been plenty of outdoorsy time in the form of taking care of and playing with the horses and ponies!

We’ve been hand-walking “the girls” up and down the road pretty frequently, and today they really had a lot of “scary” cars go by them which was a good experience for them. But we also took them up in back on a “trail ride” (still in hand obvs!) and they seemed to really enjoy the change of scenery. They have become such love muffins! Well – Maya always was…but Gerogie’s personality has really come out. Still rather insecure – but sweet.

I went to make my usual Seitan (based on a Veganomicon recipe – big shocker there!) but then noticed there’s a recipe right on the gluten package! I followed the broth mixture (sans soy sauce, of course) because I didn’t have any vegetable broth and the molasses intrigued me.

I ended up mixing:

  • 1/2 c. wheat gluten
  • 1/4 t. sage
  • 1 T. nutritional yeast
  • 1/2 t. granulated garlic
  • 1/2 c. water
  • salt

and then boiled in the molasses + water mixture with a sprinkle of salt.

I used to make seitan alll the time – I haven’t had it in a while! I like this recipe, but it wasn’t salty enough for me – I didn’t really take the soy sauce sodium content into consideration, and should have salted the water more. Oh, well – I can always add more salt after the fact, can’t take it out, though!

While that was boiling, I made this.

But, I can’t tell you what it is yet πŸ˜‰ Maybe tomorrow. Or the next day. Or Wednesday. We’ll see.

And roasted some vegetables that needed to get out of my fridge! (Rutabega + Broccoli.)

I was so at a loss as to what I wanted for lunch…but when I sat down to this, I realized that this wasn’t what I wanted. I just wasn’t feeling…savory? bread? I don’t know. I picked at it, and then satisfied my sweet tooth.

I picked up a couple of these Sambazon Acai Juice Blends when they were on sale at Price Chopper a while back. I’m not a huge juice-fan so they sort of got pushed to the wayside for a while, but I had to try one in a GM yesterday…

…and had the other half today. They’re actually, quite good!! They’re not quite like a juice as they use acai puree rather than juice, so it’s got a nice texture/consistency to it.

And then I tackled bread again.

I found a yummy-sounding honey oatmeal wheat bread recipe that was right in the breadmaker booklet. I figured if I followed it, it had to work!

sort of. I cut down on the honey a bit and added in 1/4 c. sunflower seeds. And I’ll be darned – It still fell!

I was all excited when I kept peeking in through the little window at the top, too – it was rising so high!! Arrgh. It’s okay, though…because this is a delicious loaf! Very light, moist, and chewy. Now I’m just plain determind to get a pretty loaf, too! Soon I’ll be kneading by hand. I almost did this morning but then changed my mind.

This was ready just in time for the aforementioned dinner. It was a perfect accompaniment!

Next up was peanut flour, round two! I’d been eyeballing Sarena’s Peanut Flour Muffins ever since she posted them. Today was as good as any other! I still have a freezer full of bran muffins, and need some variation in my life. These will be great snacks, though – and didn’t even bother freezing some!

I made a couple changes to the original:

  • called for 1/2 c. gluten free flour mix – I used 1/4 c. quick oats and 1/4 c. white whole wheat flour
  • called for 1/3 c. brown sugar – I used 1/4 c. date sugar
  • I didn’t use the vinegar to sour the milk (didn’t have any)
  • used 1 T. maple syrup rather than the vanilla stevia
  • filled the middle with peach-raspberry jam rather than topping with brown sugar

I also stirred in some dark chocolate chips because even though I’m not typically a fan, I was just feelin’ the dark choco!

…but I think they’d have been better without them! Mreh, well. Just needed to reconfirm my beliefs? Maybe?

And that’s everything! Well, that and taking care of all the animals, homework, house work, making-things-I-can’t-show-you-yet, and enjoying the weekend.

…And being told I’m on a “Bill Clinton Diet.” You know what makes me crazy? Explaining to people why you eat the way you do, only toΒ receiveΒ “you’ve lost your mind” looks, but as soon as Bill Clinton talks about his diet, which happens to be quite similar to yours, it’s acceptable.

I haven’t watched that yet, but apparently he talks about almond milk and overall eating quite well. My mom’s bf saw it and is now all about it, after…a year? of me explaining stuff like that.

If that’s all it takes, I guess it’s a good thing, though?

What’s your favorite muffin add-in?

Thoughts on the Bill Clinton video?


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if i’m being honest…

if i’m being honest…i actually thought it was a little chilly when i stepped onto my deck this morning…

…but that didn’t stop me from iced coffee.

if i’m being honest…i think this bowl of oats is the only thing that truly lured me out of bed after staying up too late to watch the next food network star.

1/4 c. + 2 T. quick oats, 1 T. Ruth's Chia Goodness, 1/2 c. almond milk, trail power, cinnamon

…although, if i’m being honest, i still couldn’t keep my eyes open for the whole thing because i might as well be your grandma. she might be cooler than me, though.

topped with sunbutter, galaxy granola, honey roasted peanuts, ginger preserves, xagave, and a nuked banana and sweet cherries

if i’m being honest, i think that the addition of cinnamon in the base of overnight oats is what takes them from okay to a-freaking-mazing.

if i’m being honest, i think whoever doesn’t realize being a horse person is a workout of its’ own kind in and of itself, ought to walk my pony around an outdoor until he’s level-headed. thirty minutes and sore biceps later, it might be clearer. if that doesn’t do it, come help us unload 300 bales of hay later that day.

if i’m being honest, i still can’t eat peaches with their skin on.

if i’m being honest, those pretzels were 90% gone by the time i got to work due to the aforementioned “workout.”

and while i’m being honest, i am in love with blueberry oikos and peaches.

simple sammie: feta cheese, garlic hummus, roasted red pepper.

if i’m being honest, i ought to tell you that i should start appreciating the simple foods more often. like this sandwich.

if i’m being honest, i’ve been plotting ways/reasons to leave the state/new england area just so i can find a carrot cake larabar. I haven’t found an excuse to justify driving 300 miles, so excuses are welcome.

roasted red peppers and broccoli, mixed with pepper chevre, garlic hummus, and seitan - topped with salt, pepper, and pine nuts.

if i’m being honest, i haven’t been having any ideas for dinner lately until i’m driving home from work. and while i’m being honest – i’m glad this amazing combination came to me at the last minute. jaw. dropping. go make it.

now it’s you – if you’re being honest,….


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Sometimes, I’m really oblivious to the world around me.

Other times, I’m really observant, and pick up on every little thing. My mom even tells me I read into body language and the like far too much. She’s usually right, but I’m not talking about body language right now.

I’m talking about oats.

I’ve noticed that the past three mornings I’ve had overnight oats, I seemed to enjoy them much more than usual.

And then I also noticed that I’d just started using quick oats for them instead of old fashioned due to my grocery shopping whoopsie.

Thus, I am drawing the conclusion that overnight oats are better with quick oats versus old fashioned.

Do you notice every little thing, or are you in your own little world the majority of the time?

There, I said it. Sue me, in all of my food-blogger glory. But I said it.

This morning’s bowl followed right in line with the past two by being simply ah-mazing. The same base as Wednesday except more quick oats in place of the Peppy Kernels. And a boatload of cinnamon.

Topped with:

I asked Mouse if he would share his hammock bed with me, and when he said no I told him I was going to paste this risque photo of him all over the web.

I messed around with the ponies here a bit before leaving. The daughter (long haird, I think we’re naming her Mia) is really quite a sweetheart. I think the mama will warm up soon – she’s friendly but she’d rather eat her hay then come up to you. Mia would stuff herself in your pocket if she could.

I also stopped to see my boy, leaving early enough to give myself time to take him for a walk rather than just graze. We have an outdoor at the barn, but it’s sort of secluded away from everything, which can be a bit nerve racking.

It’s also not fenced in yet, which is the main reason I haven’t ridden in it yet, but I wanted to get him used to being out there alone. He behaved himself quite well. I think he got a kick out of the fact that the grass bordering it was almost as tall as he was – it’s grown a lot from this photo, and hasn’t been hayed yet! I re-did his braids to keep him cool. He’s becoming so well-mannered lately, I’m impressed. And by golly, I think he likes seeing me πŸ˜‰

I was lazy taking pictures for work again since I’m trying to be faster in the a.m. but here’s a sneak peak:

I had a morning snack of a hardboiled egg – don’t know why I don’t do that more often. They make perfect snacks!

Lunch was another bulgur cold salad that I made yesterday. This one contained bulgur, basil, greek yogurt, cinnamon, nutmeg, apricot jam, chopped apricots, and pecans. I also added in some chickpeas for more oomph. I liked the flavors in this, but it was a bit dry – needed more dressing! I also had a red plum.

And the Snyder’s 8 grain pretzels ended up being saved for my afternoon snack.

Oh, and don’t forget about the iced coffee I splurged on again this week. Whoops. Hey, if my boss is sending me there while I’m out getting my bread, how on earth can I resist? I was out of cream or milk at work.

Speaking of bread, I was obviously chomping at the bit to get some of this delicious loaf in me. So, I went the easy road for dinner. A seitan sammie containing seitan, goat cheese, cranberry-orange-nut sauce, and lettuce. On toasted bread, but that really doesn’t matter because while the snap peas were microwaving I went outside to play with the ponies some more so it was cold by the time it was consumed anyways.

That guy knows how to make a loaf of bread.


‘Night boys and girls!


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Mixed Cravings

hey guys! i felt much more in the blog reading mood yesterday rather than the blog posting. so, that’s just what i did! you didn’t miss much…in fact, my appetite was still rather “normal.” normal as in, normal for most people, not so normal for me πŸ˜‰ it’s coming back though, so no worries.

sweet pOATato overnight oats

i didn’t know what else i would use about a third of an already cooked sweet potato for, and mashed it up for yesterday’s overnight oats.

sweet potatoes = win

sweet potatoes on oatmeal = mreh

best thing i ate all day.

after this, i went on a walk for the rest of my break and accidentally got lost. at least it was absolutely gorgeous out.

i heart fried eggs.

and i had an insane craving for eggs driving home – demonstrating that this “not hungry for a snack” situation needs to stop. my body wanted some protein!

these got better with age.

leftover sweet potato fries.

these just being the highlights, of course.

on to today?

oh, okay.

waffles, obviously! and it was already warming up, so i woke up wanting an iced coffee.

it’s love, is what it is.

topped with a [peeled] peach mixed with chopped fig and maple syrup. and cashews. and sunflower seed butter. (which is also just plain love)

i went to the barn early this morning, getting there right as it “opened.” yes, the barn is always open, but A prefers people not to ride earlier than 9 or after 7. she makes an exception for me, like when i get there at 7:30 on days i work πŸ˜‰

i didn’t know how long i’d be out, so i just grabbed some stuff from the cupboards. and fruit basket.

i just had the banana and some nuts.

teddie did so good today – i think maybe our best ride yet. he’s been great everytime so far – but i think this is the most confident we’ve both felt, so it just seemed right. we have a bit of a broken steering mechanism (ahem) at the trot – but we do a pretty killer twenty meter circle if i say so myself. just don’t ask us to go straight. for long πŸ˜‰ it will come!

and in case you don’t know any horse people, if you should run into them, know one thing: when we have a good session with our horse, we will be floating. just overjoyed with excitement. when we have a bad session, steer clear. (yes, this is called stereotyping. just a general precaution, i suppose.)

my sister is coming down for a visit tonight through to tomorrow, and i’m thinking i might be able to drag her out to take some pictures.

i had loosely planned to help another girl with her horse, but we never really talked about when, so since she wasn’t there i went ahead in to the farmer’s market and figured i’d stop again on my way back through. i still had to talk to A about something anyway, and figured she’d be there by then, too. well, the other girl wasn’t there but A and i chatted a while before i headed home.

i’ve had this lone gala apple sitting in the fruit bowl for ages.

i sort of go through apple phases. i’ll have one every day for weeks on end, and then there will be weeks where i’ll hardly have one.

but, i do love the combo of apple and seitan – be it with bbq or, like today – apple rum walnut conserve.

i also paired it with some farmer’s market snap peas. snap peas were every where today! and so good.

kaia. freaky picture of her.

my mom asked if i wanted to go tag sailing, so i agreed. she had a vague recollection of an ad for a bunch of tag sales with horse tack in a town about twenty minutes away. basically, this played out as “drive around a town randomly hoping to find it.” in case you were wondering, we didn’t, but it was still a nice ride.

sort of. i guess it was actually just a whole lot of farmland. not surprising, considering the circumstances.

but, oh well. i had nothing better to be doing. once we got back i made some seitan and while it was simmering played with the horses and the garden. this included half heartedly weeding, ad i mentioned in the previous post!

and then before i knew it, it was time for dinner! seriously – the afternoon flew by. usual my mornings are so packed that i have nothing much left to do in the afternoon, making them sort of go in slow motion. not today! probably the hour + of aimlessly driving around. it’s whatever.

since i finally replenished my bulgur, i was able to try sarena’s bulgur flat bread! to put it simply, the woman is genius. i did get impatient towards the end – didn’t realize they were yeast-made so didn’t really start them soon enough to give them the full hour to sit, and cooked them until they had the consistency of more of a pancake. a delicious pancake.

hmmm…bulgur waffles, anyone?

of course, the pancake texture was probably more due to me not rolling them out very flat. but they were just plain fab.

i had some mixed cravings – and rather than have a flatbread pizza type deal – i craved a big salad. in the bowl was farmer’s market buttercrisp and snap peas, red pepper, chick peas, chopped dried fig, and chopped pecans. i still had some of this dressing left and the flavors were just so perfect. i spread some local pepper chevre on the flatbread. just delicious! can’t wait to have a peanut butter and jelly bulgur flatbread πŸ˜‰

now – has it cooled down enough for an evening bike ride, yet?


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All She Wrote

am i the only one who is a little relieved when they’re woken up by rain pounding on the air conditioner on a monday morning?

i mean – i’m not saying i love dreary days – not at all. in fact, on the contrary – it is so much harder to go into work when you just know it’s going to be a beautiful day. so while the typical monday morning attitude would be along the lines of “i dun’ wanna work…” today’s was “well, at least i have work today – what else would i do?”

strawberry millet-oat overnight oats

although – rainy days are good for sleeping in, but that obviously didn’t happen today. much. not working teddie in the mornings allows me a little bit of a more leisurely schedule – but i still go to visit him, which makes overnight oats essential.

topped with trail mix, galaxy granola, sliced strawberries, ginger preserves, and maple syrup

it’s a teddie heart! hehe – get it? am i corny or what?!

the strawberries i picked yesterday are already starting to turn uber ripe, uber fast. i’d be lying if i said i was completely okay with strawberry season being done. in fact, i think it’s really unfair that it’s done so soon. come back, beautiful red strawbs – come back!

unfortunately for us strawberry lovers – mother nature isn’t hearing any of it.

fortunately for us blueberry lovers – they’re on their way, too.

what else went down today?

well, extreme humidity, being heard talking about shooting kids, and some fine foods:

[talking about shooting with a camera, folks, relax.]

banana phone?

Snyders pretzels. nectarine.

hummus, tomato paste, roasted reds, roasted balsamic eggplant, romaine, seitan.

half of this.

and i went with convenience when it came to dinner.

well, that and i still had a black bean cutlet left.

don’t think it was neglected because they’re bad. no, no kids – that is not the case at all. in fact, i am very much so tempted to make more tomorrow.

kale, red pepper, and black bean cutlet sauteed in apple BBQ sauce

and that’s all she wrote!


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Heavens to bitsy, it’s been a day and a half. Don’t worry – that’s a good thing!

I didn’t actually intend to get much produce from Hannafords when I ran in yesterday – but when a beautiful array of vibrant, fresh nectarines were the first things to greet me – aside from the screaming babies -, I had to snap up a few.

And they were still in mind when I rolled out of bed this morning. I love nectarines – it’s the perfect solution for a peach-fuzz hater that still loves the taste πŸ™‚

My usual waffles – almost, at least. I used Kashi 7 Whole Grain Puffed Cereal to replace the millet I’d used up. Just as splendid!

And I topped it with a chopped nectarine that I microwaved with a splash of almond milk and maple syrup as well as some chopped Turkish figs. Deerish! Also joining the party was some sunflower seed butter, pecans, and a drizzle of honey.

and what could go better with that than a big gulp of a southern pecan? I love being reunited with my Green Mountain!

It was quite a relaxed morning, and I did a bit of yoga while waiting to go see the cutest guy I’ve seen to date. It’s funny how I used to wake up so late that I didn’t have to wait to go to the barn…now, if I left when I was ready, they wouldn’t even have had breakfast yet! They get fed later in the morning on weekends.

Baby in a cradle.

Regardless – eventually it was time to head out…and this is how you can tell. Banana? check. Alas, it was forgotten about.

Mr. Ponykins did lovely today, and is really catching on πŸ™‚ I just wish animals could talk – I would love to know why he ended up where he did, and what he’s done with his love before! It is obvious someone but time and training into him at some point.

My mom is getting to be quite the photographer, no?

”]By the time we [my mom and I] got home, it was quite clearly lunchtime – but first I was greeted with a package!

I know, I know – tons of you reading don’t ride. But I know there’s some of you who do, and I like to give credit where credit is due…VTO Saddlery is hands-down the. best. place. to order tack from! Great prices and sales, flat-rate shipping, and I got my box today – that I’d just ordered on Thursday! Now maybe I’ll get to ride in my dressage saddle tomorrow πŸ™‚

Another Hannaford’s find yesterday was a new kind of Snyder’s! These were on the list, don’t worry πŸ˜‰

Click to read

I think I took a good ten minutes waffling between these 8-grain, the honey wheat & oat, and the plain wheat and oat. Decisions, I tell ya what!

Click to read.

That fact that I am so indecisive I can hardly decide on a salad dressing when I’m asked probably didn’t help my case. Eventually the 8 grains won over – and just check out those stats as to why! And they taste just as amazing – I am in love. They’re also eco-friendly! Of course – that comes at a price. This is, quite possibly, the loudest bag I’ve ever touched. You’re not going to be sneaking these at night, that’s for sure. You’ll wake the whole house!

Even if you don’t like pretzels – next time you see these in the store, touch the bag.

You’ll realize I’m not as crazy as I currently sound πŸ˜‰

I enjoyed some with some garlic hummus, but they didn’t need the hummus to be outstanding. They were great alone, too!

I also had a fantastic sammich with fresh lettuce from our own garden, slices of gala apple, seitan, and apple BBQ sauce.

Unfortunately, things came to a rolling stop in the afternoon – it started to rain, and thus house arrest began. I made the most out of it by whipping up some more bars!

I made a substantial number of changes from what I’ve been doing, and I like the direction – but it’s not there yet. I’m going to be picky on this hunt! I went for an “oatmeal raisin” theme this time, though – and while they could use more cinnamon as far as that goes, it’s definitely a flavor to keep in the line-up!

It goes without saying that one was enjoyed STAT!

And a short while after (re: lots of blog-reading, random veggie-roasting, and other time-killers) I set to work on dinner.

And I had a plan.

Who hasn’t tried Jenna’s lentil-walnut loaf besides myself? That’s what I thought. It’s popping up everywhere – and I’m not surprised. It looks fantastic! I was thisclose to getting around to making it tonight, but I was still apprehensive because I didn’t have walnuts. Just about every other kind of nut. Just no walnuts.

And while I’m all for substituting things – this just seemed like it needed the walnuts. So, I improvised. And came up with a chickpea-quinoa casserole loaf…thing. Wanna make it? Okay.

Sautee onions in evoo, add tomato paste and spices.

I started with the quinoa, with thoughts of a kind of quinoa-pilaf, similar to the Veganomicon recipe my mom loves and I do as well.

I simple sauteed half a medium onion and two cloves garlic in some olive oil for a couple minutes before adding in approx. 1 tablespoon tomato paste and some dried basil and dried chives.

Add in quinoa.

Once the onions were soft, I added in 1/4 c. rinsed quinoa and sauteed for a few more minutes.

Add in 1/2 c. water and let simmer over medium-low heat until the quinoa is cooked. Add salt and pepper to taste.

chickpeas, veg

Meanwhile, mash 3/4 c. chickpeas with a fork – so that it’s not complete mush and there’s a few still whole.

add in approx. 1/4 c. diced, balsamic-roasted eggplant, ~1/4 c. diced roasted red pepper, 1 tablespoon balsamic vinegar, 1 teaspoon olive oil, dried basil, dried chives, dried parsley, and pepper. Mix it well. I also added a dash of crushed red pepper flakes.

All combined.

When the quinoa is all done, add that to the bowl, in addition to 1/8 c. rolled oats, a flax egg (1 T. milled flax + 3 T. water, stirred and let to sit a couple minutes to thicken) 2 tablespoons toasted pine nuts, and 2 tablespoons mediterranean herb crumbled feta.

Ready to bake!

Press the mixture into a greased pan/loaf/something, and bake about half an hour at 425*. I used a toaster oven, for what it’s worth – and broiled for the last couple of minutes to get a better crust on top.


My mom and I both loved this. I had mine with some farmer’s market kale that I sauteed with a bit of Ragu, and some broccoli also with Ragu for dipping. The chickpea-quinoa stuff actually didn’t need the sauce for dippage – it was plenty flavorful all on its’ own!

Since I wasn’t following a recipe, just an idea – it’s not perfect, but the flavor is certainly there. I think it would do better in a bigger pan so it spread out thinner and gets a nicer crust – because the crusty portions were heavenly. It is quite moist, which I think less of the flax-egg and maybe some breadcrumbs/more oats might help with. I’d also probably add some more pine nuts – while there were enough as it was, there wasn’t some in every bite…and I wanted there to be πŸ˜‰ If anyone plays with it, you’ll have to let me know the results πŸ™‚


Chickpea-Quinoa Bake


  • 1/4 c. rinsed quinoa (dry measure)
  • 1/2 medium onion, diced
  • 2 cloves garlic, pressed
  • 1 T. tomato paste
  • 1/2 c. water
  • seasonings to taste: dried basil, dried chives, salt, pepper
  • olive oil – to coat bottom of pan

Heat olive oil in a medium sized sauce pan. Add in onion and garlic, let soften a couple of minutes. Add in tomato paste and seasonings, saute 2 more minutes. Add in the rinsed quinoa, and saute ~3 more minutes before adding in water. Cover and simmer, stirring occasionally, until cooked and water is absorbed.


  • 3/4 c. chickpeas
  • 1/4 c. diced balsamic-roasted eggplant
  • 1/4 c. diced roasted red pepper
  • 1 T. balsamic vinegar
  • 1 t. olive oil
  • 1/8 c. rolled oats
  • 1 T. flax mixed with 3 T. water, and let to thicken for a couple minutes
  • 2 T. crumbled feta
  • 2 T. pine nuts, toasted
  • seasonings: salt, pepper, dried parsley, dried basil, cumin, dash crushed red pepper flakes

Mash the chickpeas with the oil – leave some whole. Add in the veggies and balsamic vinegar and combine.

Add in the oats, flax egg, feta, seasonings, pine nuts, and then the cooked quinoa mixture.

Spread into a dish, and bake ~30 minutes at 425*, broiling for the last 5.


Dessert most certainly ensued, and then I played nurse for Mr. Jiggy. He must have bumped his eye or rubbed it on something – it’s all puffy! Hopefully it will get better soon.

Oh Yeah – and don’t forget to send me your bulgar recipes!! You guys are snoozin’ on this one. It’s like you’ve all got more important things to do than play with bulgar or something! πŸ˜‰


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