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Foodzie December!

I loved reading everyone’s joke. Each one brought a smile to my otherwise gloomy day.

I’m out of bananas, if that explains anything. Can’t have that happening.


1/2 c. quick oats + 1 c. unsweetened almond milk + 2 t. chia seeds + vanilla extract – topped with blueberries + roasted almonds + almond butter.

Can have hot oats happening, though.

It was 0 degrees when I woke up this morning. Don’t want that happening.


1/4 c. quick oats + 1/4 c. rolled oats + 1 c. unsweetened almond milk + 2 t. chia seeds + vanilla extract + frozen blueberries – topped with granola + coconut milk yogurt + almond butter

And so, naturally, blueberries have been making an appearance in breakfasts. Reminder of summer…and from right down the road, too – not imported across the country.

The total downside of winter is that pretty much any form of produce has traveled around the world to get to me.


For this morning’s oats, I broke in to my Foodzie goodies. I enjoy Foodzie because it acquaints me with foods that I wouldn’t otherwise a. know about, b. purchase, or c. even think to purchase. Those are all good and bad things.


I really enjoyed this granola, though. I don’t buy granola often since I can make it, and bags last so long around here. I like granolas that aren’t really clumpy, and this fit the bill!




And then, of course – there’s stuff I wouldn’t necessarily buy, but am more than willing to try. Like these oatcakes and chocolates and caramels! And I am so excited to try different salts. They’ve always intrigued me, but I have never used anything other than sea salt!


Not a fan of these caramels, though. The passion fruit flavor really turned me off – way too fruity for the chocolate and caramel. I’d have loved to try the carrot cake, though. Ah, well. I’ll give the rest (along with the beef jerky) to my mom.  She’ll be happy.

Or not. She’s not a chocolate person either and I don’t know how she feels about jerky. Whatever. I’ll find someone who will appreciate them.


And in case you were wondering, that eggplant did cook – and I’m glad. It provided lunch and dinner yesterday and lunch again today.

I cannot wait for this weekend to go much-needed grocery shopping and to bake. Or at least cook something. I have been seriously scrounging for reasonable lunches and dinners this week.

Oh, and p.s. Teddie started his own blog!


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Squash Banana

I’ve discovered my purpose in life.

To make (and eat) gingerbread overnight oats. Hey – I’ve made gingerbread waffles, gingerbread hot oats, gingerbread birdseed bars…you must have seen it coming! I’m a little bit of a gingerbread fiend – I love it even more than pumpkin, although I think gingerbread is more Christmas-y than Thanksgiving-y, and jumping ahead to December is admittedly quite frightening.

Gingerbread Overnight Oats

  • 1/3 c. quick oats
  • 1/2 of a ripe banana
  • 1/2 t. cinnamon
  • generous pinch of ginger and nutmeg
  • 1 t. chia seeds
  • 1/2 T. blackstrap molasses
  • 1/2  c. + 2 T. almond milk

Combine all the ingredients but the almond milk in a bowl, mashing the banana into the oats and other ingredients. When it’s pretty much combined, stir in the almond milk. Cover and refrigerate!

I tasted it before stirring in some vanilla chobani, and it was just right. After the vanilla chobani, though, the gingerbread flavor got a little more muted. Next time I’ll definitely nix the greek yogs!

I was really lazy photographing foods this morning. I just figured…you guys know what some fruit and birdseed bars look like by now!

I did, however – enjoy another fantastic sandwich, though. I’ve been on a roll this week! It was sweet basil pesto tapenade, red onion, sliced apple, and tempeh. The tempeh I grill on the panini maker at work, and then panini the whole sandwich once the tempeh is done. I love that pesto tapenade!

I couldn’t resist playing with the cookies before bringing them in, though. These were a major hit! I think maybe I’ll make it a mission to bake more cookies out of Veganomicon. These were fun to make and I enjoy making things that are genuinely enjoyed, too.

Which makes me think…how great would it feel to run an entire restaurant? cafe? deli? I think I’d fall asleep smiling every night. Food really brings people together…I mean, look in any deli’s dining room, and you’re bound to see smiling faces and stories being told. And not just friends getting lunch at a random place – but the relationship between the deli and the diner. You know, “becoming a regular.” My boss went to get lunch at the place I used to buy bread religiously at (remember?!) and the man came up with a new creation. He gave some to my boss to try, and gave him a piece to bring me, too.

Isn’t that sweet?! I used to go in there every other week…and the bread is really good! I’ve just been having so much fun trying to make my own. I am bound and determined to make a loaf that doesn’t fall! That said, this wasn’t the first time I was sort of tempted to just go buy a loaf just for the sake of buying a loaf.

Do you develop “bonds” with anywhere? A place you frequent, and most recognize you right off?

Anyways. The bread was really good…he’s so creative! The new loaf is made with apple cider instead of water, and has dried and fresh apples in it. The only thing I didn’t like was that it had a strangely chewy texture…but I’m not sure if that’s because it’d gotten a little warm inside the plastic wrap he put it in? Regardless – I toasted it and spread it with some peanut butter and cinnamon. Lovely snack 🙂

Did anyone else adore The Lion King as a kid? I think that’s probably my favorite movie ever. Even still. How adorable is it?! The first Lion King, mind you. Anyways, this isn’t as irrelevant as it seems…because both last night and tonight, when I see this sunshine squash filled with beans and rice, I think of Rafiki’s little gourd thing with paint.


What was your favorite childhood movie? Maybe I just liked Rafiki because he says (rough translation) “thank you very much squash banana, you’re a baboon and I’m not.” I mean…how cool is he?!

And…other than that, today’s been full of “I have burdocks in my clothes!” Namely, the butt of my pants, but that wasn’t anything I wanted to share with the guys at work. My little monster decides it’s fun to find the practically nonexistant burdock bushes and stick his whole head in them. As in, A and I have no idea where this lone burdock bush is, and neither do any of the other horses, but Teddie sure does. Ugh! This is the worst time of year for them, too – because they’re so dry and you just get a bunch of random tiny little burs down your sleeves and other places that they shouldn’t be, nor does it make sense how they get there – but they are.

I hope everyone enjoys their weekend and has as great of weather as we are predicted to have!!


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Know What?

I got a serious kick out of reading everyone’s random facts an quirks! Here’s another one for you: celery makes men more attractive to women! I just teach you something new everyday, don’t I?

Teach myself something new, too…like if I just suck it up and admit the fact that fall is upon us and burrow under blankets instead of on top of them, I’d be able to fall asleep a lot faster. I was curled in a ball under a dinky blanket last night until I decided to stop being belligerent and just use the three other blankets I was laying on top of for something a little more productive than to sleep on top of.

I can be so stubborn sometimes.

Know what else? Overnight oats are seriously happenin’ when you mash a banana into the base. Aw yeah.

  • 1/4 c quick oats + 1/8 c. rolled oats
  • 1/2 a banana, mashed with the oats
  • 1/2 c. almond milk
  • 1/2 t. chia seeds
  • cinnaminnamon

I always mix in some vanilla chobani in the mornings, and did today, too – but it’d be a good sub for yogurt if you’re out if you use a whole banana 😉 Animal friendly, too! (sidenote; seriously, if you haven’t read that series Rebekah posted – read it. STAT. It’s really got my wheels turning lately!)

Know what coffee’s good for? No, no – not waking you up. Keeping you warm! I had two cups this morning rather than my usual one. I always want something hot to sip and hol on to in the colder months…go figure, after I’ve gotten myself down to 2 cups or so a day! Luckily, I’ve got some decaf coming in my next K-cup order.

Know who’s got the best cracker recipe ever? Averie. I love these things…and I was loving those Kashis! hah – now these are a real cracker 😉

My subs:

  • 1/4 c. cashews
  • 1/4 c. sunflower seeds
  • 1/4 c. chia seeds
  • sesame seeds
  • 1/4 c. milled flaxseed
  • salt
  • BBQ rub

Know how else I know fall is here? I straightened my hair. It’s a winter thing. You know – warmth.

Although – I’ll stop being a giant wimp – it really wasn’t that col today. It was sort of one of those nicer mornings that you don’t get out of bed and freeze getting dressed, and are not shocked by chill stepping outside because it’s about the same temp as the house.

Know how simple it is to make one of the best wraps of your life? Very. Simply grab a sundried tomato pesto wrap, oodles of garlic hummus, mozzarella, and fresh tomato slices. Nuke or panini until gooey and devour.

Know how many calendar’s I made for 2011 today? Enough to remind me that Christmas is right around the corner.

Know how good this was? Perfectly. Vanilla chobani, peach, wheat germ, and medjool dates.

Know how great it feels to love your job? I do.

Know how great it feels to be comfortable in your own shoes? I’m learning.

Know how excited I was to spot a Bora Bora bar at Price Chopper this past weekend? Oh…I bet you can imagine 😉 I’d never seen these in the store before, and I’m wondering if they just got them in or if it’s just because they’re randomly displayed a couple columns down from where all the other bars are. Unfortunately, they only offer two flavors…but I’ll take what I can get, I guess.

Know how good this was? Very. The Tribal Cinnamon Oatmeal was a lovely change from my usual date-based bars. And I’m always a fan of cinnamon-raisin oatmeal! It was perfectly sweet (as in, mildly so, not overpoweringly so) and chewy, an bursting with cinnamony goodness. I love that it still had whole nuts throughout.

Look at all these crazy (good!) flavors! Maybe I’ll write a persuasive letter to goo ol’ P. Chop.

Know what the most perfect dinner ever is? You guessed it – a sweet potato and beans!

I took Veganomicon’s already super-quick cheater baked beans and made them even quicker.

I sauteed half an onion, a clove of garlic, and half a carrot in some olive oil, and when it was softened added some tomato paste, water, and dijon mustard. Followed by some cooked corn cut from the cob, black beans and a drizzle of molasses. Quick n’ dirty – doesn’t get any better than that, folks! (we won’t talk about how it doesn’t hold a candle to Nora’s, mm’kay? :P)

What did you discover today?


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I get it. I’m predictable. Well … for the most part, at least. And especially lately.

For instance, if you predicted that breakfast would look a lot like this…

Overnight oats

sunbutter? check.

banana? check.

ginger preserves? check.

nuts? check.

a peach might be slightly unpredictable – but only if i’m grasping at straws. granola is also predictable of me – while i was never a fan of granola on hot oats, i just love the crunch it gives to overnighters.

and obviously iced coffee was present. green mountain? check.

if you predicted that i went to the barn to see this cute little face…

you would be correct.

if you predicted that i would just dote on him…you would be correct.

if you predicted that my lunch today would look a lot like this…

when’s the last time i didn’t pack a sandwich for lunch at work? and it’s practically a given that anytime broccoli appears at dinner, i’ve made extra just for use in a sandwich with a boatload of garlic hummus, feta, tomato sauce, and roasted broccoli.

if you predicted that to accompany my sandwich i would have a piece of fruit and my freshly made crackers from yesterday…

…you would be correct. And if you also predicted that it would be enjoyed outside, enjoying the slight heat and sunshine compared to the icebox that was my work, you would be correct once again.

you guys can read me like a book!

if you predicted that my snacks would look a little something like this…

…you would be incorrect! hah!

okay, so you’d actually be correct in that i intended to eat all this for snack – but in actuality, my appetite was a little slow today. i munched on the fruit strip mid-morning, and had just a portion of my homemade “chunk” of energy in the afternoon.

i am fairly certain, however – that this is a cursed larabar. i don’t think i can count on two hands how often i’ve taken a picture of it, intending to eat it – only for it to be either pushed aside for another bar, or not needed.

if you predicted that an iced coffee would be had at work, however – you would be correct.

Dinner, however? maybe not quite as predictable.

still a very “jess” meal – but i can’t remember the last time i had polenta! this pretty lady has been asking for polenta ideas, which i think is what got me craving it tonight. i haven’t had it often because the last time i bought a new bag of cornmeal, i purchased medium grind cornmeal accidentally, rather than the fine grind that becomes lovingly known as polenta. i just combined the medium grind into the fine grind bag – so tonight i just dumped it all out into a new canister, which put the fine grind on top. hence…polenta! i will probably try seeing if i can process the coarser ground stuff and get a finer texture – but didn’t feel like whipping it out tonight.

so – i combined old with new for dinner! some of the beanballs and eggplant i made sunday, on top of a “polenta patty” mixed with fresh garden tomato. and of course, feta cheese.

so predictable.

but on my [long] drive home, i got to thinking – do i mind being predictable, going about my daily life in nearly the same fashion day in and day out? do i regret how i used to be, now that i’ve “mellowed out”? i mean – i wasn’t always predictable. i used to have a pretty big social life, actually – whereas now i only “go out” every so often, and it’s never until 3am doing god-only-knows-what. i think my freshman year i was home and in bed before midnight maybe once or twice. actually  – i take that back…during vacation i was probably home a lot, but that’s only a week at a time 😉 but do i regret that? no. because who knows who i would be right now if i never made the choices i did. would i respect myself as much as i do now? would i be as close with my mom as i’ve become? would the little things like the morning sunlight shining across teddie’s face, catching the glint in his eye just right, mean so much to me? would i love life as much as i do now? i mean, i’m not saying i was out doing terrible things all night long, but i certainly could have found a more conductive way to spend my freshman year.

like doing schoolwork and going to class, but i digress.

i guess my point is, i don’t mind living a quiet, peaceful life, but nor do i regret that i wasn’t always this way. i’m glad i’ve made the decisions i have, and learned from them whether it’s because it was a bad choice or a good one. i don’t want my life handed to me on a silver platter. i want to earn everything myself. i want to make my own decisions. i know i can – we can do anything we set our minds to.

aaaaand, just because i love this song so dang much, listen to this while you stew about the life you live:

what about you – are you predictable? do you mind?

are you glad you’ve made the decisions you’ve made, good or bad?

(and nooo, this isn’t just an excuse for being a homebody 😉 )


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Full Moon

First off – I was practically beaming with excitement reading your comments about Teddie’s new muscular self. It’s so exciting that even non horse people can see the huge difference – so I definitely had a proud mom moment with each one 🙂

Secondly – Sarena enlightened me as to the soy sauce situation! Makes so much sense now – flavor and sodium. I got the flavor part (but still hate it) although I never thought it would have to do with sodium, but I did also find it odd that most of the recipes didn’t call for salt. Well, now both my questions have been answered! Thanks, lady 🙂

Berry Banana-y Overnight Oats

But – moving on to the day. My boss has always maintained, ever since I can remember, that Full Moons bring out the most…interesting…of customers. We can always tell when one is coming or when one is happening based on the sanity of our customers. I’ll fully admit that I’m probably a little more out there than some people. I blame it on being artsy. It’s not a bad thing. It just is. So, we get a lot of people like that – no big deal, they’re all fun and easy to deal with.

Then there’s days like today.

Base: almost 1/2 c. quick oats, 1 T. Ruth's Chia Goodness, 1/2 c. milk, yogurt, trail power, frozen berries, cinnamon

I noticed my boss’s sly grin and skeptical eye expression right off the bat this morning, shortly after him hanging up the phone.

“What’s that look for?” I ask.

Full moon,” is his simple response.

And that’s all he needs to say for me to realize what’s in store for us.

Topped with more blueberries, sliced banana, sunflower butter, goji granola, ginger preserves, maple syrup, and honey roasted peanuts.

Some completely sane and some strange customers later, we notice a tractor trailer idling outside the building, and had been for quite a while. After a good fifteen minutes of this, my boss goes to investigate.

We’d become their stopping place so that they could fax back and forth documents.

Let me say one thing: I hate judging people, and rarely do I do so. Which is probably contradictory to what I’ve said earlier about crazy people, but that’s based more on what I think of people after getting a while dealing with them and finding out what they’re all about. What I’m talking about in this situation is judging people based on appearance.

The man we dealt with had me shaking in my boots, made the hair on the back of my neck stand, and I just wanted to go running from my position at the cash register to the back of the workspace.

Fruit leather! This was my first time trying these. I quite enjoyed it - just enough to satisfy a sweet craving when you don't want a big snack.

After our first interaction, I buried myself with work in the back.

What I don’t get is why tractor-trailer drivers choose to let their engine run for a good two hours (at the minimum – I’m not joking) rather than shutting it off.

I could go for some more enlightenment. I don’t want to get too detailed because I don’t want to come across as rude and offensive – but that certainly had me rattled for the majority of the afternoon. I will say, though, that I think I’m a pretty good judge of character. People don’t typically creep me out, and I think today was the first time I ever felt like something was just off about the entire situation.

Baked eggplant, hummus, feta, romaine

Luckily, though, that was all after a lunch that I was able to thoroughly enjoy. I even ate outside today, soaking up the beautiful rays of sunshine and enjoying the gentle, cool breeze. Well, until a line of traffic got backed all the way up so that cars were at a standstill, thus allowing for a man in a truck to enjoy watching me consume said sandwich. I’m guessing he was jealous.

Nectarine and Greek Yogurt with honey and wheat germ, crackers, chunks of energy.

Consumed with lunch was a delightful bowl of nectarines, plain greek yogurt, honey, and wheat germ. This was delightful. And hey, guess what! I bought gas for just $1.89/gallon this morning because my mom and I spend too much money on groceries 😀 Yeah – I’m a geek. That made my day.

After trailing behind a hay wagon for the better part of my drive home (really, people – pull over when you’re going that slow. There was plenty of room), I couldn’t wait to dive in to dinner.

Unfortunately, I think my appetite may have missed the memo and I felt like I’d hardly made a dent in my sweet potato-beanball sub. That’s not to say it wasn’t drool-worthy, however. I thoroughly enjoyed each and every bite before heading out to play with the ponies.

Teddie from yesterday.

Luckily, full moons didn’t affect my food or horses/ponies today 🙂

Anybody else have any full moon experiences? At least, I’m pretty sure it’s a full moon – I didn’t see it on the calendar I was looking at, but based on the people who walked through the door, I’d believe it.


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