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Calzones and Cupcakes

And so continues the chronicles of the house-arrested Suzie Homemaker,

Doesn’t every Suzie Homemaker start their day with blueberry-orange pancakes and working out with shampoo bottles?

I really ought to get my butt to the store and buy some weights. Big Tresemme bottles don’t work as well as the big butternut squash I was using back when I was obsessed with them. In fact, when I was grocery shopping yesterday, I almost picked two up for the sole purpose of posing as light-weights.

Based on last night’s post, you probably had a hunch cupcakes would be seen today.

You were right. Good ESP!

While everyone’s go-to sources were all wonderful – I ended up with a request for “cinnamon cupcakes.” I immediately thought that this would be my chance to make the Chocolate “Sin”namon cupcakes in ED&BV, thus redeeming myself from making the mistake of leaving out the sugar, but then heard that there was a strict “no chocolate” rule from the individual putting in the cupcake request.

Well, yes sir. A quick tastespotting search yielded snickerdoodle cupcakes and I couldn’t have become more giddy.

Because who doesn’t like to say “snickerdoodle” ten times fast? I mean…I snicker just saying it, really.

I wound up finding tons of recipes that were all basically credited back to Martha Stewart.

Which was all fine and good, considering I didn’t care if they were necessarily “healthy” or not. I mean, they’re cupcakes. Who wants to eat an entirely healthy cupcake, anyways?

…but I just couldn’t bring myself to make cupcakes with 2 sticks of butter and 2 cups of sugar. My hand just couldn’t dig in the sugar bowl that many times, I don’t think. Everytime I tried it started spasming a little and the cup would fall from my hand.

Okay, so that’s a lie. Really, I’m just so used to vegan baking that I know cups and cups of sugar are relatively unnecessary and baked goods are still fantastic whether it’s butter or oil. Using that much just seems a little bit facetious to me.

And so, I followed this Snickerdoodle Cupcake recipe, which is just causing me to snicker even more as they were deemed “out of this world.” I even cut it back to 1/2 c. sugar, intending to frost them with a very sweet frosting, but ended up running out of steam and thinking they were “pretty” enough as-is.

I did end up omitting both of the extracts called for and replacing it with 2 t. of coffee extract, though.

I suppose you’re probably thinking to yourself “I wonder why she didn’t just use real coffee,” and I suppose you have a point. In fact, I asked myself that.

I still have no answer.

I also want to point out that I did not pay $9 as the label looks like it says. I’m crazy, I’m not that crazy.

But smelling this coffee extract reminded me of how I wanted to make my own almond butter, and it was decided I would make coffee almond butter.

Potentially something that could go oh-so-wrong, but it worked. It smells like almondy-coffee heaven, but luckily, the flavor is not too overpowering. I guess I’d even consider it more of an essence than truly tasting coffee-y.

This was my first time making almond butter. For some reason, I was under the impression that almonds were way harder than peanuts, making it impossible for me to make my own almond butter.

Almond butter that was also drippy. Because that’s how almond butter should be.

It was drippy!!! Okay, maybe more like…kind of runny. But definitely almond-butter-esque. I was a proud mama. And hellooo, so much cheaper than buying it. Maybe I’ll go into the almond butter business, after making this for, oh $4 tops when I can’t buy it for less than $10.

I ended up with walnuts in the mix, too.

Just ’cause.

  • 1 1/2 c. roasted & salted almonds
  • 1/2 c. walnuts
  • 2 t. coffee extract
  • pinch cinnamon
  • pinch sea salt
  • pinch maple sugar

It was so good I made an almond butter and banana calzone!

Topped with parsley! The usual, you know.

I didn’t fool you? Darn. Well, if I did make an almond butter and banana calzone I’d probably be too cool for school, so I guess it’s a good thing I didn’t.

I’ve been sort of dying to make pizza lately. Probably because I’m sort of going through a bread withdrawal.

The problem: I had no hummus. I like my pizzas with humnut cheese, thank you.

The other problem? Sixteenth-ing pizza dough recipes is too complicated for my mathaphobic mind.

I sucked it up and did it, though. I used the same spelt crust I’ve used in the past for calzones. I just love the nutty flavor the spelt gives, especially with my humnut cheese!

I saw this new hummus at the store yesterday and decided to give it a try. I’m pretty devoted to Cedar’s as you may know, but I liked trying new things, too! TheΒ Spinach and garlic flavor, as well as twice the protein, spoke to me too. Truth be told, had I known it was made with more soybeans than chickpeas I probably wouldn’t have bought it, but oh well. It’s really good! I’m all for a creamy texture, and this Nasoya hummus has that – just as good as Cedar’s, dare I say it.

And this is what was really in my ‘zone. Buffalo tempeh!!

…as well as tomato sauce, the humnut cheese, red pepper, parsley, cilanto and red onion. Strangely, the red pepper was what made this out of this world.

I ended up overbaking it because while I adjusted all of the measurements – I didn’t think to adjust the time!

As mentioned, I had to get mathematical with the recipe. While this is not an original recipe, I’m going to go ahead and post the measurements for you in case you want to make a calzone/pizza that’s not big enough to feed you for days on end! I made one large calzone, half for dinner and half for…some meal in the near future. With a side of sugar-snap peas it was just enough!

Whole Grain Spelt Pizza/Calzone Dough

from Bob’s Red Mill

  • 1/2 + 1/8 t. active dry yeast
  • 1/2 t. sugar
  • 1/4 c. warm water
  • 1/2 c. + 1 T. spelt flour
  • 3 T. white bean flour
  • pinch sea salt
  • 1/2 t. olive oil

For directions, see here. I didn’t quarter the sugar amount because I wasn’t sure if it would affect the proofing of the yeast. I also didn’t quarter the olive oil because it seemed like a very minor amount to begin with! Next time I’d probably use a full teaspoon, actually.

This is definitely not a traditional pizza crust – but as I mentioned, I’m a little bit infatuated with it anyways!

And tht’s all! I’m finally going to get to see Teddie in the morning, after him being out of work for almost a week now! He’ll probably be a little monster for me…and while I felt really guilty almost all day today, I guess he could probably use a little “vacation time” anyways. Right? Right. (of course…with it being the arctic again this weekend – as in, 25 below at night and only getting to a high of 5 during the day -he’ll be getting another vacation here soon!)

So the question today is – when you bake for others, do you follow your own “food guidelines,” or just make whatever? For instance – if you’re vegan/gluten intolerant/dairy intolerant/health conscious – do you adhere to your guidelines when cooking for other people, or no? I said yesterday that I didn’t – but when I went to bake today, I realized I do! I’ve nothing against dairy or butter and what-not…I think it was just the fact that I know that copious amounts of sugar and butter aren’t necessary to produce a delicious dessert, I decided to make something I’d be more than willing to eat, too.


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I Have a Block of Tempeh. Now What?

First thing’s first: Thank you all SO so so SO much for the birthday wishes. They are all much appreciated. It was a great day! We have had absolutely gorgeous weather here lately, and yesterday was no exception. With weather that beautiful, it would have taken something tragic to make it into a bad day. Luckily, that wasn’t the case πŸ™‚

The exam was, however, worse than I thought it was going to be :\ I’m usually a good essay writer, and am confident in my abilities as long as I am well educated on the subject – and, I felt I was. It turned out, however, that this exam would actually consist of two essays – and each were incredibly involved. As in – everything we’ve covered thus far, condensed into 90 minutes – though, more like 45 minutes for each essay. Basically, I could have gone home and easily written five pages. I had to pump it out in, oh, three-fourish mediocre pages?

Ah well. The stew and strawberry shortcake (!!) that was waiting for me at home made it all okay πŸ™‚ Granted, it was mock strawberry shortcake – we used the cupcakes! – and I decided to make mine with almond milk & nuke it to get it soggy – after the candle blowing-out, of course.

Buttt, moving onto this morning? More banana-craziness. I guess Henry stopped eating so many bananas or something, I know I haven’t cut back…but all of a sudden it seemed like there were four super-duper ripe bananas to be used!

Gross to the average person - perfection to the food blogger.

That’s a plant – the one I used was way more ripe. I just snapped a daylight photo of tomorrow’s banana for an example of my case πŸ™‚

Obviously, the strawberries are long-gone. Sooo, what did I chose to pair my nanner with this morning? Frozen morello cherries. I was so gosh durn excited when I finally found frozen cherries at the co-op the other day. I had been craving cherries like none other! And this morning was the first chance I’ve gotten to utilize them. Well actually, it’s not. But that’s besides the point.

The winning toppings for the morning was flax, chia-acai icing, dates, crystallized ginger, coconut, cacao bliss, and banana and cherries simmered in some almondmilk to perfection.

Loved the cherries. And the cacao bliss complimented it perfectly.

And in case anybody’s been wondering – why yes, it is still freezing cold in the mornings. And yes, I chose to go out in my pajama-clad self. And yes, I am grateful for a warm bowl of oats and coffee to warm me up from the ridiculousness of this.

It’s so crazy how fast the daylight has been changing. I’ve caught on to a noticeable difference morning and night over just the past three days. I love it! I think I even wake up earlier every day. I enjoy just being able to sit and relax after eating, taking my time making breakfast, cleaning up, and getting ready.

Are you someone who wakes up at the last minute and runs around trying to get ready, or do you leave yourself plenty of time to enjoy the morning peacefulness?

A Rumi’s & Jam english muffin and cup-o-French Vanilla green mountain later, I was groovin’ my way to work. My eats for the course of the day were pretty repetitive, but lunch didn’t disappoint.

I’m finally almost done with that never-ending bag of sesame rice crackers and wasa. Don’t get me wrong – I still quite like them. But I’ve had my eye on the everything pretzel crisps in my cupboard.

When I got home last night, I cooked up a gigantic head of broccoli for some burnt broccoli, with the intentions of having plenty leftover. Even though my mom ended up sneakily munching on quite a few crowns, I was successful in this mission. So I had a side for the rest of my ‘zone! I swear this calzone got better with age. I feel like the Spelt flavor of the crust was delightfully more noticeable. Loved it!

This was savored alonngside my boss, who savored a can of BM Beans. Which begs only one question, in my mind. What kind of mind do you have to have, to name your baked bean company B&M? The least you could do is settle on M&B.

And a Power Bar Pria French Vanilla Crisp bar. Not a huge fan of these bars, simply because I prefer the more organic granola bars – but they’re not bad. They’re like dessert, though! haha. Surprised they only have 9g of sugar. It’s good for when I’m actually craving something sweet, but want something with oomph. I do like that they are smaller than your average protein bar, but still have 5g of protein. I tend to stay away from your typical protein bar simply because they’re way too big for just a daytime bar when I’m not working out. So the smaller size of this is what caught my eye. That, and it was 49 cents. It could have tasted like cardboard and I couldn’t have rightfully complained. Luckily, it didn’t πŸ™‚ After washing windows all afternoon – it was just what I was craving afterwards!

Washing windows, you ask? Okay – most people would be legit upset if they were asked by their employer if they wanted to wash windows. But you best believe I jumped at the chance! It was gorg out. I also took advantage of part of my break to take the long-route walk to the post office. Soaked up the sun!

I started out washing windows because we were pretty slow work-wise…but the afternoon absolutely exploded! There were customers left and right. I joked that it was because they could finally see in the windows πŸ˜› So naturally, the afternoon flew by, and I was concocting dinner. This means that while driving home, there were many periods in which I zoned out and snapped back to after realizing I’d been listening to static for quite some time. Don’t worry – when I do this, I’m still really focused on driving. Promise.

AKA? My first tempeh experience. I have seen tempeh all over the blogosphere lately! I knew I had to give it a try, and picked some up at Hannafords. What better night to put it to use than tonight?! Granted – I had (and still don’t have) no idea what to do with it. Use it like I would tofu? Any way my heart desired, for it to pick up that flavor? I did a quick google of tempeh recipes simply to see what the common theme was, and finally just decided to saute it in a cranberry-orange & basil glaze that I’d been dreaming up for a little while now. I’m not sure if that’s weird or not. But I do know it tasted pretty dang good. Tempeh aficianados: Feel free to tell me if this is crazy.

The texture of the tempeh was strange to me at first – but by the time I was halfway through the meal, I had Β no problem with it, and really started loving this. Definite make again! Next time, I’d use a bit more honey to reduce the tartness of the strawberries just a bit. Driver error. My bad.

Basically – I sauteed the tempeh in cranberries, orange-creme honey, juice of half an orange, some balsamic vin, and fresh basil. I also threw in some dried sage, smoked sea salt, cracked black pepper, and a dash of chili powder. I really liked the basil.

So – this leads me to my next question – what’s your favorite way to prepare tempeh? Since I have an inability to follow recipes I can’t guarantee I’ll try it – but I can guarantee it will trigger another idea in my crazy brain πŸ™‚

I simply adore these honey cremes. They are so good – for everything! I love the Blackberry in my sugar cookie tea, and I bet this orange will be amazing in my moroccan orange spice tea. Tonight was my first time opening it, though – so I haven’t quite gotten to try it yet!

I’m almost out of Puffins, so I’m gradually growing re-accustomed to Kashi H2H. I figure it’s a good idea due to the fact that I have four boxes of Kashi in the cupboard after I found that stash at Big Lots. Ironically enough, my Kashi obsession ended before I even opened a single box. However – this bowl was to die. It involved a cupcake. it involved dried currants. And Nature Valley Nut Cluster crumbs. and Blueberry Cherry jam. Oh – and almondmilk & a microwave. The end.

Now, however, I’m back to my ANTM 90 minute premier. Not sure I’m digging this season yet. We’ll see.

Peace, lovelies. And don’t forget: tempeh! Or – what’s something you’ve seen a ton of lately that are soon to try? And when you do experiment with new food – do you follow a recipe, or wing it?


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Is it really Sunday night already? I am so not ready for this wonderful weekend to be over! At least it ended well, however.

Started out with a plain-jane bowl of banana oats.

gettin' steamy wit' it.

Yep. Just some oat bran, rolled barley flakes, wheat bran, brewed coffee, almondmilk, goji berries, cinnamon, and half a sliced banana.

HAH! Tricked ya'.

You didn’t really think I’d leave it at that, did you?! It may have been a simple bowl of banana oats, but even banana oats like to get dressed up. Since I haven’t been using bananas so much in my oats in the morning, add to that the fact that both my mom bought a bunch and I bought a bunch at the same time, I have a few that are getting really really ripe. Perfect!

Having never made a sauteed banana topping like I’ve been doing lately, I decided to sautee the rest of the banana in some maple syrup with some sliced almonds and raisins. It worked a charm! Brought a whole new life to nanner oats πŸ™‚

In addition to the banana topping, this bowl had flax, chia-acai icing, dates, strawberry-pom jam, and Justin’s Maple AB. This Justin’s Maple Almond Butter has actually really grown on me. I know I didn’t hate it to begin with, but I swear the maple shines through more and more each time – and I’m really starting to quite like it! Definite recommendation πŸ™‚

After breakfast my mom and I went on a super-organizing mission of our cabinets. We don’t really share much food – so it’s gotten a little out of control lately. There’s room, we’ve just been to lazy to organize stuff! So we cleared out cabinets that were just holding stuff we haven’t used in eons, and now there’s plenty of room for everything. We still have an overflow of fruit, but I don’t consider that a problem πŸ˜‰ We’re good about not wasting food – especially fruit – it’s just comical that it takes up half of the butcher block.

We ran to get a couple groceries I still needed for the night’s dinner, and when I got back I got to the bakin’!

But not after some snackage.

The life of a puffins addict. Organizing and grocery shopping works up an appetite.

For a while I wasn’t sure about dessert – I’m not a huge cake fan, but know it’s kind of traditional. I mean; a birthday dinner without cake? C’mon now. I do love carrot cake, as well as ginger-type or spice cakes, but I’m pretty sure that’s what work is doing for me, so I didn’t necessarily want to make one for home, too. I tinkered with the idea of a honey-spice cake – never had one, but certainly sounded right up my alley! But then I stumbled upon The Witchy Kitchen’s recipe for a mango-coconut cake. Um, hello, do you know who you’re talking to here? It couldn’t get more perfect! I also looked up a few more recipes for a honey cake afterwards, still trying to decide, but while doing that, I happened upon the mango-coconut cake quite a few more times! I figured this had to be a message πŸ™‚ I ended up tweaking teh recipe to fit both my desires! Because, well, I’m that kinda gal. I also decided to make them cupcakes because I really wanted to make them into parfaits! I had too much fun, obvs.

Of course I had to make one up for taste-testing, though! I had to make sure my alterations worked πŸ™‚ Luckily, my sister walked in the door shortly beforehand, and came bearing gifts: some beautifully ripe strawberries! They fit right in, and most importantly, I had a test subject. Of course, I made her wait as I photographed it even though she hadn’t even said hi to my mom yet – but she said it was worth it. Phew! I of course tested it before allowing her to, and I asked her to take it my mom mom for a try, too. I’m pretty sure it got delivered safely, but you never know.

This was far superior to any dessert I have had recently. Well, baked dessert – I mean, I do love my puffins desserts, of course. All thanks to The Witchy Kitchen! I’ll definitely be doing up a post for my version, though. I made some fun subs, and the greek yogurt-chia pudding in between was delish. This received rave reviews! Of course, we didn’t eat them until after dinner, and at this point, I hadn’t even had lunch yet!

speed photography.

Simple egg salad! This photo was snagged super quick – which explains the lack of…well, additional food. We’re having work done on our property, and my mom invited the man in for lunch. I would have felt strange photographing my food in front of him, so while he was washing up in the other room I fired off two shots of this as soon as it was off the grill, haha. We had chips and stuff on the table, and my sister brought some Stacy’s pita chips and Sabra hummus with her, so I had my fair share of those, as well as a kiwi and half an orange. Only because the orange was sub-par.

So glad to see my sister – and it’s funny how she’s picked up some really great eating habits recently! She’s becoming more and more like me – I find this too funny because she used to be the complete opposite.

Need I explain? Thought so. Eh, well. The strawberries an dpoppyseeds were a great addition to this bowl, however πŸ™‚

The afternoon consisted of baking pizza crust, and editing photos.

I was deifnitely sweatin’ a bit with this crust! I chose to use this Bob’s recipe for a spelt pizza crust, and decided to halve it and make individual calzones. I realize pizza is relatively simplistic when I could chose to have anything I wanted – but truth be told, I really just wanted some homemade pizza, and wanted to try making it myself! I think it’s because it’s been the week for pizzas, or something – I’ve seen them on so many of your blogs! Definitely solidified my decision.

My mom and I put them together, which ended up being quite fun. In my head, I worked it out so that each calzone would be the equivalent of two pizza slices, which would end up more than enough for each of us. Hey – leftovers! But next time I think I’d just make the whole recipe and have, say, five ‘zones. Not sure if it was the nature of the flours or driver error, but it didn’t rise a ton so the dough rolled out to be pretty thin. It didn’t turn out bad by any means – but I love Spelt so I would have loved a thicker crust!

I made mine with plum tomato slices, fresh basil, fresh garlic, almond mozzarella, and a bit of the ricotta-mozzarella mixture that I made up for everyone else’s. I didn’t even think of ricotta being in calzones until my sister said something about it. She used to work in a pizza kitchen…and I’m glad she reminded me of this fact because it definitely made it a real calzone, hah. She also reminded me that the outsides should be brushed with garlic butter. She’s a thinker, that one.

My way of giving her proper thanks was to make her the best ‘zone of the night. Buffalo-turkey! I offered her the last of the buffalo turkey meatballs I’d made and frozen a while back, and whipped up a ranch-hot sauce dressing to put in it and for dipping. I also loaded it up on the ricotta-mozz mixture, as well as some plum tomatoes. I stole a bite and it was divine! Not complaining about mine by any means – but I shoulda snagged a photo of hers, too. A little overboard on el chez = oozy cheesiness, heh.

And the funniest thing? The kale was a hot number! I made it because I knew I wouldn’t feel like making up a big salad, and know how much my mom loves them. She was all over the idea. I also thought it’d be fun to introduce it to my sister. She was so weary about trying one. Like, serious gross-out face…she only knew kale to be a garnish. Well, let me tell you – her opinions changed faster than you can say kale! She doesn’t like to admit when she’s wrong, so when I asked her if she wanted seconds, she was kinda trying to hide a grin, sheepishly saying “yes,” but without saying the “YES!!!” she wanted to, haha. Mission accomplished! Kale chips will take over the world. eh?

So, all in all a successful meal πŸ™‚ I ended up saving half of mine – I knew I wouldn’t be able to finish the whole thing, even though I could have had a little more than what I did. I didn’t want to eat most of it, but not have enough worth saving. Anyone else do that? That and – I had a dessert to save room for πŸ™‚

We chatted over coffee for a bit before dessert, and everyone loved it. So happy πŸ™‚ Probably the first baked good I’ve made that my mom actually loves. Granted – usually I make whole wheat, bran muffins, bars, stuff like that – with the intention of eating them not necessarily for a sweet tooth fix, but for a good snack. These are both.

And the moment you’ve all been waiting for…Who’s the big winner?!?!

Aaaand, when I counted down 42 comments, it wassssssss

Emily of Nutritious is Delicious!

Congrats, Emily! Glad you entered – led me to your great blog! E-mail me your top two Woodstock Cookie selections in addition to one or two other ones you wouldn’t mind receiving, and I’ll ship everything out to you ASAP!

BUT! That’s not the end!

I decided this was too fun to only have one lucky winner. Why not two?! So, one more winner is going to receive two woodstock cookies in their choice of flavor. Lucky winner number two?

And who happened to be number 8?

The lovely Pam at A Love for New Recipes! Another great blog found recently – I think maybe even because of this giveaway?! Regardless – send me your two choices as well, and I’ll get those out to you ASAP.

I can’t 100% guarantee you will get your top two flavors, however I should manage it.

This giveaway was so much fun – I found so many cool blogs, and only hope my next one will be even bigger so I can discover even more! Stay tuned for the next one – I’d like to have one more based on the foods you see me blogging about constantly, that sort of thing. Although – the great thing about this one was that I rediscovered some of my own favorites!

But that’s all from me – I hope everyone had an amazing weekend, and has a great night. What was the highlight of it for you?!


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