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…anybody? …anybody?

I hope everyone else’s day has been as splendid as mine. I just can’t get over this beautiful weather! I have been in a nonstop amazing mood since this morning.

I thought I woke up wicked late – it was so light out and I had that groggy “slept-in” feeling – but it was really only 6:30! I caught up on some blogs before strolling out to the kitchen and makin’ up a repeat of the other day. Sorry!

carrot-cake oats

Because I am having an affair with carrot-cake oats, and they will never grow old.

In the mix was oat bran, rolled barley flakes, and wheat bran, brewed coffee & almondmilk, goji berries, 3/4 carrot – grated, cinnamon, nutmeg, ground clove, ginger, vanilla, and a couple slices of ripe nanner.

On the top was chia-acai icing, dates, crystallized ginger, ground flax, Justin’s Maple Almond Butter, drizzle coconut butter, strawberry-pom jam, and the rest of the carrot, sauteed with raisins, maple syrup, and coconut.

I almost threw in the kitchen sink, but couldn’t quite get it loose. Oh well, maybe next time πŸ˜‰ I’ve been thinking it’s rather comical that I load up my breakfasts so much that you can’t even see the oatbran and whatever other grain I’m using! Haha…it’s under there. Somewhere πŸ™‚

I flipped through some magazines while enjoying this beaut, and then cleaned up, spiffed myself up, did a mini photo shoot because I was really bubbly and haven’t held my baby in a while

and thenΒ set sail for tax-free shopping. Woo-hoo! I decided I’d take you guys with me today, too! You’ll probably be sick of my face by the end of this post. I apologize. But I’d been thinking about how it probably seems like I’m not even a real person behind this computer because I never show my face. This is primarily because it’s tricky to take a picture of yourself when you’re using a camera with a fixed, manual focus lens. And you’re too lazy to switch it, like moi. Β But I love seeing all of your beautiful faces, so hopefully you don’t think I’m a robot anymore πŸ™‚

Wild Mtn. Blueberry & Vanilla latte. Copco spokesperson.

You’ll probably be sick of my bony, dry, old lady hands by the end of this, too. Oh well. I tend to wait until it’s too late to fix those sorts of things.

AB&J muffin with Justin's Maple AB

Yeah, I’ve still got these muffins and scones, haha. I freeze them right away, and tend to forget. That and I have a large variety of carbs to choose from daily, and unfortuately, out of sight out of mind tends to have a strong affect on me. Sometimes it’s good – sometime’s it’s depressing. Like when there’s a freezerful of these and these.

I stopped at the discount foods store first, and there may or may not be any more boxes of Sugar Cookie tea left in the state of Vermont. I may or may not know who should be held accountable for this. Jus’ sayinnn.’

When I’d reached my finalΒ desired location, it was time for a refuel before a shopping spree.

I'm supposed to look sad because of the ugly nanner... I'm not sure I was successful.

The rest of my nanner from breakfast, and the plaza in the background. Okay, you only see Dicks. Pretend that’s BB&B and Hannaford.

I was strangely conservative in BB&B, but I am not complaining. I think it’s just because I wanted everything – so I just stuck to what I went there with the intentions of getting – which you’ll see soon enough! They do have so many cool gadgets, and I really wanted to get a bunch of kitchen organizational stuff, but refrained. It’s a lot more expensive there, I could probs go to wally world or something.

Afterwards, I hit up Hannafords for a couple goodies and ran into some old friends. This was weird because I never run into people and I thought they were out west somewhere. So it was a pleasant surprise!

As a side note, I love shopping when you’re in a really good mood – I like being the pleasant customer. Is that weird? I know when I wait on people at work, I love when a happy cheery person comes in. I’m not annoyingly happy, I’m just polite. I think. I hope. You all must think I’ve been sneaking some sort of happy pills lately. aha. Yeah – it’s called sun and spring air!

Afterwards, I hit up the co-op! Again, I was surprisingly well-behaved. I think I have this “go big or go home” slogan. I knew what I went in for, so I tried to stay just to those aisles, haha. I just wanted to get some more almondmilk, and see what they had already packaged for dried fruits and nuts. I was successful πŸ™‚

But all that shopping made me work up an appetite!

Sick of me yet? That's okay - this is the last one πŸ™‚

And all I wanted was a big, crispy, juicy, apple! I still had to stop and clean the office on my way home, though, and wasn’t sure it’d tide me but wanted it anyways. For some reason, apples make me really full at first, and then really hungry. I guess it makes sense in a weird way – the fiber making you feel full initially, but then your body realizes it wasn’t that much food? maybe? Anyways, after my cleaning expedition decided it was time for another snack. I planned to stop some places to take some funky photos on the way home, too. Can’t do that hungry, you know πŸ™‚

Other than the mis-spelling of "sesame," can you really argue with those ingredients?

Okay, maybe you’ll argue with the butter – but hey, at least it’s a real food. No complaints over hurr!

Yum. They’re really dense, so I had a little less than half, since I was going to be home in an hour or so for lunch anyways. But I had forgotten how good these are! I can’t wait for one of you luckies to win some – I hope you find them as good as I do! I may be doing another giveaway with them soon, too.

I stopped some fun places on the way home to snap some photos, but haven’t finished sorting through them all yet. Sneak peek? Oh, okay.

After unpacking everything and gettin’ in my cozy pants, all I wanted for lunch was a fried egg sandwich on a chewy english muffin with hummus. Weird lunchtime craving for me, but I followed it.

I must have really wanted some sodium and carbs, because I wasn’t even into the carrots…and I’m always into raw, crunchy, yummy carrots! So, fried egg and english muffin it was. With some hummus, spinach, parmesan, sundried tomatoes, half a dill pickle, and some dijonnaise. Hit. The. Spot. I’m usually all about fresh veggies and letting them sing with minimal bread-age, but I just loved crunching into the english muffin and the crispy & salty fried egg, complimented by the oozy cheese and creamy hummus. Yum!

But of course dessert was in order, too.

You’ll be seeing this often. Puffins, granola, honey apple buttah, almond milk, and the star of this one was some sliced dried turkish fig! The figs keep getting forgotten about in the back of my fridge. A shame, because I love figs as much as I love dates – and you all know how much I love dates πŸ™‚

overstock (dot com, that is!)

Apparently, my mom had the same thoughts I did while she was out. I may or may not have had one or two throughout the course of the day.

is that...a FOOD PROCESSOR?!

oh, yes. It’s actually a Ninja processor. Apparently, it’s been seen on TV, which makes me unsure it’ll last all too long, but hey. It fits the bill for what I need. And it’s a blender, too! The blender I had was pretty awful, so I killed two birds with one stone on this one. Which is a shame because I like birds.

But what in the hay am I makin'?

Ohh, just a lil’ comethin’ somethin’ that required chickpea flour. I had no chickpea flour. I did have chickpeas. I made a quasi-flour. I do what I do.

The girl's gone mad!

oh yeah, baby! Wafflin’ it up. Should we take bets on how long it is until I use both of these appliances next, now that I’ve made my longed for fawaffle? Hopefully not just a phase.

I pretty much Β just threw everything even vaguely reminiscent of falafel into this and prayed to the waffle gods. Surprisingly, it worked! I thought for sure it’d be a relative fail. Unfortunately, however, I wasn’t really in the mood for falafel – but of course, I had it in my mind, had chickpeas I needed to use, and have been eyeballing fawaffle for months. So, I still had it. I can’t wait to make it when I’m craving falafel! haha.

Although that pickle may have killed my taste buds.

Dessert of puffins, scone, currants, maple AB and granola. Although, in the time it’s taken me to write this post, I’ve already consumed a kiwi-yogurt-and granola parfait. It’s been a couple hours, what can I say?

What is everyone’s favorite kitchen gadget?

and I’ll be picking (randomizing?) a giveaway winner tomorrow – so make sure you’ve taken advantage of the chance to enter up to three times! I’ll probably do it around the time of my usual posting – so early evening-ish πŸ™‚

Hope everyone has a great night!


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The Chill Factor

Even though I always talk about how much I love winter, I also really love to be warm. And you know how they say it won’t snow if it’s too cold? It’s definitely true. And today is certainly one of those days. Lets hope we get some of that snow storm that everyone else is getting!
Breakfast was a slight remedy…golden french toast!
psych! hehe…
Does anyone else adore Green Mountain Coffee as much as I do? What’s your favorite flavor?
I know flavored coffee & coffee in general is a very picky subject but I love my coffee – and the right flavor is just divine! We won’t talk about a bad one, though…that’s a morning ruiner right there πŸ˜‰ Namely, fruity or intensely chocolatey flavors. Blech! This Golden French Toast specialty flavor hits the spot, however.
The rest of my breakfast also hit the spot…
The usual mix of 2 T TVP, 1 T. Bulgur with Soy, 1 T. Wheat Bran, 1/4 c. soy milk, 1/2 c. + brewed coffee, vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, and stevia.

I actually cut it back to just 1 T. of Bulgur since 2 T. is almost too filling. I knew I was just going to be chilling around home for the day, anyway. Add ins for the day was 1 chopped Pinata apple (boiled & prepared with the mix), raspberry preserves, almond buttah, raisins, and reserved apple slices.

This brekkie sure is divine!

I spent the majority of the morning trying to figure out how to make a Facebook page for my photography. Let me tell you, Facebook does not make this an easy task. Once I thought I’d made some lee-way I set to work on pumping out paper #1 for Criminal Justice, and then, as you may very well know, started baking! Granted, just searching for a recipe took up at least half an hour, and it ended up being all for nothing. These muffins did not end up being “all for nothing,” however.
Seriously nommer-ful.
It was while I was baking that I realized I was ravenous! I snacked away on some crack
in efforts to tide me over until lunch, but then I realized it was already lunch time anyway! So I threw together another divine meal of falafel! Big enough for two, but I polished it off without a problem. Seriously good lunch right here.
In Joseph’s Flax Pita: falafel, tomatoes, romaine, onion, dijonnaise.

So simple. So good. Enjoyed in two parts, due to the fact that muffins were baking and needed some lovin’ in the middle. Gave me time to digest and polish off the rest πŸ˜‰

Heh, sorry for the tease.
ANYwho. After that I retreated to la computadora and finished off the first paper, bloggied, and went back to Facebook. This is when I realized I actually made myself another facebook account, and instead of friending everyone through my photo account, which was my intent, I was friending people through my alter-ego. Embarrassing. I think I’ve got it straight now, but it’s very frustrating that I can’t friend people on my photo account if I’m not friends with them on my personal account. I guess it makes sense, because I know I don’t want to be bombarded by fan requests from businesses, but I don’t necessarily need customers seeing/being friends of my personal account. Ya dig?
There was a particular snackage that was off-da-ropez today, that was worthy of a photo-op. Check it!
So simple. So addicting.
Brown Cow, vanilla pudding mix, raspberry preserves mixed up with some chopped dates and oatmeal, frozen for 30m. or so, and topped with a bit o’ Kashi and crystallized ginger. Seriously. Try this. Maybe it’s not breaking new ground, but it
And look who received their Barney Butter free samples already! They send two – kudos to them for not being stingy!

Set to work on paper #2 for my Family Violence class (everyone laughs when I say that…it’s not a laughing matter by any means, but I guess they could have named it something different.) and broke halfway through for dinner. It’s another comical story just because I was planning all day on Chik’n Satay with Peanut Sauce and Shirataki Noodles, but then when I went to make it I saw something (I can’t even remember what) that made me say “Alfredo!” and a new plan was born:
Shirataki Noodles with Veggies and Chik’n: 1 pkg. Fettuccine Noodles, broccoli florets, red pepper, onion, minced garlic, Quorn Chik’n Tenders, and Bay Scallops in a sauce consisting of 1 Parmesan Peppercorn Sonoma Jack Cheese Wedge, Imagine Cream of Broccoli Soup, and Parmesan. Threw in a spoonful or so of some random pasta sauce in the fridge, too. Oh! And of course dijon mustard! Seasoned with basil, crushed red pepper, black pepper, and garlic salt with parsley.

Gosh, sometimes I feel like these dinners are make are so random because there is so much in them, but they work, I promise! And hey, my mom liked it, too. Which is strange…because most people don’t care for the Shirataki Noodles even though I adore them. Go figure. She wasn’t a fan of the muffins, though. I can’t get her to like whole wheat or bran anything. It’s kind of a bummer.

Anyways. Just finished up some more of that heavenly Greek yogurt in addition to an oatmeal quick cookie. You guys must think I live on cookies. I swear I eat healthy things during the day, too, haha. Although broken down, what’s so bad about oatmeal, wheat bran, cinnamon, nutmeg, stevia, and egg substitute, anyway? And Greek yogurt isn’t hurting anybody, even though it tastes better than anything at Dairy Queen πŸ˜›

Two out of three pages done for paper #2…thinking I’ll leave the rest for tomorrow and/or Monday. I love getting everything done on the weekends though. Sounds so lame, but then I don’t have to worry about it until classtime on Tuesday!
Are you a procrastinator, or do you like to get things done and out of the way right away?

I hope everyone had a lovely Saturday, and is having a great night! If it’s snowing where you are, send it on up!


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Not Feelin’ It

Guess what I saw this afternoon?!
…SUN! Couldn’t believe it. No picture documentation, but we saw some good old fashioned sunshine for a good 15 minutes πŸ™‚ Supposed to be sunny tomorrow, though, so hopefully the weatherman isn’t lying. I’ll take sun or a snowstorm, just NO MORE RAIN!
Anyways, class got out a litttle bit early, but not really enough to make a difference in dinner plans. I stuck with falafel:
And the leftover sweet potatoes! To be honest, I’m glad I had so many leftover…not really feeling the falafel wrap tonight and ended up focusing most of my attention on the taters 😦 Not sure what it was, really…but I forgot to put tomato in the wrap and I think that kinda ruined it for me, as lame as it sounds. Or maybe I just prefer my falafel with real tzatziki in a pita with spinach, or in a salad. I dunno. I don’t think it was the falafel itself though; when I ate it plain I liked it even though this time the recipe was slightly different.
Oh, well! Not the end of the world I guess, haha.
And c’mon. If I kept saying “oh my god this was good!” on here, you guys are bound to start thinking I’m just cheesin’ it for the blog!
It’s been a while since I’ve done a fun Flick’r feature!
When I just post once a day I feel like I’m talking so much that no one wants to hear any more by the end of it, haha. But I need to get back to shooting a bunch, and was browsing for some inspiration when I found artofdreaming’s photostream. Um, look at these amazing black and white shots!
Sorry for the link-age. I know it’s a pain, but I can’t figure out how to post it. and I think if someone wanted to get real picky, that could be viewed as copywright infringement.
Well, I’m off to watch NCIS with the fam. What sort of TV shows do you like to keep up with? Any “Family traditions”?


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