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Same-Old Same-Old

This weekend went by too fast.

I want it back.

I want weekends like this all. winter. long.

Unfortunately, that isn’t going to happen and I doubt we’ll have weather this beautiful again for many more moons. It’s already back to rain starting tomorrow.

That said – I spent nearly every daylight minute outdoors this weekend. I found a little bit of “kitchen time” at lunchtime today to play – but other than that, I’m still in my low and slow sweet potato rut.

You think I’m kidding. I’m not.




And I’m still swearing by these cornmeal pancakes. I keep forgetting to try it as a waffle – remind me to do that on Tuesday!

I know I’ve said I’m going to start eating more environmentally friendly  – but I couldn’t pass up these strawberries at Hannaford’s! And I mean…I’d get a little bored eating apples all winter. This is Vermont, you know. I am nothing without bananas.



And yes – I’ve still been loving buffalo tempeh! Is it weird that I equate hot, spicy food with bad for you, though? And pickles. Pickles make this sandwich, though. And hummus. In light of Vegan MoFo, of course – it was my ranch dressing Winking smile

Speaking of which – why do these pickles need to be called hamburger pickles? Honestly. It’s not like they’re made of hamburgers.


I really needed to make another loaf of bread, and while you might think “how do you find time for bread making when you’re outside all day?” it’s the easiest thing to fit in, really!

with a minor backfire.

First, let me say that the hardest part of baking bread has come to be actually picking out the recipe. I spent all night last night deciding on a recipe! In my exploration, though, I read Matt’s explanation of a bit of the science behind dough and whole wheat, which was helpful I my baking expeditions.  So then I really wanted to make this bread, but only have active dry yeast. Could I sub that for instant yeast, anyone know?!

Anyways – I ended up baking this, but veganizing it with molasses, earth balance and almond milk. It was super easy to get the dough ready this morning and let it rise while I was at the barn. I asked my mom to punch it down and put it in a loaf pan in an hour or two…and therein lied the problem.


I’m not complaining, because it was sweet of her….but she also decided to bake it. She didn’t know what to bake it at or for how long…but she did. I still haven’t asked because I don’t want to know, but I think it was definitely underbaked. The top was still really soft, much like a sandwich bread you buy in a bag from the bread aisle. It’s really hard to cut because of this, but still tastes really good. I was afraid the molasses would have too bold a flavor, but it’s surprisingly not. I did cut back on that a bit, though.

I’m not complaining because I had the best ride on Teddie. Both yesterday and today he was amazing, though….our best rides yet! He was cantering like an old pro!! Transitioned right when I’d ask with no little hop/buck like he does in the indoor, and actually maintained it for full 20m circles – something he can’t do in the indoor yet. And correct leads [nearly] every time! I’m seriously … well, walking on sunshine right now. I’m so proud of my little boy!



I also quickly made some muffins – a hybrid variation of my gingerbread muffins mixed with my carrot-spice graham muffins.


And blackened tofu – from ED&BV. I’m still limiting my non-fermented soy intake, but it was $1.99 at Hannaford and after disliking/avoiding tofu for so long, really just wanted to give it a try.



I think the real reason I’ve got a bone to pick with tofu is because everytime someone asks me what I’m eating (well, okay, not so much anymore), it’s along the lines of”what’s that, tofu?” or if I talk about what I’m making, it’s obviously tofu something. It makes me just want to scream “I don’t even eat tofu!” Which, I don’t. Today reminded me of that. I just don’t care for it. I’d rather have tempeh or seitan, especially because those are either a fermented soy product or soy-free.


It wasn’t terrible – but nothing to write home about. If I’d have done the same thing with tempeh, I bet I’d have loved it, though.

Hopefully it’ll be good in sandwiches.

Either way – the kale ad s.p. so picked up for the lacking tofu. I feel like all I’ve done lately is eat kale and sweet potatoes. And I’ve hardly eve made a dent in my kale supply. You’ll be seeing it very often, I think.

Tofu – yay or nay?


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I Have a Block of Tempeh. Now What?

First thing’s first: Thank you all SO so so SO much for the birthday wishes. They are all much appreciated. It was a great day! We have had absolutely gorgeous weather here lately, and yesterday was no exception. With weather that beautiful, it would have taken something tragic to make it into a bad day. Luckily, that wasn’t the case 🙂

The exam was, however, worse than I thought it was going to be :\ I’m usually a good essay writer, and am confident in my abilities as long as I am well educated on the subject – and, I felt I was. It turned out, however, that this exam would actually consist of two essays – and each were incredibly involved. As in – everything we’ve covered thus far, condensed into 90 minutes – though, more like 45 minutes for each essay. Basically, I could have gone home and easily written five pages. I had to pump it out in, oh, three-fourish mediocre pages?

Ah well. The stew and strawberry shortcake (!!) that was waiting for me at home made it all okay 🙂 Granted, it was mock strawberry shortcake – we used the cupcakes! – and I decided to make mine with almond milk & nuke it to get it soggy – after the candle blowing-out, of course.

Buttt, moving onto this morning? More banana-craziness. I guess Henry stopped eating so many bananas or something, I know I haven’t cut back…but all of a sudden it seemed like there were four super-duper ripe bananas to be used!

Gross to the average person - perfection to the food blogger.

That’s a plant – the one I used was way more ripe. I just snapped a daylight photo of tomorrow’s banana for an example of my case 🙂

Obviously, the strawberries are long-gone. Sooo, what did I chose to pair my nanner with this morning? Frozen morello cherries. I was so gosh durn excited when I finally found frozen cherries at the co-op the other day. I had been craving cherries like none other! And this morning was the first chance I’ve gotten to utilize them. Well actually, it’s not. But that’s besides the point.

The winning toppings for the morning was flax, chia-acai icing, dates, crystallized ginger, coconut, cacao bliss, and banana and cherries simmered in some almondmilk to perfection.

Loved the cherries. And the cacao bliss complimented it perfectly.

And in case anybody’s been wondering – why yes, it is still freezing cold in the mornings. And yes, I chose to go out in my pajama-clad self. And yes, I am grateful for a warm bowl of oats and coffee to warm me up from the ridiculousness of this.

It’s so crazy how fast the daylight has been changing. I’ve caught on to a noticeable difference morning and night over just the past three days. I love it! I think I even wake up earlier every day. I enjoy just being able to sit and relax after eating, taking my time making breakfast, cleaning up, and getting ready.

Are you someone who wakes up at the last minute and runs around trying to get ready, or do you leave yourself plenty of time to enjoy the morning peacefulness?

A Rumi’s & Jam english muffin and cup-o-French Vanilla green mountain later, I was groovin’ my way to work. My eats for the course of the day were pretty repetitive, but lunch didn’t disappoint.

I’m finally almost done with that never-ending bag of sesame rice crackers and wasa. Don’t get me wrong – I still quite like them. But I’ve had my eye on the everything pretzel crisps in my cupboard.

When I got home last night, I cooked up a gigantic head of broccoli for some burnt broccoli, with the intentions of having plenty leftover. Even though my mom ended up sneakily munching on quite a few crowns, I was successful in this mission. So I had a side for the rest of my ‘zone! I swear this calzone got better with age. I feel like the Spelt flavor of the crust was delightfully more noticeable. Loved it!

This was savored alonngside my boss, who savored a can of BM Beans. Which begs only one question, in my mind. What kind of mind do you have to have, to name your baked bean company B&M? The least you could do is settle on M&B.

And a Power Bar Pria French Vanilla Crisp bar. Not a huge fan of these bars, simply because I prefer the more organic granola bars – but they’re not bad. They’re like dessert, though! haha. Surprised they only have 9g of sugar. It’s good for when I’m actually craving something sweet, but want something with oomph. I do like that they are smaller than your average protein bar, but still have 5g of protein. I tend to stay away from your typical protein bar simply because they’re way too big for just a daytime bar when I’m not working out. So the smaller size of this is what caught my eye. That, and it was 49 cents. It could have tasted like cardboard and I couldn’t have rightfully complained. Luckily, it didn’t 🙂 After washing windows all afternoon – it was just what I was craving afterwards!

Washing windows, you ask? Okay – most people would be legit upset if they were asked by their employer if they wanted to wash windows. But you best believe I jumped at the chance! It was gorg out. I also took advantage of part of my break to take the long-route walk to the post office. Soaked up the sun!

I started out washing windows because we were pretty slow work-wise…but the afternoon absolutely exploded! There were customers left and right. I joked that it was because they could finally see in the windows 😛 So naturally, the afternoon flew by, and I was concocting dinner. This means that while driving home, there were many periods in which I zoned out and snapped back to after realizing I’d been listening to static for quite some time. Don’t worry – when I do this, I’m still really focused on driving. Promise.

AKA? My first tempeh experience. I have seen tempeh all over the blogosphere lately! I knew I had to give it a try, and picked some up at Hannafords. What better night to put it to use than tonight?! Granted – I had (and still don’t have) no idea what to do with it. Use it like I would tofu? Any way my heart desired, for it to pick up that flavor? I did a quick google of tempeh recipes simply to see what the common theme was, and finally just decided to saute it in a cranberry-orange & basil glaze that I’d been dreaming up for a little while now. I’m not sure if that’s weird or not. But I do know it tasted pretty dang good. Tempeh aficianados: Feel free to tell me if this is crazy.

The texture of the tempeh was strange to me at first – but by the time I was halfway through the meal, I had  no problem with it, and really started loving this. Definite make again! Next time, I’d use a bit more honey to reduce the tartness of the strawberries just a bit. Driver error. My bad.

Basically – I sauteed the tempeh in cranberries, orange-creme honey, juice of half an orange, some balsamic vin, and fresh basil. I also threw in some dried sage, smoked sea salt, cracked black pepper, and a dash of chili powder. I really liked the basil.

So – this leads me to my next question – what’s your favorite way to prepare tempeh? Since I have an inability to follow recipes I can’t guarantee I’ll try it – but I can guarantee it will trigger another idea in my crazy brain 🙂

I simply adore these honey cremes. They are so good – for everything! I love the Blackberry in my sugar cookie tea, and I bet this orange will be amazing in my moroccan orange spice tea. Tonight was my first time opening it, though – so I haven’t quite gotten to try it yet!

I’m almost out of Puffins, so I’m gradually growing re-accustomed to Kashi H2H. I figure it’s a good idea due to the fact that I have four boxes of Kashi in the cupboard after I found that stash at Big Lots. Ironically enough, my Kashi obsession ended before I even opened a single box. However – this bowl was to die. It involved a cupcake. it involved dried currants. And Nature Valley Nut Cluster crumbs. and Blueberry Cherry jam. Oh – and almondmilk & a microwave. The end.

Now, however, I’m back to my ANTM 90 minute premier. Not sure I’m digging this season yet. We’ll see.

Peace, lovelies. And don’t forget: tempeh! Or – what’s something you’ve seen a ton of lately that are soon to try? And when you do experiment with new food – do you follow a recipe, or wing it?


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It’s All Textural…

Guess who’s alarm didn’t go off this morning…
Yep. That’d be me. Only by about 40 minutes or so; I was actually up for maybe 15 of those thinking “Wow, I wonder why it’s so light out…” hah. Luckily I leave myself  lot of time to be able to take my time in the mornings so I ended up right on schedule, but I was rushing around the kitchen to get breakfast before realizing it wsn’t necessary!
However, it did cause me to resort to the usual breakfast!
I didn’t have much Greek yogurt left though, so I relied on some fried egg whites to make up for the protein! Does anyone else like to burn their eggs? I love my eggs to be all crispy, crunchy, and golden! I think that’s why I hate yolks so much – by the time the whites are perfect, the yolks are so dry and blah.
Also got to try the new Spelt bread I picked up! It’s good! However, I don’t feel like I really got to enjoy this breakfast since I felt like I had to scarf it down. I hate having to eat in a hurry. It makes me feel like I never ate at all regardless of how full I really am! I prefer eating slow and enjoying meals, by far.
That being said, this held off any signs of hunger well into the day! Before I knew it, it was noon and was just starting to want a snack. I don’t usually eat my lunch until 2:00, but get hungry for a small snack around 10-11.  When it was lunch time, however, I got to enjoy delicious leftover tilapia that I packed with some leftover  fried bulghur from Wednesday. Just as good the second time around!
I actually was debating between having this for lunch or dinner, but the deciding factor came down to lunch because I didn’t want to show you guys a repeat meal! I am so enjoying blogging, because it encourages me to eat balanced, healthy, and new meals. Love that! I became so lazy last semester, and even started missing way too many meals. This was moreso due to a horrendous living situation though, which I obviously have, luckily, resolved by moving back home for the time-being.
For those of you with your own foodblogs, do you feel it encourages you to keep trying new things?
I’m not saying I’m breaking new ground with this bulghur and bean burrito:
…but lets remember that I could eat the same hummus and veggie sandwich day after day and be thrilled 😛
This delicious dinner involved 1 high-fiber whole-wheat La Tortilla Factory wrap spread with 1/3 Laughing Cow Wedge, remaining bulghur, and 2 fried egg whites, to bulk it up a bit. Thrown on the George Foreman, and paired it with a small side of romaine and a lovely dill pickle. And don’t think that measly amount of Frank’s was enough…I was just getting too frustrated at how long it was taking to get it out of the bottle and really wanted to manja! So I took the picture and dug in 😛
I know I say this all the time, but this was so good! Definitely a fan of these wraps. At first I was disappointed, thinking they were way too small, but apparently I just have eyes way bigger than my stomach. I was stuffed after this! They have a great texture, especially when on a panini press – it’s a great combintion of chewy and crunchy. I love crunchy and chewy together! The texture of food definitely plays a huge role in how much I like it.
Will a food’s texture determine how much you like it, too?
The fried eggs were definitely key.
Check out the day’s dessert!
Okay, so I never said these cookies were the prettiest things, but I certainly love them! I think cookie my be the wrong term, now that I’ve solidified my method to making them, too. I prefer them more crispy-crunchy and bran-flavored than any normal cookie would be!
For the poppyseed citrus oat-bran cookie, I mixed 1 T. rolled oats, 1 T. wheat bran, stevia, cinnamon, 1/8 t. baking powder, lime zest, vanilla, and ~1 T. egg substitute. Formed into a cookie shape and nuked for about 1 minute.
For the almond butter bran cookie, I mixed 1 t. smooth, unsweetened almond butter, ~1 t. wheat bran, stevia, splash of egg substitute, and a “splash” of unsweetened applesauce. Nuked for about 1 minute.
I’m probably wierd, but I much prefer them this way – but they may be too dry for a “normal” person, haha. I’m also the one who likes burnt food and loves the smell of toast, especially when it’s almost burnt. Just a random little Jess Fact, for your entertainment! What’s one of your quirks?!
In almond butter news, I am a little disappointed! While I love it when made like above, I don’t when it’s just plain and I was imagining it was something I could enjoy regardless of its’ preparation 😦
However! I think it may just be because it’s the unsweetend kind, and thanks to the heads up from Karla at Foodologie, I learned that Barney Butter will send you free samples! I hopped on that train as fast as you can say almond butter! Thanks, Karla! And if you haven’t already, be sure to check her blog out – I mean, just look at all of these delicious eats!
And lastly, speaking of challenges and blogging encouraging me to expand my tastes, does anyone want to start a “new food product” challenge with me? There’s so many food items I have yet to experiment with, such as the TVP I picked up yesterday. I would like to begin picking up a new ingredient every week/every other week and figuring out what to do with it. Anyone game?

Whew! I can talk a lot. Hopefully I don’t bore you all too much!
Have a good night 🙂 The weekend’s here! Unfortunately I have to spend half of my day tomorrow waiting in Midas…this Jeep will be the death of me!


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