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Bacon. Mmm, Bacon…

I am in metaphorical foodie heaven.

Also known as…a plate full of my soon-to-be obsessions. I think the only reasons none of this is already an obsession is because I didn’t know it existed up until now. Or last night, if we’re talking onion rings.

Chavez Caesar Salad. With Eggplant Bacon.

And a side of homemade bread. (we’ll get there.) Oh and a couple onion rings. I had a few leftover and am rationing them two at a time so I can savor them over and over. I only have two left.

I already am plotting more excuses to “need” to get groceries so I can purchase a lifetime supply of sweet onions.

Fun fact: for just about the entire duration of my teen-hood, say from junior high to high school, you could bet $5 that whenever I’d/we’d go somewhere to eat, I’d be having a caesar salad or a caesar salad wrap. With chicken. Even after learning it had anchovies. And then something happened…maybe it was a caesar salad burnout. Maybe I was just too lazy to want to make my own once I started saving my pennies and stopped eating out for every meal.

But I finally geared up motivation to make a caesar salad (read: wasn’t feeling too lazy to clean the blender) and it. was. phenomenal. I don’t know how Isa thinks of these things, but seriously – this dressing is the caesar salads I remember.

Except better.

And you’d better believe I was picky about my salads. You’re probably thinking I was healthy even back then anyways, but honestly, for some reason I just had an inexplicable attachment to chicken caesar salads.

And then there’s the eggplant bacon.

Does it taste like bacon?

No! It’s eggplant!

Is it good?

Oh hell yes it is.

I was basically munching on it for the entire hour leading up to dinner. I’m lucky I had any left for my salad. I was never a “bacon-on-my-caesar-salad” kinda gal, but apparently I am an “eggplant bacon on my vegan caesar salad” kinda gal.

And here’s the kicker: I can make all of the above but apparently remembering about the bread I put in the oven is too difficult for my brain to handle.

Not to mention my other rookie mistake of completely forgetting to spray the plastic wrap I put over top while it rose, so of course when I went to pull it off I disrupted the entire top of it, beautifully risen and all.

But ohhhhh hot damn, this bread? Best loaf I’ve ever tasted. Hands-down. And unfortunately for you guys, I can’t give you the recipe.


Ahem. I’m sorry. That was incredibly rude of me. But this recipe was so generously passed along to me from a wonderful blogger friend. I’d really love to tell you because these acts of generosity deserve mentioning – but I’m afraid my ugly loaf would be an embarrassment, so instead I will choose to hold off until I make a prettier one.

Which won’t be very far away.

See, I fell in love with L’s idea of making mini loaves, so I halved the recipe and just made a mini loaf. My “problem” was that I’d make a normal sized loaf of bread and feel like I had to live off of sandwiches for fear if I didn’t have at least one a day, the bread would get wasted. Mini loaf? No problem.

Except…it’s almost all gone already. Mreh, well.

And as an aside – I need to publicly thank Jenn for being better support than WordPress is. She helped me figure out a way to publish the site I designed in iWeb for my photography! It’s got some kinks, but I feel so much more streamlined now πŸ™‚ This blog’s gotta be next, though!


What’s something you accomplished today? It took all morning – but I was so glad to get my site up. Far from done, but done enough to be public, I think. And at least better than what it was! I also did a bunch of schoolwork. Grumble.

Do/Did you have a favorite “restaurant meal”? Something you love to order out, but never make at home? I never made caesar salad (of course, I didn’t make myself anything back then!) but as mentioned – always ordered it out!

[Side note: Ask me how happy I was to have natural, real light to photograph my dinner. Go ahead, ask me! I’m so sick of using flash!]


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Sippin’ on Sunshine

Hey lovies! Hope everyone’s Tuesdays are going famously – and has sunshine as warm and beautiful as here in VT!

I’ve decided that Tuesdays are going to be my “lazy blogger” days. Meaning – I’m just going to post while I’m home on my break, rather than having to worry about upload photos, sort through photos, and write up a post since I get home so late on Tuesdays. By the time I can touch a computer it’s almost 9:00! And I just want to relax – especially tonight!

I woke up relatively early for a school day and prepared a stellar bowl of Banana-Strawberry Barley! The usual base (with Barley flakes this time) topped with flax, crystallized ginger, dates, and banana and strawberries sauteed in maple syrup and almondmilk. I’ve been using almondmilk lately to help them get a little mushy rather than water – and it makes such an amazing difference! You just need a splash, but they get nice and creamy and soft. Perfection!

Speaking of almond milk, my intake has gotten a little out of control. I used to be able to go a week with a half gallon. Friday, I had to stop at the grocery store frantically on my way home because I had run out earlier than usual that morning. And I just finished off that half gallon this morning!

This is my sad face.

Luckily, however, Price Chopper is up-to-date on their creeper technology, and has likely been profiling my shopping purchases.


I received a coupon with my friday half-gallon purchase! Yesss. At least I had enough for my morning coffees, oats, and tea.

You know what I forgot to mention was on my oats this morning? Um, hello – only the star of the show: Artisana Cacao Bliss! I’d been neglecting it in my cupboard – and this, shockingly, was the first time it made it into my breakfast! I don’t know how I let that happen. Especially because it. is. fan. freaking. tastic. There are no words. And you know what? It’s my birthday, so I can have chocolate for breakfast if I want to. But, chances are – I’ll only want to if coconut is in on it, too.

Rain Forest Nut. I think. It was a couple hours ago, but lately I’ve been jonesin’ for the “subtly, sweet, delightfulΒ coffee with tastes of vanilla, caramel, cashew, and Brazil nuts.” Ohh, you betcha. And you know what’s pretty dang cool? Green Mountain’s slogan: “A revelation in every cup.” I mean – who hasn’t had a revelation over a cup of coffee? Okay, I confess – I’m often just thinking about how much I love breakfast – but this morning’s revelation was that come 5:00 tonight, I’m going to be old.

My sister has unleashed a monster. Strawberries? Yes, please. English muffin? Yes, please. Rumi’s Hempspread? YES PLEASE!!!! Seriously love this stuff. Seriously love this stuff even more with a bit of sweetly tart jam. And a fluffy english muffin.

In case you’re wondering if I took the plate with me in my car – I did. In case you’re wondering if I took the cat with me – I did.

Eh, just kidding.

In case you’re wondering if I chose to wear sweats and mocs to classI did. Why?

Because it’s my birthday and I can be comfy-cozy if I want to.

I have a strict “waist up” rule. Meaning – as long as I dress civilized from the waist up, and put my face on like a normal human being, and maybe look a little more tidy than usual – I can wear whatever school-themed sweats/bottoms I want. As long as they’re long, obvs. Today was one of those days. Hey, everyone else wears pajamas to class on a daily basis at my campus. This used to bother me to no end – until I was forced to one day. And you know what? It’s comfy. Still – I do like to look at least a little put together – so it’s not a habit.

After enduring 90 painful minutes of sitting next to a loud-breather, I decided to sip on some sunshine and take a lil’ jaunt downtown. Yes – you read that right. This is our downtown. And I love it.

Afterwards, I hurried my way home, but not before making an emergency stop at P.Chop for my beloved almondmilk. You know what bothers me, though? almond milk is two words. Silk, however, terms it almondmilk. So I never know which to use. End of dilemma.

Ironically, I receieved another coupon: $2.00 off two half gallons! I get it, Price Chopper. I have a problem.

Once home, I made a snacky fruit-plate to feast on while preheating le oven and preparing the lunchage.

One thing I feel kind of narcissistic about while blogging is how often it appears I toot my own horn. I’m really not a vain person, and am actually typically pretty shy (which, may not be apparent since I have a blog where I’m always talking about myself. I’m still getting used to that fact.) – but I am pretty open when I eat some good food, aren’t I? I’m not sure if this is vain, though I hope not. I mean, I’m complimenting the food – not myself. Right?

That being said, I celebrated my birthday the right way with this lunch.

This may just be lunch of the year. I am not kidding you. Peep how gooey that cheese is. Smell how delightful that basil-tomato-turkey bacon panini pita smells. Oh wait – I’m sorry…imagine how good that fresh basil, tomato, mozzarella, yumlisciousness smelt as I cut through it hot off the panini press. I totes rocked this BSTM.

Deviled eggs? But aren’t I the girl who hates yolks? Ah-hah! Almost tricked ya. That is my version of a deviled egg. What does one do when there are just a few chickpeas left in the fridge? Make filling for deviled eggs, of course. I almost filled them with hummus – but then the lightbulb went off! So I just mashed the last of my chickpeas, mixed with some dijon & plain greek yog, salt, pepper, and sprinkled with paprika. Yes, Please.

But what’s a BSTM, you ask? a turkey bacon-spinach-roma tomato-almond mozzarella pita panini, of course! Crispy, yet chewy. Dijonnaise meets smooth almond mozzarella. Fresh basil wafting through the air. Are you sick of my corniness yet? Sorry. Anyways – have I convinced you to go have this for lunch, yet? I hope so. It’s right up there with my sweet potato panini pita…speaking of which, I need to get on that.

And that about brings me to now! I’m going to go have myself birthday dessert round one – some puffins or kashi & mango-coconut cupcake…warmed up…with strawberries…and dates…and whatever else I can throw in there. And then…it’s off to my midterm. Yum.

My mom is making her divine stew tonight! So I’m not sure if I’ll have that or the rest of my ‘zone. My poor ‘zone keeps getting pushed to the backburner! At least if I opt for stew tonight, it’ll make a perfect lunch for tomorrow. Dang, I plan a lot, don’t I? How about you – do you tend to plan out meals a lot, always excited for your next concoction?

I hope everyone has a simply superb rest of the day and soaks up the sun for all it’s worth πŸ™‚ Catch ya’s tomorrow night.


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Oh, Kale…

…I can’t believe we’ve never met before, but believe me, we will be spending a lot of time together in the future.

Can you all believe tonight was my first time having kale?! I know, I know – it seems like something I’d have been eating nonstop. But for some reason, as long as I’ve been saying to myself “I really need to try Kale.” it just gets pushed off my grocery list “until next week.” Truth be told, I was minorly afraid of it. I honestly had no idea what to expect. Was it like spinach? And what did you do with it?

I decided the best way to test the waters was with kale chips and sweet potato balls with kale.

Yes, I just said sweet potato balls.

After foragin all day, I pretty much wanted a gigantic plateful of veggies for dinner. The kale chips were basic enough : toss with olive oil and seasoned salt, bake at 350* for 10 minutes. And oh. my. god. New addiction? I think so. I have seriously been missing out before this.

In addition to the kale chips, I found an almost forgotten about broccoli crown and sugar snap peas, and had a couple slices of tomato left from lunch. I did a good ol’ burnt broccoli sautee – except this time with mesquite barbeque sauce rather than mustard. The BBQ was good! I didn’t burn/crisp it quite as much as I normally do, and it was a nice switch-up from the usual burnt broc I do.

And sharing the spotlight with the kale chips? Sweet Potato and Kale Balls.

I had to bust out our biiiig plates for this dinner.

I saw a photo & title for Sweet Potato and Chard Balls and from there thought “well, why not Kale?” and decided to run with it. It was scary, considering I had no idea what Kale even tasted like. But I’m thinking they were a success.


-1 sweet potato – boiled and mashed.

-1 sprig Kale, washed, dried, and torn into small pieces

-1 slice turkey bacon, diced

-1/4 red onion, diced

-1/2 T. nutritional yeast

-salt and pepper


-chili powder (optional)

-1/4 c. cornmeal


Combine all ingredients, leaving out the cornmeal. Once mixed, roll into balls, and roll individual balls in cornmeal. Bake at 400* for 15-20m.

(er…that’s actually a guess…I baked them with the kale, and 10m at 350* was wayyy not enough time…so I ended up tossing them around in a sprayed frying pan real quick. I wouldn’t recommend this – give baking them a shot. heh…)

What’s your favorite Kale recipe?

Do you have, or did you have, any foods that you want to try, but at the same time are almost afraid to try?


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First of all, thank you guys so much for your kind words after yesterday’s post. You’re all too sweet! I hope I didn’t sound like too much of a Debbie Downer – in all honesty, days like that, I can’t help but to laugh a little! Keeps ya from crying, ya know? But in all reality, nothing seriously catastrophic happened (okay, well, the computer crashing stinks, but it really wasn’t my fault, lol) but how often does everything happen all at once like that? haha.

Secondly, I don’t think I can ever ask what your favorite ______ is ever again! Why? I’m way too jealous of all the awesome jams you guys can find in your areas! Fig? Creme of Dates with Almond? Ginger? Vanilla chestnut? Seriously – every single suggestion about had my mouth watering! I think I would especially kill for Creme of Dates with Almond πŸ˜‰

But anyways – on to today!
Lets just say…it was the extreme opposite of yesterday!

In the Base: bulgur, oats, TVP, and wheat bran mix, with cinnamon, nutmeg, goji berries, 1/4 banana, and orange zest.
In the “Icing”: greek yogurt, chia seeds, sliced pineapple, and almondmilk.
On the Top: flax, toasted coconut, toasted macadamia nuts, 1/4 banana, orange zest & wedges, pomegranate strawberry jam, Naturally Nutty White Chocolate Coconut PB, and poppyseeds – just because!

Holy Yum! Sometimes there’s no such thing as too much of a good thing, I guess!

I realized that this PB will still last a year if I don’t refrigerate it. Safe to say – it won’t last that long, so I’m leaving it out now! It gets too hard in the fridge. I like it to melt in! And with the new knowledge – I’m not so afraid to open the others *gasp*at the same time. For some reason I thought they went bad way faster.

This peanut butter is seriously amazing. I love that it’s not very chocolatey, and the coconut is allowed to take center stage πŸ™‚ Probably because it’s white chocolate, not dark. Which, I actually just realized this morning as I was thinking to myself how glad I was that it wasn’t overly chocolatey. Uh, duh, Jess….just read the label. lol…

floating oats!

Yes – these were taken outside.
It was cold. But they look so much pretty outside, don’t you agree?

Sorry – I got a little photo happy this morning, I’d say. 

Before I left for my first classes I threw together some “overnight oats” consisting of plain oikos, almond milk, chia seeds, oats, goji berries, maple sizzurp, and a crumbled mate energy bar. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to make it home for lunch like usual because there was a possibility – weather permitting – that I would be shooting someone’s senior portrait. It was supposed to start snowing right around noon – when I get out of class – and we were supposed to shoot then, too. 

Well, the shoot got rescheduled because she was too sick – and good thing, too! It’s finally storming pretty darn good! Started right when I got off the phone with her. So, I [slowly!] made it home – the snow really started sticking to the roads, and fast.
And, with the wintery weather, couldn’t decide if I still wanted cold “over morning” oats! So I opted for the best of both worlds:

In the Pita Panini: turkey bacon, spinach, roma tomato slices, red onion, almond mozzarella, and maple-dijon mustard.
On the side: sundried tomato hummus, Schneiders butter bites pretzels, carrot, and Suzie’s spelt multi-seed flatbreads.

This. Was. Perfect. I think I’m in love with just about every component. That almond mozzarella is pretty awesome, as ws my first turkey bacon experience! 
It was made even better that I could see this every time I looked out the door…

I love the peaceful beauty of snow when it falls like this πŸ™‚ Isn’t it gorgeous?
Are you a snow lover or hater?
It’s funny – I’ve never gone snowboarding or skiing a day in my life, and hate being cold. But I love, love, love, watching the snow fall.

Lunch was followed shortly with my dessert, something probably only appetizing-looking to me, but oh well!

Some seriously good oats. Everyone must put dried goji berries in their next batch of overnight oats. They get deliciously moist and…delicious. haha. Same as rehydrating them while your oatmeal boils. So good! I don’t really care for them dry…

It was about this time that I decided I would not be driving back for my night class! The roads were much too sloppy already – and even if the commute in wasn’t bad, I only knew the one home would be awful. I hate driving at  night in snow storms. It’s like driving in a tunnel – and really exhausts your eyes! Not to mention the conditions in general.

This is a really nice professor, though – so hopefully he’s relatively understanding. I feel bad because I hate looking like I’m copping out!

With this information, I could have ditched my plans for a quick, easy dinner since had I gone to class I’d be getting home quite late. But, I’d grown rather fond of my idea and decided to roll with it. It incorporated two new finds – one from my co-op trip the other day, and one from my Bob’s Red Mill order I received today!

I knew the hot dogs would come in handy, and have pretty good nutritionals, and have been dying to try out nutritional yeast since reading Mae’s blog.

So, I decided on Turkeys in a Blanket!

Okay, so this dun’ look so hot.
It. was. so. good.
There’s just something so great about comfort food made quasi-healthy, don’t you agree?

What’s the “blanket” you ask?
Oh, you know…just the Naan I made up the other day!
Turkey dogs all cozy in a Naan dough with sundried tomatoes and a cheesy ranch sauce?
And burnt broccoli?
Yes, please!
And, verdict on the turkey dogs? Oh my goodness. So quick, so convenient, and so good! They’re really moist – I was kind of expecting…I duunno. Dry weirdness? haha. But really. They’re quite good!

But that’s about it from me!
What’s your favorite “comfort food”? Whether you healthify it or not!

Also! Is everyone familiar with Tastespotting? It’s a relatively addictive website, and where a lot of my ideas stem from – it’s picture and one-liner based, so it’s easy to grab an idea and run, rather than follow a recipe. And, if you’re a recipe-follower, the recipe is provided via a blog link.
Well anyways! There’s a new website similar – but just for desserts! It’s called Dessertspotting, and Donalyn is looking for more participants, photos, recipes – be it a healthy recipe or not! Breakfasts, sweets, etc. I know even though I try to healthify many things, I view websites like these on a daily basis because it’s not forcing a recipe on you before seeing a photo or one-liner description. You can pretty much take the flavors and idea and adapt it to your nutritional needs and desires! That and – I know tons of you dear readers have beautiful and delicious recipes that are certainly deserving of a feature. So go ahead, get on the boat and start submitting to this wonderful community!


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Is everyone super happy it’s Friday? I know I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t! I’m also super excited for the start of the Olympics. Finally something good on television!
This morning started with another ridiculous bowl of Toasted Coconut Gingerbread Oats with Choco-Mocha “Icing”. I think it’s safe to say I’ve been going a little overboard with the toppings as of late, no? hehe.
At least it’s still kind of healthy though, right? It just feels like cheating πŸ˜›
I’m totally loving the whole molasses/gingerbread flavor. And hey – blackstrap molasses just so happens to be an excellent source of iron and calcium! How ya like them apples?

The usual mix with heaping 1/8 t. each ginger, nutmeg, ground clove, and cinnamon; vanilla extract, and 1.5 t. molasses. 
Topped with 2 t. coconut (toasted) toasted walnuts, goji berries, crystallized ginger, banana, wheat germ, raisins, and a maraschino cherry, just for good measure!
The Chia-Seed Yogurt Pudding “Frosting” of the day was brewed coffee, almond milk, chia seeds, greek yogurt, unsweetened organic cocoa-powder, and a splash of agave

*deep breath* phew! that was a mouthful!

Lunch was a repeat from the past couple days, yet still hasn’t gotten old! I actually froze the meatballs so they kept pretty well. Still enough for one more delicious turkey buffalo wrap, too. 

Work actually went by pretty quickly today, just slowing down towards the end of the day so I ended up leaving a half hour early. It was a beautiful day outside so I took the opportunity to walk a package down to the post office. I love being able to take a short walk during work, even though the wind did get quite chilly after a couple minutes! Oh, well. The sun was gorgeous, and I can’t help but to smile when it’s out. The weather has such a huge impact on my mood, I think moreso than most people.
How much does the weather affect your mood?

I came home to a surprise!

Aside from my Naturally Nutty shipment coming in, my mom was thinking of me when she saw these at the Discount Foods Store! Sure, the cans are dented but who cares? They’re not expired yet, and will certainly be consumed before that date, anyway. I was mourning to her about the pumpkin shortage awhile ago, but she remembered…and I’ve been dying to try the S’mores Z Bars. 
She’s too good to me πŸ™‚
Dinner tonight was a good one, too! Even though I only got home about 20 minutes earlier than usual, I just felt like I had so much more time to cook! It was quite nice. This is another “how is this healthy” meal from me, haha. Sure, I’m not saying it’s a prime example of health food by any means, but food can certainly get much junkier than this, too. And I’ve finally finished those scallops! hah.
Garlicky Scallops & Butter Beans with Bacon
For One

2 slices raw bacon
~3/4 c. raw scallops with their juice
1/2 c. canned butter beans, undrained
1/8 c. each: diced scallions, diced red bell pepper, diced red onion
2 sundried tomatoes, diced
1.5 t. minced garlic
1 t. honey mustard
salt & pepper

1. Defrost scallops in microwave, do not drain liquid from bowl. Microwave bacon on paper towel-covered plate for 45 sec, blot away excess grease, and chop into medium-sized pieces, trimming away excess fat.

2. Over low heat, begin sauteeing the minced garlic in a non-stick pan drizzled lightly with olive oil (alternatively, I’m sure you could omit the EVOO and microwaving the bacon, and instead use the bacon grease in place of EVOO. I declined on the notion.) Add the scallops & their liquid as well as the bacon, scallions, pepper, and onion. Season with honey mustard, salt and pepper, and allow scallops and bacon to finish cooking thoroughly.

3. Once thickened some and scallops and bacon is cooked, add the beans and sundried tomatoes.

4. Plate!
I cut and then toasted a pita with some garlic, and served with a side of “burnt broccoli,” as well, and topped with some parmesan. Delish!

If only burnt broccoli looked as appetizing as it tastes. It’s my favorite way to eat broccoli! So much better than just steaming or microwaving it.
This was a really good meal. Next time? I’ll be making some homemade Naan rather than the pita!
Is anyone else excited to have the Olympics to watch?
What sport are you most looking forward to?
I  can’t wait to watch the snowboarding. Ice skating is exciting, too. ( the racing )


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