A Conglomeration

With my new (er, not so new anymore) blogging style, there’s a lot more useless blabber that ends up “on the cutting room floor,” as they say. With me, it’s more like on the bedroom floor and then covered with dirty clothes.
This leaves me feeling relatively out of touch with you lovely people, and I don’t like that! So…here’s some relatively mindless rambling that I deemed relatively useless at one point, and is probably still relatively useless, but I have nothing else to share. So there.
I still eat pancakes like they’re going out of style. Because I work in phases, I’ve been loving sauteed apple as the topping of choice…though bananas still have my heart.
And are way cheaper.
And I’m welcoming applicants to start up a peanut flour business. I mean, I would think us bloggers alone are reason enough for TJ’s to keep it stocked, but apparently not.
Should we place bets on what the next hot food item will be? I don’t even know where to begin.
In a traumatic event involving me trying to use Teddie’s right ear as something to hold onto whilst flying over his neck,he is now right earl-less. See?
I have been loving on salads lately. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that my mom bought me two huge tubs of lettuce and baby spinach, but we’ll just say that ever since the eggplant bacon caesar salad I’ve been getting cozy with a big bowl of greens pretty frequently.
My favorite salad add-in (save for buffalo tempeh) is red onion. I like to breathe stinky.
L is the sweetest girl ever, after hearing my grumblings of whole wheat breadcrumbs being nonexistant in these parts. I had no idea what the strangely shaped package my mom brought me contained…
But I don’t think I’ve ever been so giddy about breadcrumbs before. If I was just a little bit crazier I’d had run right out and bought a sweet onion so I could make onion rings, but those football fans that are stocking up on Superbowl foods scare me. That and the Bruins game was starting in ten minutes.
Speaking of Bruins, Thursday night’s game = four fights and a goal within the first minute. Four fights and two goals within…two minutes, I think? That is all. I love hockey. We won’t talk about today’s game, though.
iHerb.com has the fastest and most reasonably priced shipping I’ve ever seen. And reasonably priced goods! And if you want to save $5 off your first order, you can if you enter in codeΒ WEZ004. Oh, and they always include fun samples! Well, everytime I’ve ordered anyway.
I received a bunch of fun-sounding salt samples in my last Foodzie box, but I’m really disappointed to report that I don’t think my tastebuds are so delicate to pick up on any differences.
It occurred to me the other morning, as I was driving to work at 7:00 am,Β wide awake and so ready for the day, that if I were as optimistic, outgoing and energetic at night as I am in the morning, I wouldn’t even be a real person.
The other day I was chopping celery with my really sharp knife, and I somehow slid a finger over the top of the blade by the point. I thought I cut myself, and deep enough to warrant stitches or at least a lot of blood, so I dropped the knife and started freaking out, clutching my hand and waiting for blood to start spurting everywhere. It turns out I didn’t even break skin. I can be a little be dramatic. I guess.
My mom is convinced she wants to take part in Meatless Mondays since she watched Oprah, but wants it to change to Meatless Tuesday so that I can be home to cook for it. Yes, I watched the Oprah episode. If you haven’t seen it, Nicole wrote a good post about it, and I left my thoughts there, too. But, hey, if my mom wants to have a meatless Tuesday, awesome.

Sometimes, I get asked why I won’t post a recipe from a book.

My answer is simple: I am morally opposed to it.

Cooking is an art-form. Creating recipes is an art-form. Even if a list of ingredients can’t technically be copyrighted (how weird is it that it’s copyrighted and not copywritten?) I know how it feels to have work that you’ve created show up elsewhere without credit. I am talking about my photography, but I view it as the same concept. I know how ripped I get when I see people taking my photos, and I can only imagine how ripped published authors must get when they see recipes they’ve poured their heart and soul into to be published in a book appear on websites where people can go and get them without paying a single penny.

I’m all about supporting the author, not ripping them off. I have too much respect for them than to post their recipes will-nill on the internet. In case you’re wondering, yes, I also buy my music rather than downloading it for free. Again, respect and appreciation.

As for posting recipes from other blogs? Well – I understand that basically everything has been done before. If I see a recipe that is similar to one another but there’s hardly any mention of another recipe, I tend to give the author the benefit of the doubt that there was a similar thinking process. But using a recipe from another blog, saying so, and then posting the exact same recipe on your own blog? Well, I think link-backs are sufficient so that traffic can be directed their way as a sign of appreciation…but I think that’s just one of my little quirks.

And lastly, re: adaptations and inspirations. I link-back or don’t post the recipe if from a book if I keep mostly the same. C’mon…changing the flour or a couple spices doesn’t make it a unique adaptation. I don’t even think veganizing something with a flax-egg and earth balance makes it an adaptation. When I do that, I say it and link-back to direct people to the basic recipe and instructions. Only when I change a good number of things – say, at least 5 things that aren’t basic flour swaps, etc – will I just re-post the recipe. And even 5 things is a close-call to me. Take, for example, the chickpea recipe I posted the other day. I was tempted to just write out my swaps again instead of re-typing the recipe – but then sort of realized that by the time I wrote out the swaps it was just plain confusing. Had it been a blogger or book, I might have passed on reposting. But it being a free source I decided to just go for it. Am I guilty of the “I swapped the flour, so I adapted it!” label? Well, I can’t say for certain – but I bet if I looked through my baking tabs I’d find one or two back from my beginnings that aren’t quite as unique as I now require. Not hypocritical – I’ve just learned what respect is.

This was not directed at anybody or any certain event!! Just something I’ve been meaning to mention lately, since I’ve been cooking out of books so much lately. I would love to hear your thoughts on it, though. Am I just picky because, being a photographer, I know how it feels and can relate too much to the authors? Maybe. I mean, I feel bad when I give full disclaimer that something wasn’t my idea and someone comments saying “oh my god! you’re so creative! marry me!”

I just want to say “no no no!! I’m a terrible person, I’m not the cool one!”



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26 responses to “A Conglomeration

  1. I completely agree with you! I think back in the good ol’ days, I used to think changing the flour, or adding some nuts, made a recipe ‘my own’ but I’m definitely not of that camp anymore – I like to give links to a recipe if I use it or change the odd bit, it’s much better that way πŸ™‚
    Oohh and I love this post! I could fill about 10 posts with all my saved posts on ecto that are just random rambles πŸ˜›

  2. I love rambling posts…maybe I’m just nosey…
    I think its awesome that you have such good morals. More people need to learn appreciation and respect (in the real world anyway – bloggers seem to be a pretty moral bunch :P)
    I JUST bought peanut flour and almond meal for the first time today and I’m so excited to try it!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. I also feel like we take to much of other’s people work on blogs I feel like I want to start to create my own concoctions with food lately and stop looking for recipes elsewhere! Wheres the fun in that? LOL

  4. This post was brilliant, oh my gosh! you’re so creative! marry me!

    Anyways, I mixed the last tablespoon of my clementine peanut butter with a tablespoon or two of pumpkin and one of yogurt to make a “cream” type thing like you’ve mentioned and I fell in love with it! It was more like a thick paste instead of something pourable, but I like the idea and I’m probably going to be mixing nut butters and yogurt together for dressings and breakfast sauces more often. ^^

  5. I always love all your posts. I must admit I never consider any part of them useless or rambling. I haven’t seen the oprah show as that episode hasn’t aired on Irish tv yet, but I think that if it DOES get people thinking about their meat intake, even if they don’t decrease it by much, I can’t really oppose the episode.
    I love the part about the moral reasons for not posting receipes from books. I always agreed with not posting them but at the same time I had never given it very much thought. But I agree with everything you said on the matter. πŸ™‚

  6. That’s really fun to think about what the next popular food item will be- there’s really no telling!! They’re the fashion fads of the food world. And that’s an awesome score on the WW bread crumbs, too! I always tried to make my own when recipes called for it cause I wanted them to be whole wheat, so it’s good to know they’re out there at least.

    As for the recipe thing, I go by your rules that at least 5 things have t obe changed (not just measurements, but actual ingredients) before calling it my own. Otherwise I say “adapted from”. Sometimes, I make totally unique recipes then find that others have made some similar, but that’s an honest to goodness mistake or coincidence because inspiration wasn’t sprung by them. Which is understandable because there are SO MANY recipes out there, some are bound to get repeated accidently.

  7. I’m of the same opinion as you — I don’t like sharing recipes that I haven’t significantly modified, because I’d be irked if that happened to me.

  8. I love randomness!! πŸ˜‰ And I’d take you up on your peanut flour offer… I’ve stocked up, but they all expire in June, so … yeah. The last two times I’ve bought peanut flour, the cashiers have asked me what I do with it!!

    I laughed at your dramatics with the knife… I’ve done the same thing. Ditto thinking I haven’t cut myself when I actually have, which is slightly less amusing.

    About the copying recipes thing… well, if it’s from a book, I won’t post it. I’m pretty ticked off when people infringe on copyright like that, since I hate to have that done to me! (I guess it’s the same thing with you and your photos.) Lots of times, though, especially if you use one particular recipe repeatedly, only making minor changes, it can get to be a big pain to refer back to the “original.”

    My solution to that, by the way, is to just avoid mentioning said recipe on the blog at all. πŸ˜‰

    ❀ ❀

  9. I love Meatless Tuesdays – and I love that your mom is making you make the dinner.

    I definitely get irked when people post someone else’s recipe and says they got it there – a linkback would be sufficient!

  10. I’m always on the fence about recipes, so I PREFER to just make up my own πŸ˜‰ lol.

    Sometimes I’m gulity of posting a recipe when it’s someone else’s, I always provide a link, but I just feel like a slacker if I’m *just* posting the link and sometimes my many minor modifications sound more confusing if I just list them out, you know?

    Definitely something to think about though. πŸ™‚

  11. I think your photos are very lovely πŸ™‚
    Just like everything else I see on here!


  12. Girl, you know I love rambles:)

    I always feel guilty too if I adapt from someone else’s recipe, but hey, that’s why people put them out there right?! To spread the food loveee:)

  13. Is Teddie’s ear really gone? Or did he just lay it flat when you took the picture?

    Thanks for taking the time to say that. πŸ™‚ Wonderful post!

  14. I love your posts…rambling or not! And tonight’s was especially thought provoking. I sometimes repost recipes that I find on other blogs. But I always make mention of the original author, and I only do this once every few months. But most of the time, I find inspiration, and then leap off from a basic recipe…I love creating new and delicious treats! Thank you for sharing, sweet friend. May your Sunday be one of peace and love.

  15. I agree completely—except I do think you’re one of the cool ones :-). I have way too much respect for people who create recipes to want to put it out for free to (potentially) a gazillion people. I’ve lended books or copied recipes for friends, but that’s a far – far – cry from publishing on the internet. So way to go, in my opinion.

    Too bad about Teddies ear. If only he were a starfish, hmmm? It would sprout right back…

    I think I can taste the difference between real cheap salt, and good salt. But good salt and good salt? No…except, actually, I once went to a restaurant where they had salt tubs on each table with four little basins of four kinds of “gourmet” salt, and it was fun to taste, there was a difference. But this was like big flakes of salt – I think something like sea salt, smoked salt, pink salt, you know. Still, it freaks me out a bit – it’s just salt, right? hehe πŸ™‚

  16. I liked hearing your thoughts re: posting recipes! I was never sure if there were laws about that kind of stuff and if so, what they were, so I’ve never written out a recipe from a cookbook on my blog. I was scared of the internet police coming after me! πŸ˜‰ Plus I agree that the original author deserves all the credit.

  17. Jessica, you worded that perfectly! I love that your mom wants to do meatless Tuesdays. It’s funny how people start to eat more meatless meals when they realize that you can have a tasty complete meal without meat. I hope you have a great Sunday and that you are having great weather.

  18. I seriously lovvvvvvee your buffalo tempeh idea! I am so going to have to try that (with a link back to your post of course!) when I post it on my blog. I always try to give bloggers credit for their recipe if mine was inspired by them. I added you to my google reader-YAY!

  19. I hope you are serious about the peanut flour thing. I’ve been wanting some FOREVER and we don’t have it here πŸ˜› Keep us posted…? Pretty Please?!

  20. Um, so why did you ever stop your rambling posts? I’m kind of in love with them. Well, those and peanut flour, but let’s sit back and wait for the next up and coming blog craze to take over. At least it will be something to ramble about…

  21. Great post! I can’t believe TJ’s is discontinuing peanut flour – I’m still in shock! I must go stock up soon!

  22. theflourishingfoodie

    All of your photos are beautiful, I can see what it upsets you when other people use them. You are totally write about how posting recipes really hurts cookbook authors, that is something I’d never thought of before. Thanks for bringing it up.

  23. Yup, plagarism is a crime–you must cite the source!

  24. THanks for linking to my post Jess! I like meatless Monday and Tuesday too!

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