Energy Cookies!

I loved hearing whether my voice/self was at all what you’ve imagined it to be. I’m not surprised a lot of you mentioned it sounded quieter/higher than you’d expected. I should have mentioned that I was trying to not talk normal-level, and my voice gets sort of higher pitched when I’m nervous.

Yes, I was nervous to be vlogging. Don’t laugh. I still haven’t seen many of you try an accent vlog!


You’re probably not surprised to learn that today was a snow-day. Since I don’t need to be anywhere in particular on Tuesdays I should add it was a self-proclaimed snow day, but still a snowday nonetheless.

…poor Teddie.

I made do, though – I have plenty of reading and homework to do this semester, that is for sure!

…but there comes a point in time when you’ve just got to take a break!

Dreena’s Energy Cookies have caught my eye and called my name everytime I open Vive le Vegan, but I kept just opting to bake SuperCharge Me cookies instead. Because the ingredients list was shorter.

Long lists overwhelm me.

But, given the fact that I have about every nut or seed imaginable and plenty of flours to choose from, I finally figured a long list would probably be better than a short one today. You know, dig into the stash.

My kinda cookies! They’re so nutty, seedy and moist! The only thing I changed from the recipe was I used 1/4 c. amaranth flour and the rest white whole wheat as well as some quick oats, almond extract instead of vanilla, cranberries instead of raisins and added some ground nutmeg. Oh, and replaced some of the maple syrup with almond milk.

Dare I say it, but I think I prefer these over SuperCharge Me cookies! I loved the combination of pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and hemp seeds.

They’re also a bit more moist than SuperCharge Me cookies, which sometimes come out to dry for me. I realize that’s probably just due to me getting too experimental though, since SCM cookies are practically the holy grail of the power cookie and blog world. Rightfully so.

And re: amaranth flour – I love it! I think it lends a nice crust – these cookies have a bit of a crust on the outside that gives way to their soft interior, and my bread that I baked had a wonderful crust, too. I was terrified to use it when I first opened the bag as it had a very grainy, almost “dirty” smell to it. It doesn’t taste like that, though!

Chocolate has been growing on me more and more lately. I’m still not one to eat a bar of it plain, but I’ve been loving dark chocolate chips in baked goods. And stuffed in dates a la Gabriela. Maybe I should look into purchased dark chocolate chips that don’t contain artificial flavoring if this is going to become habit…


And I got over my unspoken-of cauliflower fear today!

I admit it. I had an irrational “thing” about cauliflower before.

I suppose there was no basis to this “thing,” because if I remember correctly, cauliflower happened to be one of the few vegetables I ate as a kid.

Of course, “if I remember correctly” usually means I’m not remembering correctly…but I digress.

In attempts to make Appetite for Reduction’s roasted cauliflower, I needed bread crumbs.

Or, pretzel crumbs if you’re like me.

Note to self: find whole wheat bread crumbs somewhere.

(who am I kidding, I can’t find whole wheat bread crumbs to save my soul…)

Maybe this is where I should clarify that I actually used a yellow cauliflower, not a normal cauliflower. Just before you go thinking I ate some wonky cauli.

The yellow one was fifty cents cheaper and I was being thrifty, remember?

Much to my surprise the cauliflower tasted like…well…the barbecue sauce I dipped it in. Crazy, right?!

It must have been the special Kaia-hair seasoning I used.

(and that’s mushroom tibs by the way, even though it may look like I decided to just share my plate with Kaia.)

Time for me to go batten down the hatches for the big storm.

And by batten down the hatches, I mean watch the Bruins game. I wonder how long it will take me to go stir-crazy tomorrow?

Are you easily intimidated by recipes with long ingredients lists?


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29 responses to “Energy Cookies!

  1. YUM cookies:) They look like baby muffins! Slash I love orange cauliflower, it looks so odd but Cornell developed it so I trust them:)

  2. Usually if a recipe has more than 6 ingredients….I’m out. Haha, what can I say? I like them simple!

    The cookies look so beautiful with all the chunkiness! I love chunky cookies!

  3. Definitely! I’m often put off recipes because if long ingredients lists!!

    Those cookies look great! I HAVE to make those it the Super-Charge Me cookies everyone raves about so much soon! 🙂

  4. Your cookies are GORGEOUS!!! I love them! 🙂

  5. I don’t like a long list of ingredients. I will try to simplify it if I can. The cookies look so good! I have to say that a lot of gluten free flours have a funky smell to them at first, but you get used to it and now I have realized that I prefer them! Stay warm Jessica!

  6. It all looks sooo good!! .-.

    And I’m the same way with long lists…It’s just too complicated!! 😛

  7. Those cookies look really good!! I’m always looking for filling snacks I can take with me because I’m often on campus from 8am until 5pm and the food choices around there are very scary. I like orange cauliflower better than regular, it just seems to have a more complex flavor to it. I had one a little while back and roasted it but it has since disappeared from my grocery store.

    I get a little intimidated by long ingredients lists…. especially a lot of Asian recipes. By now I have a kitchen stocked of all sorts of sauces and such so it isn’t so bad anymore, and I’ve gotten good at looking over and seeing what I can double up to sub for other things. But now my ingredients lists tend to be long with a lot of vegetables and spices.

  8. Those cookies look amazing!!! I am in love with SCM cookies but I haven’t made them in ages..

  9. Long ingredient lists, even if they’re just a bunch of seasonings (read: a curry-like recipe) turn me off and I tend to veer away from them or favorite them and set ’em aside for a rainy day.

    I also love non-conventional colored cauliflower. The last one I bought was purple. :3

  10. teenagehealthfreak

    long lists do kinda scare me! wow, that’s amazing that you can see that hair!! those cookies look awesome! i need some cookies in my life.

  11. You looked just fine in your vlog!! I, on the other hand… 😉

    Long lists don’t “scare” me, they just annoy me. Longer lists = more ingredients = more utensils used = more dishes to wash.

    Yellow cauliflower was cheaper?! I love the yellow cauliflower, but it’s always so much more expensive. (Honestly, I think they probably all taste the same and it’s just in my head.)

    ❤ ❤

  12. I love that dark chocolate! I used to hate it, but milk chocolate’s way too sweet for me after falling for dark. The cookies looks great!

  13. Those cookies look great! I love all the different types of nuts and seeds. I definitely get intimidated by long ingredient lists. Lately I’ve just been sticking with extremely simple recipes (mainly because we have all the ingredients on hand).

  14. I am not really intimidated by long lists but I don’t like them. I like quick throw together recipes. Mainly because I am always so busy and I have kids.

  15. yes greatly intimidated by long ingredient lists! not so much intimated but just like…oh god, i dont want to deal with all that stuff…so i never make those types of recipes!

    i love the looks of those cookies! i make no-bake energy bars that start out looking very similar to those…i need to look into those more 🙂

  16. Yum, I love cauliflower! It took some getting used to at first, but now it’s one of my favorite veggies. Purple and green cauliflower are fun, too. Your cookies look yummy, too! I only have ED&BV but might have to look into getting Dreena’s other books soon.

    Have a lovely day!

  17. The longer the list, the bigger the chance for a kitchen disaster. So I usually stay away of recipes with too many ingredients unless it’s something I want to make for a special occasion. But I think these cookies are worth the effort 🙂 .

  18. the dog-insert on the food photo there…I once had a boyfriend (for a loooong time) who had this big, black dog. Smart (like Kaia I think?) and I remember how cozy and safe it always felt to have it around.

    I still haven’t seen your vlog, sound has disappeared from my laptop (huh?) but I’m using my desktop comp later, sooo…I agree, there’s no licence to make fun unless for those who made a vlog themselves :-). You’re brave. And brave for the cooking of long-ingredient-list cookies too! I always feel like an explorer or a conqueror of the kitchen or something (so yes, I’m intimidated!): so much more to lose if you venture into a looong list of ingredients. The cookies look divine, though, and ditto cauliflower.

  19. Yayyy! I found you finally! Haha it sounds odd I know. It’s just that I saw your blog several months ago, and I couldn’t remember the title! So ever since then I tried to find it again but couldn’t. I just happened to stumble upon it once again. 🙂 Great meeting you. And several months ago I made your healthy pot pie and it was very good. take careeee

  20. Thanks for posting a vlog, it’sgreat to have a voice (and expressions!) to the face :-). I loved it, of course! Now that I’ve seen your cookies on the *big* screen I had to go get myself a second helping of breakfast.

  21. Better than Super Charge Me cookies?! Ok, you’ve convinced me I need to make these asap! I’m usually turned off by long ingredient lists too, especially ones that require me to buy obscure ingredients.

  22. movesnmunchies

    ahahah i have never treid SCMC.. but i have heard they are quite legit.. so if these are better!! WOW… and YES even if the recipe calls for like 50 spices.. im like OH HELL NOO

  23. YES to feeling intimidated by long ingredient list. Unless the list is mostly seasonings and herbs, I tend to get put off a little. Until finally convincing myself that the recipe is totally worth it.

    Your energy cookies look wonderful! 😀

    (p.s. The first picture with the barn in the background is absolutely beautiful!)

  24. I love those dark chocolate chips! They’re my downfall.

  25. L

    I have never seen yellow cauliflower in my life. Doesn’t look TOO scary though.

    What is scary are long ingredient lists, unless of course I know exactly what everything on that list is (which I never do, because I’m not too educated). Otherwise I tend to steer clear.

    And those cookies look AAAAAMAZING!!!

  26. YES. Very intimidated. Or when something says “one hour forty five minutes” in a cookbook, I just laugh and turn the page.

  27. Oh gosh, long ingredients list ALWAYS put me off recipes! Esepc if I haven’t heard of half the stuff :/ plus I’m thrifty, and things that cost a lot, I hate to use..which is silly, cos why buy them if you don’t use them? Meh.
    aaah dog hair seasoning – I’m more preferable to cat hair myself, much sweeter.

  28. I have such a weakness for nut based foods 😦 And cookies. These look so good and easy! The cauliflower looks interesting too, I really haven’t eaten much cauliflower. Hm.

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