Bacon. Mmm, Bacon…

I am in metaphorical foodie heaven.

Also known as…a plate full of my soon-to-be obsessions. I think the only reasons none of this is already an obsession is because I didn’t know it existed up until now. Or last night, if we’re talking onion rings.

Chavez Caesar Salad. With Eggplant Bacon.

And a side of homemade bread. (we’ll get there.) Oh and a couple onion rings. I had a few leftover and am rationing them two at a time so I can savor them over and over. I only have two left.

I already am plotting more excuses to “need” to get groceries so I can purchase a lifetime supply of sweet onions.

Fun fact: for just about the entire duration of my teen-hood, say from junior high to high school, you could bet $5 that whenever I’d/we’d go somewhere to eat, I’d be having a caesar salad or a caesar salad wrap. With chicken. Even after learning it had anchovies. And then something happened…maybe it was a caesar salad burnout. Maybe I was just too lazy to want to make my own once I started saving my pennies and stopped eating out for every meal.

But I finally geared up motivation to make a caesar salad (read: wasn’t feeling too lazy to clean the blender) and it. was. phenomenal. I don’t know how Isa thinks of these things, but seriously – this dressing is the caesar salads I remember.

Except better.

And you’d better believe I was picky about my salads. You’re probably thinking I was healthy even back then anyways, but honestly, for some reason I just had an inexplicable attachment to chicken caesar salads.

And then there’s the eggplant bacon.

Does it taste like bacon?

No! It’s eggplant!

Is it good?

Oh hell yes it is.

I was basically munching on it for the entire hour leading up to dinner. I’m lucky I had any left for my salad. I was never a “bacon-on-my-caesar-salad” kinda gal, but apparently I am an “eggplant bacon on my vegan caesar salad” kinda gal.

And here’s the kicker: I can make all of the above but apparently remembering about the bread I put in the oven is too difficult for my brain to handle.

Not to mention my other rookie mistake of completely forgetting to spray the plastic wrap I put over top while it rose, so of course when I went to pull it off I disrupted the entire top of it, beautifully risen and all.

But ohhhhh hot damn, this bread? Best loaf I’ve ever tasted. Hands-down. And unfortunately for you guys, I can’t give you the recipe.


Ahem. I’m sorry. That was incredibly rude of me. But this recipe was so generously passed along to me from a wonderful blogger friend. I’d really love to tell you because these acts of generosity deserve mentioning – but I’m afraid my ugly loaf would be an embarrassment, so instead I will choose to hold off until I make a prettier one.

Which won’t be very far away.

See, I fell in love with L’s idea of making mini loaves, so I halved the recipe and just made a mini loaf. My “problem” was that I’d make a normal sized loaf of bread and feel like I had to live off of sandwiches for fear if I didn’t have at least one a day, the bread would get wasted. Mini loaf? No problem.

Except…it’s almost all gone already. Mreh, well.

And as an aside – I need to publicly thank Jenn for being better support than WordPress is. She helped me figure out a way to publish the site I designed in iWeb for my photography! It’s got some kinks, but I feel so much more streamlined now 🙂 This blog’s gotta be next, though!


What’s something you accomplished today? It took all morning – but I was so glad to get my site up. Far from done, but done enough to be public, I think. And at least better than what it was! I also did a bunch of schoolwork. Grumble.

Do/Did you have a favorite “restaurant meal”? Something you love to order out, but never make at home? I never made caesar salad (of course, I didn’t make myself anything back then!) but as mentioned – always ordered it out!

[Side note: Ask me how happy I was to have natural, real light to photograph my dinner. Go ahead, ask me! I’m so sick of using flash!]


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21 responses to “Bacon. Mmm, Bacon…

  1. So, how was it using natural real light for dinner photog time? Better than flash? :p

    STOP POSTING PICTURES OF RECIPES FROM A.F.R!!! Ohhmygosh, Amazon UK doesn’t have ANY of that book atm!! Seriously! Only from used, and funny prices :/ hence why I am insanely jealous of all these meals :/
    Hmm a favourite restaurant meal…I get different things every time, but last time out, I had a parsnip, chestnut and cranberry terrine which was AHmazing; I wouldn’t mind recreating that 😀
    Btw – hehe! Every night (well, like 3nights running), I go to bed, bring my laptop (to watch 30 Rock whilst I attempt to sleep) and as soon as I settle down, a new post from you comes up. Delightful!

    Ps – check your mail in about a week – a big box from amazon (except…er..not) will arrive….mysterious.

  2. Eggplant bacon = pure genius. Why didn’t I think of that?!

    Slash I need to make my own homemade bread from now on, my gluten-free stuff isn’t cheap!;)

  3. I never would have thought to make eggplant bacon!! That is SO SMART!

    This morning I began catching up in my journel; now I’m actually in the middle on January!! Yeah! 🙂

  4. It goes along with my weird fear of cooking fish, but I’ll always check a menu for a good salmon dish before ordering… doesn’t matter really how it’s prepared, I’ll eat it however!

  5. We love Ceasar salads, and just how do you do eggplant bacon? I usually try to pick something on the menu when I am out eating that I can’t or normally wouldn’t make at home. I really do not have a specific item that I order but the hubster does…steak.

  6. I’m sorry – eggplant BACON!? I need to get in on this.

  7. Hahahaha I love the mini loaf… I did that with the plastic wrap when I made the quinoa bread. So annoying. Anyway, I like mini loaves because that way I can give half of it to someone without having to give them an ugly hunk… looks so much prettier to give an entire loaf. Total mind games. 😉

    ❤ ❤

  8. I am so tempted to make those onion rings from the recipe you linked. Coincidentally, I’m going grocery shopping tomorrow.. 🙂 Onion rings, here I come! And your site looks amazing! You did such a great job on it!

  9. Ohh yeah, eggplant bacon! I meant to try that forever ago but I guess i got pushed to the side. :/ That’s definitely not something to forget though, so thanks for the reminder! As for something I accomplished today? Nothing. No wait, I just finished some physics homework. Woot.

  10. Hi amazing cook! I just wanted to drop by and post a quick thank youuuuu for your amazing pot pie recipe back a few months ago. I made it yesterday and fell madly in love with it. The flavors and textures reminded me so much of my childhood favorite (frozen) dish, I couldn’t stop smiling through the entire meal! So thank you x300, you’re cooking creations are wonderful!

  11. Jess, you really have to stop tempting us with every picture you post. My appetite is crazy enough without it and if I start making onion rings in the dorm room, my roommate will kill me without thinking twice 😀 . But once I get home, this is the first thing I’m gonna cook!

    You think your bread is ugly? How about this one?

    Uglier than you’ve ever thought a bread can get. But ugly doesn’t mean bad. Yeah, I really don’t care how food looks if it tastes good and I’m sure all your “fails” taste amazing.

    Accomplishments today? Breakfast. It’s still morning here 🙂

  12. Scampi would be my restaurant meal that I’d love to make at home…

    Your homemade bread looks really good! I should go and make myself a loaf actually ♥

  13. My family has always made fun of me for my obsession with sandwiches. If there is a sandwich on a restaurant menu, you can bet I’ll be ordering it! Except I make sandwiches at home too, so I guess that doesn’t really answer your question. 😛

    Your site looks amazing, Jess! I’m so blown away by how gorgeous your pictures are.

  14. I baked an ugly loaf yesterday, too! Haha, oh well. It still tastes delicious! I can’t wait for you to share this bread recipe, the loaf looks so fluffy and beautiful!

  15. L

    Hi, I’m a new follower 🙂

    For being “ugly” your loaf of bread looks absolutely delicious – especially cut with a bite taken out of it.

    And that eggplant bacon – I’ve never heard of it before but I bet I’d like it (unlike real bacon :P).

    Love your blog by the way and look forward to reading.

  16. Congrats on getting your site up and running, it’s beautiful! I don’t know anything about photography, but I love the horse shots, obviously…I hope the money starts rolling in 🙂

    Your bread looks gorgeous! It’s what’s inside that counts – especially with bread, no? And I can just tell that one is moist, chewy…yum. I actually hadn’t tasted ceasar salad up until a few years ago, I don’t know, I think maybe because I always disliked white dressings. Cashew ceasar dressing opened the ball for me – so I actually made ceasar dressing myself before I had it away from home, and still like the homemade way better than anything I’ve tasted in a restaurant. I am a little bit scared of eggplant, but after seeing your salad I’ll definitely try the “bacon”.

    By the way…where you happy about that natural lighting for your food-shot, at all? 😉

  17. oatsandspice

    Wow, how creative! The salad looks amazingggg

    Your blog is so cute! I love it and can’t wait to read more… I just started my blog about two months ago – it is so addicting 🙂 Check it out if you get a chance:

  18. Yessss, onion rings! I saw those in the book and knew I had to try them, too. Haven’t yet, though. Soon.

  19. I have to try the eggplant bacon, but I need to do it without soy sauce. That is my hold up with that one. I love that you say it tastes like eggplant! Um, yeah, because it is! Your bread looks beautiful! I want to do mini loaves too. My gluten free loaves need to be mini so T can have little loaves for mini sandwiches. I am so glad you liked it!

  20. Awww, you’re so welcome!! 😀

    That salad + onion rings look NOM NOM!

    Hmm… I like paninis but never seem to make them at home! I need to try it sometime. 🙂

  21. hey beautiful one! long time no “see!” i just thought about you this morning as i was making breakfast and thought i’d stop by to see what you were up to. and can i just say… your photos on your site are INCREDIBLE? girlfriend, you rock out some talent. i hope you are doing well! email me if you get some time and let me know how you’re doing! 🙂

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