You have got to be freaking kidding me.

I’d have cried about this, but I knew then I’d just have frozen tears stuck to my face, which would have put me in no better a predicament as my frozen body was in.

Rather than whine about the weather, though, I’m going to tell you random things about me today. Because I know you’re all dying to learn about my quirks and oddities.

This award – the STylish Blogger Award – has been circulating for a bit now, and has been graciously bestowed upon me quite a few times now from a few lovely ladies – Jenny, Michelle, Courtney andย Natalia (I think I’m missing someone). To be honest, it’s taken me so long to finally join the club and go ahead and post my 7 random facts because it’s always hard for me to come up with good things. You know – real dirt on me. Because isn’t that what you’d rather read? Of course it is! And stuff like that, I just can’t remember. Here’s a freebie: I have such a bad memory/spacey memory that I can think of something I want to look up, pull up a new google tab, and then completely draw a blank as to what the hell I wanted to look up in the first place. Likewise, it’s taken me five days and three pads of misplaced paper (used for jolting my memory) to compile this list. I’ve never felt so narcissistic in my life.

I should say, before beginning, that I’m unsure as to what “stylish” really means in this sense, because when it comes to fashion – that I am not. I’m not sure what makes for a stylish blogger – but I just had to throw out there that if it’s anything to do with how I dress, don’t look to me for advice or inspiration.

Anyways. Onward and upward.

Here are the rules!

In order to accept this award you must do the following:

1). Make a post and link back to the person who awarded you this award.

2). Share 7 things about yourself.

3). Award 15 other recently discovered fabulous bloggers!

4). Contact these bloggers to alert them that theyโ€™ve won!

1. I have a (minor…okay…maybe not-so-minor) paranoia of forgetting to put on deodorant. Every day I drive to work (or anywhere, I guess) I always have this split-second freak out, asking myself “oh my God, did I put on deodorant this morning?”

Don’t worry – the answer is always yes. At least, mostly always. So I really don’t know why I have this paranoia – maybe just because I’m always worried I smell? It’s really random, but hey. That’s what this survey is about, right?

2. This winter I’ve developed a habit of nearly always jogging in place whenever I’m microwaving things. It started as a way to generate more body heat because I’d be cold (hence why I’d be microwaving something in the first place – usually a cup of tea) but I’ve realized sometimes I do it just to kill time faster.

I joked with my mom that I’ve become like the racehorses that pee at the sound of a whistle/bell/whatever so that they don’t run with full bladders. Except I just start jogging when I hear a microwave. (okay, so I’m not that crazy – it’s a joke.)

3. Gabriela mentioned this in hers, but I have to agree – I hate being wet. This means that no, I do not go swimming. Even if it’s really hot out…because once I get my hair wet, my fun is over. And yes, I do shower, in case you were wondering. That’s different.

4. I laugh a little whenever I hear someone say the time is 2:30. I can only think of “tooth-hurty,” a.k.a. the best time to go to the dentist.

5. I know they’re really good for you – but I just can. not. eat. sprouts. I remember trying them (accidentally) as a child on a sandwich – and thought they were a bunch of bugs or something – but the texture made me immediately want to spit it out and cry to my mom.

I didn’t, but I still have awful memories of them. Again, it’s irrational, but whatever.

6. I tend to think the world is out to get me – probably from all of the NCIS/CSI-esque shows my mom watched while I was in the room for so many years. One day after work, I came out to my car to drive home only to find a film canister sort of tucked in/on top of my car door handle. I immediately thought someone was trying to poison me – surely I’d unroll the little note inside only to inhale anthrax or something, rigtht?

Uh, no…it was just some shells my friend brought back from Maine for me. He still teases me to this day…whenever he drives by my work will say he was going to write me a note but then remembered it’d only instill panic in me.

7. On a similar note, I always get really worried whenever I hear our home phone ring. It hardly ever rings, so of course when it does I think I’m in some sort of trouble or something. Same thing sort of goes for my phone, but I think that’s moreso because people always text me rather than call me. So of course when either phone rings, I’m either in trouble with the law or Teddie has broken his leg or something.

I never said I was normal, guys…

So now, rather than pass this along since it’s a little outdated now – I either invite you to share your little quirks and oddities! Either in the comments or your own blog. I love learning new, quirky things about people, especially you guys!


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21 responses to “Stylish?

  1. I love random things…makes me feel not so weird! I happen to love the one about you jogging when you microwave. I do knee lifts when I do anything in the kitchen. You know, like high marching. I can’t do sit ups (do to know having stomach muscles), so I do that to strengthen my lower abs and the tops of my legs. Over the past few years, I actually have definition in those muscles. I too freak out about the deodorant, cause really I don’t want to stink. We have a family joke about 6:02 that was handed down from Tony’s family. 602 is the page in an old Sears catalog where you could see a dudes you know what through his underwear. Anyway, I love your list!

  2. ๐Ÿ™‚ You always make me smile. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Amber Shea @Almost Vegan

    Haha! Great list.
    I have a lot of irrational phobias…not serious phobias, but I guess more like “things that really give me the creeps” – the ocean at night, pictures/footage of underwater shipwrecks, index toes (the toe next to the big toe – it looks more like a FINGER than a toe!), optic nerves, dead trees sticking out of water, the sound of fingernails rubbing on terrycloth, the huge windmills in central Kansas, the word โ€œenterpriseโ€…
    (Stop talking now, Amber…)

  4. HAHA I too think the world is out to get me LOL, Hope you stay warm in this cold cold weather!… Whenever my phone rings it makes me nervous too, I never get calls usually texts lol… the world has changed so much because of technology we need to start calling people more!

  5. I will now probably think “tooth hurty” every time it’s 2:30. Oh dear…

  6. You forgot to mention you put your deodorant on through your neck hole like me!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Congrats on receiving the Stylish Blogger award! ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Haha you always make me laugh! I totally freak/get a little excited every time my phone rings. There are only a couple of people who call me and when I know it’s not them, I get curious!
    It’s hard for me to think of a crazy fact about myself… even though I know that they’re are tons. When I eat, I always save the best part for last. Like the little puddle of peanut butter in oats. And I always tear things when I eat like pizza or a cookie or a sandwich.. I don’t know why.

  9. Great facts! You are so funny ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Tooth-hurty!! haha, I’m going to think that every time now! And the home phone ringing freaks me out, too. I always think I’m going to pick up and hear some deep breathing on the other line or something. :/

    Hope your day at work wasn’t so bad…just think, it’ll be Spring before you know it!

  11. OMG is that the ACTUAL temperature, or the windchill factor?! Because if it’s the actual temperature… I just died for you.

    Loved your random facts!! I’m the same way about the phone… only I’m like that with e-mails or texts or whatever, too. I always think that if someone is contacting me, it’s got to be something awful. (Optimistic, I’m not…)

    And for the record, I hate being wet too. Which is weird, since I love swimming and diving… but I still hate being wet!!

    โค โค

  12. -31! Holy cow, I would die.

    I hate being wet too, like we have a swimming pool in our backyard and it is absolutely gorgeous. But I’d rather sit on the edge or float around on a raft then actually get in! My friends love coming to my house to swim though and they think I’m nuts because I don’t thoroughly enjoy swimming with them.

  13. I’m a neck hole deo person too! And I won’t even comment on the 31 degrees, I think my toes are curling…

    I laughed at the film canisters :-).

    Deo-story: I was on my way to work and had that “flash” omg deodorant…and realised I forgot. One in a million. And it was going to be a really stressful day for sure, so there was no just crossing fingers. I went to a perfumeshop and shelled out for a much more expensive – and presumably subtly citrus-clean-smelling – brand than the no-name brands I’d usually go for, just because I was in a major hurry. So I get to work, put it on – a rollon, so I wasn’t dousing myself – and I’m thinking, hm, that’s a sharp smell…first person (customer) I get into contact with (who is just standing in the vicinity of me) goes, did you just paint the place? There’s a real funny smell…. WHA? I just mumbled something about cleaning products…hahaha…bummer.

  14. Hahaha I seriously burst out laughing at the “tooth-hurty” joke. I think I may have woken up my roommate. Whoops!

    I’m the same way with thinking the world is out to get me. I freak out if I ever see a car parked outside my house. And if I’m running outside and pass someone coming towards me, I always look back behind me to make sure they didn’t start following me or pull out a gun or something. I swear I’m crazy. ๐Ÿ˜›

  15. I actually laughed out loud about “jogging when I hear the microwave”. Which was rather awkward because I’m in a dead quiet library right now. :O
    The whole list is great; you are so funny!

  16. I will never be able to say 2:30 without laughing now…ha!

    I always answer “what is your name” with a really quick “um…Sarah.” Never just “Sarah.” I can’t tell you how many times people have then preceded to call me “Umsah.” Is that even a name?

  17. Love random facts. Your microwave jogging proclivity reminds me of my own compulsion to do push ups on my bathroom sink while gargling mouthwash.
    So a character quirk of mine recently came to light at my new job. I don’t flush the toilet. At least manually. At home I have a bucket of used water, from the sink, shower or dishes, and I use that to flush. There’s no such bucket at work, and so I just went about my business, leaving my business to marinate.
    Apparently, this is not cool. Lesson learned.

  18. You always crack me up – I would love to be able to hang out with you in person!!

  19. This really made me laugh. And made me feel more normal about the deodorant obsession, I used to have nightmares about not putting it on! And I can relate with the 2.30 thing. I can’t even type it without laughing in my head.

  20. WOAH that’s cold!
    Gosh you hate sprouts!? Really? That majorly suprises me!!
    A random about me – my eyebrows are the first thing I dry when I come out of the shower ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. Haha I love it! This is kind of random, but I tried to click on the other girls links and sadly it’s not taking me to their pages ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

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