Calzones and Cupcakes

And so continues the chronicles of the house-arrested Suzie Homemaker,

Doesn’t every Suzie Homemaker start their day with blueberry-orange pancakes and working out with shampoo bottles?

I really ought to get my butt to the store and buy some weights. Big Tresemme bottles don’t work as well as the big butternut squash I was using back when I was obsessed with them. In fact, when I was grocery shopping yesterday, I almost picked two up for the sole purpose of posing as light-weights.

Based on last night’s post, you probably had a hunch cupcakes would be seen today.

You were right. Good ESP!

While everyone’s go-to sources were all wonderful – I ended up with a request for “cinnamon cupcakes.” I immediately thought that this would be my chance to make the Chocolate “Sin”namon cupcakes in ED&BV, thus redeeming myself from making the mistake of leaving out the sugar, but then heard that there was a strict “no chocolate” rule from the individual putting in the cupcake request.

Well, yes sir. A quick tastespotting search yielded snickerdoodle cupcakes and I couldn’t have become more giddy.

Because who doesn’t like to say “snickerdoodle” ten times fast? I mean…I snicker just saying it, really.

I wound up finding tons of recipes that were all basically credited back to Martha Stewart.

Which was all fine and good, considering I didn’t care if they were necessarily “healthy” or not. I mean, they’re cupcakes. Who wants to eat an entirely healthy cupcake, anyways?

…but I just couldn’t bring myself to make cupcakes with 2 sticks of butter and 2 cups of sugar. My hand just couldn’t dig in the sugar bowl that many times, I don’t think. Everytime I tried it started spasming a little and the cup would fall from my hand.

Okay, so that’s a lie. Really, I’m just so used to vegan baking that I know cups and cups of sugar are relatively unnecessary and baked goods are still fantastic whether it’s butter or oil. Using that much just seems a little bit facetious to me.

And so, I followed this Snickerdoodle Cupcake recipe, which is just causing me to snicker even more as they were deemed “out of this world.” I even cut it back to 1/2 c. sugar, intending to frost them with a very sweet frosting, but ended up running out of steam and thinking they were “pretty” enough as-is.

I did end up omitting both of the extracts called for and replacing it with 2 t. of coffee extract, though.

I suppose you’re probably thinking to yourself “I wonder why she didn’t just use real coffee,” and I suppose you have a point. In fact, I asked myself that.

I still have no answer.

I also want to point out that I did not pay $9 as the label looks like it says. I’m crazy, I’m not that crazy.

But smelling this coffee extract reminded me of how I wanted to make my own almond butter, and it was decided I would make coffee almond butter.

Potentially something that could go oh-so-wrong, but it worked. It smells like almondy-coffee heaven, but luckily, the flavor is not too overpowering. I guess I’d even consider it more of an essence than truly tasting coffee-y.

This was my first time making almond butter. For some reason, I was under the impression that almonds were way harder than peanuts, making it impossible for me to make my own almond butter.

Almond butter that was also drippy. Because that’s how almond butter should be.

It was drippy!!! Okay, maybe more like…kind of runny. But definitely almond-butter-esque. I was a proud mama. And hellooo, so much cheaper than buying it. Maybe I’ll go into the almond butter business, after making this for, oh $4 tops when I can’t buy it for less than $10.

I ended up with walnuts in the mix, too.

Just ’cause.

  • 1 1/2 c. roasted & salted almonds
  • 1/2 c. walnuts
  • 2 t. coffee extract
  • pinch cinnamon
  • pinch sea salt
  • pinch maple sugar

It was so good I made an almond butter and banana calzone!

Topped with parsley! The usual, you know.

I didn’t fool you? Darn. Well, if I did make an almond butter and banana calzone I’d probably be too cool for school, so I guess it’s a good thing I didn’t.

I’ve been sort of dying to make pizza lately. Probably because I’m sort of going through a bread withdrawal.

The problem: I had no hummus. I like my pizzas with humnut cheese, thank you.

The other problem? Sixteenth-ing pizza dough recipes is too complicated for my mathaphobic mind.

I sucked it up and did it, though. I used the same spelt crust I’ve used in the past for calzones. I just love the nutty flavor the spelt gives, especially with my humnut cheese!

I saw this new hummus at the store yesterday and decided to give it a try. I’m pretty devoted to Cedar’s as you may know, but I liked trying new things, too! Theย Spinach and garlic flavor, as well as twice the protein, spoke to me too. Truth be told, had I known it was made with more soybeans than chickpeas I probably wouldn’t have bought it, but oh well. It’s really good! I’m all for a creamy texture, and this Nasoya hummus has that – just as good as Cedar’s, dare I say it.

And this is what was really in my ‘zone. Buffalo tempeh!!

…as well as tomato sauce, the humnut cheese, red pepper, parsley, cilanto and red onion. Strangely, the red pepper was what made this out of this world.

I ended up overbaking it because while I adjusted all of the measurements – I didn’t think to adjust the time!

As mentioned, I had to get mathematical with the recipe. While this is not an original recipe, I’m going to go ahead and post the measurements for you in case you want to make a calzone/pizza that’s not big enough to feed you for days on end! I made one large calzone, half for dinner and half for…some meal in the near future. With a side of sugar-snap peas it was just enough!

Whole Grain Spelt Pizza/Calzone Dough

from Bob’s Red Mill

  • 1/2 + 1/8 t. active dry yeast
  • 1/2 t. sugar
  • 1/4 c. warm water
  • 1/2 c. + 1 T. spelt flour
  • 3 T. white bean flour
  • pinch sea salt
  • 1/2 t. olive oil

For directions, see here. I didn’t quarter the sugar amount because I wasn’t sure if it would affect the proofing of the yeast. I also didn’t quarter the olive oil because it seemed like a very minor amount to begin with! Next time I’d probably use a full teaspoon, actually.

This is definitely not a traditional pizza crust – but as I mentioned, I’m a little bit infatuated with it anyways!

And tht’s all! I’m finally going to get to see Teddie in the morning, after him being out of work for almost a week now! He’ll probably be a little monster for me…and while I felt really guilty almost all day today, I guess he could probably use a little “vacation time” anyways. Right? Right. (of course…with it being the arctic again this weekend – as in, 25 below at night and only getting to a high of 5 during the day -he’ll be getting another vacation here soon!)

So the question today is – when you bake for others, do you follow your own “food guidelines,” or just make whatever? For instance – if you’re vegan/gluten intolerant/dairy intolerant/health conscious – do you adhere to your guidelines when cooking for other people, or no? I said yesterday that I didn’t – but when I went to bake today, I realized I do! I’ve nothing against dairy or butter and what-not…I think it was just the fact that I know that copious amounts of sugar and butter aren’t necessary to produce a delicious dessert, I decided to make something I’d be more than willing to eat, too.


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22 responses to “Calzones and Cupcakes

  1. I could not make that either with that much sugar or butter. I have a heart and can’t even serve it to people even if they don’t care. Although the gooey bars are quite sinful and I go all out for those…but I have standards. I don’t always make things dairy free when I bake for others, but I try to make it gluten free for Tony to have. I have started making more and more treats that we all can eat when I bake for others too. I still cook meat when we have company, but I don’t think it is always necessary. I just know my guests and what they would want. Like in this instance…I want that calzone!

  2. Buffalo calzone! I love it…

    With baking for others, I’m pretty willing to try whatever, but I refuse to bake with fruit. Because I don’t really like it, and I wouldn’t be able to tell if it was good or not…

  3. It depends on who I’m baking for. I usually adhere to my own food guidelines, unless I’m baking for the holidays or for my class. You have so many amazing things in this post…can we have a dinner party?

  4. I almost just laughed out loud at the image of you heavy lifting butternut squashes. You are waaaay too cute!

    I don’t think I’ve made a batch of cupcakes or muffins with a full cup of sugar, let alone two, in YEARS! I’m honestly astounded at how much sugar some people put in. I hate saying it too, because I feel like such a prude but it’s true. Hehe.

  5. It depends on the situation – if it’s just me and the Husband, and I only want to make one meal, I’ll make a crust/bread/etc. that is gluten free/vegan. However, I always make a meat dish for him (well 3-4x a week). When I cook for others (like if others come over to the house) I’ll accomodate them. If I go to a party, I bring something I can eat.

  6. Ayla

    2 cups of sugar??? That’s completely unnecessary. I don’t see why some people think baked goods need that much to taste delicious because they really, really don’t.

    I eat vegan 99.9% of the time and I don’t cook any other way. If people want meat or dairy then they’re on their own.

  7. theflourishingfoodie

    I’ve always wanted to make homemade calzones! That awesome that you did, yours looks great. And those cupcakes look to die for! Your photography is amazing as always.
    When cooking for other people I like to show them that healthy food can be delicious, but often times I just make something unhealthy and well “normal” just because I want to make something I know people will like.

  8. Coffee almond butter sounds like the best idea ever. EVER>

    actually so do those cupcakes.

    i want your foooood ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. omato sauce, the humnut cheese, red pepper, parsley, cilanto and red onion, YUM YUM YUM…. the banana calzone looks sooooo good, whats the recipe and directions?

  10. Those cupcakes look just about perfect with the cinnamon baked into the top. They don’t need frosting, which is wonderful! As much as my husband disagrees, I like to eat my cupcakes sans frosting. I guess I’m a muffin girl when it comes down to it! Your calzones looked super tempting too. We just got our pizza stone back so I’m ready to start pizza crafting again! Thanks for sharing, sweet woman!

  11. Pingback: Calzones and Cupcakes | Healthy Exposures « healthy pizza recipes

  12. Gosh girl, your pictures are BOMB! I want those cupcakes!! I realized I try to be a little health-conscious when I bake or cook for others, even though when I think about it, it means the recipient might not enjoy them as much! It’s hard to figure out where to find a balance. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Also–stylish blogger award!

  13. Oh no…good luck with the arctic weather and the off-from-holiday pony. I’m soo glad it’s finally warming up here and hope you get a slice of that as well, soon!

    The almond butter looks just perfect, what a great “discovery”! Hmm, I’d say I sometimes follow my own “guidelines”, sometimes not. I was brought up with a food philosophy that was very much “health before taste”, and I don’t think that gave me a very good start on the wonderful world of food. So I go all out and bring in every kind of veggie I can find for the kids and boyfriend, but otherwise when I shop, I apply a bit of “reverse thinking”. Like I’ll get roasts (I hate big slabs of meat, but the kids gobble it up like nothing else) and pass on the brown pastas and rice – if I was eating it I’d much prefer that to the white stuff, I think it’s so much better tasting (especially rice, the brown’er the better!) but looking at three unhappy eaters and a pot full of leftovers that nobody wants is just not making anyone happy.

  14. I seriously nearly jumped out of my chair when you said you made a banana and almond butter calzone. That would be heavenly!! The pizza calzone you ended up making looks pretty dang tasty too though. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    When I bake for others, I usually tend to go with the original recipe. I’m too scared of people not liking my treats otherwise!

  15. movesnmunchies

    do you make anything NOT TASTY??… its impossible… AH i love your cupcakes and calzone! and when i bake for others i def DONT follow my guidelines ahah… ppl wouldn’t like how i eat!

  16. There is deliciousness spilling from every picture in this post. You had me at cupcakes, but then you threw in the almond butter and TWO calzones. Vegan calzones. You deserve a medal.

    It depends what I’m making things for!! If it’s just an everyday whim that causes me to bake a treat for someone, I make it vegan. If it’s a birthday cake or something else really special, I throw all health and rules out the window. I want my “special” baked goods to be REALLY memorable, and that usually includes lots of butter!

  17. Now I know I said I don’t like flavored nut butters, but COFFEE nut butter? I may be singing a different tune. That sounds phenomenal!

    I don’t like really sweet things and I try to limit low glycemic foods because it helps to manage my health problems, so sometimes that leads me to make things differently for others. But I do enjoy butter, white flour, and sugar! I just have it when I want it, not necessarily every time it’s in front of me.

  18. Man I can’t get over your skillz in the kitchen – those cupcakes are PREDDY!!
    I tend to do a bit of both re rule following; I often bake vegan + healthy for my mum (she appreciates it), my sister gets the unhealthy stuff (she hates my ‘vegan crap’ normally…), my step dad has whatever is on offer and my mum’s work get whatever I fancy baking – healthy, vegan, unhealthy, a request from someone…they’ll take anything :p I just like the challenge!

  19. Whoa, you were crazy busy today! Everything looks delicious! I’m thinking I have to try making snickerdoodle cupcakes, they sound too amazing!

  20. Beautiful pictures . These healthy ingredients make for fresh tasting outcomes! Perfect recipe!

  21. Alex

    Just stumbled upon your blog and like it already. I love the hummus-cheese idea! And thanks for a pizza crust recipe it won’t take me seven days to eat.

    I cook healthiest for myself, but when baking for others I still cook healthier than “normal.” Even more than butter or sugar, there is just absolutely no need for eggs in baked goods, and it blows my mind when I come across a cake recipe calling for 6-12 eggs!

  22. Snickerdoodle cupcakes sound wonderful! I need to try them some time
    and that almond butter omg! yum

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