It’s Always Science

With stories running rampant about our zodiac signs changing (they didn’t) I dished up some fun information on food astrology.

Because there’s a science behind everything these days. Like how the Bruins won last night not because of their sheer talent, but the alignment of the stars with the moon.

(…but we all know it’s really due to their sheer talent.)

Anyways. This was a new one to me. I don’t put much…faith…into what my horoscope says, but sometimes I get a kick out of reading it, you know?! So when I learnt last night that I was no longer a Pisces and was an Aquarius, I threw up my hands and said “That’s why I didn’t like the broccoli!”

what, Jess?!

For what it’s worth – the zodiac signs changing was just misinterpreted information. While I thought last night that I’d become an Aquarius overnight, I now know I’m still a Pisces.


So what’s that mean about me in terms of our favorite subject, food?

“…Pisces will enjoy what everyone else is enjoying, even if they told you last week they ‘don’t like broccoli’ … a creative sign, they’ll probably enjoy whipping something up right along side of you in the kitchen…” [source]

“…they should eat food that are rich in iron, dired bean, apricots and peaches. Avoid too much of salty diet.” [source] Fact: I ate dried apricots like it was my job today.

Pisces should reduce the quantity of salt they eat. Iron phosphate, meaning iron, is the mineral specific to Pisces. When the human body doesn’t have enough iron you become anemic and the transport of oxygen in your body is less effective, the heart beats become irregular, the blood pressure drops and inflammations might appear…Pisces should avoid drinking coffee and alcoholic beverages.” [source]

“Each zodiac sign rules certain parts of the body. Pisces rules the feet, toes, mucous membranes, nervous system and thalamus. Pisces will be healthiest if they eat a balancedΒ diet of fresh, seasonal food…Recommended proteins for Pisces are liver, lean beef, lamb, egg yolks, oysters, kidneys, dried beans, lean broiled meat, chicken, fish,Β natural cheeses, yogurt and nuts…Recommended fruits and vegetables for Pisces are beet tops, spinach, onions, lettuce, raisins, dates, prunes, apricots, peaches, grapes, apples, lemons and oranges…” [source]

Verdict: Keep drinking a lot of water (I do) and stop using so much dang salt.

What’s your horoscope? What’s your “food astrology” say about you?



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17 responses to “It’s Always Science

  1. that astrology stuff is so crazy. to say that we’re totally defined by the sign we’re born under and then just change it.haha. whatever, I’m a gemini. I’m never becoming a Taurus. (No offense to any taureses… tauri?… out there.) Time to check out my food astrology. πŸ™‚

  2. Mine was totally wrong! It said that I am a fast- foody! Pshhhh whatever!
    I eat as healthy as a 16 year old can eat! ( not quite, but close enough!)

  3. Okay I must admit that I am a Scorpio and it is dead on when it comes to me! I have never checked my food astrology – going to do that right now!

  4. Huh! I’ve actually NEVER heard of food astrology, but I looked up all of the ones for Leo and they’re pretty spot on!

    Astrology has always been one of my favorite “weird” things to learn about..I once had a horoscope daily calender that was ALWAYS correct. I swear by my horoscope;)

  5. Interesting! I’m a fine believer of astrology πŸ˜› Time to check cancer’s food horoscope. πŸ™‚

  6. I’m an Aries & I had no idea there was all this food astrology stuff. Apparently, I’m supposed to eat potassium-rich foods and avoid too much salt & liquor hahaha. It says that I’m supposed to looove red meat & spicy food. Both of which I don’t! But it does say that I benefit from lots of raw energy (because Aries is a fire sign) aka raw foods. That’s pretty cool.

    I take all this with a grain of salt though. You should be able choose to be whatever sign has the qualities you WANT to be as a person anyway. You determine who you are. Don’t let anyone or anything determine what you SHOULD be (or eat). πŸ™‚

  7. I have never heard of food astrology but it sound fun! I’m looking mine up right now. It’s crazy how everyone freaked out about their signs “changing.”

  8. Geez, these astrology rumors have been driving people INSANE! And it all ended up being false info. Luckily I learned it was a rumor the same time I had heard about it so the original “omg, I’m now an aries” panic didn’t last long lol.

  9. Haha! I nearly lost it when someone told me that. I was like, “There is NO way I’m a virgo now. My sister was always a virgo!” I am definitely a Libra through and through πŸ˜› No, I don’t read too much into them… but I will always ‘feel’ like a libra. Does that make sense?

    I’ve never heard of food astrology, but if there’s any rhyme or reason to it mine would probably say tahini and date addict. Hehe.

  10. I’ve never really been one for astrology either, but often what I read about my horoscope is true! Haha, like this I just found for example:
    “they are not overly competitive”
    “health-conscious Virgo makes an effort to stay physically fit and Virgo people don’t mind repetitive exercise routines, if they can see achievable outcomes”
    Both of those are totally me! Haha, niiiicee.

  11. Even if the signs are changing, I don’t mind being a Virgo. I am as pedantic as only a Virgo can be and my ascendant is Virgo anyway. Plus my behavior has always been so different from the one of the other Libras I know that I’d be happy to be out of this zodiac identity crisis πŸ™‚ .

    As for food astrology, I don’t care what is recommended for my sign. They are wrong about my sweet tooth and fast food affection so they will probably be wrong if they tell me to stop eating my favorite food, too.

  12. ahah food astrology!! i must check this out- neveer heard of it!

  13. Thanks for Opening my mind up and explaining “food astrology” I need to check this out more! P.S. love your blog just came across it and it’s awesome!

  14. So our signs didn’t change? Phew! When I found out, I started having an identity crisis! πŸ˜‰ Haha, I’m kidding. I’ve never really believed much in horoscopes.

    Food astrology sounds like it would be fun to read about though. I wonder if it says anything about Geminis being obsessed with bananas? πŸ˜›

  15. Colleen

    I am a Capricorn (woot woot!) and apparently my “Celestial Living Arts Botanical symbol” is a BEET. Grreat. I’ve never tried them, and honestly, I’m don’t have a hankering to. haha In addition I am responsible and disciplined (I’m really not; I think it’s alluding to the fact that I’m gonna have to be for midterms :P) and my food is flaxseed. I do like flaxseed in smoothies and green monsters πŸ™‚

  16. Haha, that one hit the nail on the head for me. I’m a capricorn and apparently I am supposed to eat a lot of raw veggies with an emphasis on oats and greens..hello, could it be any more right? I am not a zodiac follower, but I find food facts fun!

  17. Interesting stuff!! I was always an Aquarius , but now I’m a Capricorn. I have to say it makes WAY more sense- I’m not a water person at all!! I really don’t but any faith by astrology though, so it doesn’t matter to me πŸ™‚

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