Hummus Crepes

UHHH…apparently I’m a little…greedy.

21″ computer screen sounds totally reasonable, right? Larger than most, even?

But bigger is better, right? Go big or go home? So why not just get the 27″ screen, right?

I’ll show you why not – because 27 inches of computer screen is totally unnecessary and no one needs a computer that large. This could serve as my television, for Pete’s sake! Oh, well.

I’ll probably have a crick in my neck for the first week of iMaceration (uh, that was intended to be the conglomeration of the words iMac and operation, but it turned into maceration, as in to chew, not as in iMac operation as intended.) but at least I finally have my iMac, after years of threatening to throw my “i-hate-life” PC off the deck after working with the happy-go-lucky Macs at work and school all day.

…but of course there’s the desk dilemma, and since ms. Mac has no place to live until Thursday, she’s living in her cardboard box and I’m using my mom’s i-hate-life PC still.

Name suggestions for the new baby are welcome.

How does one celebrate new motherhood? Hummus crepes, that’s how.

Because the only thing better than hummus in its’ natural form is hummus in crepe form. d’Oh.

I saw the idea for hummus flatbread while I was browsing Food Network magazine last weekend. I’ve been sort of phasing out of bread lately for reasons unbeknownst to me, but there are still times that call for a bread-like-vessel. Like today. When I arrived home from the barn, I was hangry, and really wanted to try the hummus flatbread but didn’t have the patience to flip through my giant blue-binder-of-recipes where the recipe resided.

So, I just mixed some hummus with some flour, nooch and water and prayed to the hummus Gods that it would at least sort of work. The worst that could happen was I’d have hummus mush, right? Not so bad, right?

Alright, so I got too zealous withthe fillings to make a real wrap – but it still worked! And was pretty amazing. It actually got crispy, which I wasn’t sure would happen. Crispy on the outside, with a creamy hummus inside. el perfecto! Next time I’d probably just use a bit larger of portions so I can get a full wrap 😉

I whisked together 3 T. forty spice hummus, 2 T. oat flour, 1/2 T. nutritional yeast and probably 3 T. water while preheating a skillet over medium heat. Greased the skillet with a little earth balance before pouring on the hummus mixture and spreading it out pretty thin. Before flipping, spray the top with a little cooking spray so it doesn’t stick. Cook until golden on both sides.

The mixture should be similar to the consistency of a crepe – not too runny, not too thick.

And remember how last time the B’s playedI mentioned how I almost made Boston baked beans to jingle good vibes? Well, I didn’t end up making them. And they didn’t end up winning.

They play Montreal tonight so I knew jingles were necessary. Enter: Veganomicon’s cheater baked beans. I entertained the thought of another recipe, bt if there’s one thing I’ve learned about baked beans, it’s that you dn’t mess with a good thing.

To be honest, I don’t know what classifies baked beans as Boston or otherwise, but lets hope this works.

Or maybe you can hope it doesn’t – because if they win tonight I’ll probably decide eating baked beans every night we have a game is the way to go. Not only will you guys get sick of seeing baked beans, but my family will probably get sick of me eating said baked beans.

I don’t think I’d get tired of eating them, though.

I feel like all I talk about lately is hockey and Mac computers. Maybe tomorrow I’ll tell you about how I found Teddie dressed up in a penguin outfit today.

(p.s. You have until noon tomorrow to enter the date syrup giveaway!)


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27 responses to “Hummus Crepes

  1. I REALLY want to try those hummus crepes! what fillings did you put in your little crepe sandwich??

  2. Macs are the best 🙂 And I’d totally enter your giveaway but I live in Canada 😥

  3. hummus crepes? GENIUS! How about naming the baby “my mom is a genius”.

  4. Hummus crepes?! I want to try! But, I might get some weird looks from the fam…

  5. I’ve found my tum is much happier without gluten so I’ve kind phased out bread, too. However, I totally agree with you that sometimes you just need a little bready goodness. I can’t believe your hummus flatbread is made with some of my favorites, oats, hummus, and nooch. It’s almost too good to be true! You, my friend, are a genius… and I mean a genius genius because you came over to the bright side (aka Mac world) so that makes you doubly amazing. The sweet P&baked beans sound quite yummy, too. Homemade is always best :). (Angela from OhSheGlows has a great recipe for them!)

    Have a lovely day!

  6. A wrap made out of hummus?! You’re killing me Jess! That looks absolutely divine.
    Congrats on the iMac! I love mine, and I just know you will too. As for name suggestions, I think Maxwell would be appropriate 😛

  7. Yum! Hummus crepes sound amazing. I must try them soon. Congrats on the Mac! I got mine last year and love it.

  8. You can make veggie burgers / “meat”balls, sauces, flatbreads, thick or thin dips and sandwich spreads and now crepes out of hummus. Is there really anything you can’t do with hummus? Erm… well, as I was typing this comment the idea of “smoothie” came to mind as I was challenging my question and now I’m tempted to try it just to prove myself wrong… 😛

  9. Hummus crepes sound so good… I love hummus!

  10. 27″ screen is pretty large….

    Hummus is AMAZING! Hummas Crepes are INCREDIBLE!

  11. Heh, I have the 27″ iMac, too, and I DO use it as my television (well, for Hulu and Netflix — I don’t have a regular TV).

  12. Aaah, so jealous of your new toy! *__* You’re totally going to have to sit across the room and use it like a tv! It’s massive!

  13. hahaha, you’re right, Imaceration sounds like you’ll be gnawing on your new computer. How can you leave it in the box! I’d be on the floor with it – *sigh* thinking of when I’ll get to replace my old desktop computer. For now, it’s my tiny laptop, and the desktop occasionally when there’s anything visual to be done :-(- But I’m sure the world is full of people making awardwinning, high definition, creative stuff on…stone tablets, or whatever. At night. While working 80 hour weeks in the daytime. I’ll quit whining and (attempt to) get my butt in gear :-). What, the horsies had an Antarctis theme party and didn’t tell you?

  14. DANG that is a large computer!!i NEED to have those hummus wraps!!!

  15. Good gosh, hummus crepes? You have outdone yourself in the imagination stakes – that is GENIUS! If only I had hummus 😦
    Lovin the Mac 🙂 my last laptop was a 17inch screen and I thought that was big..yours musst be giant!

  16. Hahahaha you bought the mack daddy. The one people stare at when they walk into the Apple Store and say “man, who would ever buy that?” I love it. And hey, you probably can figure out a way to watch TV on it too!!

  17. The wrap looks awesome! You are such a genius in the kitchen. 😀

  18. Hummus crepes, what an awesome idea! I’ll be making that pretty soon!

  19. Your hummus crepes looks and sound wonderful. What a concept!
    What kind of filling were in them exactly?
    I happen to like big computer screens too!

  20. Wow – these look and sound amazing!
    Can I sub the nutritional yeast for something else?
    I couldn’t find it in my grocery store (keep in mind that I live in Brazil)…

  21. This is genius! I can’t wait to try it with my homemade hummus. I never thought to make bread out of hummus, maybe it will be like socca?

    Anywho, obnoxiously large iMacs are my thang, use it as a vehicle for Hulu and Netflix and you won’t regret it:)

  22. Tony is definitely of the opinion that bigger is always better when it comes to screens! I don’t know how you can wait that long to play with it. The crepes look delicious! I love playing with hummus in things! Definitely adds an incredible flavor component! I hope you are staying warm this weekend!

  23. if you’re not in to the 27-incher, I’ll totally trade up my baby 13 inch macbook pro. Just something to keep in mind 😉

    Those crepes are RIDICULOUS! Are they sturdy enough to use “panini style”? I bet they would make a banging grilled cheese!

  24. Hummus crepes! I wish I would have thought of that! And I am a PC to Mac convert- I will never own anything BUT a Mac ever again! Love them!

  25. I love how you’re so adventurous in the kitchen! I’m always too afraid of failure to try out new things without using a recipe. 😛 That hummus crepe sounds amazing!

  26. Amber Shea @Almost Vegan

    Hold the phone – how have I not thought of this?! Must add to my arsenal of awesome-random uses for hummus! Very nice 😀

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