U R 16

I loved all the different answers to the resolution question!! Seems some of us love them and some of us hate them.

I have nothing against resolutions, but at the same time, don’t like the thought of needing an “excuse” to set goals. If I want to work on improving something, I should work on it when the thought strikes, not wait until the turn of the year!

..that said, I’m really awful at taking my vitamins and calcium and so it’s my “resolution” to work on that.

In case you were wondering, I’m failing already.

Yes, Eeyore and a stuffed german shephard sit above my bed.

I mentioned yesterday how my mom and I painted my room. Not a lot of thought went into the process, we just grabbed some leftover paint in the back room and green it was. The “organizing and re-doing” continued into today after seeing Teddie.

Am I the only one who feels guilty throwing away cards? I do, I can’t help it! It was rather cmical digging throughΒ the shelves in my closet that I forgot I had.

Now I’m just on the hunt for a computer desk for mr. iMac! It’s proving to be easier said than done…I guess I didn’t think of that aspect when I made the decision to get the 27″ screen vs. the 21″.

I won’t regret it when I can count the pores on my client’s faces this year.

Wait, is that a creepy thing to say? Sort of. Either way, I’m more anxious for this mac to get here than a two year old is on Christmas morning.

All the organizing was made better by the thoughts of what was gettin’ sappy in my oven. Susan mentioned a little bit ago how much more superior oven-baked sweet potatoes are than microwave baked, which made me realize I’m more apt to roast sweet potatoes “low and slow” rather than just throw them in the oven whole. Um, yeah, won’t be making that mistake again. After splitting that baby open and dipping in hummus or BBQ sauce, I was in. heaven. Paired with some BBQ tempeh to get my protein on.

Ever since buying this local tempeh, I don’t think I can ever go back to Lightlife. Same goes for the local tofu I had – never going back to Nasoya!

That’s not to say I didn’t make a total bomb of a meal with it the other day, though. This Kung-Pao tempeh was dreadful.

I do this all the time: want to think I like some sort of cuisine/flavor/what-have-you, and even though I know I don’t, convince myself to try it anyway.

I wanted to believe I would like Chinese if I made it myself, so I followed a recipe in Cooking Light for Kung Pao Chicken, simply swapping the chix for tempeh.

I hated it. And I don’t use “hate” lightly. I liked the fact that it was over bulgur. And I liked the fact that I decided to add peas. And I liked the fact that it has peanuts on top. The onions and the sauce? Hated. with. a. passion. Didn’t help that I made a batch for two meals out of it, so I was just trying to choke down the tempeh and not wasting it.

Someone come make me Chinese that I’d like. I don’t think I hate it all because I remember having this peanut-chicken dish in Boston once that I enjoyed. It was at a “real” Chinese restaurant though, which are few and far between around here. And I very strongly dislike soy sauce.

Moving on.

Never, never did I ever think Guy Fieri would encourage me to make something. But, I’ve been buying more magazines lately due to the computer sitch, and the FoodNetwork Magazine made its’ way to the register with me yesterday.

I’ve nothing against the man, but I think it’s safe to say that our cooking perspectives differ slightly.

When I saw he had a recipe for pretzels, though, I had to give it a try.

For a little while, I thought I’d be blogging about two failed recipes…

…because I sort of struggled with the recipe directions. I’m not sure if they were incorrect, but it never stated that they were supposed to rise? But that didn’t make much sense to me, so I went ahead and let them rise once after forming the original dough. Even after, I was expecting to be making pretzels the size of my face, not pretzels the size of a Rold-Gold mini.

Luckily, they got a little larger during baking. I don’t think it helped that I accidentally used just about all white whole wheat. Again, the destructions tricked me.

My mom asked why they didn’t look like Guy’s and my response was simply because I’m not cool enough to be Guy. So maybe they didn’t come out perfect, but remarkably, they were received well and enjoyed by all of us.

I almost made English muffins again, but then I thought that soft pretzels would be perfect for tonight’s game. Yes, I was thinking to make a giant pretzel in the “B” logo, but totally forgot until after they were all formed. Official fail of the NHL. Whatever.

Did you make any resolutions this year?

What’s your favorite soft pretzel “dip”? I love dipping them in honey mustard! I’ll probably give hummus a try, too πŸ˜‰



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24 responses to “U R 16

  1. No resolutions this year – just a few goals.

    I loooove soft pretzels! It reminds me of when I was younger and we would get them whenever we went to the mall. Cinnamon sugar was my absolute favorite. Now, I’m a honey mustard kind of person!

  2. I don’t have pretzels often, in fact it’s been years since I had one last, but I loved dipping them in yellow mustard! Now that I know they’re “makable” I’ll have to consider trying this myself! πŸ™‚ Enjoy your new computer, Macs rock πŸ˜€

  3. I like the cheese for sure! lol
    Or just butter and salted! haha supaa unhealthy. so worth it.
    and I think they look awesome!

    I have several new years resolutions. I’ve been working on all of them lately and this is just to write it down kinda and get my thoughts and goals out. So they are on my blogg!

  4. Yep, I’ve definitely got a few goals this year. Nothing is written in stone, but I think the ones I’ve come up with are attainable!

    Sweet potatoes almost any way are awesome, but oven-baking them gives them this syrup-y, butter-y rich flavor, no? Love it!

    I can’t remember the last time I had a soft pretzel, but I think it’s so cool that you made them! You’re absolutely right, perfect spectator food. I’ll be watching the Winter Classic tonight, even though the weather looks a bit yucky.

  5. Ok, roast those sweet potatoes low and slow in coins, and then make E,D&BV’s black bean orange hummus. Then slather a good dollop of the hummus onto the warm or cold sweet potato coins and tell me that they don’t taste and feel like some kind of moist orange pound cake dessert. If you tell me they don’t you’re lying. Or I’m just really weird. Or both. Either way, do it, I did it during Christmas dinner and I did it will all of the leftovers. πŸ˜›

  6. Ugh, I hate making pretzels. I tried once, in my early baking days, and ended up throwing the dough; it was the stickiest most crap filled mess I’ve ever made! One day i’ll try again..one day. i’ve never actually eaten a pretzel though :/
    I have resolutions along the lines of ‘graduate’, ‘run a sub23 5k’, ‘cook more’, ‘find self’ and ‘sort life out’. Not sure how they’re gonna go :p

  7. OH! And I ALWAYS keep old cards! I have a big old box of them under my bed πŸ™‚ along with ticket stubs, notes etc. I’m a hoarder πŸ˜›

  8. I don’t throw away old cards either! They just get stuffed in a box in the back of my closet…
    I haven’t had a soft pretzel in ages. But, I love them plain with those huge salt granules, lol. Or maybe with cinnamon sugar. ❀

  9. I have the same thoughts on resolutions, girl!
    Hence my resolutions for 2011 are not making any resolutions – you know, just go with the flow and being happy. Listening to my body and heart.
    Happy New Year!

  10. Mustard is always the best pretzel dipper. My high school caf sold them for 50 cents at morning break in high school, and we’d always get them and dip them in yellow mustard. I’m craving one now!!

    Also, thank you for the reminder to go take my calcium πŸ™‚

  11. you have such talent in the kitchen. once you master making pretzels, you know you’re a pro. I wish I had a local tempeh spot; that’s incredible

  12. I made goals, not resolutions! But what’s the difference, really? Haha!

    Wow, the pretzels are just so pretty! Good job!

  13. I still have old junior high notes my friends and I would pass around. They’re still fun to go through! haha And you’ll love your new computer. Although I’ve never been in front of a screen that big, it’ll definitely help with your photography.

  14. What kind of recipe did you use for your tempeh?? I have been working with it more latley and am looking for new recipes. Even if that one wasnt very yummy maybe it can be altered! πŸ™‚

  15. purdy pretzels… and bamboo cutting board =]

  16. no way you did not just make pretzels!! from eng muffins to these- girl you ROCK!

  17. A tip for the vitamin thing – try to eat them right after breakfast. If you keep at it, it will become a habit, and your body absorbs them better with food in your stomach anyway. When I first started I always used to forget, and now it’s second nature!

    I can’t believe it took you this long to roast a whole sweetie in the oven! It makes a huge difference, eh? That’s my favourite way to eat them!

    My favourite soft pretzel dip was always the cheese… which isn’t so much real cheese as it is cheese wiz. Hah! I haven’t had one in years though.

  18. Those pretzels look prettier than Guy’s to me! And yes, whole roasted sweet taters = life changing.

    I don’t save all my cards, but the really meaningful ones I hoard in a box under my bed! I would feel really guilty throwing them away, haha.

  19. Whole oven baked sweet potatoes are the best! They’re just like candy!

    I have the same problem with Chinese food. I’ve had kinds like that I like before, but yet whenever I try to make it, it turns out terribly! Maybe it’s all that MSG that restaurants use that makes their Chinese food taste good? πŸ˜›

  20. I think your pretzels are way nicer, and I’m sure they were delicious! I love saving cards, but I go through and keep the ones that are sentimental to me. I do have shoe boxes filled with tons of them though!
    Happy New Years!

  21. I am not going to lie, I totally love dipping soft pretzels in that fake nacho cheese dip! πŸ™‚

    I totally feel guilty throwing away cards too! I have a huge box of them in my room that I am going to have to go through sometime when I move.

  22. I feel bad throwing away old cards too! I didn’t make any resolutions but I did make a goal to heal quickly because I just had back surgery and to return to cardio/weights slowly and without injury.
    Happy new year!

  23. Happy New Year! πŸ™‚

    Resolutions, goals… I make them every year and then forget about them until the next New Year’s Eve. And most of the goals are so indistinct that it’s hard to tell whether I’ve achieved them or not which makes them quite useless, doesn’t it?

    I’ve never made pretzels, but I’d try yours. They don’t look like a fail at all.

  24. I’m the exact same way about throwing away cards. Sometimes I’m cleaning out my desk and I come across some cards I’d saved from years ago, and I sneakily throw them away so no one sees me doing it. And I’m so jealous of your local tofu/tempeh. Around here we only have one or two brands of each- and none are anywhere near local. The pretzels also look mouthwatering!

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