Foodzie December!

I loved reading everyone’s joke. Each one brought a smile to my otherwise gloomy day.

I’m out of bananas, if that explains anything. Can’t have that happening.


1/2 c. quick oats + 1 c. unsweetened almond milk + 2 t. chia seeds + vanilla extract – topped with blueberries + roasted almonds + almond butter.

Can have hot oats happening, though.

It was 0 degrees when I woke up this morning. Don’t want that happening.


1/4 c. quick oats + 1/4 c. rolled oats + 1 c. unsweetened almond milk + 2 t. chia seeds + vanilla extract + frozen blueberries – topped with granola + coconut milk yogurt + almond butter

And so, naturally, blueberries have been making an appearance in breakfasts. Reminder of summer…and from right down the road, too – not imported across the country.

The total downside of winter is that pretty much any form of produce has traveled around the world to get to me.


For this morning’s oats, I broke in to my Foodzie goodies. I enjoy Foodzie because it acquaints me with foods that I wouldn’t otherwise a. know about, b. purchase, or c. even think to purchase. Those are all good and bad things.


I really enjoyed this granola, though. I don’t buy granola often since I can make it, and bags last so long around here. I like granolas that aren’t really clumpy, and this fit the bill!




And then, of course – there’s stuff I wouldn’t necessarily buy, but am more than willing to try. Like these oatcakes and chocolates and caramels! And I am so excited to try different salts. They’ve always intrigued me, but I have never used anything other than sea salt!


Not a fan of these caramels, though. The passion fruit flavor really turned me off – way too fruity for the chocolate and caramel. I’d have loved to try the carrot cake, though. Ah, well. I’ll give the rest (along with the beef jerky) to my mom.  She’ll be happy.

Or not. She’s not a chocolate person either and I don’t know how she feels about jerky. Whatever. I’ll find someone who will appreciate them.


And in case you were wondering, that eggplant did cook – and I’m glad. It provided lunch and dinner yesterday and lunch again today.

I cannot wait for this weekend to go much-needed grocery shopping and to bake. Or at least cook something. I have been seriously scrounging for reasonable lunches and dinners this week.

Oh, and p.s. Teddie started his own blog!


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18 responses to “Foodzie December!

  1. I have a strong feeling towards mixing fruit and chocolate.
    That is all. :p
    Well, actually, happy weekend! 🙂

  2. I love Foodzie! I hope you have a great weekend Jessica! Hopefully lots of baking!

  3. Not only is he gorgeous, he knows how to write quite well too. You have quite a horse there!

    Good luck with the baking and/or cooking. With the 12-16 inches of snow I’m supposed to get I’m hoping I might be lucky enough to do the same – assuming the snow wolves and cold temperatures don’t get me on the way to and fro work that is. 😛

  4. I never heard of Foodzie, now I have to go check it out. And I LOVE Teddy’s new blog!

  5. It hasn’t really snowed yet here in NY, i want snowww!!! ;] !! lol…love the blueberries in your breakfast oats, i always tend not to eat berries in the colder months, i’ve been lovin dried blueberries as of late though! and wow….don’t even know what to say about the beef jerky chocolate ahh lol ;P but carrot cake chocolate sounds good to me! + that granola looks great! happy weekend & happy holidays love, enjoy baking and shopping!


  6. Love Teddie’s blog!!!!!!! Perfect weather for hot oats!!!! It is so cold here in New York too – perfect weather for baking too!!! Have a great restful weekend!!

  7. Ohhh good stuff in this month’s box! Granola and oat cakes..can’t go wrong with those 🙂

  8. I’m looking forward to baking this weekend too! Woohoo!

  9. mm to hot oats in the winter…i have had hardly an time to make my lunch..i’ve been doing pnt butter and honeys a lot!!! aw…teddie got his own site!!! gotta check that out now! 🙂

  10. I got to bake all night tonight, I was in my zone!

    I always get so depressed when there’s no more bananas, and this happens a lot!

  11. movesnmunchies

    yummy oatss! except I’m looking down into my bowl right now and noticing how my nut butter scoop is COLOSSAL compared to yours.. hehe .. OOPSs!

  12. First of all.. I can’t WAIT to follow Teddie. Hehehe. What an amazing idea 🙂

    Second of all, you have my mouth watering to make something with eggplant and tomato sauce for dinner.. and it’s only 6:50 in the morning!

  13. I almost had a banana crisis! But luckily I managed to replenish my stock in time for breakfast this morning. Phew!

    You get such neat stuff through Foodzie! Even if you end up not liking some things, it must still be fun to get to try them out.

    Have a good weekend! I hope you find some time to bake. 😀

  14. I hate when I don’t have bananas 😦
    Love your foodzie goodies, they look awesome. Mhm, caramels…

  15. Teddie’s blog is adorable. It’s about time the champ extended his fan base 🙂

  16. running out of bananas is no good!
    what a box of yummies.

  17. Teddie’s blog is ADORBS!! You two are tooo cute!

  18. jen

    Love the oats. Yummm!!!!!


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