Hot Oats

Everyone seems to love sugar cookies, based on answers from yesterday’s question! I found that funny – I hadn’t even thought to make a sugar cookie. Guess we know what recipe I’ll be trying next, eh?


I’m so happy because it’ finally snowed and stuck to the ground! Yeah, that power outage? Wasn’t from anything exciting. It was from so-called “wind.” That’s in quotes because for the strength of the wind we had, we should not have been out power for so long.

*insert eyeroll here*


I was getting a little worried we weren’t going to have a white Christmas. I just love freshly fallen snow, though. Sure it gets old, and sure I thought I was going to die driving home last night – but I love it.

It just makes me dizzy when it’s blizzarding at night and blowing at your windshield full force when darkness surrounds you because Vermont doesn’t know what street lights are. I got so disoriented a few times I almost pulled over.

I probably should have, but I also had stroganoff calling my name.


Apparently, the snow makes Kaia feel the same as I do. Just wanting to stay in bed.

But, ‘tis the season, which means I’ll be working more than I usually do.

The next best thing to sleeping in? Hot oats.


I’m so ready to have rotten tomatoes thrown at me, but I’m going to say it anyways: I think I prefer microwaved quick oats to old-fashioned stovetop oats.

Sorry. But not really. I also have some more time to make them in the morning (not that microwaving takes more than five minutes) because I have two less ponies to feed in the morning.

Yep – I mentioned we sold Georgie…but while the power was out, there was a new development – and we found a woman who wanted them both. The woman who wanted her first ended up thinking she was just going to “try” her without paying for her.

It’d be nice if that’s how things work, but it’s not. More important than money was finding them a good home, though – and we are so happy they were able to find one together. And their new home? Gorgeous. They are in heaven right now!


Anyways! Microwaving oats. No where near as pretty – but I’m thinking just as/more yummy. I still whip a banana in, of course Winking smile

Current kick is cranberry sauce, too. I made a new batch Sunday with a little less sugar. Lub it.

Which do you prefer – quick or old fashioned oats? Microwave or stove top?


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27 responses to “Hot Oats

  1. For me, it’s old-fashioned oats in the microwave. I’m not a fan of “creamy” oats, although oat bran is one of my favorite breakfasts!

  2. I prefer old fashioned oats soaked in milk and mixed with goodies (not cooked). Recently discovered it and am in love. I go through a big canister of them in no time.

  3. Nothing beats hot oats on a cold morning!!!! I usually make my oats on the stove – ive actually never tried to microwave them!!!!! Glad to hear the ponies have a good home. The snow pictures look beautiful – i just wish it wasn’t so cold!!!!!!!!

  4. I only buy instant oats, but I haven’t cooked them in the microwave for a while! Haha, I just think they turn out better on the stove. I think I’ll try the microwave tomorrow!

  5. teenagehealthfreak

    i gots to have my stovetop old-fashioned..but i honestly think i like steel-cut even better. but i will microwave if i must…..
    wow..snow!! so pretty…i don’t see that too often…

  6. I don’t really prefer either, I’ll take whichever one I have and have time for. Honestly, I usually make them in the microwave because I don’t have time for anything else!

  7. Overnight oats in the summer, hot oats in the winter… always stovetop.

  8. Glad you have power now and aren’t too frozen! I almost always make my oats in the micro. It’s just faster and, personally, I don’t think they taste any different.
    Yay, cranberry sauce! I love putting it in my oatmeal too (and in my yogurt, and on a pb sandwich, and mixed with cream cheese on a bagel…)!

  9. I’m just getting into oats, I’ve only reached the overnight oat stage, slowly but surely will soon graduate to cooked oats like these! thanks for the inspiration!

  10. Dee

    I’m an old fashioned oats kinda girl!

    and snow! It always looks so pretty when it’s first fallen! 🙂

  11. I’m dreaming of a white Christmas… And right now I want to be a dog named Kaia 🙂 .

    I don’t have a microwave so stove top for me. They’d better be quick because I eat them directly from the bag way too often but if I understand correctly what quick oats are, mine aren’t 😀 .

  12. I love stovetop oats but microwaved oats are the bomb!! And when you cook liquid egg whites in them.. amazingness. Makes them SO fluffy!

  13. Amber Shea @Almost Vegan

    I like my oats either instant or steel-cut. Quick and old-fashioned oats always wind up gummy for me; don’t know why.
    Is that PB&J oatmeal you’ve got there? Excellent choice.

  14. I am not an oats girl (I know this is almost like food blog blasphemy). I probably would love anything that you created though. I had to eat oats during my travels to Africa…and 8 weeks of eating completely bland and unflavored hot mush made me a bit hesitant to try the stuff again! Thank you so much for sharing. I’m glad your ponies have a pretty new home. I hope the rest of your week is full of joy!

  15. movesnmunchies

    old fashioned and on the stove top for sure! but i must admit- i LOVE oat bran 🙂

  16. Ashlei

    Stove top, stove top, stove top! 🙂

  17. Little Bookworm

    Old fashioned oats and stove top. 🙂

  18. I’ve honestly never made oats in the microwave. It just seems to strange to me! Your cranberry sauce looks awesome though… like really thick and wonderful jam 🙂
    I actually haven’t had real oats in a looooong time. I’m currently hooked on oatbran!

    Congrats on the new owner for the girls!

  19. Stefanie

    Microwaved old fashioned oats. Sometimes i will cook them on the stove top. That snow looks cold. 🙂

  20. If you like snow, you should come here! My classes this week have all been cancelled because we’ve gotten more than three feet of snow in the past 3 days!

    I’ve never even tried making my oats in the microwave! I actually kind of like the long, slow process of making them on the stove. 😀

  21. I didn’t try stovetop oats until about a year ago, and I think that they’re the ONLY way to go!! Soooo delicious and creamy and fluffy…yum. Though instant packets are good in a pinch too- I always bring them with me on vacation!!

  22. I used to prefer instant in the microwave until my mother-in-law brought me old fashioned and I ate them just because I had them. Lately, I have been really enjoying the texture of the chewy old fashioned oats in the microwave.

    I am so glad the ponies found a home together!

  23. Um.. guilty. I have never once made stove top oats. My microwave and I have a pretty intense relationship. He’s never let me down. I do like old fashioned better than quick, though sometimes I’ll mix em’ a bit to add more spark to the relationship 🙂

  24. microwaving oats is so great since it’s fast and easy! but on the stove is nice too. both are awesome 😀

  25. Hey Jessica, your oats are pretty even if they are microwave oats. I prefer stove top, course oats, but that’s what I’ve eaten since I was little. Sometimes preference is a matter of habit-me thinks;)
    Oh, and I love a nice buttery sugar cookie. Indeed!
    p.s. Your site looks really good. I can’t tell what’s different, but I like it:)

  26. I def. prefer old fashioned oats on the stovetop…makes me feel all wawrm and cozy preparing my morning meal 🙂

  27. I don’t actually really know the difference between stove top and microwave oats :p I mean, I know you get those skanky oats that come in instant packets, and I don’t like them – is that the diff!?
    hahaha, I love that you say you were worried you wouldn’t have a white christmas! England hasn’t had one for about 30yrs!!! We NEVER get snow over christmas 😦 it sucks!
    Soo glad you got the ponies a home together, that’s awesome 🙂

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