Where in the World is Jessica Exposures?

fallen off of the face of the earth?

…eaten by Teddie?

…taken to the cleaners by the angry customers at work?

…curled up in bed fighting the plague?

No. Not yet, at least. Just powerless. Well, I’m not powerless anymore, but up until last night I was. It was miserable. It was cold. I’m still walking into rooms without turning on the lights because I don’t expect them to work.

Coming home to a house that was warmer than the 48 degrees it was for the past three days was as monumental as the day we upgraded from dial-up internet to DSL.

It’s not easy to sleep when you’re shivering, you know.

Luckily, however, we have a gas stove.


Don’t be fooled by how light it looks. My shutter was open for more than a second (which is a significant amount of time in camera speak) and I was cooking with a lantern by my side.

Making oatmeal, of course.


The left is what it looked like to me. I’m trying to make you guys feel like you lost power with me. But if you’re not into eating food you can’t really see, maybe the right picture, lit up by my flash, is more your style.


The first night, I was grateful to have leftovers in the fridge to draw on. You know, “well, no power’s fine for now – I  was going to use my leftovers up, anyway!”

I waited all night for the little beep and lights turning on, expecting to be rudely woken from my not-so-comfortable slumber on the couch near the fire. Then I would retreat to my freezing cold room to sleep until morning.


Uh, yeah, that sound never came. I just woke up because I was uncomfortable, and finished the night freezing in my own bed since the fire was out anyways.

I was so grateful for instant coffee. And once again, a gas stove, upon waking.


Naturally, hot oats made an appearance. Multiple times. Even for dinner.

This came in handy when a “no opening the fridge!” rule came into act.


…which meant there was one point when they were just made with water, which wasn’t particularly wonderful but hey. At least I still had food, and was only freezing cold and powerless, not hungry, too.



There was lots of reading.

There was lots of “it’s only 6:00?!?!”

There was lots of complaining.



At one point, I stopped at the store on the way home from the barn, figuring if I bought a bunch of water and “supplies” to entertain me through the power outtage, we would have power when I got home.


Murphy’s Law, right?

Well, it worked!!


it only worked for a twenty minute teaser. Long enough to celebrate power being back…only to go out for another day and a half because we live in the boondocks ad don’t even have the privilege of running water and heat.

There was lots of lugging water bucket after water bucket up a hill from the pond for the horses to have drinking water.



There was lots of huddling warm bowls of oatmeal and hot cups of coffee or hot water in long underwear, hoodies and winter coats.

There was lots of “I need a shower!”s.

And when I did get a shower at the college gym it was cold.

I’ve had a great past couple of days.


At least Everyday with Rachel Ray has a crossword. I can’t stand really difficult crossword puzzles.

They’re just cruel.


I even had to breakdown and finally eat a frozen dinner for lunch at work.


And when I came home to power last night, I couldn’t have been more ecstatic to see a porch light and make kale chips. And browse a new bread cookbook.

And take a shower.

And crawl into a warm bed.

Please, Vermont, no more power outtages.



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23 responses to “Where in the World is Jessica Exposures?

  1. That sounds like such a nightmare! The only thing I hate more than feeling hungry is feeling cold. 😛 I can only imagine how much that must have sucked at the time. But in hindsight, it was kind of like a fun adventure!

    I hope you’re nice and toasty warm now! 🙂

  2. Oh my goodness, I can’t believe you survived without power for so long! We had a power outtage that lasted only 2 hours and I was going crazy!

  3. Ayla

    I feel your pain! We’ve actually been so lucky and had no power outages this year since Hyrdo has reinforced our powerline poles (or whatever they’re called) but until 2 years ago we lost power all.the.time. We lose water but we do have 2 wood fire places so we never get cold.

    Hopefully your power stays on!!!

  4. Oh my gosh! So sorry to hear about the power outage.. I’m just glad you’ve thawed out enough to post tonight. I missed you!!

    I haven’t had the power go out on me in years! It used to happen all the time in my old town because it was insanely small and in a valley. I totally remember the ‘no opening the fridge’ rule. Haha!

    And for the record, I always make my oats with just water. I’ve tried it with milk, and almond milk but I just don’t like it. Crazy, huh?

  5. I’ve never had a power outage for that long, so I can’t fully comprehend what you went through, but my extreme dislike for cold and sub-par food makes me realize it wasn’t fun. I’m really glad to see/hear that your power is back and that everything is all right and nothing too serious had happened to you.

    And the whole “It’s only 6:00?” mentallity is exactly what I go through. At first it’s like “Ok, cool, I can live without electricity, no problem.” I play guitar for a bit, read something, and then after a while I’m done, I’m bored and I’m irritable. Crossword puzzles are a blast though. 🙂

  6. Oh no!! I was wondering where you were – I even came here yesterday because I thought I might have missed something in my reader. I was worried – don’t you ever do that to me again! 🙂

    Why was there a power outage in Vermont anyways?

  7. As someone who lived without power for two years, thanks to the lovely combination of a condemned house and an eco-Nazi boyfriend, you have my empathy. Glad you plugged through it, and glad you’re warm

  8. What a horrible 2 days!!!!!!! I’m so sorry to hear how cold it was – im sure it must have been miserable!!!! Glad to hear you have power back and that you and the family survived – i really was getting worried!!!! Enjoy the rest of your weekend and stay warm!!!!

  9. Awful! At least it is over with – no more power outages! Freezing sleep is wicked awful stuff, so I empathize. 😦 Sip lots of warm drinks and enjoy your victory over the freezer. Ick!

  10. I can’t stand power outrages…esp in that freezing weather!! Holy cow, that must have been a horrible experience…I used to live in a place where the slightest storm would cause bad power shortages, and I always faced a rainy day with dread.

  11. mal

    ahh you poor thing!!

  12. I was also wondering why my reader was empty. Now I understand. No electricity for days sounds bad. Considering where I live, surviving a few days without electricity, a few weeks without warm water (warming up basins of water with an immersion heater to take a shower) and as long as Russia decides it’s necessary without gas (which means no central heating in the middle of the winter and a freezing me buying the first sweater in my life) isn’t a big deal but it sucks anyway. I hope you feel warm and cozy again 🙂 .

  13. Little Bookworm

    Sorry about the power not working! Glad you are ok and posting again.

  14. I wondered where you’d got to! I must say, you have ALL my sympathy – we had a power cut the other week for 3days. It was AWFUL. But you did a better job of keeping entertained than I did – those photos are SO atmospheric, espec the cat/book one – I love it!!

  15. wow, what a trip to the stone-age! And ha – I laughed at your comparison with dial up internet, sometimes when I grumble about a twosecond waiting period for a webpage, that old dial-tone from the modem comes to mind, how did we manage? So it turns out, oatmeal is the answer to yet another of life’s crises…

    Smart thinking getting supplies to tease power back, that would have been my strategy too…want sun? bring an umbrella. Glad to hear you got back on(power)line, though 🙂

  16. Ughhhh I would have cried. I hate being cold more than ANYTHING- you’re a very very brave girl, my dear!! Here’s hoping you have a winter without more outages 🙂

  17. Wow, that sounds terrible! And kind of exciting to read about….. but probably not for you haha. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced a power outage for that long. Most of the ones here are only a few hours or one night at the most. I hope it doesn’t happen again! Especially when it gets even colder!

  18. Ashlei

    I’m so glad you got your power back!

  19. Oh no! I’m sorry 😦 Sounds like Vermont pulled a Laura Ingalls Wilder straight from “The Long Winter” on you. Hopefully this is the one and only this year!

  20. Ohh I’m SO glad you’re okay! I was getting quite worried!! You have the greatest sympathy from me, I can’t imagine how horrible this experience must have been for you..I would have just cried! You are a very brave girly to stay strong and stick with it as positively as possible 🙂 I’m so so glad that you’re back warm and safe though. xxx

  21. teenagehealthfreak

    i’m glad your back and okay!! i kinda got a little worried…yeah..at least you had food! and thank goodness for a gas stove..we have one too! 🙂

  22. Janene

    Totally random, but I’m in love with the bowl you put your oatmeal in… ya know, the creamy ivory one with that lovely floral/leafy pattern? Seriously. I want to marry it. Where’d you find it?

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