Banana Love & Being Proud

Before we get started – I ought to clarify something for the sake of my ego. A lot of people felt bad for my seemingly terrible bread-baking skills…but I’ve actually had good luck bread-making lately! See: here, here, here, here, here and here.  Oh, and here – though that one looks like it fell a touch but I’m thinking it’s more the fact that my mom baked it wrong Smile with tongue out 


Don’t mistake this for vanity – I certainly don’t consider myself a skilled yeast bread maker yet – but I definitely think the breadmaker was main cause for my fallen loaves before I started making them by hand. The ironic thing is that the mountain bread wasn’t a typical yeast bread with two rises – it was just go and bake! When it was the consistency in which I would typically add more flour if I was making a yeast/knead bread I didn’t, because I figured it was meant to have a more batter-like consistency. I think maybe since it was a recipe translated from another language, I just had a liiiiitle bit too much liquid!


Sorry for that. Not a gloat, just a little sensitive. After so many troubles with bread making I’m kind of proud of the fact that I can make a decent loaf by myself now Smile with tongue out

I mean, we all need to be proud of something – vanity and modesty aside. What’s something you’re proud of and want the world to know? Or, are proud of and working on letting the world know?

I’m usually pretty self-conscious – and never want to come across as gloating or vain…so even writing the above is a big step for me!

But anyways. This has nothing to do with bread.

Today has to do with bananas.


You all probably know how fond I am of the funny yellow fruit. I really might as well be a monkey. Not only do I rely on bananas mashed up in overnight oats, or on top of my waffles or pancakes – I also love to use them as a sweetener in baked goods (and cutting back on the other sugars) or as my afternoon snack (dressed up in peanut butter, of course) or as part of my night-time snack, sliced with a bowl of millet puffs, cinnamon harvest, almond milk and sunflower butter.

and I’ve been out of bananas for the past three days. I had banana-less breakfasts. Banana-less snacks. Banana-less carrot graham muffins. Banana-less cereal.


This made me do crazy things. In the above picture, not only am I combining fresh figs with cranberry sauce – I’m combing fresh figs with gingerbread cornmeal pancakes. It was a little weird, and after I realized how weird it was, had to pick them off and eat them plain.

Luckily, that had no ill effect on the gingerbread pancakes, but I still don’t know what inspired me to be so weird.

It must have been the lack of potassium.


So then this morning, it called for desperate times.

I broke into our top-secret stash of freezer burnt blueberries that we picked this summer. These babies are so good, we save them for the depths of winter to bring a little summer lovin’ into our lives.


The joy that is fresh blueberry pancakes immediately ceased my sadness over being banana-less.

I don’t think there’s anything better than fresh blueberry pancakes. Blueberry Cornmeal pancakes, no less.


In case you haven’t noticed, why yes, yes I do eat my pancakes with a dessert spoon.

What?! Don’t look at me like that.

Of course, now that I’m not in mourning for not having any bananas – I replenish my stash.



I had two driving home. And if anyone tells me I eat too many bananas and am going to get fat, I’ll knock you over the head with my bunches of bananas and then rub the peels all over your hair. And the offer you some of my vitamin B6.

Oh, sorry. That was a little harsh. It’s just one of my pet peeves.

What’s your favorite fruit?

What’s a “diet rule” that drives you crazy?

(I should clarify that I do understand certain diets because of diseases or conditions requires limited starchy foods/sugary fruits. I’m talking about “lose weight fast!” diets that say bananas encourage weight gain.)

And now I’m waiting for Rudolph to come on T.V. It’s tradition to watch it…or at least have it on while doing other things…humoring my lovely mother.


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34 responses to “Banana Love & Being Proud

  1. I’ll go bananas with you lovely baked goodies! Those photos are excellent!


  2. The Atkins diet pisses me off. I understand that some bodies work better with more protein than carbs (or vice-versa), but any diet that tells you to eat as much bacon as you want but no fruit is just backwards.

    Ahhh the sweet berries of summer…how many months till they’re in season again?

  3. Stand on that soapbox proudly, Jess! Hehe.. I’m glad your proud of your bread-making skills.. because you should be! I know I am almost always am drooling over your fresh bread pictures, which means you’re definitely doing something right!

    What am I proud of? My writing! I’ve recently started trying a little harder with my writing – both in the blogging world and outside it – and I am really proud of it! One day, I WILL show the world by writing a novel. That’s a promise 🙂

    Favourite fruit? Dates. Haha.. leave it to me to pick the one with the highest sugar content.
    Diet rule that drives me bonkers? That eating fat will make you fat. Seriously.. if that were true I would be the size of a house with all the tahini jars I empty!

    PS. I eat everything with a dessert spoon 😉

  4. Atkins is definitely one of the diet trends that I can’t stand. I just think you need a rounded diet. anyway, I never doubted your bread making ability. I am with you…I like them dense and chewy! I need to see when Rudolph comes on! We are watching Surviving Christmas with the boys right now! I love that movie! Have a great night with your mother!

  5. I’ve been out of bananas the last 3 days too! I’m going crazy, I. Need. Bananas. Hopefully I can get to the store tomorrow!

    A diet rule that drives me crazy is the “low or no-carb” diets! Ugh! I overheard my mom’s overweight friend telling her how she is avoiding carbs, but carbs give us energy! It’s good to watch how many you’re eating but you shouldn’t avoid them, that will make you crave them more!

  6. I was once told that I shouldn’t eat bananas because of all the sugar and my reply was, “But I eat bananas BECAUSE of the sugar!” …dumbass hahaha. I’ve spent so long depriving myself that I can’t stand it when someone else is trying to tell me what to eat. It gets me so angry! I have to say that my favourite fruit is the banana, too 🙂

    I, too, eat everything (that’s in a bowl, mind you) with a dessert spoon 😛

  7. Well, I have never doubted your bread-making skills – all of your pictures look amazing! lol

    Personally, I can’t stand ANY of the so-called fad diets! Most of them don’t really make sense anyway and they definitely don’t sound fun (cabbage soup for every meal? grapefruit juice cleanse? psh).
    And bananas make you fat? Hah! I’ve had a banana as part of my breakfast almost every day since I could chew.

    Anyway, hope you enjoyed Rudolph (and your bananas)!<3

  8. teenagehealthfreak

    lol. you are funny. i love bananas too!!! i’ve heard people say “don’t ever eat more than one in one day” i’m like psh. whatev. oh…but it’s okay to eat like 3 desserts? whats better?? ahah. honestly my fave fruit now is..persimons. theres just something about them that amaze me. they’re like a fruit that works as a sweet sauce. for anything. i love it. they are good. i hope you get to try one one of these days…i’d send you some but i don’t know how to do that …b/c i’d be afraid they’d be mush when they arived…they are really really really mushy when perfectly ripe…..and all the ones i had are almost at their peak, maybe there are some more on the tree..if the squirrels didn’t get ’em!!! grr…anyway….i hate those “low carb” diets…like HELLO PEOPLE..carbs are like bulk of our energy…..not to mention comforting..and fibours when eaten correctly!!!!! 🙂 (((almost))) everything in moderation, is how i roll.

  9. Dee

    Oh my gosh! YUM YUM YUM! 🙂

    My favorite fruit is grapes. Or mango. But I am certainly loving Persimmon right now though. Bananas too. 😉

  10. I love when people say they’re completely cutting out carbs. Little do they know “carbs” are actually in everything….

    I loved Rudolph! We had it on a VHS with a couple other christmas specials that we’d watch over and over. I’m pretty sure the tape was starting to get bad… how weird is that thought? lol

  11. I can’t imagine a day without bananas – and if anyone thinks bananas make you fat, they’re crazy. If I don’t eat banana in my breakfast, my eye twitches the rest of the day. No joke.

  12. reminds of that Gwen Stefani song: this s— is BANANAS! 🙂 I love a really good pear or a friendly cherry. They make the world sweet and delightful. I want to be an excellent bread maker. Seriously, the bread you make looks scrumptious~! I’ll have to try one out with an exotic flour (well, for me, anyway).

  13. Frozen mangoes are my favorite fruit hands down, but I still love almost all other fruits (sans melons, not really fond of those). Nice job on your bread, you’re going to be a pro soon. 😉

    And any sort of diet rule found in a magazine that claims you can lose some quantity of weight that equals out to about 4+ pounds per week just kind of irks me.

  14. I’m actually glad to know there is someone out there who is as banana-obsessed as I am. I basically decide when to go grocery shopping based on how many bananas I have left. I usually only have one for breakfast sliced up in my cereal, but it’s a must!

  15. Oh my God girl, I totally get where you are coming from! If I hear one more time that bananas are “fattening,” I may poke my ears out. And bread. Holy crap. Actually, I can’t stand it when people say anything is fattening…um it’s all about moderation people.

    Oooo I have to watch Rulolph, Home Alone, The Holiday, and a Charlie Brown Christmas every season. Have to!

    And girl, be PROUD of yourself!!! I can’t bake bread to save my life.

  16. Wait, people felt sorry for your seemingly “bad” bread baking?? Did I miss something? You’re breads always turn out amazing!! Yeah, they had a few bad with the sinking problem..but geez, even those looked incredible!

  17. raspberries are my favorite fruit…but I also need bananas in my life, almost daily. Yeah, pretty much all low carb or low fat, high protein diets frustrate me…

  18. I am a big banana lover, too. I just need my banana sandwiches and even if they could make me fat, I’d probably eat them anyway.

    I really hate all narrow-minded ideas of what can make you fat. In the end I was losing weight while still eating more than the other girls around me. People must understand that everyone has different needs regarding food. I eat tons of carbs and don’t get fat. If this is what my body likes, who cares what others think?

    Dessert spoons ftw! I’d east almost anything with a dessert spoon. Maybe not soup because it would be too slow but eating a pancake with a dessert spoon is nothing new for me 🙂 .

  19. I am AWESOME at parallel parking. That’s the first thing that came to mind, heh.

    Most annoying diet “rule”? Food combining. My god, what a CHORE. What fun is a meal that only contains one macronutrient, anyway? No thanks!

  20. Almost all diet rules drive me crazy (but I particularly don’t like the “Don’t eat after eight” rule.) And to your bread comments…you have been rocking the yeast bread lately! Despite setbacks, you keep on trying and that is what makes a good baker, great! After reading your post, I’m very glad I have a banana for my morning cereal. Thank you so much for sharing. I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday.

  21. Hmmm, great post. I laughed at your pet peeve…I think mine is just about every ten-line article about a new study or other showing some infallible way to better health/weight loss. I have a fit when the boyfriend reads another and always go into lecture-mode, telling him why the article is biased, only seeing half the issue, stupid, wrong, or all of the above, haha 🙂

    I don’t know what Rudolph is, but I love things that are tradition, or things that you repeat because they are shared memories, and you are experiencing them together. It is so cold and dark, we need every little bit of warmth from the inside we can get! 🙂

  22. Ashlei

    All last week I was craving bananas and thinking about bananas. I couldn’t get enough of them!

  23. Ahh 3 days without bananas? You poor thing! 😉 I think my addiction to bananas is getting sick… I will drive to the grocery store just to buy bananas if I run out!

    One diet rule that makes me crazy is “Don’t eat after 7 pm”. I always get the night time munchies and I will eat when I want to, thankyouverymuch. 😛

  24. omg, I LOOOVE picking blueberries! I haven’t gone for years (maybe even over a decade!?), but it used to be a tradition when I was a kid – my family went every summer! So cool to have your own stash, too : )

  25. you so should be proud of your bread making skills, it looks picture perfect 🙂
    Ive always wanted to give bread ago, but it seems so difficult and a specific method. Got any tips? 😉

    Hope you are ok and have had a lovely day
    Love Jess xxx

  26. What I hate most of all is just that diets are EVERYwhere — magazines constantly assume you’re on a quest to lose weight. I get e-mails from Runner’s World all the time about creating a ‘leaner, faster you’. Arg. But I also have an eye roll when people go out of their way to cook/bake gluten-free when they have no intolerance. I love experimenting with ‘alternative’ grains as much as the next foodie, but I see people who put unnecessary restrictions on their diets without any health or ethical reasoning.

  27. I apologize for what I am about to say….
    You know what Gwen Stefani would say to the banana/fat comment? “That shit is bananas. B-A-N-A-N-A-S!”

  28. Lili Agrell

    I think diets are just annoying. If you eat when your hungry, stop when your full, and fill your plate with wholesome healthy goodies you dont need to “restrict” anything. I leave the work up to my bread maker 🙂 hehe.

  29. Things that drive me crazy are when people tell me fruit has too much sugar. It’s fruit. It’s okay.

  30. If bananas cause weight gain then I would weigh 500 lbs…no joke!

  31. Ohmygosh I so nearly missed this post – it was embedded in my reader amongst about 10posts from neverhomemaker, and I clicked it thinking it was one of their ones. I thought ‘wow, she’s really channeling Jess-style photos and her food looks a lot like Jess’…wow, she even linked to Jess’ blog!’ Then I realised like, just now (ie the next day) that it was your post I missed…yes, long story.
    Favourite fruit? Overripe bananas, blackberries, sharonfruit, dried dates 🙂
    Diet fad hates? Anything that tells you to cut out a food group! Good gracious.

  32. jen

    Yummm. Bannaas! I used my last one in the husband’s oatmeal this morning. I cried at my bananaless oatmeal of my own this morning 😦


  33. Thank you so much for the graham flour! I just received it in the mail, and I’ll be putting it to good use this weekend…very excited. 😀

    I’m with you on those “diet rules.” I’d have to say the one that drives me the most crazy is to not snack after 6 o’clock. Obviously, snacking on everything in the pantry isn’t such a grand idea. But having a little bite to eat if you’re hungry is just listening to your body. I never truly did understand how this one came about.

  34. I remember reading about a fast food diet. About how you can eat fast food and still lose weight. Blech. What a lack of nutrition!
    Being vegan I always get a lot of weird looks, misconceptions and fearfulness about discussing ‘non-vegan’ things around me. I’ve never been a militant vegan, by any means. In fact I don’t even talk to people about it unless they want to. Regardless, lots of people have misconceptions about food. As this current ‘food movement’ is part of our society (Michael Pollan, SlowFood, Eating Local) I hope that more people will gain an understanding of what it means to eat well and join us.
    Thank you 🙂 Blueberries.

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