Ohhh, baby…busy day!


And busy days can only get started in one way – cornmeal pancakes! And these cornmeal pancakes can only be topped one way: with sunflower seed butter, banana, fresh fig and sunflower seeds.


Holy guacamole. I think I need to move to wherever figs are grown. Where are figs grown? Does anyone who has a fig tree want to adopt me? I’ll live under the fig tree if you need me to.


…even if they do smell funny. Ironically, I remember purchasing som fig-scented hand lotion once and was so ticked off at how funky it smelt. Little did I know – figs actually smell like that. A little musty/dirty? Kind of?

Anyways. I had the day off from work, but still kept myself busy! I went right to the barn to ride after breakfast, and then volunteered myself to help my mom get some work done so she could get out and get home quicker. We grabbed some Subway while we were out, after much worrying on her part as to whether there’d “be anything I could eat,” like I was an old woman who forgot her dentures at home. I’m not sure what she was so worried about… As I said – even if there’s nothing on the menu, any place should be able to throw some veggies and a condiment between some bread and at least tide me over. A turkey sandwich without the turkey.

It actually really hit the spot – I was starved from riding Teddie, cleaning out his run and helping my mom clean. And was only $2.75. Normally? I’d complain about there “not being enough choices” (which is totally true – but you’ve already heard me complain about the lack of restaurants) for too much money. Couldn’t say that in this instance, even if I could have made better at home Smile with tongue out

I didn’t get home until 2, and had plenty to bake…so I hopped to it.






Except Iiiii’m not telling you my final recipe choices until tomorrow.

I’m sure some of you can guess what I made, though Winking smile






…how much do I love baking and cooking? Beyond words.  I can’t wait to do it all day tomorrow, too. Why can’t Thanksgiving/a special occasion be every week?

And randomly, apparently my mom’s been thinking I’ve been vegan all this time. I didn’t realize this until this evening, when she asked if I’d brushed the rolls with butter.

…oh, wait, I guess you can’t do that…”

Huh? I can do anything I want! *cackle, cackle, cackle*


Ironically enough, with all that baking and cooking for tomorrow, I just had leftovers for dinner Winking smile I. will. stop. with. the. sweet. potatoes.


I made these roasted chickpeas last night, and had a few left. They were uuber creamy and garlicky – a garlic fiend’s favorite! I mixed them up with a big clove of mashed garlic, red onion, and italian seasoning. Baked for 15-20 minutes and it’s love.


My two favorite condiments as of late. I love this Grandpa Jim’s BBQ sauce! And even though I am traditionally a roasted garlic lover’s hummus freak, I’m strangely fascinated with Garden Vegetable lately. And yes – always Cedar’s, as you well know.

What are you making for Thanksgiving?

What’s your favorite place to eat out?



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14 responses to “Prep!

  1. Amber Shea @Almost Vegan

    Whoa whoa, what is that bread? Love the way you knotted it!

    Haha, how funny that your mom was under the impression you’re vegan.

    T-Day isn’t really my thang (I’m a comfort food hater), but I do see myself indulging in some pecan pie, mmm.

  2. I wish I had endless amounts of money and time so I could cook and bake EVERY DAAAAY!!!

  3. I don’t really know how to explain it, but I can totally tell how much you love baking just by the care you put into it 😛 Lolll, it’s weird to write out. You just seem so passionate about ingredients and stuff, it’s a lovely thing! And the things you make look (and for sure taste) amazing!
    I don’t celebrate thanks giving, actually but it sure looks like fun! Enjoy your weekend 😀

  4. Ayla

    Don’t stop with the sweet potatoes! Ever. Because they are amazing.. and I’m insanely addicted to them too. Sweet potatoes every day is the only way you can happily live life!

    Guess what kind of hummus I just bought 15 minutes ago? ROASTED GARLIC. It is definitely delicious.

  5. I made pecan pie cupcakes for tomorrow… they are amazing.

    Aaaahhhh how I love the holidays…

    Have a great Thanksgiving! 🙂

  6. I promise to send you fresh figs next year when my parents tree has them fresh!!!!
    I too am looking forward to tomorrow – im making roasted butternut and delicata squash topped with roasted chickpeas and brussel sprouts. I also am making a roasted veggie soup as an appetizer to bring to my parents house!!
    Hope you have a great thanksgiving!!!
    The bread looks fabulous – i wish i was less intimidated by making bread!!!

  7. teenagehealthfreak

    you can come live over here, fig trees are really common!!! and pecan trees!!! and persimmon and pear trees….sometimes pomegranite trees too!!! 🙂 your pancakes look amazing. i made those this morning..but i added pumpkin and they just weren’t the same…they kept me really full too!!! i think i may try them like this though!!! i guess it would work with dried figs…my freezer stash off figs is gone. 😦 i’ve made a pumpkin pie so far….and cranberry sauce…we have a lot to do yet trmo!!!! i agree, i love the holidays!!! i love baking/cooking!!! soo funn.

  8. I love baking and cooking too! I can’t wait to find out what you made, whatever it is it looks delicious. I’m making a sweet potato casserole, green beans, tofu (for me, my family is having turkey), whole wheat bread, apple streusel pumpkin blondies, and cookie dough balls. I’ve been busy! I had the day off today so I did a lot of the prep and will just have to throw everything into the oven tomorrow. Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. Oh figs…
    My great-grandparents had a fig tree and I remember picking them right off the tree growing up. They are grown all over upstate SC where I am. But you can only get them for a very short period of time 😦
    I’m making a chocolate bourbon pecan pie, a caramel cake, and the dressing… can’t wait!

  10. It’s already Thursday here so I will start with Happy Thanksgiving!” I hope you have a great time cooking and celebrating with your family.

    I wish we had Thanksgiving but we don’t so no special cooking for me today. Nothing more special than scrambled eggs with green onions.

    Fig trees… I am pretty sure that the figs were decaying on the last fig tree I saw because no one bothered to gather them. This tree would love to have you as an owner 🙂 .

  11. My parents just got a fig tree, but it’s still very small, so too soon to say if it carries fruit in our climate. Mmm, figs. Your pics in this post are so beautiful! I’ve been reading so much about thanksgiving prep lately that I feel like thanksgiving dinner myself, hahaha…except I don’t get home from work until ten-ish…Happy thanksgiving, again!

  12. I don’t have Thanksgiving this weekend because Canada’s was last month 😛 I guess I will just have to live vicariously through the blog world this weekend. My mom is going to wonder why I am in such a holiday spirit. Haha!

    Glad you had fun prepping. I can’t wait to see how everything turned out and read the recipes. That vegan comment made my laugh hysterically. Have I ever told you how much I adore your ‘I have no label’ label?

    My favourite place to eat out is at a specific Chinese restaurant… but you already knew that 😉 I will learn to make shrimp curry at home one day. I will.

    Happy Thanksgiving!!
    PS – The roasted chickpeas? Are they crunchy or soft? For some reason I think if they were crunchy that would turn me off :/

  13. I love Subway. It’s pretty much one of those only healthy “fast food” places around here. Ditto on wishing they had more options though! Some hummus and avocados would be nice additions!

    I think my favourite place to eat out is the sushi place that I go to every week. I don’t mind spending the money there since I know I couldn’t make it myself!

    Have a great Thanksgiving! I’m sure all your dishes will be a huge hit. 😀

  14. I loved seeing those fresh figs on your pancakes. Aren’t they just amazing? I want to move where the figs are too! I’ve heard that in CA you can just pick them off the road. Yum! I hope you are having a wonderful day with your mom..Thank you for sharing, my dear. Happy Thanksgiving!

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