Gettin’ Figgy Wit’ It, Chapter II

You guys gave me so many awesome replies to yesterday’s plea! I now have a more solid idea for the rolls and the butternut squash, the two things I was unsure about.

I started prep today, with cornbread. And shopping.


For all I’m making, I knew I’d have to strengthen my bond with all-purpose flour. I’m not about to make whole-wheat-everythings. Maybe I like it, but this time I’m not cooking for me.

…which is okay. But in these instances – I’d still rather have unbleached white flour and sugar. Butter instead of margarine. Olive oil instead of vegetable. And so on.




Ironically, I still decided to make a vegan cornbread. But hear me out – it’s really good! I wasn’t going to, but finally reasoned that since it’s in an actual cookbook and not pulled offline, I had a better chance at success.

That and, the cornbread is for the stuffing – so I wasn’t stressing too much. If it’s not absolutely astounding, it’s not as big a deal as if we were just eating it plain.

And even though I just said I wasn’t caring much about “healthy” in the traditional sense for Thanksgiving, the stuffing recipe calls for half a stick of butter. I figured that’d make up for it, you know?




But, no worries – it came out perfectly. It’s from the Moosewood’s Cooking for Health. I used unbleached all purpose in place of the whole wheat flour, though, and brown sugar rather than maple syrup.



And now for, oh, I don’t know – the most amazing moment of my life, perhaps? I found fresh figs at Price Chopper!!!!! I couldn’t believe it. I actually only went in for flour and cornmeal, but my arms were full by the time I got to checkout.

I’ve got issues.

Praise the lord I didn’t grab a cart .


They must have seen me coming, too. There was no sign for a price anywhere, so of course I just start loading up a bag as if they were pure gold, figuring “hey, they’re light, it won’t cost that much.”

It was only when I was checking out and the computer at self checkout prompted me to enter a quantity that I thought “oh, crap.”

Uh, yeah, Jess, oh crap is right – I paid 7 freaking dollars for 7 figs. Do you know how much…I don’t know…sunflower seed butter? oatmeal? Teddie cookies? sweet potatoes? Cinnamon Harvest boxes? gallons of gas?…that I could get for $7?!


Whatever. Now I’m treating them as if they are pure gold. For being $1 a piece and smaller than a golf ball, they’d better taste like gold, too.

They do. I want a fig tree. That is all.

And yes, I had to google how to eat them first.


I was glad to see I’m not the only one who’s had to.



Other ways I’m awesome?

I seriously knocked my sister’s socks off this afternoon. [note: my sister didn’t just magically appear out of nowhere, nor does she levitate over my shoulder like the devil. she’s here for the week for the holiday.]

Can I ask what you’re doing…with peanuts…in a blender?”

“Making peanut budder!”

That’s how you make peanut butter?”

“Just watch me! I hope you don’t need to do anything requiring listening for a couple minutes…”

Awh yeah. Then she said I should make stuff like this for Christmas gifts.

Hallelujah, she made my day. Why did I not think of that?

Cinnamon-Raisin Peanut Budder

[follow my logic: it’s budder because it’s thicker. So you say it…budder, as if your mouth is stuck together. Butter is runnier. Nah’mean?]

  • 1 c. dry roasted peanuts
  • 1 t. olive oil
  • 1 t. ground cinnamon
  • 1 t. maple sugar
  • 1/4 c. raisins

Process the peanuts until they reach “peanut butter” consistency. Add in the oil, cinnamon and maple sugar. Process to combine, and add in the raisins. Pulse a couple times to process.


In other news, I had something other than a banana and fig jam on my waffles this morning, just for you guys. So I had a pear and fig jam.

Nothing, repeat after me – nothing – can beat a banana ad fig jam.

but it was still delicious.

Have you ever had fresh figs?

Do you “change” how you cook when for a special occasion?



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21 responses to “Gettin’ Figgy Wit’ It, Chapter II

  1. I feel like the only person in the blog world who HASN’T tried figs! Boo! I’ve had Fig Newman’s though ; )

    When it comes to cooking (baking especially), sometimes white flour is just better. But I’m with you, I like my ingredients to be quality. Unbleached flour, locally produced eggs and butter, coconut oil, yummy!

  2. I’ve never in my life had a fresh fig. They don’t sell them around here! They remind me of little monsters though 😛

    I usually bake with whole wheat flour all the time… because it’s all we ever have in the house! Seriously though, when we have company over they can never tell. My mom goes on and on about how I bake with healthy stuff (*eye roll*), and they are always shocked. In my opinion, most of the whole-wheat haters just have it in their heads that it tastes differently 😛
    Glad you are feeling more confident about your cooking extravaganza! That cornbread looks amazing 🙂 .. almost too amazing to make into stuffing!

  3. Angela

    I have had fresh figs right out of my backyard! My dad keeps a couple of trees that were brought over from Italy. They are a lot of work though! Since we live in the northeast and this is definitely not their native environment we have to bend them down and cover them up for the winter so they don’t freeze. But I guess it’s worth it for my dad. I don’t really like them (don’t hate me)- it’s a texture issue….
    Haven’t had them for a while, so maybe I’ll try again next summer 🙂

    I don’t buy them often because of their price, so they’re an extra special treat when i DO have them! i lovelovelovelove figs! ❤

  5. Ashlei

    Fresh figs are something I always look forward to every summer. I love them stirred into hot oatmeal

  6. I’ve only had figs a couple of times, but if I remember right, they are tasty! And your cornbread looks delicious, too.
    I do tend to use regular flour, sugar, etc. when I’m baking for other’s tastes, but I never (never!) use margarine.
    Hope you have a nice Thanksgiving! ❤

  7. teenagehealthfreak

    i have had fresh figs, they are quite delicous! i’m lucky my grandmother has a tree, come to find out..she has a persimmon tree too!!! i had the same problem once when i bought figs, i paid WAY to much. but it’s like ‘going out to eat’…i’m in the process of making a pumpkin pie, but i’m not cracking down..i’m trying to make it my way…i hope it works! lol

  8. Nice job getting a head start on your cooking!!

  9. I love fresh figs!!!!! I have 2 trees in my parent’s backyard!!! They really are a treat!!!! I can’t believe how expensive they are – but you are right definately worth it!!!!!

  10. I’ve never had fresh figs either – probably because that voice in my head that screams “$6 FOR THAT LITTLE CONTAINER?!” deters me from doing so. I’m sure they’re worth it though.

    And I tend to still cook somewhat healthy when I’m cooking for others (and even if I’m eating it too!) but I’m a lot less strict than I am with the meals I prepare for myself.

  11. I love fresh figs, definitely one of my favorite fruits everr! + they are #1 most beautiful food in my opinion 🙂 i love them on oats + cashew butter + banana, i think that is the best!-also fresh figs sliced on an English muffin or toast with sunbutter or almond butter is so delicious as well ohh and with chocolate lol…okay i could go on and on and on haha! dried figs aren’t quite the same, but still delicious of course!–> I must remember to get some fresh ones before they are out of season, i always get so bummed when they aren’t available, yet when they are back in season i usually squeal w/ excitement when i see them haha ;]
    i love your photos, they are so gorgeous! Happy thanksgiving love.


  12. I’ve never had a fresh fig before! I’ve never seen them anywhere 😦 And I have TOTALLY bought crazy pricey food before without knowing it until getting checked out. I almost bought a small $9 pineapple once (the sign said $1.99/lb so I was like OOOH that’s a good deal. who knew that thing turned out to be so heavy! I must be so strong, I couldn’t tell 🙂 ) but the cashier lady told me it was $9 before completing the transaction so I told her I didn’t want it haha.

  13. I’ve never had a fresh fig but I really want to! My market doesn’t carry them though 😦
    The cinnamon raisin peanut “budder” (I love that word!) looks delicious. I tried to make homemade honey peanut butter once but it was a fail. It looked perfect before I added the honey but then I added it and my food processor started smoking and the peanut butter turned into dough like consistancy. Weird. But I might have to give it another go with this recipe!
    Have a great Thanksgiving 🙂

  14. I’ve never had figs but really, really want to try them. Actually, I’m not sure I’ve even ever *seen* them for sale around here! I know for sure they havent been in the farmer’s market. Dang, I’l have to really look for them.. anything that tastes like gold is worth the hunt.

  15. What the… ? $7 for 7 figs? That’s insane. Now I understand what “regional fruit” really means. They cost like $1/lb here and as a matter of fact most people don’t even like them. I wouldn’t touch a fig even if I was starving and it was the only thing in the fridge. But I would do anything for fresh berries which happen to be way too expensive.

    I almost always have to change my “recipes” when I cook for other people. Otherwise they just won’t touch the food 😦 .

  16. I’ve had fresh figs, and it has to be one of my favourite fruits. There are some serious salad recipes out there with figs. Oh my. When they’re in season – I don’t even know when that is – they’re not insanely expensive, so I usually load up, and make do with the dried variety the rest of the time 🙂

  17. I’ve never had fresh figs and I can’t find them in my grocery store! 😦 Maybe it’s a good thing for my wallet though, haha. Those things are pricey! I guess I’m not one to talk though… I’m now spending like $12 a week on fresh berries!!!

    I still tend to bake with WW flour when I’m baking for the family. They’re actually usually pretty surprised at how good my “healthy” baked goods taste!

  18. Okay am I the only person who just doesn’t like figs – dried or fresh?! Haha I did google how to eat fresh figs too though!! I felt so stupid searching it so I’m glad I’m not the only one too! But I don’t know, they’re just so small and bitty..Maybe it’s because I have a major sweet tooth and they werent sweet enough?!
    With recipes I do tend to change them to wholewheat flour wherever I can because I just prefer the flavour..I also admit to trying to healthify them with applesauce/banana sometimes but I don’t skim on sugar because I just love it hehe 🙂

  19. I had a few figs at Foodbuzz and I must say, they weren’t my favorite. Don’t hurt me 🙂 Tasty, but there are many other, cheaper fruits I prefer!!

    I’m scared to make my own nut budder. I’m worried it will just be a big blob of gross goo and I’ll have wasted all those delicious nuts…

  20. oooh I lovveeeee figs! 🙂 I haven’t seen them here in a long time though. Not even in California when I was living there. I’m still not sure I understand when fig season is haha

  21. I LOVE fresh figs! I don’t like dry ones, but fresh ones are da bomb! They’re not cheap here either – 60p+ for one, so comparable I suppose 😦
    I haven’t cooked for an occasion since…last Christmas!? (Barring birthday baking :p) When I do, I do try and alter what I cook, so more people like it. No banana+Brussels sprouts+soy sauce combos for the family…that would NOT go down well!

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