As Seen on TV & a Plea

I’m a little weary of anything “seen on TV.” I mean, yeah, of course I love infomercials. Who doesn’t love seeing the wonder of ShamWow! (RIP Billy) I think my all-time favorite is for the magic bullet and this knife one where thy demonstrate how great it is by cutting a shoe.

Because I don’t know about you, but I’m always cutting shoes on my cutting board.


Anyways. Greens 8000 asked me if I would be interested in sampling their products, and of course I was. I like sampling things. Imagine my surprise when I saw that little “As Seen on TV” icon.

If that icon is on my appliances, I just assume it will die quickly.

If I see that icon on my food, I just assume that I will die quickly. Maybe because there’s so many diet infomercials that promise you to lose fifty pounds in three days but still have six pack abs and guns like Arnold Schwarzenegger.



Long story short, but I finally braved it and tried the berry flavor this morning. I’d forgotten to take my vitamins, so why not? And I’d recently tried an Amazing Grass packet, so thought it’d be fun to compare.

In this Greens 8000 Berry Flavor:


A lot of stuff. Click here for Amazing Meal’s facts.


It was a little sweet for my liking, which makes me think it’d be well suited for getting greens and vitamins in kids, since real produce these days is (unfortunately) no where near as nutrient dense as fifty years ago. I also might have used less than the recommended amount of water. I figured if it’s awful I’d rather chug it in a couple gulps than a whole big glass! I know from taking Airborne all last winter.

I’ve yet to sprout wings from the stuff, but I’ve yet to drop dead, too. Since I am a supporter of a good daily vitamin, I’d say these products are worth investigating if you’re not looking for vitamins that supply you with 100% of your daily vitamin and mineral requirements considering the fact you probably still eat lots of nutritious foods.

One thing I really liked about it was that it wasn’t gritty at all, either. The Amazing Grass I tried the other day had a gritty texture that made it difficult to get down after a couple sips.

Anyways. Now I need some serious help.


From the wonderful NatalieDee – you want some of these shirts, I just know it.

So anyways. I am making a ton for T-givs this year. Maybe I’m exaggerating, but I don’t think so.

I knew I had to step in when my mom carted home boxed green bean casserole, canned jellied cranberry sauce and bagged stuffing mix.

I thought I remembered Thanksgiving being all homemade when I was a kid…was my mom just good at hiding things, or have the times changed? I always remember canned cranberry sauce except for last year when I made some. It was everyone’s favorite part.

okay, not really, but it was a huge hit.

What am I getting at? I’m making:

  • stuffing
  • something with butternut squash
  • rolls
  • cranberry sauce
  • potentially a pumpkin chiffon cake

Which doesn’t seem like much all typed out, but that’s a lot of time! Especially because I’m making cornbread stuffing. I’’m going to use Sarena’s idea – cornbread for the bread and baking in muffin tins, but following a recipe from Rachel Ray for mushroom stuffing. If I was clever, I’d have baked two loaves of bread when I baked on Saturday, but that’s okay. I’m really excited to try it with cornbread!

I’m thinking I’ll just roast the b-nut somehow. (How? Tossed in olive oil with salt, or tossed in butter with a bit of brown sugar? I’m  not a fan of it sweet, so idk if th fam would be)

I’m not certain what I’ll do for rolls. I was thinking these unless I hear a better idea.

Cranberry sauce, I’m sure I’ll find something. Last year I made it sweetened with maple syrup and sugar, spiced with ground clove and orange zest.

And a pumpkin chiffon cake in either the Rachel Ray mag or Cooking Light. Can’t remember.

Forgive me for these jumbled thoughts. I’m sort of thinking out loud, but asking for your input at the same time! Keep in mind it’s just four of us – nothing big or otherwise stressful. I’m actually really excited to be making so much!

So…do you have a favorite cornbread recipe?

A favorite butternut squash recipe?

A favorite roll recipe?

A favorite infomercial?

Oh, and FWIW. My mom’s taking care of the bird. And mashed taters. And microwaving a green bean casserole. And apple pie. I’m not going to bother with a protein for myself, though. I’d be the only one eating it…and I’ll have plenty of food without!


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18 responses to “As Seen on TV & a Plea

  1. Michelle

    My favorite 2 butternut squash recipes and super easy and versatile:
    Butternut squash soup:
    Cut squash in half. Rub olive oil, salt an pepper, and minced fresh herbs (a little sage, Rosemary, and thyme). Roast skin side down on a sheet pan at 450-475 degrees until squash is tender and caramelized. Let the squash cool (you can do these steps the night before). Scoop out flesh and purée in food processor. Day of: whisk into veggie broth (homemade or store bought) at low to medium heat and season with nutmeg, s&p, more herbs to taste. You can also add some cream or soy cream to make it creamier, but honestly I don’t think that it is necessary. As far as proportions go, just eyeball it. You can also just end the recipe after roasting and serve the whole roasted squash, which is yummy.

    Other roasted squash ideas: cut into chunks and roast at 450 with olive oil, garam masala, and
    s&p; or roasted with whole cloves of garlic, s&p, and herbs listed above or without herbs. All are good!

    Lastly, you could roast the squash in bitesize chunks and add to plain or saffron risotto!

    I hope that these ideas help!

  2. Your Thanksgiving meal sounds delicious – my favorite way to eat butternut squash is simply roasted in the oven with shallots, garlic seal salt pepper and olive oil – i tend not to like it overly sweet either!!! I usually serve it over fresh spinach –
    My favorite infomercial is the Vitamix – i love my Vitamix – once i saw it i was hooked!!
    Have a great night !!!!!

  3. I’m just not much of a butternut fan anymore, it’s too watery for my taste. That said, a bit of maple syrup and a tiny bit of butter would probably be great for roasting. Mom can’t eat corn so we don’t have cornbread all too often (I’m sure I’ll give it a try over Christmas break though). The only rolls I’ve ever made were just quick ones that used leftover “brick dough” from when I used to fail bread loaves. Dad loved them and ate them so I guess that’s all that matters? Haha.

    And I get enough infomercial watching when I do my cardio in the morning because it’s on like, 3 of the 4 TVs within my viewing range. Total bore-fest.

    I always thought that Thanksgiving was hardcore homemade event too! And then I look back at the green bean casseroles (purchased French-fried onions, Campbell’s cream of x soup), broccoli casseroles (1 stick of butter + a ton of Cheeze Whiz and broccoli with Minute Rice) and the stuffing (Stove Top) and I think to myself “Wow, this needs some serious making-over.”

    Just don’t stress yourself out too much and have fun with it. I can’t wait to see how your Thanksgiving goes! 😀

  4. If you’re looking for an easy roll, Jenna (@EatLiveRun) has a great beginner’s dinner roll – I made them for a dinner party and they were a hit.

    I’d go simple on the butternut squash and just roast it with some spices and olive oil in the oven. Classic and delish.

  5. Hi love! Those pumpkin garlic knots look amazing! I posted a collection of my favorite rolls on my blog a few days ago…maybe one of those would be good too? I’m baking/making a lot for Thanksgiving this year too. Your pumpkin chiffon cake sounds like it could be AMAZING. I can’t wait to hear more about that one. Thank you for sharing with me…I hope you have a wonderful week of feasting, friends and family!

  6. I LOVE cornbread, so I have to say, I am really looking forward to the dressing! I have a note on my cooler to grab it! Sounds like you are ready to cook away that day! I can’t wait to see my sisters and cook with them!!! I hope you have as much fun as I know I will!

  7. teenagehealthfreak

    i’m goinig to make the cranberry sauce this year, last year i chocked down the highfructose corn syrup fake stuff…but we’re going real this year. my aunt makes as we call it, dressing. which is cornbread..and goodness knows what else…gizzards i think…yeah…ewjlfjdl. i’ll pass…it grosses me out. my mom does the bird and plain steamed green beans…with butter. i’m doing one dessert,some veggie side, and i know a squash too. my other aunt/older cousin are the “fat free” people who bring the weight watchers cheese cake and what not..not thanks.but yeap..i think that’s it…and probably some cauliflower mash….and maybe some homemade “irish bread “i made once..that everyone easy to. if i can find the recipe.

  8. Those Delicious Greens products aren’t too shabby. I havent gotten around the trying the other flavors, but the chocolate worked out pretty well in oats.

    Have fun with doing all the cooking for Thanksgiving! I personally can’t wait. My mom and I usually start a whole day before and then all day Thanksgiving. It’s so much food but I love it…which she loves cause she’s kind of getting tired of the cooking fest and is slowly but surely handing it over to me lol.

  9. Amber Shea @Almost Vegan

    This is a greens powder I haven’t heard of. I’d probably like it if it’s non-gritty and inordinately sweet.

  10. Uh, yeah, I found out last Christmas maybe that my mum’s homemade liver pate was more often than not a store bought one transplanted to some earthenware and heated in the oven…doesn’t matter to me, though, christmas lasts many days, and I think the only way to cater for a big family and stay sane is to lower the bar from all homebaked 🙂

    Making stuff yourself is fun – but ONLY if it doesn’t stress you out. When I was living at home I used to cook for us on occasion too, because I could really experiment. A failure isn’t that bad if you’ve cooked three other things that turn out great – and if ten dinner guests aren’t waiting, haha.

    Have fun with the cooking and have a great thanksgiving.

    I’m not experienced with either butternut or corn bread, and I had some favourite gluten free rolls, but probably not what you were looking for – but I see from the comments that you won’t be short on ideas or inspiration 🙂

  11. Ooof.. sounds like you have some work in the kitchen ahead of you! Unfortunately I am not going to be of much help… I personally love butternut squash sweet as opposed to savoury, so I would just roast it up plain and simple. Hopefully you get some better feedback in the other comments 😉

    … I love infomercials! The only thing I’ve ever bought ‘as seen on TV’ is the Magic Bullet, which works well but not AS well as I thought it would. Still better than a regular blender in my opinion though.

  12. Sounds like you’ll be keeping busy in the kitchen! Your feast of goodies sounds lovely…can’t wait to see how it all turns out. 😀

  13. Is it bad that my cranberry sauce from the can is my favorite? 🙂 I have to say that I don’t have much experience with any of those recipes, but I know Angela from Oh She Glows has some rolls that are supposed to be amazing!!

  14. You’re going to be busy cooking up a storm on Thanksgiving! I don’t blame you for volunteering to cook all that though – Thanksgiving wouldn’t be the same without homemade food!

    I’ve never cooked butternut squash or rolls, so I don’t have any suggestions for you. But I did make some pretty delicious cornbread on my blog a few weeks ago. 🙂

  15. Quick question: Can I come over for Thanksgiving dinner 😉

  16. I tried Amazing Grass once – the chocolate one was OK, the one free from the HLS swag was FOUL – so yeah, Im sure not in a rush to try what you tested :p I’d rather either eat a lorra kale, or pop my pill 😛
    Gah. I wish we had Thanksgiving here! The meal sound slovely!! I’m tempted to hold my own, individual one. With tofu instead of turkey :/

  17. Ashlei

    Keep it simple with the bnut squash. Cubed and roasted with some olive oil is one of the best ways to cook it.

    Cranberry sauce can be sweetened with some kind of juice (like apple) if you don’t want to add a ton of sugar.

    Sounds like you’ve got a great menu planned!

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