It’s Here!




It’s finally here. My favorite pancake/waffle recipe of the past two weeks.

I’d say “of all time,” but who am I kidding – my favorites change daily. Weekly. Monthly. Lets face it: I love waffles. and figs. and bananas.


You may or may not remember that this is not an original creation. Rather, it is a take on Eat, Drink and Be Vegan’s raspberry cornmeal pancakes. Mainly because a. I love graham flour, b. everything’s better as a waffle and c. I tweak everything I make anyways.




This makes enough for one smallish serving – enough so that when I go to ride Teddie, I don’t have breakfast sloshing around in my stomach Winking smile If I were working rather than riding, I’d probably increase the quantities a bit, probably doubling them – so take that for what you will.




Cornmeal Graham Waffles (or Pancakes)


  • 2 t. chia seeds
  • scant 2 T. water
  • 4 T. almond milk (aka 1/4 cup – but your tablespoon is already dirty anyways!) note: if making pancakes, increase to 5-6 Tablespoons – you’ll want a runnier consistency
  • 1 t. pure vanilla extract


  • 2 T. fine-ground cornmeal
  • 2 T. graham flour
  • 1 T. wheat germ
  • generous 1/2 t. cinnamon
  • 1/2 t. baking powder
  • pinch nutmeg

Combine the chia seeds and water in a small bowl. Stir and set aside, while combining your dry ingredients. When the chia seeds have gelled, stir in the vanilla extract and add to the dry ingredients along with the almond milk. Stir to combine.

If making waffles: be sure to thoroughly spray/grease your waffle iron, and close the lid gently. This will produce a fatter waffle – but should prevent it from sticking to each side when you go to open it.

If making pancakes: spray a non-stick pan and heat – when heated, spoon batter into one large or two small pancakes. It will be ready to flip when the edges are firm.


My favorite way to have these, you ask?

Easily, spread with fig jam, sliced banana and pecans or almonds. Or walnuts.


  • When making them pancakes, thinly slice half a banana into the batter
  • add a teaspoon of coconut or another fragrant oil to the batter
  • add a spoonful of fig jam to the batter
  • add half a sliced peach to the batter in making pancakes, and add 1/4 t. ground ginger, omitting the other spices
  • top with coconut milk yogurt
  • drizzle with date molasses in addition to some freshly sliced strawberries and chopped walnuts



It is easily the graham flour that makes these babies. When I last posted about graham flour (because it’s my new obsession and all) a lot of you seemed intrigued.

So, when I made an emergency stop at the co-op the other day I decided to get two.DSC_4682

One for me, and one for one lucky reader.

All you need to do? Somehow acknowledge this giveaway in your comment! Be it whether you’ve tried it, whether you’d like to try it, what you’d like to make with it (there is not right or wrong answer, but these are mighty delicious, as are the aforementioned waffles!)


I tried taking a Vanna White shot of your prize, but the animals were too interested. It’s probably good – it takes your attention off of my pajamas and the fact that my day was yet to start, right?!

I’ll randomly number-generate a winner sometime soon. Yes, you love my punctuality, I know.

EDIT: I’m leaving this open to anyone – even if you live in a “faraway land.” Unless it’s illegal for me to mail you food items, in which case I don’t want to be thrown in jail thankyouverymuch.


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45 responses to “It’s Here!

  1. Ooooh…. I want me some graham flour =) I am so in! Muffins.. waffles.. pancakes? I can’t pick which one I would rather bake 😛

    You look absolutely stunning in the photo by the way! I realize you are being clobbered by animals and aren’t exactly trying to make it a ‘glamour’ shot.. but I thought I would let you know anyway 😉

  2. I would love graham flour – but not for me, for the Husband. I still make gluten laden treats for him every week and he looves it!

    Cute hair – are you sure you are in your pajamas without starting your day? Gorgeous lady!

  3. Peanut flour would be so good in those! I am sadly all out and I NEED more! I love your waffles! Graham flour is so good! I can see how it would be great in waffles!

  4. Whether I am entered in this contest or not, I really would like to try this recipe.. I need to get back into eating breakfast. Or breakfast for dinner for that matter lol

  5. I’ve never even heard of graham flour, so I’d love to try it!!

  6. I was really excited about graham flour when you first posted about it. I’m always about trying new pancake recipes… 🙂

  7. ooooh those look good. i might try adding a tsp or so of maple extract, too–i’m obsessed with autumn flavors!

  8. Those waffles look delicious – especially topped with bananas and figs!!!!
    I would love to try graham flour to make these waffles or even try them in pancakes or muffins!!!! Giveaways are so much fun!!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  9. teenagehealthfreak

    ooo, i would love to try the gramflour, i’d think i’d make pizza crust with it. love your haircut by the way, very cute! i’m really excited about this recipe b/c i’ve been thinking about it for while…i have time to make it tmro!!! and i have some cranberries in my freezer!!!

  10. mal

    jess! i would love to try some graham flour. i am intrigued by it.
    i love your blog!!! we are so much alike 🙂
    have a great weekend, girl.

  11. Michelle

    I have been intrigued for graham flour for months and now that you have been raving about it, I want it even more. Thanks for doing the give away! I love your blog. You are a fantastic photographer and always have an interesting take on things. Have a great weekend!

  12. Wow, your waffles look great! I will have to try out the recipe in pancake form soon.
    I would love to win a bag of graham flour! I have been wanting to try it ever since seeing it on your blog but unfortunatly my market doesn’t sell it.

  13. Amber Shea @Almost Vegan

    Love the appearance of chia seeds in your p-cakes.

    Like I said the other day, I’m thinking I’ve GOT to try graham flour ASAP!

  14. Ashley

    Oh my! I wish I could try graham flour I live off of graham cracker pb and banana sandwhiches of my latest obsession an addition I pumpkin butter but I’d love to try other graham flavored things especially those pancakes! Cute pictures 🙂

  15. Graham flour sounds great to me but I bet people living in Far Far Away land are not eligible for this so I might end up looking for it at some grocery store because the idea of graham flour and cornmeal pancakes is seriously tempting. And your pictures always double the desire to try the recipes 🙂 .

    As cute as your pets are, they can’t take my attention off your pajamas. I’m trying to read the hieroglyphs 😀 .

  16. I have baked with graham flour before, and I love its hearty texture. So good for muffins (and for waffles and pancakes too!) Your recipe looked delicious. I loved the chia seeds, and of course I was happy about the banana and fig jam on top! Thank you for sharing…I hope you have a wonderful weekend full of good eating and fun!

  17. I’d love to win this giveaway because not only have I never tried graham flour, I’ve never even seen it available where I am! Thanks for thinking of us out here in blogworld 🙂

  18. Graham flour sounds like the perfect thing to add to my collection. The waffles look awesome! 😀

  19. Ashlei

    I love the idea of chia gel in your waffle recipe. Cute Vanna White shot too! 🙂 Wish I could eat graham flour – I’ll have to try your recipe but a gluten free version

  20. I would love to try graham flour!

    Whenever you say “fig jam”, I always think of how it’s an acronym for “Eff I’m Good, Just Ask Me”. 😛 And then my second thought is how I NEED to find some fig jam because I bet it’s amazing!

  21. I Wiki’d graham flour last night (because I’m lame like that) and I found out that the creator had made it as he hated white flour and thought this was like a cure-all. The entry even gives you steps on how to make it because, as I didn’t know, they take whole wheat and finely grind the endosperm and then coarsely grind wheat bran and germ and mix it all together.

    I don’t know. I thought it was cool anyways. 😛

  22. I need to try your waffles. I think everything’s better as a pancake. So maybe everything’s even better as a waffle.

  23. I really dig your hair 🙂
    I know my mom would love some graham flour for all of her kitchen fiascos! I’ll be jealous of her since I can’t tolerate gluten, but I know she would appreciate it. We’re both fans of Bob!

  24. I would love to try graham flour because I’ve never heard of it since I don’t think we get it over here as far as I’m aware! It sounds like it would be good in muffins yum yum 🙂
    And you are too cute!! I am incredibly jealous of how pretty you are and gosh I LOVE your hair!

  25. Lauren

    Hi! I am a teenager and I love to cook. I am also trying to eat healthy foods so this would be a wonderful option to use! I could have so much fun creating new and healthy ways to use graham flour. Thanks!

  26. I would love to try making something with grahm flour!! Its so much fun to experiment with different ingredients!

  27. JW

    I would love to try this flour! Gosh, you sure do make waffles look so yummy!

  28. Aaha the chances I”ll win this giveaway are so, so slim – I’ve never, EVER won a giveaway! I swear though, people called Graham..they always win 😉 i don’t know why. Something speshal about them probzably..I wish my name was Graham. Or Flour. Flour sounds like Freya, and ym surname begins with G…I could be called Flour Graham instead of Freya Gillott! THEN I’d win this giveawy!!

  29. Tinka

    I’ve never been able to find Graham flour in Australia!
    The nutritional info is impressive though, I’d use varying quantities in all my baked goods I think.
    Just bought a waffle maker after seeing all the yum breakfasts you post, excited to bust out some killer waffles!

  30. I take it the chia seeds are the replicate the binding of eggs? I have only really used ‘flax’ eggs before and didn’t find them that favourable but these waffles look great. Why do you like Graham flour so much? I’ve never heard of it before but I am assuming it’s not GF?

  31. Oh my sweet Jesus…. do you have any idea how much I’m dying to try that flour?!

  32. Jen

    I’ve never even heard of Graham flour until I read your post, but i’m intrigued! I would use it for some pancakes 🙂


  33. cornmeal/graham flour pancakes sound delicious! id love to try the graham flour, sounds really awesome!

  34. I would love to try graham flour, I love experimenting with flours! I have sprouted millet, sprouted buckwheat and sprouted quinoa flour among other flours in my pantry currently!

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  36. healthyhelper

    omg i want to try graham flour sooo bad! I cant find it any where around me and i want to make some of your recipes that call for it! it sounds delish!

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  42. Yum!!
    I’ ve tried to make vegan pancakes a couple of times, but haven’t yet tried waffles…I think I might have to soon though!

    I always thought graham flour ws the same as whole wheat, but I guess it is a little different…and I would definitely love to try some!! 😀

  43. I would so love to try that graham flour. Obviously the first thing I’d make would be those delicious looking waffles 🙂 Yum yum.

  44. YOU are super pretty. 🙂 Just sayin’.

    And I have some graham flour at home but have never actually used it because I never knew what to do with it! Now I do! 😉 Though, obviously, having some at school would never hurt 😛

  45. Gina

    Ahh I recently celebrated my year vegan anniversary, and decided that during this next year I’ll go beyond my routine vegan repertoire and expand into uncharted waters. I had a bag of graham flour in my cart during a recent trip to the grocery store, but put it back out of fear/cost. So this would be great!

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