This post is probably going to be really boring.

Just a warning.



Because I’m just going to count the reasons why I love my baby boy.


1. He loves Kashi Cinnamon Harvest even more than I do. Ever since I started feeding him some, he’s become wicked greedy for his cookies…shaking his head, flopping his lips, giving me that “Aren’t I priceless??” look. I think he’s been disappointed lately because he’s back to plain old Rounders until I open up my next box of Kashi.


2. He still loves me, even though I look like a monkey on his back. I just want to shake myself in these pictures and scream “sit up!! sit up!!


3. He’s afraid of the mysterious cat that roams around the fields, but doesn’t care when I train goes by right near us.


4. He doesn’t really “get” the hot horses that expend energy by just galloping full-speed everywhere. He’d rather sit and watch them. While he eats.

Atta boy, Tedday!


5. He gives me kisses while I warm his bit up in my hands, and then licks my face. We’re gross together.


6. He stands politely while my mom takes a cute headshot, even though she takes a cute picture of me blowing my nose while she’s at it.


7. He watches me and “helps” me clean out his hut. Either that or he’s laughing in his little brain, thinking about how much I’m wrapped around his little hoof.


8. He’s just about got canter down pat in the outdoor. I’ve got my fingers crossed he has the same mentality in the indoor when we ride in it next!


9. He’s really good at finding things. Take, for instance, the one miniscule burdock bush that even I cannot find. And just shoves his head right in.


10. If a depression strike and I can’t afford to feed him, he’ll stay fat on air. And he’s a good forager!


11. He looks like a fuzzy, wooly teddy bear with his winter woolies on!


12. He’s nice and low to the ground.


13. He’s too darn cute for words.


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23 responses to “Reasons…

  1. You and Teddy are slowly curing me of my fear of horses. Thank you!

  2. teenagehealthfreak

    i know what you mean!!! 🙂

  3. The #6 photo is really adorable (they all are, but that one more so). His colors are so beautiful and he reminds me of something very large and cuddly – kind of like my old dog. 🙂

  4. Awwww. Pets are the best way to make any day better. They’ve all got us wrapped around their hooves…or paws 🙂

  5. Aww Teddy is so cute! He reminds me a lot of my horse, Guinness. I love when they get furry in the winter.

  6. This isn’t a boring post at all! 🙂 I love your reasons for loving Teddie. He must have such a personality! Awwe

    The “he’s nice and low to the ground” one lmho. That can really, really matter!

  7. I can’t wait to see my babies again over Thanksgiving!

    Teddy is the perfect name for him…he definitely reminds me of a fluffy bear!

  8. Aww, true love! 😉 (Seriously, he really is very cute.)

    ❤ ❤

  9. .. Boring to some people perhaps, but certainly not me!

    These pictures are darling! It must feel so good to have some recent ones 🙂 If I had to describe him in two words or less, it would be with the term ‘stud muffin’. You have seriously come so far with him… congrats!

  10. This is like, the best post ever!! Chika and I can relate to SO many of those reasons (living off air being the main one….).
    You and him look so good though! His outline has improved so much, and he looks more uphill! You’re doin a great job 🙂

  11. Little Bookworm

    Aw. Such a sweet post, I don’t think it’s a boring post at all! Love the photos. 🙂

  12. Least boring post ever! Teddie is adorable ❤

  13. Ashlei

    Your horse (pony?) is gorgeous!

  14. Definately not boring!!!!!! I love seeing Teddie!!!!!

  15. Haha I love that you feed him Kashi Cinnamon Harvest! What a spoiled guy! I wonder if he’d like overnight oats too? 😛

  16. I love this. 🙂 I need a horse Teddie’s height. He’ll fit perfectly with my barely 5 foot 1 “lack of height.”

  17. Hahahaha – not boring. Such a sweet little woollen pony he is.

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  19. Boring? Not at all! I always love seeing pictures of you and your baby! And what good taste in cereal he has…reading that made me grin! Thank you for sharing, dear. I hope you have a wonderful Friday!

  20. Jamie (edoutsider)

    He is such a cute little horse! You two look happy with each other. 🙂 My horse is “nice and low to the ground” too – I think I might actually be too tall for her!

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