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Alright, let me start by getting this off my chest:

I almost just had slow roasted sweet potatoes and weird tofu and kale chips for dinner again.  Note I said almost, and I think while my body is grateful that I decided to mix it up, I really only did it because I knew otherwise everyone would boycott me and just start calling me the “Low and Slow Blog,” which if you think about it…doesn’t sound very flattering.



Of course, you’re probably all sick of seeing cornmeal pancakes, so instead I just made cornmeal waffles. With the last of my graham flour. I’ll probably make an emergency trip to the co-op tomorrow. I seriously adore that graham flour.


Apparently, there’s something in my psyche that says repeat breakfasts are perfectly fine, but repeat dinners are shot down. I mean come on, though. I’ve been having slow roasted sweet potatoes for a week now. I’m not complaining because they’re the best thing since sliced bread, but there are other things to eat besides beta carotine.

Regardless – these cornmeal waffles were fantastic thanks to the addition of fig jam (thanks to Tat!) bananas and pecans (thanks to B!)

I’ll potentially post the recipe soon Winking smile


I had a super busy day today. My mom took the day off with intentions of finishing putting up some fence, so we went into town early to get the rest of the stuff we needed, stopping to see/ride Teddie on the way back through. Be prepared for photos tomorrow! Er, mom-ography, rather.


On the way home we also stopped at the “used food store,” as I so lovingly call it. I found this almond butter! I thought I’d remembered reading good things about it, and Tat mentioned trying that Pumpernickel bread with it, so of course I had to have it.

[note to self: make these]


And of course I had to have it just as she instructed.

Every time I think of this bread now, though, I think of the man and woman nuzzling each other right on my package of bread. I mean, how weird is it to nuzzle these days, anyways?


Maybe it’s just meant to reflect that the love they have for one another is similar to the love that I have for this bread. Which makes me feel a little lame, but Pumpernickel probably has more to offer than any of the guys I’ve dated so it’s whatever.

I feel really weird comparing Pumpernickel bread to relationships now, so I’m gonna stop. The packaging asked for it.




Moving on, look at all the goodies Jess hooked me up with! Man, I’m starting to feel spoiled over here! She heard I don’t have a TJ’s within a 3-hour radius and went TJ’s shopping for me. It’s probably a good thing – because I think I’d be a danger to myself in that store. I cannot. wait. to try everything, and am so psyched to have my peanut flour and candied ginger replenished. Why can I only find crystallized around here?! Now that I’ve had the uncrystallized kind, I’m hooked.


My mom and I have already done a number on these ginger snaps. I remember getting big bags of ginger snaps when I was a kid – I’d eat so many they’d burn my mouth!



After putting up fencing all afternoon along with playing with Georgie for a bit and working on some homework, I mustered up the courage to make somethig other than sweet potatoes, as I mentioned.

The victim? Millet-n-Cheeze! With broccoli and carrots. Ad humnut cheeze. Doesn’t food with carrots just remind you of being a kid?!


And, naturally, low and slow sweet taters. Sorry. I couldn’t help it. I’d have made a wicked dinner if I hadn’t been outside/working all afternoon, I promise!


or at least it’s a really good excuse.

What’s a food that you always had when you were a kid?



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27 responses to “The Low and Slow Blog

  1. I specifically remember my breakfasts as akid. They were pretty much the same all through gradeschool – frozen waffles, shredded wheat, or cheerios (I ate them plain!). My mama doesn’t cook so lots of thai takeout for dinners!

  2. Food I always had as a kid? Wieners and beans 😛 To this day, I still love them! I’ve been itching to make my own baked beans, but I keep forgetting to pick up apple cider vinegar at the store. (Thanks for the reminder!)… Oh, and cinnamon toast, which I need to make again stat!

    So glad you are loving the bread! Surprisingly, I don’t even think about the young couple canoodling on my package anymore. Perhaps I’ve just gotten used to it after eating my way through a billion of them. Muaha.

    The millet and cheeze looks like something I really want to eat 🙂 .. Like, really.

  3. Ok, out of all of this, Max was standing behind me and said, “wait, are the the gingersnaps that I love”? He is referring to the box you sent to me that I had to fight him for the last few! He just finished them today and asked when we could get more! So, those were a winner! Thanks again for my package Jessica!

  4. your waffle looks so delicious! Fig jam is so good, i love it with cashew butter on toast!

    As a kid i think the foods i ate most often were spinach and cheese tortellini or ravioli, i was also a big Annie’s mac and cheese fan! My dad who grew up in Paris(he loves to cook) he would always make crepes for breakfast on the weekends with butter and sugar and fruits…my mom made bread a lot + butter and honey. bagels as well were frequently eaten with lox + cream cheese .. oh and Pizza, since i grew up in NY that was a favorite(still is) but i was an odd child who’s favorite food was spinach ;P lol…As for sweets i loved ice cream(strawberry and pistachio) and my mom’s apple crisp!

    long list haha, it’s quite fun to reminisce about being a kid, i wish i could be a little carefree girly again 😉


  5. Amber Shea @Almost Vegan

    You’re making me more and more interested in graham flour…

    “Pumpernickel probably has more to offer than any of the guys I’ve dated” – HAHA! The packaging DID ask for it.

    I was a boring kid…Ramen noodles were my go-to.

  6. OMG! This post was amazing! I was literally drooling at all the pics (but, seriously, what is with that couple on the bread?). And there’s nothing wrong with sweet potatoes everyday – as long as you’re not turning orange!;)
    Actually, I ate pretty much the same foods as a kid that I do now, but, I have to say, regular old Popsicles always take me back. ❤

  7. Somethings just nev-ah ev-ah get go with it. Make a low and slow graham flour waffle. We’ll still love you.
    Perfect example….that picture on the pumpernickle box? Still cracking me up.


  8. that is very strange to have a nuzzling couple on some bread…hmmm.
    haven’t had gingersnaps in agesss!!
    when i was a kid i always had mac and cheese, sandwiches of some sort, and cheetoes. the crunchy kind.

  9. I’m a danger to myself at Tj’s every week. I think I spend the same amount of money that a family of 4 would. I spent $124 Friday and my fridge looks empty right now…how did that happen???

  10. teenagehealthfreak

    for about a year the only things i would eat for dinner were: sausage, macaronni n’ cheese, and green beans (canned…cut a certain way too) it’s all i EVER wanted. that sleepy time extra tea works wonders!!! i don’t have a TJs around me either. 😦 your waffles look scrumptious!..those pecans make it work. lol 🙂 did you figure out how to crack them??

  11. Nothing wrong with low and slow sweet potatoes.. when I first discovered them, I had them ALL THE TIME. It’s like the perfect food!
    And i’m SO glad you liked everything!

  12. Hamburger Helper, extra cheese on top, with a slice of white bread and butter and then folded into a sandwich. That and Homestyle Bakes. We had tons of those.

    I feel the same way about breakfast – I eat overnight oats every morning because it’s one thing less to worry about before I head to class, but the same dinner two nights in a row is a real bummer to me.

    Your dinner sounds fantastic by the way; recipe please. 🙂

  13. Bread and sex appeal… who would have ever thought?

    And I always had graham crackers as a kid. Always. It was a rare occasion that they weren’t around for us to snack on.

  14. I ate a ton of goldfish crackers when I was a kid. I think I OD’ed on them, because now they taste like cardboard to me.

    That’s a bummer about TJ’s being so far from you; mine is a 3 minute walk away and I don’t know what I’d do without it!

  15. I remember eating some pretty weird stuff when I was a kid… but one thing that wasn’t SO weird was alphabet soup. One that is no longer around, of course. How sad.

    That almond butter is pretty awesome, isn’t it?! 🙂

    ❤ ❤

  16. We ate a lot of peanut butter and jelly waffles…almost everyday for breakfast, and sometimes for dinner! We were picky eaters, but Noelle and I loved us some waffles! You got a great package of goodies…what a sweet gift. I hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow!

  17. There weren’t a lot of interesting things to eat when I was a kid. The right word for it was “economical crisis”. But there was something I couldn’t live without, the best treat ever – Kaki no Tane. These are Japanese rice crackers and maybe aren’t really that special but they are still my favorite.

    I want the recipe for the dinner, too 🙂

  18. that’s a really strange picture to put on a bread 😀 They should put a cute guy kissing the bread, and not the girl, it would sell better.
    Hm, as a kid, I loved all kinds of cereal, cream of wheat with cocoa, oh, and wieners.

  19. Mmmm. Mmm-mmmmm. All the food in this post looks so good. And yes, pumpernickel – it’s the bread most similar to traditional Danish rye bread and THAT’s the reason why all Danes miss home so when they are away. And seriously – the only thing that can make me whine over being a celiac. A warm croissant – sure, I feel the pain, but what really gives me a pang is seeing the boyf eat a good slice of rye bread with strong cheese, hahaha…I’m serious. But still, I think you need to meet better guys 😉

    Take care Jess. 🙂

  20. That’s the brand of AB I buy! I really like it, but it’s the only brand of AB I’ve ever tried (since it’s safe for my allergies), so I don’t have anything to compare it to. 😛

    Your dinner sounds good! It’s so fun to make grown up, healthed-up versions of our favourite childhood foods. I think one of my favourite foods was cheese tortellini with alfredo sauce. I was obsessed!

  21. I’m the same with breakfasts, I have the same things on rotation. I just love them so much I don’t wanna try anything else (probably should though). Unfortunatly I don’t have the choice about dinner as my mum makes it and so it often is on repeat, but ho hum. Those waffles did look good though, might have to switch it up a bit and try them 🙂 xxx

  22. The bread package is hysterical. I feel like putting couples on packages is such a European thing to do- and judging by the writing on it, I’d say the French are the culprits 🙂

    That’s my BF’s favorite almond butter, though he was bummed the last time we were at WF because they were out of the crunchy!!

    As a kid I ate SO MUCH Ellio’s pizza. Whenever my parents were out for the night, that was the way to go!!

  23. Sesame honey cashews are my ultimate favorite from Trader Joe’s (which is completely biased since they’re the only thing I’ve ever had from there..) so I imagine those almonds are going to be fantastic!!

    When I was younger, on Sundays we would always go to my grandma’s house for an Italian pasta dinner. It was always so good and something to look forward to 🙂

  24. If you like gingery cookies try these…
    They’re my favorite.

  25. dee

    wooow. i love this blog. you know that. it is my favorite escape from my crap filled life. sometimes i pretend i have your life, or moving to vermont on spur because it looks so amazing. i food and life envy haha.

  26. My mum has had the same breakfast every single day for the past 10 years. Apparently breakfast iS fine to repeat! Atm I mix my dinners up less than my breakfasts :p
    LOL re the nuzzling! To be fair…if I were her, standing opposite him,I’d sure be nuzzling. That guy is HOT!

  27. OH and I always had weetabix, Galaxy cake bars, chocolate milk and Penguin bars as a kid :p healthy much?

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