Every Monday, my local news channel shows a clip of a rooster cock-a-doodling to help those of us with a “case of the Mondays” to get their sorry bums out of bed.

I needed that rooster this morning. I can’t imagine why, because I was in bed at 8:30. I’ve been on this “go-tobed-early” phase lately. Usually because I enjoy getting up early when I have a day to myself.

It’s just that Monday’s don’t hold much promise.


Alas, I was up and at-‘em in no time. Feeding my face. Feeding my horses’ faces.  Entertaining random thoughts. You know.

Like envying those of you who have coffee shops that have non-dairy options. I’d love a non-dairy cappuccino. Or hot cocoa. Or latte. Or something.


And like how something so good [hummus] can be so bad [artichoke kalamata hummus].

Like how insanely lucky I am to have the best pony in the world.


Like how I’ve been dreaming up the best granola bar recipes for months, only to completely overlook the best one all this time: a banana swimming in peanut butter.

I was definitely a monkey in my past life. I know eating too much squash turns your skin orange…what’s too many bananas do besides keep me up-to-par with potassium?

Like how Vermont has started using cell phone towers that are supposed to look like trees, but since they’re a good many feet taller than the rest of the treeline, they just stick out like sore thumbs. There’s something about trying to blend in that just makes you more noticeable, I think.

Like how obsessed I am with this song.


Like how random it is to have a man and a woman nuzzling each other on my pumpernickel bread.DSC_3848

Although I was really thinking about how lucky I am to have had the opportunities to form such wonderful friendships with some pretty fantastic people.

Take Tat, for example! She is a constant inspiration to me, and someone I think I will always look up to for her bravery, honesty and generosity.


We did a fun little swap – I was just expecting date syrup, but was sent so much more, though what really meant the most to me was her wonderful note that she included. It made my night!


But this pumpernickel wasn’t far behind Winking smile I’d seen Tat blog about it before and was quite envious – I haven’t seen anything like it before. I wasn’t super hungry when I got home from work (weird…) but just had to try it. It is fantastic! Dense, chewy, and full of flavor – reminds me of molasses! I smeared some of the fig preserves she sent me on it, and I am in. loaf. (hey, I haven’t said anything corny yet today – in loaf it is!)

Have you ever had real Pumpernickel?

Mondays – love ‘em or hate ‘em?


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21 responses to “Mondays

  1. I am trying to take the positive approach to this Monday. So far, I am just taking deep breathes to get over it. Eh, I could take ’em or leave ’em. I have not had “real” pumpernickle if that is what that is, but I love what I have had, so I am sure that one is good! Have a great night Jessica!

  2. I don’t know about you…but pumpernickel bread always puts me in the mood for nuzzling.

  3. Mondays for me right now are like any other day of the week… which are like any other day of the week-end. Haha! Remind me again how I am supposed to adapt to a new school semester in January? 😉

    I couldn’t be happier knowing that you love the bread! It’s definitely my favourite, not for sandwiches but for nut butters and lovely jams 🙂 I always feel a little out of the loop when I post about it, because no one seems to have a clue as to what it is! Enjoy 🙂

  4. teenagehealthfreak

    i have had real rye bread from Germany, so that’s no to fffaarrr from pumpernickle. and yeah that’s an EXTREMELY random picture on there!!! you know i think i’ll say i like mondays cause it’s the only day i get to start off a great week!! 🙂 your banana swimming in peanut butter just spiked me hunger. lol

  5. I think I could turn into a monkey too. Pretty sure bananas are their own food group in my diet. Mondays are okay for me this semester…because I don’t have class!

  6. Ahahaha… I saw that video on VH1 one morning at the gym… it cracked me up!

  7. I actually really like Mondays. As much as I love weekends, having too much free time actually gets me really anxious. It’s nice to have a schedule. Wow, I never thought I’d say that!!!

    But anyway, by Tuesday I’m ready for the weekend..but Mondays are nice 😛

  8. My hands are currently orange from too much pumpkin. I like it though.

  9. Generally not a fan of Mondays… I wouldn’t say I HATE them, though.

    I’ve had pumpernickel bread before — like, a thousand years ago. My grandfather used to eat it all the time, but he died when I was thirteen. I used to live right upstairs from my grandparents, and my grandmother was an awesome cook, so I wound up eating there a lot… hence the consumption of pumpernickel, the taste of which I no longer actually recall!

    ❤ ❤

  10. I’mma have to Google what actual pumpernickel consists of, but I can assure you I haven’t had actual pumpernickel and I’m positive I’m missing out. I’ve yet to have a 100% whole wheat and rye loaf too. I’ll get on that eventually.

    I typically enjoy my Mondays, but I’m sure that changes with my semester schedule. For right now, it’s pretty relaxed and laid-back, so I can’t complain.

    And I’ve made an artichoke hummus (couldn’t really taste it, sadly) and an olive hummus, but never mixed the two. I’ll take your word that two awesome flavors can combine to form one nasty one and save myself some precious chickpeas.

  11. I’m not a big Monday person. The weekends are more my speed 🙂
    I have never had real pumpernickel bread but now I want to. That looks delicious!

  12. Gotta love bloggie exchanges 😉
    I know you have probably said but are those pancakes from eat, drink, and be vegan? If so, must make those SOON!

  13. One more victim of the pumpernickel love! 😉
    I knew this bread was always on the shelves in my supermarket but never really craved it before Tat started posting about it. She made it look so delicious that I couldn’t resist anymore. And she was right – it was amazing. Much better than the ordinary rye bread I eat on a daily basis. Plus the supermarket is a part of a German chain so they import the pumpernickel bread directly from Germany 🙂 .

    As for Mondays – it depends on the week. Sometimes I am looking forward to them and sometimes I hate them.

  14. Usually I like Mondays! I like the fresh start to the week. But yesterday was way too stressful for me to enjoy it. 😛

    I’ve had a loaf of pumpernickel from bakeries before, but they’ve never looked like that one! The ones I’ve tried are big and round, and much lighter and more bread-like. I guess those aren’t real pumpernickel?

  15. I don’t mind Mondays too much, it’s Wednesdays for some reason I have an issue with—not sure why. . . 🙂
    The couple on the pumpernickel bread label is hilarious! An odd place for them…they look like they belong on a condom package!

  16. That’s some romantic pumpernickel bread… 😉 Bananas bathed in peanut butter are their own food group for me. I file them under “necessary for sanity.”

  17. So many bloggie swaps going on! I jsut saw your package on the other Jess’ blog and I got a serious envy case 😛 she’s a lucky girl…
    I’ve had pumperwhatever bread, but I really didn’t like it :s Though I’m not a bread person – maybe that’s why!?
    I don’t have a porblem with Monday, though if I was in a crap job I can imagine I would…I hate the word though, it’s dull and crabby :/
    Btw – I like this song 🙂 it’s playing now

  18. I don’t actually mind Mondays too much, because usually they’re just holdovers of my weekend moods. It’s not until Tuesday when I realize that I’m not even halfway to the weekend that I start to feel depressed!

    Glad you enjoyed your package 🙂

  19. Jen

    I have made banana peanut butter granola bars. One word. INCREDIBLE!!!

    LOL @ the couple snuggling on the bread package. Random!!

    I don’t get a case of the monday’s anymore. I’m a stay at home mom, every day is the same.


  20. Dipping bananas in peanut butter is one of my favourite snacks 🙂

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