Same-Old Same-Old

This weekend went by too fast.

I want it back.

I want weekends like this all. winter. long.

Unfortunately, that isn’t going to happen and I doubt we’ll have weather this beautiful again for many more moons. It’s already back to rain starting tomorrow.

That said – I spent nearly every daylight minute outdoors this weekend. I found a little bit of “kitchen time” at lunchtime today to play – but other than that, I’m still in my low and slow sweet potato rut.

You think I’m kidding. I’m not.




And I’m still swearing by these cornmeal pancakes. I keep forgetting to try it as a waffle – remind me to do that on Tuesday!

I know I’ve said I’m going to start eating more environmentally friendly  – but I couldn’t pass up these strawberries at Hannaford’s! And I mean…I’d get a little bored eating apples all winter. This is Vermont, you know. I am nothing without bananas.



And yes – I’ve still been loving buffalo tempeh! Is it weird that I equate hot, spicy food with bad for you, though? And pickles. Pickles make this sandwich, though. And hummus. In light of Vegan MoFo, of course – it was my ranch dressing Winking smile

Speaking of which – why do these pickles need to be called hamburger pickles? Honestly. It’s not like they’re made of hamburgers.


I really needed to make another loaf of bread, and while you might think “how do you find time for bread making when you’re outside all day?” it’s the easiest thing to fit in, really!

with a minor backfire.

First, let me say that the hardest part of baking bread has come to be actually picking out the recipe. I spent all night last night deciding on a recipe! In my exploration, though, I read Matt’s explanation of a bit of the science behind dough and whole wheat, which was helpful I my baking expeditions.  So then I really wanted to make this bread, but only have active dry yeast. Could I sub that for instant yeast, anyone know?!

Anyways – I ended up baking this, but veganizing it with molasses, earth balance and almond milk. It was super easy to get the dough ready this morning and let it rise while I was at the barn. I asked my mom to punch it down and put it in a loaf pan in an hour or two…and therein lied the problem.


I’m not complaining, because it was sweet of her….but she also decided to bake it. She didn’t know what to bake it at or for how long…but she did. I still haven’t asked because I don’t want to know, but I think it was definitely underbaked. The top was still really soft, much like a sandwich bread you buy in a bag from the bread aisle. It’s really hard to cut because of this, but still tastes really good. I was afraid the molasses would have too bold a flavor, but it’s surprisingly not. I did cut back on that a bit, though.

I’m not complaining because I had the best ride on Teddie. Both yesterday and today he was amazing, though….our best rides yet! He was cantering like an old pro!! Transitioned right when I’d ask with no little hop/buck like he does in the indoor, and actually maintained it for full 20m circles – something he can’t do in the indoor yet. And correct leads [nearly] every time! I’m seriously … well, walking on sunshine right now. I’m so proud of my little boy!



I also quickly made some muffins – a hybrid variation of my gingerbread muffins mixed with my carrot-spice graham muffins.


And blackened tofu – from ED&BV. I’m still limiting my non-fermented soy intake, but it was $1.99 at Hannaford and after disliking/avoiding tofu for so long, really just wanted to give it a try.



I think the real reason I’ve got a bone to pick with tofu is because everytime someone asks me what I’m eating (well, okay, not so much anymore), it’s along the lines of”what’s that, tofu?” or if I talk about what I’m making, it’s obviously tofu something. It makes me just want to scream “I don’t even eat tofu!” Which, I don’t. Today reminded me of that. I just don’t care for it. I’d rather have tempeh or seitan, especially because those are either a fermented soy product or soy-free.


It wasn’t terrible – but nothing to write home about. If I’d have done the same thing with tempeh, I bet I’d have loved it, though.

Hopefully it’ll be good in sandwiches.

Either way – the kale ad s.p. so picked up for the lacking tofu. I feel like all I’ve done lately is eat kale and sweet potatoes. And I’ve hardly eve made a dent in my kale supply. You’ll be seeing it very often, I think.

Tofu – yay or nay?


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18 responses to “Same-Old Same-Old

  1. Ashlei

    I love kale. Just downed a pretty large salad of it 🙂 I had to force myself to not eat sweet potatoes or winter squash with dinner because I’ve been eating them ALL day.

    You know, every time I used to ask my mom to do something like punch down the bread and bake it, or whatever the cooking thing was, it would always turn out wrong. Hmm.

  2. teenagehealthfreak

    sometimes its good to be in a rut..especially a sweet potato one! i’m in a winter squash rut! 🙂 my kale in my garden is still small ..GROW silly kale GROW!!! but those are two delicous veggies..i even like kale just plain steamed with vinegar, salt & peppa..yum!! i’m tempted to try the cornmeal cakes. (i have cranberries in my freezer too….)

  3. I LOVE tofu and miss it so much!!! So, enjoy it for me…please! I believe that instant and active yeast are different. I think instant can be added directly to the flour and you only have to proof it once. So, no, I don’t believe you can interchange them. I get my yeast from the grocery store in a jar labeled “instant” or “bread machine”. Your bread looks delicious!

  4. I looooove tofu! And that tofu with the seasoning looks AMAZING!

  5. I’m still obsessed with tour cornmeal pancakes too from when you last posted them. They still look fabulous.

  6. tofu – yay! Tempeh – big yay!

    Okay I’m going to sound like a loon but I’ve never had buffalo wings so I don’t know what they taste like. I want to try that buffalo tempeh but I have no clue what to expect! Can you give me some info? Thanks chickadee!

  7. I think my “squash rut” has become more of a lifestyle. My dinners have shrunk and every night is closed with a great bowl of frozen fruit, squash chunks, granola and milk.

    I don’t really think there’s a huge problem with tofu for people to be concerned about. It’s the same as any food – if you’re not eating it in 1 pound servings for every meal, I don’t think a 3-4 oz slice of tofu every day would harm anyone.

    That said, I still prefer tempeh because of its flavor and because whenever I marinate tofu I’m always worried about how much of everything it soaks up (I’m working on it. =\ ). But a good slice of tofu after being pressed frozen and thawed can make a pretty decent meal – especially in a curried salad type thing.

  8. alright J$ — I have been drooling over your cornmeal pancakes for weeks now and I’ve finally lost all sense of dignity and am ready to resort to beg. Please give me that recipe!!!!!!

  9. My mom tends to do things like that too when I ask her to keep an eye on something in the kitchen for me (spaghetti squash left overnight on the counter, anyone?) … and I feel bad complaining, because she IS doing me a favor. I just don’t ask if I can help it. 😉

    Tofu is a total yay for me. I’d be lost without it! :p

    ❤ ❤

  10. I love tofu! I know what you mean about preferring tempeh because it’s fermented, but I honestly don’t feel like there’s ANY danger in eating tofu when it’s not every day, all day. I’ve got kale happily growing outside still, even thought it’s under some snow at the moment! Love it.

  11. I like tempeh very much,..

  12. Yay to tofu! I’ve never really read up on the controversy over tofu because I like it too much and I don’t want to find out something that will make me stop eating it, haha.

    Also I know what you mean about wanting to be more environmentally friendly with my eating choices. But I think there’s just NO way I could survive the winter eating only local fruits. 😛

  13. Your cornbread pancakes look so much more ‘rustic’ than your regular ones 😛 Don’t take that the wrong way.. because they still look incredibly delicious, just rustic and delicous. Haha.

    I’m currently going through the same type of thing meal-wise. (Let’s forget about the fact that I am supposed to be eating different stuff right now for a moment, mkay?) I just seem to crave the same old things 🙂 Specifically, oat bran and eggs.. it’s still going strong!

  14. Yay all the way! And those pancakes look amazing!

  15. I never used to like tofu but now I’m really getting into it. So glad you and Teddie had a great workout! I love it when you update us about him 🙂

  16. I am not a tofu girl…but Ryan loves it. We buy a block every week, but it takes a lot for me to love it. I am so glad that you were able to spend so much time outdoors…doesn’t that feel wonderful? Thanks for sharing, love. Happy Monday!

  17. Aaah tofu’s brilliant! I love it and have it most days! 😛 I didn’t actually know there was anything wrong with it…?
    I’m actually yet to try tempeh or seitan…the only place that sells it near me is quite a distance from where I live! But next time I go there I WILL buy and try 🙂

  18. Amber Shea @Almost Vegan

    Tempeh and hummus? Mmm, match made in heaven.

    Tofu = super-YAY.

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