Little Things

I don’t think I’ve shared one of my other passions with you guys.

You know I love photography. Teddie. Good food. (And yet – I’m still single. It’s not like I’m asking for a diamond ring…just a nice barn with an indoor would be nice.)

But part of that “photography” field includes film photography.

I hear you already – “But Jess, isn’t that a little…well, archaic?”

No. It’s not. Film is magnificent. Film is better than digital. With the digital revolution, everyone is forgetting about film, ad everybody and their brothers is becoming a photographer.*




Film is sharp where digital is soft. What is a sea of green for a field in a digital photo, in film you can count the blades of grass. Film makes you pay attention to what you’re shooting. With a digital camera, you are limited by your sensor. With film, you’re not limited at all – but rather, it depends on how good your photo lab is and their capabilities of scanning and printing.

And c’mon…how exciting is it to shoot a roll of film, get it developed and printed, and only then see how your shots came out?!



In case you couldn’t tell – I’d remembered about my long lost love and randomly shot a roll of film this morning. While I’m far from considering these candid snapshots works of art – it was definitely a good reminder that I need to shoot film more often!




Of course, being able to develop and print them myself while at work only adds to the excitement Winking smile






Have you ever shot film before/do you have any interest in it?

What’s one of your “long lost loves” that not everyone knows about you?

*This isn’t meant to be taken offensively – after all, I shoot digitally 99.9% of the time, except for when I’m in the mood to play with some film. Just an observation!



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27 responses to “Little Things

  1. Stefanie

    Those pictures are really nice. 🙂

  2. I love film photography! My cousin is playing around with it and I think it is beautiful! I don’t know that I have a long lost love that nobody knows about. I am not that interesting (haha). Teddie looks amazing! My sister is competing with her horse in Virginia this weekend and this made me think about her! Have a great weekend!

  3. I’m not really sure what you mean by “shoot film” (I think I know, but I don’t want to jump the gun if I’m wrong) so I’m going to avoid answering the question for the time being with hopes that you’ll explain it to me eventually. 😉

    Those shots are phenomenal though, the detail is stunning and the images are crisp. I can see you going very far with your photography skills in the future – so far as to become professional and make a career out of it!

    If I had the extra money I’d buy you the barn. And then I’d also buy you a cow and an expensive camera. And then I’d have you take pictures of said cow and I would give them to my Mom for Christmas. I know, a bit random, but hey, if I had extra money, I’d be happy to use it to make others happy.

  4. Wow Jess! I love learning more about you… you seem to surprise me every day (in a good way, I promise). Those pictures are absolutely gorgeous!

    I like to take photos, but I wouldn’t even come close to saying that photography of any kind is a ‘passion’ for me. The closest I’ve ever come to taking photos with film is with my polaroid when I was like 12 😛 Remember polaroids?! I was obsessed with my polaroid camera!

    Hmm.. ‘long lost loves’ for me? I think I just recently came out with mine, which would be graphic design and digital art 😛

  5. I love all your photography- whether it be of nature or food. It’s amazing. I’m not sure if I’ve asked this before or not, but what kind of camera do you use? I’m on the search for a good one 🙂

  6. Angela

    I love film photography! It’s actually the only kind of photos I take on a regular basis. I agree, the quality of prints from film are incredible and it’s fun when you don’t know what kind of picture you took until after developing. If you can believe it, since I learned everything I know about photography through film I’m a little hesitant about going digital. I would love to see more of your prints. They are awesome!

  7. The only film I’ve ever shot was a disposable camera in junior high. 🙂

  8. Fabulous pics. Great quality.

    Way back when I used to play the piano and think about picking it up again every now and then.

  9. teenagehealthfreak

    beautiful!! i’ve acctually my mom’s got a really cool, nice camera (it’s a little old) with a hunker lense on it and it’s film only..that is really nice..problem is i don’t know how to work it..other wise i think i would use it!!! or something is wrong with it..i can’t remember..thats really cool that you develop your own pictures!

  10. Wow, lovely photos! Black and white photography is my favorite median. I wish I could shoot with film but unfortunatly don’t have the camera to do so.

  11. These pictures are beautiful!

  12. Wow! These pictures are stunning!

    I remember when we had only a film camera at home. It was (and I suppose it still is, wherever it is) a nice little Nikon that used to make high quality pictures with minimum skills and effort required. I hated not being able to see the result before developing the film but there were rarely any pictures that were a complete failure. Now I delete more than half of the pictures I take. I miss the old camera a little although using a film was quite expensive. Your prints remind me it was worth the price.

  13. I took a course once and developed my own pictures, and you’re right, that’s magic. I wasn’t any good though 🙂

    Your pics are beautiful.

  14. Your photos are AMAZZZZING! I love looking at film photography. They have a totally different mood to them!

  15. A long lost long is scrapbooking. I haven’t done it in forever, but I used to make them after every school year in high school and college. I’ve fallen victim to the easiness of making photo books online..which isn’t nearly as fun.

  16. Those pictures are gorgeous! My sister actually has a film camera that I’ve always wanted to tinker around with… maybe I’ll get her to show me how to use it over Christmas break!

    Hmm my long lost love is canoeing! I used to do trips every summer, but I haven’t gone in ages now. I miss it!

  17. I took a photography class in high school where we learned the basics of film photography. I liked it- and had I been able to acquire a better camera, I think I would have had a lot of fun with it!

  18. theflourishingfoodie

    Beautiful photos!

  19. You have such a talent for photography! I love all of these pictures. Each one made me pause…they’re absolutely gorgeous.

    I dabbed into a bit of film photography, but felt like it was getting so expensive to develop, for the quality that I was getting. That was way back before I understood any photography at all. I would love to get back into film, especially if I could learn how to develop my own pictures. 😀

    Thanks for sharing these awesome photos!

  20. Ok they ARE works of art!!! Stunning! Did you edit them?
    I’ve shot with film a lot I, on crappy cheap cameras were you buy a little £5 film 🙂 but that was years ago!
    My hidden passion? Drawing 🙂

  21. I really love film photography as well. I grew up using my dads old cameras and then took photography classes in both high school and college where I was developing. It is such a great experience to see how it turns out.

    I can’t think of a hidden passion right now…I love running, yoga, photography, eating, cooking, traveling, shopping, styling, reading…pretty basic stuff but I will try to think of something!

  22. While I do love film photography, I’m glad that I can rely on digital. It really, really sucked having to carry home twenty rolls of film after a vacation.

    And it sucked even more that so many of those shots were crap!!

    ❤ ❤

  23. This was a beautiful post. I loved seeing your photographs on film. My aunt is a photographer, and whenever I see your shots and hear you talk about your passion…I think of her. You both are talented women! I don’t know if I have a long-lost love…but I do enjoy playing the piano (even though I’m terrible at it after years of not practicing!) Thank you for sharing. I hope your weekend is going well!

  24. Gah I’m in love with these pictures of Teddie!

  25. There is really something wonderful about film. I used to take photography in high school and college and loved developing my prints. I even like the smell of the chemicals 😮 I came across my film, slr the other day and was thinking I should buy a roll of film and see what happens. Digital is so affordable though.

  26. Wow your photography is amazing! Keep up the amazing work!

  27. I love film photography, so much more interesting. I almost love the fact that once a photo is taken, you cannot change it, or delete it and start again. Probably a bit old fashioned!
    Your photography is beautiful

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