First I was Guilty.

Then I was Simple.

And now I’m just a liar. Here’s what Teddie has to say about that:


As many times as I’ve promised this week that “I’ll have something better for you tomorrow…” I keep coming up short.


I had big plans, I did! But when it came time for dinner, I just. wanted. roasted. veg. Well, that and to use the last of the polenta I’d opened and just about forgotten about.

I’m going to use that as my excuse – I needed to use the last of the polenta and just wanted them to be “croutons” for my “hot salad.”


I’m not usually one to call a bunch of vegetables and some grain (meal?) a dinner…but what can I say? Tonight it was all about the fiber and the fat. I also used to not think a green monster should be considered a lunch, but that was before I’d tried it for myself.


Not to mention, I ended up not having much time to make anything fun. We had to put hay away, so that was what my mom and I did while the tater was roasting, and after we came in I just had to bump the oven up and throw together the other veg…which included a boatload of kale, a carrot (random), a shallot, red pepper, red onion, artichoke hearts, and a plum tomato all tossed with salt and a generous drizzle olive oil – and now you know why I said it was all about the fiber and fat Winking smile

But anyways. Now that I’ve just gotten the lie out of the way, look at all of this deliciousness…





Isn’t that some gorgeous produce?! Maybe not as pretty as Farmer’s Market loot – but work with me here. I’ve finally decided I’m just going to find time and desire to do my shopping at Hannaford, a good store. For Vermont. As I mentioned yesterday – I let myself really run out of just about everything produce-wise so I could go all out. Running to the store for one or two things 3x a week was getting old.

Hence why I bought so many bananas. Well, either that or to feed all the monkeys I our back room…I’m not telling you which is the real reason.

I’d be my own worse nightmare if I was a grocery store cashier. Think of all the produce codes I made that poor lady enter.


Question – is this a buttercup or a kabocha?! I’d heard Kabocha’s don’t have the little “crown” at the bottom like buttercups have, but otherwise look the same. I don’t know if that knob counts as the crow a buttercup has or not.



Lately I haven’t been buying crackers or munchies because I want to make them myself. But these Kashi TLC crackers were pretty inexpensive and sounded good, and I’ve been craving some good hummus vessels.

Maybe that’s why I went a little overboard on the carrots and celery?

Anyways. They are perfect hummus vessels! So is the celery and carrots, though.


Anyways. That’s enough of the boring stuff. Even though I’m always down for an abundance of fresh produce.

You know what’s been driving me nuts lately? My “n” key is always sticking, which makes blog-writing take about twice as long as usual.


What’s been driving me nuts in a good way, though, is these pancakes. This morning’s, especially, was bliss. I topped them with a cranberry-fig sauce and coconut milk yogurt. And walnuts. and date molasses. ahmagaw.


This is where I’d usually say “I promise I’ll have something interesting for you tomorrow!” but then I’d be lying again, because I know full well I won’t. This weekend. Er, actually, maybe not. We’re being graced with beautiful weather for the next few days, and then next week is back to snow and/or rain, so I’m soaking up this sun while I can!


I’m also really long overdue for a Teddie update…I’m waiting until I can drag someone out to be my photographer Winking smile

How many times/week do you grocery shop? Do you find your cart is practically full and you’re just about done after getting your produce?


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30 responses to “Liar

  1. Cute pictures of Teddie and I love all of your colorful produce. I grocery shop once a week to stock up for the upcoming week. I hit the produce section first and find that the cart is half full by the time I’m done getting veggies and fruit! My family eats a lot of it.

  2. I end up going about twice a week, just because I tend to buy things that have a short shelf life, plus, I have to go to two stores in order to get everything the fam needs. It can be a drag, but I LOVE to slowly cruise thru Vitamin Cottage Natural Grocer–that have the greatest stuff! Great pictures!

  3. I think it is a marketing ploy and both squashes are the same! I have never had kabocha, but I love buttercup! I mostly go to the store a couple times a week for produce and we do a huge pantry stock every other month. We are in desperate need of a restock on everything. Seriously, I did not eat an apple today and that never happens…although I have eaten an entire cantaloup today, so that with all the pumpkin I am eating is going to make me look like an oompa loompa real soon!

  4. They’re never labeled, so I’m not sure if I’m eating kabocha or buttercup, but truth be told I think they’re really similar and I devour them both anytime I can.

    I usually visit the store once a week on campus, but anything goes during the summer when I’m at home. The grocery store is only a bike ride away and the farmer’s stand is about twice the distance (~10 minutes on bike?) so it’s not bad at all and we go and get things as we need them.

    Most of the time produce is all I need, unless I’m out of a grain, nut, yogurt or spice. I still like to wander down each aisle though, just to see what kind of things are out there, to laugh at some of the crazy processed junk, and to just chat with my Mom.

  5. HAHA, I go grocery shopping probably three times a week because of my produce obsession. And yes, the shopping is always 3/4 of the way done by the time I leave the produce department. What else do I need? Just some bread, tortillas, salsa, PB and cereal and I’m good to go 🙂

  6. I try to go just once a week. I usually load up on produce…although do chocolate covered frozen bananas count? 😉

  7. My family of three eats produce like a family of five… we have to go at least once a week just to keep stock of stuff. I have a hard time believing that I will ever learn to budget. Not cool.

    As for the squash debate… I firmly believe they are the same. I’ve bought both before, with actual stickers, and they taste identical to me. Either they were mislabeled, or it doesn’t really matter 😛

    … Since when is roasted veg + fat not exciting?!
    Hehehe.. hope you are having a great night!

  8. Aahha I totally agree with the “cart full of produce”! You’d think my family was raising herbivores 😛

  9. Hey- sometimes you crave what you crave and you can’t do anything about it…

    I’d totally call roasted veggies a dinner. 😉

  10. I’ll usually go to the grocery store every week (with 1 stop during the week for maybe more milk or produce) if I meal plan. However, if I don’t meal plan, I’m there like every stinkin’ day. Lame.

  11. teenagehealthfreak doesn’t look like the kobocha squash i had..but i have no idea what i butter cup looks i’m not much help…we try to go just once a can image how much stuff we buy..its really inconvinient to go to the store for’s like 20 mins away…and that’s just the ‘basics’…to get the goods…at LEAST 45 mins. but we used to go more..but we were spending A LOT of extra money…so we make a menu for the week and plan it all out now! 🙂

  12. I’m pretty sure that kabocha is a TYPE of buttercup squash. But that’s definitely a kabocha, because I bought one (with a sticker identifying it as a kabocha!) a few months back and planted the seeds, and whatever sprouted from the ground looks exactly like your picture.

    As for grocery shopping?… I do one “big” shop a week, but a “medium” one in Whole Foods once a week too. And somehow I seem to find myself there practically every day anyway because I’m bored, and it’s easier to carry things home in installments instead of lugging a huge cartful on the subway!

    ❤ ❤

  13. Hahahaha! I would laugh out loud if my roommate wasn’t still sleeping. The first picture of Teddie is sooo cute!

    If you like so much what you eat, you don’t really have to change it only to show us something new. Maybe you don’t show “something better” because it can’t get any better. I would kill for pancakes like yours!

    As for grocery shopping, I try to do it once a week. Not because I don’t enjoy it, I just rarely have time for more. I buy all the produce I need for a week and start with the things that go bad faster. During the week I go to the supermarket only for bread or something I’ve unexpectedly run out of.

  14. Please don’t worry about posting something “interesting and new” for us! We love visiting you day after day because of your sweet soul that shines so brightly through your words and your photos. I grocery shop 3-4 times a week, and I love looking at all my produce when I get home. Just beautiful! Thank you for sharing…I hope your Friday is full of joy.

  15. Ashlei

    Is there some baking in your future with those bananas? Or maybe you like to slice ’em and freeze ’em like I do then munch on them frozen 😛

    Cart is usually full after produce, and then I continue to try to pile stuff in. I love grocery shopping. Some people hate it and I actually find it fun. And go to the store WAY too often!

  16. I shop almost every day…unfortunately! No car, so unless I want to take five trips in one day, I have to haul the loot home little by little. Which is great, because food is always fresh, but which also sucks, for obvious reasons 🙂

    Yeah, go out and get some sun while it’s there! There’s a long, cold winter for adventures in the kitchen ;-).

    And your breakfast is killing me.

  17. That picture of Teddie is too cute!

    In the summer when I lived with my parents we went grocery shopping or to the farmer’s market almost everyday! But now that I’m back at school, I usually go twice a week – once to the grocery store and once to the farmer’s market.

    Yup my cart is 90% produce! Haha I always feel bad about the cashiers and all those produce codes too. I used to be a cashier at a grocery store so I can totally relate! Memorizing produce codes is tough!

  18. Teddie is always so cute! I love those Kashi TLC crackers.. they are perfect for hummus. And I want all of that produce!!

  19. A teddie update would make my life almost as complete as some coconut milk yogurt… 🙂

  20. u must have some syrup the drizzled into the keyboard. probably amidst writting “mmmmmmmmmmmm nom nom nom” haha, got stuck right in between the ‘n’ and ‘m’

  21. I grocery shop once or twice a week – when we need it, cos the supermarket is on my drive home 🙂 and my cart is ALWAYS full once I’ve done fruit and veg! As for al that produce – it looks soooo good!
    That’s what a buttercup looks like? I think I’ve inadvertently eaten a few of them then….!

  22. I *try* to limit grocery shopping to once a week, but I have to go to so many different stores for the stuff I usually doesnt happen. Like, I’ll run out of milk and only one place sells it so I’ll go there but not have to get anything from the other stores. But a few days later, I’ll run out of something from another store and have to run back out. The main culprits are milk, eggs, and bananas. Which I need more eggs and bananas but I’m good on milk. :/ See, it’s happening! lmho

    I’m glad you’ve been having good weather, too! It’s been almost Spring here but with a slight breeze..perfect for riding!

  23. Jen

    We go on Saturdays for the boring stuff and once a week to the produce store…heaven 🙂


  24. you take awesome food photos ❤ yum!
    produce is so naturally pretty to look at. i go shopping once a week, on saturday mornings. so by the end of the week we are pretty much out of the good stuff!
    love teddie's expression in that first pic 😀

  25. Girl, I don’t blame you one bit. I’ve been CRAVING roasted veggies like mad lately…

  26. Awww Teddie is so cute! And that produce looks perfect, just so fresh and yummy. I’ve been craving veggies too recently, wish I had such fresh ones though! Hope you enjoy them…. xxx

  27. I am a MAJOR nerd….I love going to the grocery store! I could go every day of the week if I needed to! But usually I go 3 times a week and get smaller amounts :). Yes…I usually walk directly to produce, spend majority of my time there, and then get the few other things I need from other areas of the store

  28. Little Bookworm

    Love the photo of Teddie at the end! All the produce looks amazing. 🙂

  29. Michelle

    Dear Jessica,

    I love to read your blog, and based on that, I think you are wonderful. Thanks for letting us into your life.

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