A Sampling

I think my mouth might be on perma-fire.

I think buffalo tempeh might be the longest “kick” I’ve had for quite some time, too. Luckily, I’m planning on going grocery shopping tomorrow – so I should have greater resources to draw on. As in…I currently have frozen mixed vegetables, frozen peas, wilted lettuce and red onions in terms of vegetables and frozen cranberries in terms of fruit.

I am nothing without fresh fruit and vegetables. They are, after all, the basis to all of my meals. I’ve always got a stockpile of grains and proteins to choose from but I don’t [unfortunately] have a secret garden of kale, broccoli, carrots, sweet potatoes and squash in my backyard.

Woe is me.


So, instead of showing you a bunch of repetitive pictures of buffalo-tempeh themed meals, I’ll show you a bunch of pictures of what I’ve come to love during Vegan Mofo.

Unfortunately, I still haven’t been able to find vanilla or plain coconut milk kefir. The co-op won’t stock it. I want to know who brainstormed the idea to stock strawberry and no “normal” flavors. I mean really?!

But it’s whatever.  What I can find is coconut milk yogurt, and I think I just realized that the two are one and the same – one is just drinkable.

What do you know, all it took for me to ditch that grudge against the co-op was writing a blog post! Anyways. I love this yogurt. I liken it to cake batter. I just wish they a. made a plain one with tang and b. made a greek yogurt variation.

Dear SoDelicious,

As a devoted customer, I sincerely enjoy each of the products I’ve tried from you. I am always thinking of ways for you to gain even more profit, however, and feel if you began straining your yogurt to create a Greek variation, you would have an even greater fan-base.

I return for this splendid idea, I would appreciate a swimming pool made of coconut milk/coconut milk yogurt/coconut milk ice cream/cultured coconut milk drink.

With Love,

Jessica Exposures

Anyways. The creamer was also a hit – but not necessarily a “vegan lifesaver.” I’m fine with adding coconut or almond milk to my coffee…it simply piqued my curiosity.


The rest of this doesn’t really have to do with Vegan MoFo. It has to do with Kombucha making me happily sad.


In that, I love it, but I can only splurge on it when I’m feeling frisky.

By frisky, I mean $rich$.


Aaaand for what it’s worth, Cinnamon Harvest = mine (& Teddie’s) new crack. I can’t figure out which of us likes it more.

I take that back. I don’t crane my neck around and flop my lips like a hooligan when I see it, but he does. I think he likes it more.


When I’m not eating it plain by the handful, I mix up some “peanut butter” with peanut flour, coconut milk and date molasses and use that as the milk to a bowl of it with banana and puffed rice. Because I have a really odd puffed rice addiction, too.


And I can’t forget the overnight oaties. With a side of Nutrition Concepts and Controversies, of course.

What’s your favorite cold cereal?

What spendy product do you consider your splurge?



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27 responses to “A Sampling

  1. My favourite cold cereal is those wholesome cheerios that I buy in a big bulk bag, I forget what they’re called but theyre so addicting!! The things I consider “splurges” are nut butters, for sure! So darn expensive, but who can resist? 😉

  2. Favourite cold cereal? Honey nut cheerios! I would much rather have them over any other ‘healthified’ product out there.. and they actually have a pretty stellar ingredient list contrary to popular belief 😛 I rarely eat cereal though, because I never think it’s going to fill me up… and adding nut butters to cereal never seems to appeal to me like it does hot cereal or bread.
    Cinnamon harvest looks just like mini wheats though.. which I also enjoy. I love how they soak up all the milk and get soggy 😮

  3. I stopped buying boxed cereal because of the tons of sugar, the extreme cost (I mean c’mon, oats are $1.09 per pound organic by me), and the desire to reduce my packaging waste. However I used to get Kashi GoLean Crunch Almond Flax stuff and that was amazing. I also loved their other GoLean Crunch and plain GoLean flavors and I used to get Ezekiel cereal too. The worst part about cold cereal is that I’m always hungry after eating it within an hour or so. Oats can keep me full for at least two. 😛

    Splurges? Anything I can convince myself I could live without and buy anyways I consider a splurge. (Chia seeds do not fall into that category because they are a necessity. ;)) Real local maple syrup, or any crazy Japanese ingredient that I need for a random recipe (miso, nori, kombu, mirin, etc.) I would consider a splurge. That and any organic nut that tips the price scale at over $6-7 per pound.

    I do shell out more money for organic yogurt because I’m hoping that they treat their cows with even the tiniest bit more humanity than Danon (though I don’t know how either brand compares so it’s hard to say) and because I know I’m supporting organic with my food dollars.

  4. Ayla

    I don’t eat cereal much (I tend to go crazy when it’s in the house) but I love that Cinnamon Harvest one!! It really is like crack. Cereal crack. Delicious.

    I wish my grocery store would stock coconut milk yogurt.. I think I’ll ask for it. They don’t even have freaking SOY yogurt. Which is weird since they have a pretty good gluten-free/vegan/organic selection of items. But no vegan yogurt.

  5. I totally splurge on coffee…it is my crack! Cereal, I love Kashi too. I Love the Heart to Heart, but my all time favorite was GoLean Crunch…I miss it so. Darn soy!

  6. Ashlei

    I used to splurge on kombucha and now I just make my own. Saves me lots of money to spend on other food and clothes. 🙂

  7. your “peanut butter” sounds amazing, that is such a cool/delicious idea! i love all your recipes and ideas btw, you are so creative 🙂
    You reminded me of how much i love coconut milk yogurt/kafir/ice cream and their milks… So delicious brand has such great products, i must get that again soon! And kabocha, gosh i was so upset when they took it off the market for like a few months due to having alcohol or something idk? ;P lol but now it is back and i am happy, that stuff is expensive though! Although i splurge once in a while, soo worth it!

    My favorite cold cereal are Kashi Autumn wheat, and i Arrowhead mills brand amaranth flakes, simple and i have always loved “flake like cereal”

  8. Amber Shea @Almost Vegan

    Oh my crap, I LOVE your PB-“milk” idea. I have some peanut flour in my fridge at home…that’s got to be one of the first non-raw things I try upon getting back…

    I ❤ coco yogurt too…which is why I was so excited to make some myself yesterday and today! It DOES compare to the storebought stuff; I was quite pleased.

    Spendy splurge products? Um, like half the raw products out there…sad but true. Is it still a "splurge" if it comprises half my food expenditures?

  9. Cinnamon Harvest is my absolute favorite cereal – i eat it almost everyday!!!!!!! So perfect in vanilla almond milk or greek yogurt!!!!

  10. I like Kashi GoLean High Protein & High Fiber Cereal with sliced bananas and almond milk 🙂 If you asked me ten years ago, I would’ve said Cocoa Krispies…

  11. Cinnamon harvest definitely is a cereal crack. I love it smeared with peanut butter. Yeah, I’ve dipped those things straight into the jar and eaten them like that! haha

    As for my *favorite* cereal..I’m not too sure. My moods change all the time and I usually have 5 or more boxes open at once (for variety :P) but my top picks are Kashi Berry Crumble, PB Puffins, Cinnamon Chex, and Kashi Honey Sunshine

  12. teenagehealthfreak

    i don’t do much cold cereal..but when that happens (at nite) i have millet puffs mixed with granola…banana…whatever stuff i decide to pop in there!! i splurge on WINTER SQUASH right now…but the yogurts that come in single serving containers are a splurge..and nut butters…and Coconut butter..gosh seems like all health food is a splurge..lol 🙂

  13. I splurge on kabocha. and good brie cheese. And butter. And bacon. 🙂

  14. Galaxy Granola Non Sweetened Vanilla. Mm boy is good. It’s also a dirty lil splurge cause that love don’
    t come cheap, though love it I do… 🙂

  15. What does kombucha taste like? I’ve been meaning to try it!

    I splurge on chocolate, for sure. I get all picky with the whole organic/fair trade/% cacao thing. I think my coconut oil was a splurge as well. Not good for my bank account but sho gud in mah tummeh.

  16. I like Crunchy Bran, and Nature’s Path cinnamon and blueberry crunch (except I wish more than ANYTHING that they didn’t have freeze dried blueberries in there. I hate them!). I think I like things that have crunch in the title 🙂 Though if something says puff..I run a mile. Puffs are so annoying in cereal blends! Bah.

    i see magazines as my splurge 😛 or bars. I buy a lorra lorra bars. Not good!

  17. My favorite cold cereal is probably Barbara’s Oat Squares. I love, love, love them. They’re so good with soymilk. 😀

  18. Oh my goodness, if there was coconut milk greek yogurt, I’d be all over that!

  19. Ohhh favorite cold cereal? I’m all over this. Nature’s Path SmartBran, Kashi GoLean, Trader Joe’s High Fiber O’s, Nature’s Path Vanilla Sunrise, Fiber One, TJ’s maple pecan clusters….the list goes on and on. I could eat it for every meal, I kid you not 🙂

    I’m so bummed you can’t find plain coconut milk kefir, cause it’s awesome. I wish it didn’t have to be refrigerated and I’d send you some!!

  20. My favourite cereal is Kashi Honey Almond Protein Crunch. It is my one true cereal love. 😀 It’s definitely a splurge though since it’s usually $6 a box.

    But then again, I’d say a lot of the healthy foods I eat could be considered splurges. Nut butters, Greek yogurt, chia seeds, granola… It gets pretty expensive! 😛

    Coconut Greek yogurt would be amazing! Why hasn’t any company come up with that flavour yet!?

  21. I can’t pick a favorite cold cereal. I used to say Strawberry Fields, but I think I’m all Strawberry Field-ed out… maybe it’s Nature’s Path Smart Bran now, or the Vanilla Sunrise. But I’m sure that will change in a couple of days. I have an insane stash of cereal, and it’s getting on my nerves!

    There are a lot of things I consider “splurges” (uh, I just bought chia seeds and I have no idea what I’m planning to do with them), but most of those things take me a LONG time to get through, so I guess it evens out?

    ❤ ❤

  22. Cake batter? I’ve just added a new mission to my life 🙂

  23. Oh I loooove that cereal! And i’m also all about some Kashi Go Lean Crunch. But right now? TJ’s has taken over my cereal addiction.
    Coconut milk yogurt is the BOMB!
    I wish I could mail you some Kefir my dear! We have it all over here.. all different brands and flavors. I haven’t had it in a while though…

  24. Haha those mini shredded wheats look so good – gotta be my fave cereal. 🙂 with some raisins in obviously xxx

  25. I love nut butters as a splurge food 🙂 So tasty and full of good fats too.
    For cereals I love crunchy granola style ones, or oaty mueslis, as I love them the best sprinkled on yoghurt so they need a bit of crunch!

  26. AHH, I’m a Cinnamon Harvest freak! I loooooove that stuff. CH and some rice milk in the morning, and you’ve got one happy girl on your hands. Yum!

  27. Gail for So Delicious

    Dear Jessica Exposures:

    Thank you for all of your wonderful praises, the sweet love note, and the very tasty idea. All I can tell you right now is that we are busy in our test kitchens working on new and exciting ways to meet your wants and needs. Please stay tuned on our new Facebook page and on Twitter for upcoming new product announcements. I think you’ll be excited about some of the things we have been working on!

    About the coconut-milk-yogurt-filled swimming pool: It’s a wonderful fantasy, and now I can’t get the image out of my mind!

    Deliciously yours,


    P.S. What is the name of the co-op where you shop?

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