I’m guilty of never really doing anything with tempeh. I think I remember brushing it with barbeque sauce and baking it a time or two before – but never really giving it the attention it deserves. Most often, I’d just pan fry it and call it done.

The other day, while flipping through ED&BV I read Dreena recommend boiling it before doing anything with it to remove any bitterness.

Well, I’ve never thought tempeh was bitter, so I just found it intriguing and moved on.

Yesterday, while wanting something a little different for lunch, I found hot sauce glazed tempeh in Veganomicon and decided to give it a go.


Franks: my weapon of choice.

I saw that they, too, started off with boiling the tempeh, though also explained that it helped tempeh to better absorb the marinade. I was far too hungry to actually marinade for any length of time, but I went with it anyway.

I am definitely still on pre-daylight saving’s time, by the way. I’ve been having lunch at 11:30 and dinner at 4:30. Well, today I just wanted dinner at 4:30. I wasn’t about to leave work because my body’s clock is an hour ahead of the actual one.


Anyways. Back to the tempeh at hand. I boiled my tempeh, and don’t know if I can ever go back. It is so tender, succulent, and…well…buffalo-y!

Although – I also tried a new brand of tempeh. A local brand called “Rhapsody.” So maybe I’ve just been eating sub-par tempeh and I’m finally having really good stuff? But we’ll just say it’s a really good recipe and technique, because I’m sure it is that, too.


I, like every other college student on campus, used to be a major buffalo chicken freak. I’d say fanatic, but that’s putting it too lightly. I still don’t know whether I actually just wanted to go with the flow of things (since I’m a wimp when it comes to spicy things) or if I appreciated the burn back then.

There was something about pretending a certain restaurant’s buffalo chicken pizza wasn’t spicy, even though it was burning your tongue off as you lied through your straight white teeth. Having people admire your spicy-buffalo-chicken eating abilities was just the cool thing to be. I can’t say I get it, I’m just explaining it.


The Veganomicon recipe is easy, too. Simply boil the tempeh and then mix it with your hot sauce of choice, some garlic, spices, oil, and fry/bake/broil – your choice. And the results are impeccable. I only made a half batch, but I already know what I’m doing with the rest of the package of tempeh tomorrow. I had a buffalo tempeh sammie yesterday and today, and a buffalo tempeh bulgur salad for dinner tonight.


buffalo tempeh (& marinade), bulgur and red onion

Not only that, but – when it’s as bitter and blustery outside as it was today, I appreciate the speecey-spicey! I thought I was going to blow away. No lie. We have snow on the ground. Even a little bit is too much at this point, ad this is even more than a little bit.

I worried about my poor Teddie all day long – I didn’t think it was supposed to be snowy and blustery all day, so I just left him with his rain sheet instead of a blankie. When I pulled him out of his pen to blanket him on my way home, he was a little confused as to what his momma was doing with him in the pitch darkness, but really eager to find out, too!



Other things: sugar cookie sleigh ride overnight oats. I went there. That’s Chelsey’s homemade sunflower butter crumbled over top (doesn’t it look like brown sugar?!) – I love how crumbly it is – makes every bite perfect!

Do you like spicy things? What is your hot sauce of choice?

And do you ever “do” a lot with tempeh or just leave it be?


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29 responses to “Guilty

  1. Two things i’m guilty of :
    1. I’ve never tried tempeh before
    2. I’ve never had hot sauce before

    sad, eh? What does tempeh taste like anyways?

  2. Ahahaaha, this is funny! Just like you, I’m “guilty” of never really doing anything with my tempeh. I’ve actually thrown it into a couple of sandwiches on it’s raw before… I think I’ll try it with hot sauce next time as I’m a spicy food fan 🙂 Thanks for the idea! Boiling it sounds interesting, too.

  3. I have never had tempeh, but I can’t ::tear:: it’s not gluten free. It looks delicoius though. I’m kind of intrigued to make some buffalo tofu – I love spicy!

    I’m glad you’re still enjoying the sunflower seed butter! 🙂

  4. Stefanie

    I am a hot sauce lover but have messed up my stomach with it. Now I don’t eat it but I miss it. Most of the time I used Tabasco sauce because it is cheap. I’ve tried tempeh once and it was in a VCON recipe. It was the broccoli rabe with tempeh and pasta. I thought it was good. The broccoli rabe ruined the dish though. Have a great day and try to stay warm. 🙂

  5. Amber Shea @Almost Vegan

    I love spicy stuff AND tempeh both. Haven’t had tempeh in weeks…sadface.

    “Sugar cookie sleigh ride overnight oats”?? DETAILS!

  6. I love hot things but don’t have a hot sauce of choice really. I mainly use peppers or spices to add heat but my dad has a really nice collection of hot sauces. My aunt sent one from a cruise she went on that has pineapple in it and it’s DELICIOUS.

    As for tempeh, I’ve never had it other than grilled in a salad or sandwich from a restaurant. It was yummy then, though!

  7. I have my phases where I like to put Tabasco on things, but generally I don’t like a lot of heat in my food. A little buzz goes a long way in things like chili or curry, but chunks of jalapenos or serranos that sears my mouth and makes me cry aren’t pleasant.

    I usually eat my tempeh raw to be honest. I’ve microwaved it before, which brought out some of the grain flavor, but other than that I try to stay away from boiling (mostly for nutrient retention), though I’m sure a quick boil wouldn’t sap too much from it. I’d really like to bake and marinate it once – maybe I’ll buy a brick of it this weekend.

  8. “sugar cookie sleigh ride overnight oats”. oh jeez. that’s giving me some crazy drool-worthy thoughts.

    i’m a spicy food WIMP! my eyes water & nose runs after eating the least spicy things. not cool. and i’ve never had tempeh! whenever i see it, i kinda wanna get it but it seems a bit pricey for a little block so i can never justify it!

  9. teenagehealthfreak

    never tried tempeh. and yes, i like medium spicy red pepper and that’s it. i stop there..and if we make the tacos to hot..i PILE on the yogurt…or avocado..or both. they tend to calm the spice. i tend to get heart burn from that stuff..i know crazy…but i do..i hate that, so i stay away from REALLY hot stuff. those oats look amazing.

  10. he he he… you’re right. Buffalo sauce was the condiment in high demand! Well- that and ranch, but those kind of go hand in hand.

  11. pearl

    I’m definitely guilty! Daniel, I have the same thought about boiling it. I’ve seen recipes that call for steaming tempeh though- wonder if that would have the same effect w/o nutrient loss?

  12. I used to HATE spicy things and hot sauce and buffalo anything but now… I can’t get enough!! Don’t know what happened there.
    And i’ve never had tempeh. I know, I know. I’ve bought it but chickened out… it seems intimidating. Or something.

  13. Yum, I love tempeh with hot sauce…I’ve been using cholula and its delicious! Sometimes I am pretty simple with it but I adore this recipe for tempeh wingz (a little labor, but great!)

  14. I love Buffalo tempeh! And yes, I like spicy things. Frank’s is my favorite hots auce, but it’s sooo high in sodium. So I often settle for Tabasco. 😛

  15. I LOVE spicy 😉 I love anything spiced asian-style, like with red chilli peppers and curry powder. Lately I’ve been experimenting with curry powder at home and I love it. It tastes no where near the type of curry I eat at restaurants, but it’s so comforting that it doesn’t even matter.

    I’ve never tried tempeh though! I don’t know if I will anytime soon either… it kind of freaks me out 😛 Plus, we always have chicken in the house and my mom would rather I eat that for protein. I guess I will be a buffalo chicken girl for a little bit yet 😛

  16. Maha! I’ve always seen people banging on about boiling tempeh, but it’s weird taste is why I love it so, I don’t want to boil it away 😥
    Buuuut after reading this…maybe I need to try?
    Down with spice and hotness. not a fan. Spice is ok (cinnamon, nutmeg etc) but chilli is blergh!

  17. Haha we totally are twins. I never knew you needed to boil tempeh until I saw my BF’s mom doing it, and it tasted awesome. Really makes it so much more tender!! I don’t think it’s bitter at all normally, but the boiling definitely helps it absorb flavor.

  18. I love hot sauce on just about everything!!!!! Green tabasco sauce is also one of my favorites – goes great with black bean chili!!! i must admit ive never tried tempeh – looks very good though!!!

  19. That’s too funny – I *just* read on Gabriela’s blog that boiling tempeh removes bitterness! I had no idea.

    I’ve never really done much with my tempeh either, which might explain why I have never really loved it. I’m still trying out new ways to eat it though… I want to try eating it on a sandwich with jam and goat cheese. I think you’ve done that before (?) and you made it look really good!

    I’ve never been a fan of spicy things… mild curry is about as much as I can handle, haha.

  20. Ashlei

    I used to be a bit of a buffalo chicken (with lots of bleu cheese) fiend too! I usually skip the boiling step when I make tempeh because I just don’t feel like. But since you’re never going back, I may have to see what the hype is 😉

  21. Oh, I miss tempeh. I love the stuff, but sadly can’t have it. Frank and I have had a long time affair. He is definitely my weapon of choice too! It all looks delicious! I hope you get caught up on this new schedule. I gotta say…I just don’t like it.

  22. Sugar cookie sleigh ride overnight oats? I think the holiday season has officially begun 🙂

  23. I LOVE spicy things!! Though sometimes, when I’m busy trying to get my eyes to stop watering, I wonder why that is. And Frank’s is my weapon of choice, though I don’t actually find it spicy at all… I think it’s rather sweet!

    Most of the time, I’m too lazy to do anything much with tempeh. I wonder why I didn’t notice that recipe in Veganomicon… I just bought a new package of tempeh, so I may have to try that!

    ❤ ❤

  24. mmmm nice move! I have not had tempeh yet but I really want to try it!
    Your meals look so incredibly tasty! I love the name of your oats too. hehehe love the holidays

  25. i have never actually had tempeh before….i’m just not too sure about it 😛
    i like tabasco sauce, but just a few drops, for the flavor. i’m not much into hot and spicy things.

  26. Jen

    I’ve never been brave enough to try tempeh, even though it’s in my fridge right now. How long do you boil it? I’m a wimp when it comes to hot sauce, so my hot sauce of choice is Cholula.


  27. I’ve never tried tempeh, don’t even know where to buy it haha. What does it taste like? Tofu? xxx

  28. I have never tried tempeh before…which is just terrible, I know! It is always so expensive compared to tofu, and I don’t know many recipes that use it (well…I guess I can’t say that now!) This looks delicious, love. Thank you for sharing! Have a beautiful Wednesday full of laughter and love!

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