Who Really Rules the Roost


I thought I’d take this opportunity to show you guys who are cat-less what you’re [not] missing out on.

Basically, this diary couldn’t summarize it any better. Cats rule the roost. Case in point? My bed is not mine if Mouse decides it’s his.

This is what happens when I try to make his bed.


Fitted sheet: successfully on.

Flat sheet: attempt one.





Maybe he’s just upset that my sheets don’t match…but I see fire in these eyes!



After multiple attempts removing him from the sheet to the other room (my door closes but the knob is broken and he pushes through it) I came out of the battle triumphant.


but he is not one to admit defeat.




…so I just put layer two over him.



Luckily, the blankets were easier to put on than a flimsy sheet. And he got comfortable…


…but I had still more layers.


heeee’s hiiiiidinggggg.


And then I was done. And naturally, as soon as I was done, he remembered he was hungry and moseyed on into the kitchen.


go figure. Of course, he went right back to his bed…DSC_3723

…while SaBaay supervised the coin counting.



Can you just see her planning all the tasty vittles she’ll be buying?

Are you a cat or a dog person?

Do you have a change bucket?



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23 responses to “Who Really Rules the Roost

  1. Aww your cats are too cute! Even though they do seem a little bit demonic 😉
    I wish I had a dog, but my mom doesn’t like animals </3

  2. I love how you’re counting your coins. I used to do that ALL the time when I was younger. Now, I’m too lazy & I head right out to the bank and have them do it for me. We’re currently halfway filled in our change bucket. I’m so pumped to see how much is actually in there!

    And, I’m a dog person.

  3. Hahaaa what a cute post!! I’m a total cat lover! I’ve had them all my life and I just think they are amazing animals with such personality. Your cats are beautiful and once again you make me so so jealous of your stunning photography skills miss Jessica..

  4. Haha.. adorable pictures! I am a total dog person, and I always have been. I’m kind of allergic to cats though, so I never really gave them a chance 😛

    In all honesty though, I am a sucker for any type of animal. I would probably push past the sneezing and the itchy eyes to play with a kitty for a few hours!

    … PS. I FINALLY mailed your package 😀 Should be there by the end of the week! I would apologize for it being so late (again), but then I realized that if I change it to be your xmas gift, than I am actually early 😉

  5. Your cats are undeniably cute, I love them! Those pictures makes me miss my cat and my mom’s at home. I’m obviously a cat person, but I still loved my dogs when they were around. =\

    Right on my desk is a Ball canning jar that I have dubbed my “Florida Jar,” and as soon as it gets full I hope there’ll be a good portion of money to help me get there to see my bro. There’s probably less than a dollar in there now, but whenever I see a penny on the ground or some change left over in a vending machine I pounce on it.

    Wow at your bed, so many layers. I find that my down comforter and the flat sheet work fine to keep me warm, sometimes a bit too warm. I guess it really depends on the night, but it looks like you’re nice and toasty all of the time – I wouldn’t want to crawl out of that bed in the morning, especially if I had a good book or bowl of oatmeal nearby. 😛

  6. Mo

    This cracks me up, and it totally reminds me of my grandparents’ dog, Herman.

    Whenever I sleep at their house, Herman likes to cuddle up with me and my sister in the king-sized bed, with him in the middle. But EVERY TIME, I wake up in the middle of the night falling off the bed because Herman went from being parallel to us to perpendicular, with his kicking feet facing me. 😐 He’s so spoiled!

    I’m definitely a dog person. I love cats but it’s not requited. 😛

    And I have a change box. The box looks like a smaller version of a hat box, but basically I have more pennies and Canadian change than a person should ever have. Ever.

    PS – I just read your post from yesterday – thanks for the shout-out! ❤

  7. I do have a change bucket, but it goes towards milk money now. I used to save it up and feel so good about having over $100 in coins…those stinkin’ kids always need my change. Just kidding! I am definitely a cat person. They are just so sweet! Stinkers, but sweet!

  8. Stefanie

    Cute cats. I am a cat person. My cat is at my parents house along with my mom’s cat. He reminds me of your Mouse. When I would try to make my bed he would come running in and play in the blankets.

  9. Your cats are so cute! I’ve never owned a cat because my parents are allergic but I do have a shorthaired dog that I love. She will do the same thing when I’m trying to make my bed.
    I have a change box. Every few months I’ll use a coinstar machine that counts all of your coins and exchanges the coins for money.

  10. My cat always jumps in the middle of the bed when I’m trying to change the sheets.

  11. I’m a dog person if I had to choose, but I’m not really an animal person (sorry).

    I think you should do a post on how to post pictures in all those layouts. They look so good like that!

  12. Cute cats!! 🙂 I guess my “pets” are a little less apt to do such things to inconvenience me. Unless you count, you know, dying all the time so that I have to drive twenty minutes each way to the pet store to replace them.

    ❤ ❤

  13. Your cat is quite adorable! 🙂
    I’m definitely a dog person, not sure why, they just appeal to me more. I do love my cat though!

    I have a change ” clutch” lol.. it’s more like the “coffee & gum money clutch”

  14. hahaha I love this!! Me and Chloe have been like this everyday. She always moves to the spot *right* before I do and then gets mad when she has to move. They definitely do rule the roost..we’re just lucky they let us live in their house 😛

  15. teenagehealthfreak

    i can’t make up my mind between dogs/cats…i like them both. except i don’t have a cat right now, i think an owl ate her..yeah…i know, harsh. on my 16th b-day too, she dissapeared..she was all black..and her name was licorice and she dominated my bed too…well she dominated anything really. but i like dogs b/c they give warning if someone is driving up. so we have one dog- Foxy ( an aussie)

  16. hahaha that reminds me of my dog 🙂 he owns the bed/couch. It’s his world, I’m just living in it…

  17. I am a cat person, definitely.
    my (my mom’s) cat is so adorable, I can’t get enough of him when I come home.

  18. Ashlei

    I’m a dog person, but you just made me want a cat. lol. Yours are precious!

  19. Haha this is too cute! I’m allergic to cats, so I’m a dog person by default, but I still think cats are adorable.

    I used to have a change bucket when I was younger and I actually managed to save tons of money that way. Now I just spend everything I get. 😛

  20. I’m a cat person all the way and my cat is the SAME way.. he owns this home.

  21. Ha! I’m totally a dog person but I get a kick out of cat photos. 🙂

  22. Little Bookworm

    Your cats are lovely! 🙂 I think I am a cat and a dog person.

  23. Best photos ever!!! Mouse looks exactly like Obama, but behaves like Carter – he buries under my quilt too, and if he’s on top of my bed, he pounces on my feet when they move 😛
    And SaBaay? STUNING! That is my dream cat coat/colour ever!
    I’m a cat person, fo sho. I don’t really like dogs (apart from Huskeys :p)..
    I so wish you oculd take pictures of my cats 😥

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