These MacroBars are perfect timing…perfect timing for Vegan MoFo!




MacroBars are macrobiotic, vegan, energy and protein bars that are made fresh daily on a rural farm in S.W. Wisconsin. Minimally processed and certified organic, the bars utilize simple healthy ingredients to boost your immune system and help provide your body with essential nutrients. The macrobiotic approach to food is dynamic. GoMacro products do not use any additives or preservatives, refined sugars or flours or dairy, thus helping to create a pH-balanced environment in your body, leading to better absorption of minerals and other nutrients. The macrobiotic approach to food is dynamic. What works for one person may not work for another and the needs of each person vary from day to day so each bar is designed to cater to individual needs. Whether you need protein, energy or fiber; a meal replacement, a healthy snack or a delicious dessert you will find it in MacroBars.
The bars are sweetened with grain-based sweeteners. These sweeteners take longer to digest, thus avoiding the blood-sugar spikes associated with refined sugars. The fats in GoMacro bars are healthy fats derived from nuts and seeds containing omega3 fatty acids, minerals and vitamins. Carbs are complex carbs from whole grains. These are slow-burning carbs that boost energy levels throughout the day. Protein comes from brown rice protein – a great high protein alternative to animal products and soy.

I’d been keeping my eyes peeled for MacroBars around here with no such luck. Looking on amazon and the GoMacro website, I only found the ability to purchase individually, or in an entire case of the same flavor. Well, that’s not something I was very interested in. I really just wanted to purchase a sampler! When I inquired about where I might be able to find something, Amelia was so kind as to offer to send me some to try.

Through reading the company history and their motive, you can tell that this is a company to support. Reading the descriptions of my new bars, I was sure I would love them all…the question would be which ones I wanted a case of!




First, I tried the Cashew Caramel flavor.

Cashew Caramel is one of their macronutrient bars meaning…

The MacroNutrient bars are made with organic superfoods and sweetened with raw organic agave nectar. They are high in Omega-3, fiber, folate and many other vitamins and minerals.
MacroNutrient Bars contain seven organic superfoods.

  • • Quinoa – A complete protein with all nine essential amino acids
  • • Flax Sprouts – Extremely high in omega-3
  • • Brown Rice Bran – Helps control blood sugar and cholesterol
  • • Pea Fiber – A concentrated fiber source to assist weight loss
  • • Broccoli Sprouts – Full of cancer protective compounds
  • • Spirulina – Nature’s most concentrated nutrient source
  • • Cinnamon – Improves energy and vitality

So – the bar talks the talk. Can it walk the walk? Yes!

The pros:

  • taste
  • consistency
  • “full” factor
  • seven organic superfoods
  • organic, vegan, and gluten free

The cons:

  • sort of a gritty texture from the brown rice protein powder

Let it be known that the con is not enough to make me disliked it. I love chewy bars like this over crunchy!

Speaking of chewy, next up was the cashew butter macrobar.





Another major win! This one did not have the addition of brown rice protein, nor the seven organic superfoods, but still had a good “full factor.” Just simple, healthy ingredients! I loved the addition of puffed brown rice. Not only do I love puffed rice, but it took it to the next level from just being some cashew butter with cashews mixed in.

I’ve always got my eye out for delicious, simple bars, with preference to soy free and vegan bars. Ingredients can’t get any simpler and the result is perfection. I can’t wait to sample the rest!

Have you tried MacroBars?

What’s better – chewy or crunchy?


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19 responses to “GoMacro!

  1. I have never tried a macrobar! They look great though! I love a mix of crunchy & chewy!

  2. I’ve never even seen those! They look great though, and anything with cashews in the name is usually a win for me. Cashew will always be my favourite type of larabar 🙂

    What’s better? Chewy all the way!

  3. I’ve been dying to try these after having a macrotreat (the cookies they make) and loving it!!

  4. Why don’t we get anything good here in Canada? </3

  5. Wowzers, they sound delicious!! I’d like some rather a lot please…

  6. I did a review for them and really liked them. Their cookies are good too. I can’t choose between crunchy or chewy…I like both!

  7. At the little organic cafe/shop on campus they sell those, along with Larabars and other organic treats and what not, and I was tempted to try one seeing as I get $75 in “food dollars” from my meal plan and I usually end up spending the last $30 or so on Larabars. I know that they only have the Macrobars, and I think the only flavor they had that appealed to me was the cashew butter one you mentioned.

    Now I’m not here to “dis” anything I’ve never tried, but after looking at the ingredients list I realized it was basically a tablespoon of sugar (brown rice syrup, same thing) mixed with some nut butter and nuts, and brown Rice Krispies. Not exactly my idea of “healthy” but that’s coming from the kid who has trouble enjoying “unhealthy” things and focuses a little bit (read: way too much) on eating extremely healthy.

    Needless to say I didn’t buy one, but I’m not doubting that they would taste good – I like sugar, I like cashews and last time I checked, I liked Rice Krispies. Maybe I’ll buy one and break it up and sprinkle it over my oats for a little treat now and then.

    I don’t know how to describe what kind of bars I like. Larabars aren’t bad, but the chewiness of them leaves me wanting more and doesn’t satiate me at all. If Kashi could make a bar without all of the soy protein stuff (which is what gives it the texture I love, so that’d be kind of hard), I’d love them, because I like that still-chewy-but-somewhat-crunchy inbetween kind of texture. If you’ve had their Chewy Honey Almond Flax Granola bars, you know what I’m talking about.

  8. ahh i LOVE MacroBars! they are amazing, i agree with everything you said about them. I as well like chewy over crunchy bars, so i love these and the ingredients are perfectly simple!…Yet they are quite expensive at my health food store(totally worth it!) i actually had the almond-banana flavor the other week, soo yum! i really want to try that cashew-caramel flavor, sounds TDF! All the flavors are so intriguing, i am definitely going to be picking a few up tomorrow, lol ;P


  9. Amber Shea @Almost Vegan

    I’ve been DYING to try these! They look and sound fantastic.

    A combination of chewy and crunchy is optimal to me. 🙂

  10. teenagehealthfreak

    yum!! these look great, i’ve never heard of or seen them!!! and i don’t know depends on what i’m eating whether i like chewy or crunchy…have a great weekend! 🙂

  11. Such a shame they dont have these bars in the UK – they look so scrummy!

  12. I think perfection is somewhere in the middle between chewy and crunchy but it really depends on the type of food.

    I’m sure I will never get my hands on MacroBars but if we had something like this here, I would definitely try it. Flavors like banana almond, coconut and tahini date sound irresistible to me.

  13. Yum–looks good!! I love the ingredients list–great review! I’ll have to give these a try 🙂

  14. Never tried one – but sure want to now! They look so good, I love chewy bars too 🙂 xxx

  15. Ashlei

    Wow those look good! I’ve seen them in stores but I don’t think they carry them where I live, unfortunately!

  16. Jen

    whoa!!! Those look incredible!!!


  17. These sound so awesome! I’m torn between chewy and crunchy… I love both kinds that I’ve made! These make me want to experiment more with making my own bars though, especially ones with all those superfoods in them!

  18. oh…these look good…so hard to find a good vegan bar that doesn’t contain soy! gonna have to keep my eyes on the look out for those1

  19. you are so lucky to sample these!! i love macro bars!!! my fav is the cashew butter one- so chewy!!!! and it really fills me up. the sesame date one didnt- and im not a huge sesame fan. mmm also the carob almond was really YUMMMMMM

    i’ll have to pick up the caramel cashew next time! ❤

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