Welcoming Vegan MoFo

I welcomed Vegan MoFo by making, quite potentially, the biggest baking blunder I’ve made in quite some time.





I got as far as spooning the batter into cupcake tins, licking the spatula, ad immediately spitting it into the garbage ad licking a paper towel to get the taste off my tongue.

Okay, maybe I wasn’t quite so dramatic. But almost.

Why? I forgot the sugar. The wording of the recipe confused me, so I didn’t see it instructing me to even add sugar. Being that I usually don’t add much sugar anyway, I didn’t think twice.

I. was. gutted. I didn’t know what to do, but I was certain the scooping the batter out of tins and back into the bowl, to mix with sugar was not a viable option.

It got chucked.

I’m still gutted. I don’t throw food away. In fact, my mom (a tapioca lover) noticed those tapioca cups still in there, and asked if I was eating them.

“They’re not very good, but I’ll eat them.” I replied.

“Can I try one?” she bravely asked, only for me to respond, “Try them all” in a bit of a challenging voice.


Oh, these are terrible! Why don’t you throw them out?!”

“There’s starving children in China. I’ll eat them.”

“The reason they’re starving is because they don’t want to eat those.”

There are two morals to this story:

  • read your recipes carefully. chances are, they need sugar.
  • anything with a brand name of “SoYummi,” is probably a lie.


Oh, right, before I went off on that tangent, you were wondering why I was calling myself a Vegan MoFo.

Well, Vegano MoFo is not actually anything profane, but rather the Vegan Month of Food. Unfortunately, I’m not actually officially participating in the Vegan MoFo as I missed the deadline to “enroll,” but I’ll still celebrate. And celebrate is just what I did today, starting with breakfast.





And these pancakes did not disappoint. They were the “Raspberry Cornmeal Pancakes,” as seen in Eat, Drink and Be Vegan, though I made them with what I had on hand:

  • peaches instead of raspberries
  • graham flour instead of spelt
  • added nutmeg

I had grandiose plans of making peach-ginger cornmeal pancakes, or peach-coconut, but then decided to just follow the recipe first.

This. was. delicious. I loved the texture and taste! I will surely be waffleizing or at least keep pancake-izing. Or something like that.

That’s date molasses you see on top, which definitely took them to a level of epicness that cannot be messed with.

And then, this happened:






Oh, surprise, surprise – another ED&BV recipe. This time, Polenta Casserole. Because, as you know, I like casserole, as evidenced by the past…month.

I was really excited to bust open my Bove’s sauce, too. It’s local and seen on Food Network, as well as the only sauce I could find with no added sugar.

And it’s delicious! I will definitely start being more picky about the sauces I use. Of course, I should have just made my own when I had tomatoes out my ears this summer, but I had too many scalloped tomatoes for that to happen!

Anyways. For the Polenta Casserole, I ended up using frozen broccoli instead of frozen corn, and instead of mixing the grated polenta with grated imitation cheese, I mixed it with hummus and nutritional yeast.


And yeah, yeah, I just talked about Vegan MoFo, but I wasn’t about to pay $2 for a single yogurt and not eat it. Although I would have been better off…I should have listened to everyone that said they were unimpressed with Siggi’s – because I wasn’t impressed, either. In fact, I was a little grossed out and left most of it for my  mom. It had a weird texture, and not much “orange and ginger” flavor to speak of, either.

But, speaking of yogurt, I was a featured blogger on Chobani yesterday!! Go check out Emily’s write-up on me…I was practically blushing Winking smile

What’s been your biggest kitchen “whoopsie”?

Are you participating in Vegan MoFo?



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20 responses to “Welcoming Vegan MoFo

  1. I had no idea about Vegan MoFo! I wish I did, just cos the name alone is awesome 😛
    YYAAY for being featured! I sense world wide domination and fame in your immediate future….
    Love your food 🙂

  2. I am not doing vegan mofo, but have followed it for years. You know I have plenty of blunders in the kitchen and yeah you were write, trying to fix it would not have given you the same results, but I probably would have done it anyway and been mad afterwards. Vegan baking is tricky and over mixing will ruin it.

  3. Baking blunders happen to the best of us. I’ve eyed up those cornmeal pancakes several times, but never had all of the ingredients on hand to make them at the same time. Glad to know they didn’t disappoint. Though I can’t say I’m surprised- ED&BV can do no wrong 🙂

  4. I laughed not only at the starving kids in China dialogue, but the Siggi’s thing as well. I’m glad I’m not the only one disappointed by $2 worth of tiny fail.

    Unfortunately yogurt is a huge part of my calcium intake, and I fear it’s not as high as it should be, so I probably won’t be participating fully in Vegan MoFo, but most of my food is actually vegan anyways so I think I’ll celebrate as much as possible (I barely eat eggs or cheese as is and my honey rarely gets used as well).

    And these recipes you’re making, oh my goodness it’s making me really really hope that my books make it to my house for my Dad to bring up by Saturday!! Raspberry cornmeal pancakes? I love cornmeal pancakes – that sounds so good, not to mention both of your dishes look amazing (the cake batter isn’t half bad looking either ;)).

    I know I’ve made a ton of kitchen blunders – the one that stands out is when I used a gigantic zucchini that was way too old and woody for a pasta dish and the whole thing was completely ruined in the end. I’m sure there has to be one worse than that.

    (By the way, just to know if I should be disappointed now or not, E,D&BV doesn’t have a bunch of recipes calling for “vegan margarine” does it? As much as I like vegan cooking, I don’t like when a bunch of recipes call for Earth Balance. =\ )

  5. Hehehe… I would have totally taken everything out of the muffins tins and added sugar. BUT, I would have pitched the pudding right after the first bite, so I guess we’re even 😉

    That.casserole.looks.so.good! I don’t know if it’s because I am on a major chickpea kick lately or what, but the thought of them swimming in really good tomato sauce is making me drool a little. I’ve never had polenta though… but seeing as I love corn, I think I should give it a shot.

  6. I used baking soda instead of baking powder and it made for some pretty nasty corn muffins. Those pancakes look great, I need to whip out that cookbook and make some of those.

  7. I really hate throwing stuff out. I feel so cheap, but I’ll find a way to use it!

    I’ve forgotten stuff in baking before. Missing salt is unforgiveable. So is sans baking powder….

  8. Awww such a bummer about the sugar! I might have cried. At least your pancakes look absolutely AMAZING 🙂

  9. teenagehealthfreak

    biggest woopsie…leaving some tator tots in the oven over nite (my dad didn’t know they were there and didn’t clean up the remainders)…turing on the oven in the morning to make muffins…and smelling potatoes..what do you know..i made REALLY crisp hash browns!!! and that vegan mofo sounds cool..i’m not a vegan..but the name had me wondering for a minute!

  10. Even though I’m sure I’ve made hundreds of mistakes like that, for some reason none are popping into my (sleepy) brain right now! But I’d probably go to crazy extremes to try and save it, too…

    Love the name Vegan MoFo. It appeals to my weird sense of humor. :p

    ❤ ❤

  11. You sweet girl. I have had many many baking mishaps, which usually result in tears. I can get so worked up when one of my “creations” doesn’t turn out right. I have ruined one too many bundt cakes by impatiently turning the cake out far before it was ready. At least I was able to eat the crumbs! Thanks for sharing your mishap…it seems like you had some great successes to make up for the first!

  12. We all have our baking catastrophies.. it happens 🙂
    Those pancakes look the BOMB!
    I wasn’t able to get your package out yesterday but it WILL happen in the next few days my dear!

  13. Oh no! So glad the pancakes turned out though, they look lovely.

    I have that same issue with waste. it makes me cringe – and I will eat food that starving children probably wouldn’t eat to avoid it 🙂

  14. Hahaha! I forgot the sugar one time, too. I was making banana biscotti and somehow, completely forgot the sugar. The good thing is that banana is naturally sweet, so it wasn’t TOO bad…but I still ended up having to trash it.

  15. Congrats on being featured on the site! That’s so awesome and you definitely deserve it. 😀

    I’ve had tons of kitchen blunders, but they’ve mostly been due to me experimenting with recipes rather than forgetting something. My swaps and substitutions in recipes always manage to ruin them! I’ve had to throw out whole batches of things too. At least the other 99.9% of your recipes work out and are amazing!

  16. Little Bookworm

    Congrats on being featured. 🙂 Sorry about the cake mishap, I’ve almost forgotten to add sugar before. The pancakes and polenta casserole look great though!

  17. Ashlei

    I love ED&BV. Definitely one of my favorite cookbooks ever

  18. The cornmeal pancakes look yum. Haha I share your pain, I just hate throwing food away! xxx

  19. Amber Shea @Almost Vegan

    Ahh, I HATE throwing out food too. It’s so ingrained in me to clean my plate, never waste food, blah blah blah…my waistline is often unhappy about that, but they’re hard habits to shake. =/

  20. I wasn’t impressed with Siggis either…reminded me of that paste that the dentists use to make molds–gross thought but true. I did like this flavor but only because of the candied ginger in it. I mixed in some juicy blueberries to make a better consistency when I tried this so that could have been the trick :). Love the sounds of that cake. I love the warm, luxurious flavors of cinnamon and chocolate.

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