So Long, October

I’m still in a wee bit of disbelief that October is gone already and November is upon us.

I’ve even ordered my Christmas cards already! I’m taking part of our “Earlybird Special” at work Winking smile

But – I feel like October was a good month. A good month for food, especially. I definitely got my bake and my cook on and whether I was following a recipe or completely winging it, I had some favorites.

So, if you’re looking for a little somethin-somethin to spice up your kitchen life with, maybe one of these will float your boat? It was tough – but I’ve limited myself to ten. Yes, just ten.

October Food Favs:


Eggless Kale & Apple Strata

You wouldn’t expect to see this relatively grotesque looking dish on a list of “top ten,” but mark my words it is good. And I’m serious about my stratas.


King Arthur Flour’s White Whole Wheat Walnut Loaf

Maybe it’s because I challenge myself to say that name five times fast while I cut it, or maybe it’s because it’s really good. Or maybe it’s a little bit of both…but this is some goood bread.


Really Yummy Pot Pie

Another “comfort food.” Another vegan comfort food. With sweet potatoes. And corn…and tempeh. And holy moley, it’s good. I know I keep describing food as “good,” which really isn’t all too convincing. But work with me here – I go to art school, not smart school.


Figgy Peanut Butter

Figs. And peanut butter. Peanut butter and figs. Do I need to continue? Yes – just to reinforce the fact that it’s a magical marriage that should be in your cabinet, too.


Eggplant-Hummus Pizza

I think I need to work on my dish titled. They’re getting a little…blunt, don’t you think? Like the title suggests…it’s pizza. With eggplant. And Hummus “cheese.” Oh, and I’ll throw in that it’s good, too, since I seem to be on a roll with that and all.


Gingerbread Muffins

It was the month of ginger – and these muffins are definite winners. I fact, it still sort of baffles me how darn…good…these things are. They’ve only got a banana and a bit of molasses to sweeten and no oil. If I were you, I’d be skeptical of a recipe like that, too – but I promise they won’t disappoint. I’ve been having one nightly since I made them.


Gingerbread Waffles

No explanation necessary.


Butternut Squash Shepherd’s Pie

Apparently, I need to take everything that’s traditional and make it…untraditional-ified. I have no complaints when they come out better than the original, though…and that’s not being vain. It’s the food that makes it good, not me.




I’d be more specific…but everything in that post is equally deserving.


Gingerbread Overnight Oats

I would chose the simplest thing to be number one, wouldn’t I? I’m just a sucker for a good breakfast, I guess.

Did you have a “favorite” of October, food or otherwise?


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22 responses to “So Long, October

  1. The pumpkin rice pudding was a definite winner in my book. That pizza looks so perfect! Well, everything does, but I am so craving pizza and that one is calling to me! To answer your question about the waffle iron I use, it is GE Removable Grid Waffle/Sandwich maker. My mother in law gave it to me years ago and I like that the grids come out and can go in the dishwasher especially now that Tony has celiac and that way there is no cross contamination. The sandwich part is great for grilling wraps, but not really sandwich bread. Have a great night Jessica!

  2. As squash season is coming into bloom, I always have slices of roasted squash sitting in my fridge now and I probably will until March or so. I have it with granola and milk, frozen fruit and yogurt, or just by itself with avocado or peanut butter or tahini or anything else I can stuff on top of it.

    School has kept me from trying or making anything fabulous or interesting enough to be a “favorite,” but those chocolate chip cookies I made and ate (and I’m still so happy I did) for my project were pretty amazing. If I had the ingredients or time I’m sure one of your recipes would top it (I’m so busting out the waffle iron and ginger as soon as I get home for Thanksgiving break).

  3. One favourite of October for me would have to be my birthday 🙂 .. as for food, I’m going with Oatbran. I forgot how good it is until I tried it a few weeks ago.. and I’ve been eating it like crazy every since ;P I have a feeling it will carry through November as well.

  4. Mo

    Dude, I think everyone’s October was short. o.O ‘Cause I keep talking with my teacher about how fast October went. XD

    I still need to make your gingerbread muffins! They look so good. I have a few ripe bananas hanging around… 😀

    I need to take a lesson on creating recipe titles, as well, though. One of the first recipes I ever created and wrote down, I pretty much just listed all of the ingredients in the title. I just feel silly coming up with fun and quirky recipe titles. 😛

    APPLES. And pumpkin. It’s really all of fall, though. My taste buds can’t differentiate between months; only seasons. 😉

  5. teenagehealthfreak

    all the squashes i have tried have been AMAZING> butternut, kobucha, and acorn..they’ve ALL rocked..mostly the acorn though..i really hope to “get my bake on” more!!! starting with some tortiallas!

  6. I can’t believe October has already come and gone, either. Seems like just yesterday everyone was wishing a “Happy September!” to each other. But then again, November’s full of yummy you said. Annnd it’s one step close to Christmas!! 😀

  7. Amber Shea @Almost Vegan

    That fig PB and hummus pizza are calling my name tonight. Yum…

  8. All the food pics look amazing. 🙂 By far this past month, I’ve been all about the squash – pumpkin, butternut, spaghetti, acorn – and the many ways you can cook them up. My butternut risotto is a definite standout along with simply roasted acorn.

  9. Squash, squash, and oh yeah.. MORE squash!!

  10. Random: I have the same casserole dish that you used for your strata.

    Autumn, for me, is definitely all about fresh squash. There is nothing like it!

    ❤ ❤

  11. yep, I pretty much have all of these recipes bookmarked…

    I gotta get back in the kitchen but my favorite Oct food was at 105 in oklahoma city or body in santa fe….heaven.

  12. Favorite form your October recipes – definitely the pot pie. Favorite from what I ate – the huge amount of peaches, plums and grapes in all kind of breakfast meals and snacks. Now let’s move to apples and pears 🙂 .

  13. Favorite food of October…hm. Well, I think it would be bircher muesli, waffles that finally don’t stick and make me angry, and sunny side eggs!
    But the favorite part of the October was the end of it, when my Love returned home 🙂

  14. Aaah you have had so much delicious food! You make me want to bake SO badly!
    My favourite foods this month have been canned pumpkin, cos I discovered I could buy it, and chinese food! I discovered an amaze chinese in America, and now I’m obsessed 😛
    It’s just a shame the peanut flour – which I’m having right now – wasn’t broken in to til today, or that would be up there….
    I’ve missed your blog!

  15. What a fun post! Your walnut bread looks fabulous. 😀

    I’d have to say that the pumpkin pancakes were one of my favorites. Nothing fancy, but totally wonderful. 😀

  16. These all look so good! I definitely want to make that eggless kale and apple strata when I have a chance.

    My favourite thing that I made this month was my cornbread. I stashed some in the freezer in the hopes of saving it, but it’s almost gone now!

  17. My October favorites: my birthday, Halloween, changing leaves, PUMPKIN SPICED everything 🙂

  18. I was definitely on a pumpkin kick this October too, but now that November is here, I’m ready to dig into the more Christmassy treats. Tis the season (almost)!

    That strata looks absolutely amazing. So many recipes, so little time!!

  19. Remind me to never read you blog right before dinner. I want ALL those things. The vegan pot pie looked awesome! And now I have just been reminded that i need to take pics for our christmas card. haha. Good to be early on that for sure!

  20. so many yummy autumn foods *sigh* i’ll be so sad when winter really hits here. pumpkin will always be my #1 october food.

  21. That post made me smile so much…you are just so cute. Art school not smart school….gah…LOVE.

    Oh and best word EVER. “untraditional-ified”


  22. I love reading your blog and always enjoy the beautiful pictures you incorporate!!
    I forgot my camera back at home so my blog has been lacking lately…but once I get it over Thanksgiving Im going to start experimenting with lighting and such…any tips for a beginner?

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