House Arrest

and so wraps up the weekend of House Arrest.

Yes, yes. I know it’s Halloween weekend and I should have bee out in all sorts of weird costumes and stuff.

Not I, said the cat. I have always loathed Halloween, in case you’ve forgotten.



But while these furry four-leggeds were all cozy in the comfiest of chairs and beds, I was buckling down to:

  • Animal behavior essay outline
  • Nutrition intake analysis
  • Photos for class
  • pounding in fence-posts
  • finishing the senior portraits I shot on Tuesday

Lesson: don’t leave everything for last minute.

Whoops. I work best under pressure, what can I say?


But if there’s one thing I’ve learned over the course of my life (says the elder full of wisdom) it’s that no matter what, you’ve just gotta make room for what you love, too.

You know – the good, the bad and the ugly sort of thing.

The good:


Finding all-but-forgotten Sweet Potato Muffins in the freezer when you’re looking for more distractions from the work at hand.


These amazing pecans that this lovely sent to me. These puppies are fan.tas.tic. Seriously – I am forever spoiled…I will never enjoy the pecans I usually buy again! B’s pecans are home-grown and all organic…and are smooth as butter.


Naturally, I had to use them in a Larabar-esque fashion. Because I was looking for more ways to be counter-productive to the tasks at hand.

Cut me some slack, though – at least I made something fast like Larabars!


The fruits of my labors. On the left is a fig, date, and pecan mix, and on the left is a date, pecan, molasses, hemp seed, quick oats, ginger, clove, and cinnamon mix. Oh, and a random Super-Charge Me! cookie. Don’t worry, won’t worry – I made those last night, after a day of productivity.


Simple sammiches that are bursting at the seams. Seriously – why do I always forget how wonderful simple hummus sammiches are? This one starred Cedar’s artichoke-kalamata hummus, pan-fried tempeh, romaine, and carrot.


FitDay.After much deliberation, I finally decided to purchase a software to do my nutrition intake analysis for class. I could have just bought the one we were supposed to use, but it was really expensive and all the reviews said it was pure product placement. I instead opted for FitDay. If anyone is looking for a good nutrition tracker, I would highly recommend it. I mean, it has “walking to and from an outhouse” under its activities. How could you go wrong?


Post drivers. Most people would hate having to repetitively use twenty pounds of pure steel to pound t-posts into the ground, but it’s a whole lot better than using a two-pound hammer. Strength training at its finest.

As I told my mom…I’d never forget the day I was putting posts in at A’s a couple summers ago, and accidentally lifted the driver back up, over the top of the post, only to slam it down on my head. It’s a wonder I’m still alive.

Though I guess that’s a good explanation for my current character.



Graham Flour. I might be a little addicted. Not only did I use them in the aforementioned Super-Charge Me! cookies – I crafted another rendition of carrot-banana muffins. Except they’re unlike any I’ve made before, and I credit it to graham flour.

Graham flour is a coarsely ground type of wheat flour that is unbleached, and less processed than whole-wheat flour. The production of graham flour starts by finely grinding the kernel or endosperm of winter wheat. The other parts of the wheat, germ and bran are also ground and added back to the endosperm grind, resulting in brown colored flour that many think is nicely sweet. [wisegeek]


This dinner.


I made Eat, Drink and Be Vegan’s Sweet Potato & Lentil Chili. Except it was more like Butternut and Sweet Potato Chili, as I used no lentils and instead doubled the kidney beans…and since I had a quarter of a butternut squash left in the fridge, figured I’d use that up along with sweet potato.

It’s so adjectively amazing. Seriously. I was worried it wouldn’t “work” – I mean, coconut oil?! But it does.

It really, really does.

The Bad:


Teddie. Well – Teddie wasn’t bad…rather, I didn’t get to ride the bugger this weekend (and that’s not me on him) but his time will come 😉


Sweet butternut squash. I’m all for butternut squash…just not the way most people enjoy it, apparently. I decided to “join the club” and try it with earth balance, cinnamon, and maple syrup. I could take it or leave it.


Margarine. I’m trying to get my mom to use stop using margarine and start using butter! She made a lovely apple crisp that was quite delicious…but with lots of margarine. I guess she grew up in the days of low-fat everything so it’d make sense that she thinks it’s healthier.

Oh, media, what you do to us.


Burt kale chips. I have a knack for it. They just go from “almost there” to “do you smell something burning?” I the matter of seconds.

The Ugly:


I attempted my first “baked tofu scramble” of sorts, and we’ll just say that the aesthetics leave lots to be desired.


Broke-up coconut flour waffles. I needed to clean my iron before I made these and didn’t :X

Oh, and I finally got my work done, too.

Well, most of it.

What’s a “good, bad, and ugly” of your weekend?

Do you have trouble buckling down, or are you pretty studious when you need to be?



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17 responses to “House Arrest

  1. I am such a procrastinator… but I’m the same way – things just get done faster and more effectively if I’m under pressure!

    You’ve certainly been busy, but I love that you added in the fact that you made time for enjoyable things. That’s mucho important 😉

    … I am dying to try graham flour now! Seriously, I think I have you to thank for my never-ending grocery list. Happy Halloween (I’m not much of a fan either).

  2. Haha well you already know about my butternut bomb… I ended up slow roasting the other half, scooping out the inside and putting that in a sun butter jar!

    Sorry you didn’t have a “halloweekend”, but yay for productivity! Sometimes you just need to geter done!

  3. Good- Friday night’s concert/dressing up!
    Bad- Amount of sleep I’ve had all weekend…
    Ugly- My Mizzou Tigers. I wouldn’t even call it a game… 😦

    I giggled a little at the post driver- my dad uses one all the time- luckily I was horrible at it, so I was often saved from that activity!

  4. Good-resting all day today
    bad-how sore my legs are after my long run today
    ugly-the almost empty pan of apple streusel in my fridge b/c i ate almost 1/2 on my own.

    is graham flour anything like graham crackers? is that a dumb question??

  5. teenagehealthfreak weekend was good b/c i got all my exersice in the form of dancing…for hours saturday was fun..the bad…not getting everything done…i feel like life is spinning faster and faster!! uhh, makes me mad. ugly..some oatmeal with pumpkin..looked like dog vomit..but oh well…tasted good! yay for pecans, i picked a load more today! and they’re still falling..i’ve got my work cut out for me. (cracking)

  6. Good: Sleeping in!
    Bad: Discovering just how obnoxious a nephew I have.
    Ugly: Winter is here. 😦

    I USED to be really good about doing things way too far in advance. Kind of neurotic, actually. Now I’m so last-minute, I give myself panic attacks. It all gets done in the end, though…

    ❤ ❤

  7. Good: I successfully did two days of no exercise.
    Bad: My back hurts really bad from the shoes I wear for work.
    Ugly: The attitude of the “evil” guy from Titanic. (I just sat through the movie for the first time and I can’t believe myself.) I mean, he’s a total jerk and I can’t believe the crap he did.

    Anyways, in high school I used to be one of the biggest procrastinators around and now in college I do everything weeks in advance if I can. Kind of sucks when you get so far ahead that you literally have nothing to do though.

    And one of these days, when I’m feeling courageous, I’m going to attempt my own “Larabar” too, you’ve given me hope for it. 😛

  8. I remember back in elementary school one of my friends moved to a different school and had homework on Halloween and I thought it was the weirdest thing ever..our school would never give out homework on that night!! haha..but dang, it’s the norm now that we’re all grown up. If only professors cared about the immense amount of necessarry trick or treating 😉 I didn’t get to celebrate either being I was traveling all day. Luckily all my tests and whatever were last week, though so at least there’s not that. :/ Hope you got it done!

  9. The good = sleeping in until 7 each morning (yeah pathetic I know)

    The bad = massive headache after eating way too many salted pumpkin seeds

    The ugly = work tomorrow. wah wah.

  10. kaila

    Omg I made the same exact chili for dinner tonight! What a coincidence! I really really liked it, did u ?

  11. You’re not alone! 90% of my weekend was spent studying in my apartment too. 😛

    Good: went to the farmer’s market!
    Bad: spent the rest of the time studying.
    Ugly: had a midterm on Sunday and another one today.

    At least you got some yummy cooking/baking in!

  12. Oh I’m SUCH a procrastinator, and baking is my favorite method of procrastination. I have a feeling some baking will occur this afternoon, actually.

    My grandparents use margarine cause it’s “healthier” too, which I find funny!

  13. You have such cute critters at your house! I am a complete work under pressure kind of gal and don’t want to be. I try to change it, but it never works. I LOVE hummus sandwiches, thanks to you! I was going to have one yesterday, but sadly was out of hummus.

    You are a baking fool right now. I need to get in the kitchen today. This weekend flew by and I am in serious need of some baking time! Have a great day Jessica!

  14. Lately, I’ve been the most major of procastinators. It’s not even funny.

    Those sweet potato muffins are calling my name! They look delicious! 😀

  15. You had me repeatedly laughing out loud, for real, throughout this post. Thanks 🙂 Oh, maybe I should stop procrastinating now and study…

  16. This is great…I love it when you post categories like this…and then ask us to do the same!
    Good: I was able to spend time with my sweet sister, our family, and baby Ryan
    Bad: The Childrens Hospital was a really difficult place to visit
    Ugly: Hospital cafeteria food does not look or taste good. Avoid at all costs.

    Thanks for sharing, lovely!

  17. Pingback: Carrot-Spice Graham Muffins « Healthy Exposures

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