There’s Chocolate in my Peanut Butter


Dreena calls them peanut butter in my chocolate cookies, but if I had a say – they would be “chocolate in my peanut butter.”

I have always been more of a peanut butter fan. You know these things.



Baking on Thursdays for work on Friday is becoming habit.

I’m not complaining. It felt wonderful to be back in the kitchen. After a morning at the barn, a good lunch, and my kitchen calling to me for the past three days – I pushed important school work to the back burner and decided to play a game called “How much can my kitchen and I produce in an hour?”



Don’t be fooled by that process picture. I am like a limp noodle with my left hand. Cutting in peanut butter with my left hand while taking a picture with my fully functional right hand was like asking a labradoodle to do the macarena.



Knowing the appetites of my bosses and co-worker, I knew an ice-cream scoop was a better way to go than a tablespoon.



I really enjoy making cookies. Even more, I enjoy the smiles they bring. These cookies are delicious. They brought a smile to my mom’s face, and hopefully will again tomorrow, too!


But that was not the end of the excitement. Rather, it was the mere beginning! Yes, I made more gingerbread muffins, and yes, I made one other thing that you’ll see tomorrow –


But this definitely brought a far brighter smile to my face. See, I designed Chelsey’s header a while ago – and she was beyond kind and decided to thank me in the most wonderful of ways.



She must have seen me salivating through the screen when she posted her pumpkin quinoa granola. I swore I’d make it soon, but she beat me to it!! And sunflower seed butter. It is heavenly!! I’d never thought to make sunflower seed butter from scratch, so I’m pretty awed at her skill.  And I think the beautiful mason jars they came in deserve mention, too.Thank you sooo much, Chelsey!


And to my surprise, that was not all of my surprises of the day! Neither of these gifts were expected, so you better believe I’m feeling pretty spoilt ad just so appreciative of the blogging community. Everyone really goes above and beyond to show they care!

Anyways. The lovely B over at teenagehealthfreak sent me over some of her home-grown, completely organic pecans. Seriously – how cool would it be to walk outside and just snag some pecans?! Deshelling them are sure to be an experience! I’ll have to do some research to figure out how, too!


I have been cravig kale chips like crazy – mainly, cheezy kale chips!


Although, I’m not too sure cheezy is the correct term. I really don’t think nutritional yeast is all that cheesy. Just…good! Winking smile I paired it with some roasted butternut squash over a quinoa dish of:

  • quinoa
  • mushrooms
  • red onion
  • raisins
  • cinnamon, nutmeg, salt, dried chive
  • cranberries
  • eensy weensy drizzle of maple syrup

sounds bizarre, but it was quite good!

And now…I’m off! I feel like I’ve got oodles of schoolwork I should be doing. I just can’t stay away from you guys, though! But – my apologies if I am otherwise relatively absent in the blogosphere in the coming days.

What’s one “blogger creation” you’re dying to try? You know – blogger’s have recipes that practically become “theirs”. I’m dying to try an AllieBar!



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22 responses to “There’s Chocolate in my Peanut Butter

  1. Those cookies are AMAZING. I made them once and my mom said they were the best vegan cookies I’d ever made!! I actually got to try both of my favorite blogger creations at HLS- AllieBars and the Fitnessista’s raw macaroons. Both were divine!!

  2. I’m so glad your package finally got to you!!! I was starting to get worried the granola would be bad by the time it made its way all the way over to you. Enjoy – you’re too sweet for helping me out!

  3. Mmm… pb & chocolate! Those cookies look fantastic… I bet everyone is going to love them 🙂 Aren’t good vibrations contagious? Seriously… giving is what makes the world go ’round!

    Hmm.. I don’t know about what blogger recipe I’ve been dying to try… but I do know that those kate chips look heavenly. Care to share how you make them with me? I’ve been thinking about it for awhile but I keep shying away from it 😛

  4. I don’t think there’s any recipe that’s a blogger-specific one that I’m really anxious to make, but I do want to try a recipe for this creamy chickpea and carrot soup that was on Bittman’s site and I’ve seen a lot of pumpkin chili recipes that are dying to be made and eaten by me.

    It’s really neat that there are people out there nice enough to send you things and that people don’t freak out about giving out e-mail or worrying about crazy things happening through “strange packages.” I’ve seen a lot of quinoa granola recipes too and that one calls for cooking the quinoa so it would actually be bigger than what I’ve anticipated. I’ve always been a bit scared to make the granola because quinoa is relatively calorie dense for its size when it’s uncooked – plus all of the syrup that’s commonly used to make it – it just seemed like something I couldn’t have a lot of at one time. I’m going to have to give that recipe a shot though, I already bookmarked it. 😀

  5. My list of blogger creations is ever growing! You are always an inspiration! I love Chelsey’s header too!

  6. teenagehealthfreak

    oh goodness..way to many things i want to try out there. muffins, bars, pumpkin butter, granola..whatever..i want it. problem is time and ingredients to make it! oh and to shell the pecans you can hold 2 in your hand and firmly squeeze- works pretty good, or if you have a nut-cracker…or i used to just step on them..but then they get all crushed..but i’m sure you’ll find a way!

  7. Amber Shea @Almost Vegan

    Those cookies looks KILLER! I too prefer PB over chocolate, but I love them in combination.

    I noshed on kale chips today too! Love ’em!

  8. i like your labradoodle-macarena analogy 😉
    and those cookies could possibly be the best-looking things on earth. i want to print out a huge picture and post it on my wall.
    plus, they’ve made it to the top for my “blogger creations” that i’m dying to try!!

  9. Ohhhhh…. the peanut butter swirls in the cookies look fantastic! It’s just like the pb chocolate cheesecake I want to try. Maybe I just think the swirls are pretty? 🙂

  10. I SO want to try an AllieBar too! And Kath’s signature whipped oats!

  11. There are way too many recipes I see in blogs and want to try immediately. Unfortunately, most of them aren’t possible in dorm conditions. But I think I can give these cookies a try because they look irresistible 🙂 .

    For the nuts I use a little paving-stone when I’m at home and a pair of pliers here in the dorm. It’s very easy and your hands don’t hurt if you have to crack a big amount of nuts.

  12. Ashlei

    Chelsea’s quinoa granola looks so good! I need to make some soon. Pumpkin and granola are two combos I just love

  13. I think there’s at LEAST one recipe on everyone’s blogs that I’m dying to try! Alliebars, your birdseed bars, Caitlin’s grilled banana sandwiches, Angela’s VOO… there are way too many!

  14. I love those cookies they look AMAZING.

  15. I love the way the peanut butter and chocolate are not completely mixed together. Mmm…kale chips.

  16. Mmm, so many delicious presents! Actually, I think you just reminded me how much I want to try kale chips…

  17. I’m dying for an Alliebar too, but I think I’m adding those “peanut butter & chocolate just made a baby” cookies you baked to my list!

  18. Little Bookworm

    Those cookies are amazing – I’ve made them using almond butter. Yum. 🙂

  19. I bet those cookies are amazing….dreenas recipes for cookies have been my favorite…and I am all for chocolate AND pb. I’m dying to try your birdseed bars and waffle creations!

  20. “Like asking a labradoodle to do the macarena” – genius 🙂

  21. Definatly one to add to my “To make” list. Those cookies look divine, cannot wait to make them. Thankyou 🙂 xxx

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