Ugh. I just had to get my “mean face” on and try to convince that girl who still hasn’t paid me, to pay me. For the second time. I hate being “mean.” And realize blogging about it probably I isn’t the most mature thing to do, but I’m pretty sure I’m not exploiting her or anything.

Girl, if you are reading (you’re not), please pay me.

I have a habit to support.


I like pumpkin. And I like walnuts. Neither of these mediums are known for being inexpensive. $2.50 a can for pumpkin might not seem like a lot, but it adds up.

Luckily, oats are really cheap.


And I love bananas, figs, and peanut butter. Yes, all together.

Dried figs are expensive!!

Luckily, bananas are really cheap, and I can make my own peanut butter now.


Maybe these would be penny candy back in “the good old days,” but no longer – though I still can’t say 5 cents a piece will put me in the poorhouse. Sarena, you’ve gotten me addicted!


I am loving this bread, and you know what else? Tempeh is pretty inexpensive! I think? I can’t really compare – I haven’t gone ground beef or turkey shopping in a while.


Kale? Kale usually isn’t cheap. And in case you were wondering, girl who still hasn’t paid me, you caused me to burn it as I was writing you a very carefully worded letter, fretting that I would come across as rude.


I also have a pretty serious horse habit that needs supporting.

How can you deny these faces?


And not only that, but I have a wee bit of a cookbook habit.

Check the new additions:


I smell trouble in paradise for Vegaomicon. Will it share the spotlight with Eat, Drink and Be Vegan, or will one ultimately take center stage?


And lastly, I’ll mention the co-op habit. I couldn’t resist new flours this time, and graham and 6-grain flours both made their way into my cart.

It’s okay, though – they were inexpensive.

The lesson we’ve learned: it’s okay if you’re too trusting of people, because in the end, it’s always possible to survive on oatmeal, tempeh, ginger chews, and bananas.

But really – why are healthy things so gosh darn expensive?!

Other things:

  • Those of you who found my little “hidden link” in my last post – thank you for your kind words on my work!! It really means a lot to hear.
  • I haven’t had a “baking day” in what seems like ages. I am dying to just get cooking in the kitchen again. Although it probably has a lot to do with the fact that otherwise I’ll have nothing to eat for dinner tomorrow, and am sad to report the finishing of gingerbread muffins.
  • I designed “save the date” magnets over and over again today. If anybody’s getting married, I’ll hook you up.
  • I must look a lot older than I feel. Yesterday I was asked if I have kids. Whaaa?!

What’s a “habit” of yours?



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19 responses to “Habits

  1. Yeah, well now I can’t get enough of that freakin’ orange honey creme! That stuff is crazy addictive! You should vent about not getting paid. I wish I could do the same thing. It is rude and so frustrating! You are telling me about health food…gluten free bread costs $8/loaf the other day. I almost had a heart attack. I was down earlier today, but I made gluten free bread today that tastes incredible (Tony was mmming the whole time) and now I feel a little better. Funny how food makes me happy! I hope you have a great night Jessica.

  2. teenagehealthfreak

    i have a guy at school who hasn’t paid me back yet either, he was “starving” –whatever. he annoys me. but i wanted to do the right thing and help him out. i did check out your website yesterday but didnt’ comment, it’s AMAZING> if only i lived closer so you could take my senior pics next year…maybe i could insist on a graduation vacation over there!:) that would be awesome. and i think healthy food is expensive b/c we’re the smart ones actually paying less for medical bills we will not be paying later. 🙂 and healthy food is probably not as common..i mean they can keep making chemicals forever probably..but you know fruit trees could die…well anyway…that’s what i sorta think.

  3. Hrmm.. expensive habits? I think a jar of tahini that costs nearly seven dollars counts… especially when I average one a week. Ooops. I just tell myself it’s okay because I’ve definitely cut back on my greek yogurt consumption 😉 .. I’m glad you added the part about oats being dirt cheap, because they are definitely going to be my saving grace when the time comes for me to budget. *gulp*

    To answer your earlier question, yes I use a wacom! I’m actually really excited that at least one person knew what I was talking about 🙂 I love it… I got the pen & touch so I can do just about anything.

  4. Wow, expenses and food, something I’ve been struggling with ever since I stopped letting my parents pay for my food. I haven’t had something “special in quite some time.” I agree and love the fact that oats are pretty cheap. I found out conventional (non-organic) cashews are only $4 or so per pound, so I’m getting cashews, almonds and walnuts (those are a bit higher) instead of hazelnuts ($11.75 / lb.). Oh, I lie, I treated myself to half a pound of pecans.

    I don’t eat Greek yogurt anymore and I don’t strain my plain yogurt – which for some reason I still buy organic, oh yea, because I prefer my animal products from better sources (if I could get it from a reliable humane local source I would). I don’t buy figs or anything else like that and I’ve been living off of overnight oats with bananas stolen from the dining hall, soy milk bought from the on campus store and onions that I snatch from them as well. I do buy an avocado every week, but I consider that a necessity for healthy fats.

    Ok, enough about my money and food woes; habits? Yea, worrying about food, how much it costs, what’s in it and what I’m going to eat 24/7 is a [bad] habit of mine. 😛 I also have a habit of eating roasted squash everynight with frozen fruit, granola and peanut butter and nuts on top. Every night. Is that bad? I ran out of roasted squash last night and I was kind of upset. Maybe I could lay off of the squash… but it’s so good in season. And speaking of in season, some girls were making caramel apples and found a local orchard that sold them about 50 apples for $4. They had so many leftovers that they said I could have a few so I took 6. I don’t really like apples and these were so delicious that I almost cried.

    Ok, sorry for the long comment, I’m done. Just kind of excited that the week is almost over and exams are almost through with for at least a week or two. ^_^

  5. Yes – why is it that all healthy food is rather expensive??? Especially dried figs!!!! At least bananas and oats are cheap!!!! I’ve never seen graham flour – i can’t wait to see what new recipes you have in store for us!!!
    Loved the link you posted – you truly are very talented – i sure do hope that girl pays you soon – !!!

  6. Amber Shea @Almost Vegan

    $2.50 for a can of pumpkin?! My god, come to the Midwest, girl. It’s usually 99 cents around here.

  7. $2.50 cans of pumpkin make my heart hurt. I usually buy Libby’s at $1.79 for the 15-oz. can, but last week I picked up some other brand because it was only $.99 … haven’t tried it yet, though! 😉

    Your post actually reminded me that I need to bug someone to pay me for a “job,” too. And this situation is made even more awkward because the people who owe me the money… are my parents. Fun.

    ❤ ❤

  8. I love ginger chews and kale chips!! I had both today. Oh, and oatmeal too, of course. Pomegranates and goji berries were my expensive antioxidant servings of the day. ❤

  9. Healthy food can be expensive…but it is so worth it! I know that I would much rather spend money on tasty food than on medical bills! The other week, my grocery store had a huge sale on pumpkin…80 cents a can! You better believe I stocked up. I’m sorry that this girl hasn’t paid you yet…those situations can be so frustrating. I’m hoping that it gets resolved very soon!

  10. First, I’m sure everyone who saw the link followed it. Seeing your pictures here everyday, it’s hard to resist the temptation to take a look at more of your work. And even if your habits were all inexpensive, you should be paid for your pictures because they are amazing.

    Bananas cheap? Not on my planet. I love them so much but they are twice as expensive as apples, peaches, plums, etc. I’ve started buying them only when they are discounted. But I still buy too much fruit so that (and nuts/seeds) must be my most expensive habit. Luckily, yogurt is very cheap here, maybe about 50 cents for a 400g container if I have to convert it to dollars.

  11. Max drool factor in this one. Can’t figure out if it was the ponies or the sandwich that got me.

  12. Girl, don’t even worry about being rude when she’s the one who’s not paying you. Especially when you have such awesome expenses…by the way, you will LOVE ED&BV. Love. The tortilla lasagna is out of this world 🙂

  13. I like those habits. The lady should pay you, that’s just rude.

  14. Healthy food is so expensive over here, and here we don’t have as much as cool stuff as you guys over there have 😦
    Thank god I make my own nut butters, because I would be broke 😀 tempeh cheap? I bought it twice in my life ’cause it’s so darn expensive here 😀

  15. Girl vent away! Not getting paid back because you loan a friend a few bucks that you did have to spare is one thing, but not getting paid for work that you have done, a job that is what supports you -well that really sucks! She should be ashamed of herself!

  16. I know how you feel being “mean” but if the girl hasn’t paid you, you have every right. But not to be screaming in her face or anything, of course. 😛 But you don’t want to let her push you around, either.

    I didn’t think about it- but pumpkinreally isn’t cheap. I’ve been so excited to just HAVE it, the thought didn’t really cross my mind. But I probably go through a giant can every two days- that does add up!

  17. That flour sounds intriguing! Can’t wait to see what you do with it.
    At least you look OLDER.. I get that I look 15-16 all. the. time. I’m 22, thankyouverymuch.
    And don’t even get me started on expensive food habits… Jay Robb’s and my nut butter and bar addiction BREAK ME.

  18. That’s so frustrating that she hasn’t paid you yet! I know how you feel – I get kind of annoyed when my friends always bum rides off me to go home for the weekend (1.5 hours each way) and don’t ever offer to chip in for gas!

    And doesn’t it suck that healthy/organic food is so darn expensive? I have to keep track of my food costs for a nutrition project and I calculated that it costs me roughly $12 to eat for a day, when it should be somewhere around $6. Ahhh!

    I can’t wait to see all the yummy recipes you make from those cookbooks. 😀

  19. That is the next book I’m getting! I can’t wait to see what you make! Ps I’m writing this from the road…almost at the grand canyon!

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