No Words









now I’m off to finish what I’ve started.


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25 responses to “No Words

  1. sometimes no words are better than any words – not that I dno’t love reading your words. 🙂

  2. … fitting title, because I am SPEECHLESS!

    Holy wow.. I am so glad you posted that link! You are going to be majorly famous one day, I know it 🙂

  3. You know what they say about pictures and words…

    Nice shots.

  4. I always loved reading your blog 🙂
    Now I know that just looking at it is great too!


  6. You said plenty of words worth 1,000 🙂

  7. Sometimes you don’t have to say anything to get the point across – lovely photos as usual!!!!

  8. teenagehealthfreak

    oh i love your pictures…and your strata you made..i’d totally eat that! yummy. after eating my fritata-yogurt-whatever it was…i love baked egg things of sorts now!

  9. It looks like you just had an amazing day!

  10. Wow, very skilled and talented photography! You have such a knack for it, I love it 🙂

  11. Your pictures are so beautiful! I wish I was close enough for you to do my family pics.

  12. Beautiful! Isn’t Fall amazing? Your photography is breath-taking, thanks for sharing it with us! (and I’ve been printing off almost allll of your recipes in the past posts, you’re insanely creative and I LOVE all the fab. ideas! tempeh pot piieee I’m so excited!)

    Happy almost Wednesday!

  13. With pictures like yours words are unnecessary. Beautiful!

  14. A picture pains a thousand words – so true xx

  15. At first I was going to comment on how gorgeous your photos were, here on this post.

    And then I visited the link and was floored. Wow. Your photography always leaves me speachless, and the portraits are absolutely beautiful. I love your photography skills, girl!

  16. Sitting outside in the gorgeous fall weather with a book is such a perfect way to spend a day!

  17. Oh my gosh I just checked out your photography site and the portraits are GORGEOUS!! I love the one of the girl in black and white with the striking blue eyes. You’ve got talent, lady!!

  18. I think this is one of my favorite posts ever. I love all the above (although I always love your writing, too!)

  19. Wowieeee…You just don’t need words to make your posts absolutely amazing Jess and this is proof! You are my favourite blogger no matter what you post! Your photography is absolutely stunning and I am incredibly jealous…I wish I could just come over and steal all of your talent haha!

  20. you capture the day so beautifully!

  21. love these photos. especially the converse in the leaves!

  22. Looks like a perfect fall day!

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