Ding, Ding Ding! We have a winner…

Foodzie it was! Through the Foodbuzz Tastemaker’s Program, I was selected to be part of the program. You can only imagine my excitement. I mean – I have a hard time passing up an interesting new find in the aisles of my supermarket…so being sent samples before buying is an ingenious idea, if you ask me.

How perfect does that plan sound?! Add to it the element of surprise, and now you know why I was dancing when I saw the package. I had absolutely no clue what was hidden inside, but I had a pretty good idea that it’s be something amazing.

And “something” turned out to be the understatement of the year…look at all the goodies! And the adorable presentation, too.

Not only did they fill the box with goodies, but I was even introduced to some maple syrup from my home state. And balsamic honey?! I’ve never heard of such a thing, but I have a hunch once I try it, I’ll buy it by the gallon!

I tore into the pistachios first…

Oh so very good. Just enough garlic and onion to give a pleasant flavor – not so much to leave you with offensive breath, though! Ironically, I remember always having those dyed red pistachios as a kid. They would stain my hands and couch something silly, though, so eventually my mom started saying “no!”…and I still hardly ever buy pistachios. They are quite nutrient dense, however – very good for you – so it was wonderful to be reunited with them.

They’ve got a bunch of flavors, though – I’m eyeballing the sea salt and pepper, especially.

And then for my snack at work this morning, I had this pear. I did find being sent a pear a little bizarre at first – but hey, why not?! I do love me some pears. I microwaved it with cinnamon and raisins for a homey, warming snack. It was so juicy and succulent, it about melted in my mouth like butter, I kid you not. When it was raining cats and dogs outside, this hit the spot.

And by raining cats and dogs, I mean raining cats and dogs. It was miserable! We got ten inches of snow on the mountain, too – though that was at 11 this morning. There’s probably far more by now!

And with that – I leave you with this. By far the best gingerbread overnight oats I’ve had yet…I did double the ginger, after all. My tongue was a little tingly, but that is a-ok in my book! I even made a spiced “icing,” to go with it – kefir, ground ginger, ground clove, maple syrup, and chia seeds.

Thought of the day: I wish I was a cat so that I could wrap my tail around my feet when they got cold. Either that, or I wish I had a tail so I could do the same thing. I mean, really – when it’s 38* outside, the window should not be open! Please and thank you.

And as a side-note…I know, I haven’t been posting “daily eats” lately. I’m sort of enjoying the “just whatever” vibe I’ve got going on now, though. Short and sweet, if you will. I’m sure I’ll go back and forth between “blogging styles,” but for now I hope you don’t abandon me! I’ve got some things planned, and have been doing a lot of nutrition homework, too. Maybe I’ll do a post on protein?!

What’s something you enjoyed often as a kid, but haven’t had since?

How do you feel about your protein intake? Do you try to balance it, or think you fall short? Prefer high-protein? I’m just interested in your thoughts, and I learned some new things this week!


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20 responses to “Ingenius

  1. I don’t think that I (or anyone other than the occasional strict vegan) really have a problem with protein intake. I’m positive that through the beans, grains, nuts, seeds and vegetables that I eat I get around the 50-60g per day that I need.

    Those readers who really matter won’t abandon you just for switching up your style. The blog is about you just as much as it is about your content and they come to hear about what you have to say about anything! (Or at least I do. :P)

    There are also so many things I enjoyed as a kid but I don’t eat now – some of them for obvious reasons and some for more unfortunate reasons. I’m sure you could distinguish from a list which are which: Pop-tarts, any sort of Little Debbie cake-type food, those fruit-filled sugar-coated chocolate or cherry pies by Hostess, juicy hamburgers from a place where I used to live called Solly’s, Oreos, gigantic cones of blue moon ice cream, mozzarella sticks, Pilsbury crescent rolls and cinnamon rolls, *sigh*, the list goes on…

  2. That program looks really cool – it’s like a little surprise box each month!

    I know I fall short on protein for sure. Even though I eat beans and nuts like its my job, I know I still fall short since im a vegetarian!

  3. teenagehealthfreak

    don’t worry, i really don’t care about your style of blogging. i just like to read your blog however you make it. keeps it interesting that way. šŸ™‚ how lucky of you!!! i wanta foodzie box!! that’s awesome!! balsamic honey??!?!?!? yes please. mm. yummy salad dressing there! and protein for me is a MAJOR part of my diet, not that i’m ‘afraid’ of carbs…my body is just extrememly reliant on animal protein, i get black outs if i don’t have my protein, although if i have a lot of carbs or fat at a may hold me for an hour…but protein has to be present..quite often, fasting during lent is a little hard for me…EGGS EGGS EGGS. i found that b/c i’m an type o posive blood (i think)..that my body likes protien more or something..yup. have a great weekend!

  4. How awesome!! I was selected, too..I’m just waiting on the box. šŸ˜› I wasn’t sure if we’d be able to show it on the posts or not because the original email said no to announce that we had been chosen…but it’s cool to know we can. I don’t think I’d be able to keep such cool goodies a secret!!

  5. Hehe I still enjoy the same things I did as a kid! Okay, maybe a few less frozen tater tots, but the cereal and copious snacking are habits that have not died!

    Right now, dealing with chronic pain, a few nutritionists and doctors have advised me to increase my protein intake. So in addition to my usual consumption of beans, tempeh, tofu, and nuts, I’ve been adding brown rice protein powder to things. Protein is essential in the healing and rebuilding processes of the body. I’m not on a “high protein” diet by any means, but just giving myself a little more to work with!

    Did you know that they feed burn victims a high protein diet because it makes them heal faster?

    Have a good weekend girl!

  6. izzy

    Free samples?! Sounds pretty baller to me! I haven’t had pistachios in AGES, and I dont know why! On the shopping list they go šŸ˜‰

    I was such a wierd kid – I used to love cooked cabbage (I know!!), but haven’t had it since I was…10? And don’t really have much of an intention to do so, either! :\

    I stil count calories most days, and I have started paying more attention to my protein intake since I had noticed that it was quite under where it ought to be, since I don’t eat very much meat at all. I’ve started adding more beans and legumes and it’s gone back up! I’ve also found I have more energy when I’m more protein-loaded vs. carb-loaded (even though I am a self-professed carb-whore). Said energy is always a plus for an anemic like myself!!

    You gingerbread overnight-oats reminded me of gingerbread lattes which reminded me how much I can’t wait for Christmas!!!


  7. Rachel

    Yay for free samples! Have fun with them:)

    I don’t think I get enough protein, since I generally only eat meat once a day, during dinner…working on that though!

    And don’t worry about your posts. They’re still as fantastic and yum-inducing as ever:)

  8. I probably am on the low side of protein intake but I don’t feel like I need to go all high protein at all. I think that most people get enough protein, but should worry more about iron, calcium, b vitamins, etc. I would love to hear more about what you’ve learned in class though. I did take nutrition in high school and college but am always interested in more.

    That foodzie package is so fun…also agree that it seems kind of strange to be sent one pear…but at least it was yummy!

  9. I have just started eating meat again (chicken only) because I felt like I wasn’t getting enough protein (I was craving things like eggs all the time). Just adding a chicken breast to my diet every couple of days has left me feeling much more satisfied! Yipee for your box of goodies! Don’t you love getting yummy treats in the mail? Thanks for sharing them with us. Thank you also for your kind words on my blog…your thoughts are so appreciated!

  10. I cannot BELIEVE how good that foodzie deal is! What a scoop! šŸ™‚ Hope you’re having a nice w-e.

  11. wow, i can’t believe how cold it is where you are!! + snowing, that is crazy, it’s like 65 here, 70 the other day, i want snow though ;P
    Any way! gosh, that is an amazing package; honey balsamic sounds divine. I used to have a fig-balsamic from William Sanoma, which was really delicious!
    Lately i’ve been loving pears in oats (i must make your gingerbread oat recipe ASAP!) this does look and sound like the best one yet!
    Your blog is so lovely, you really always have the best ideas/recipes and photos! šŸ™‚

    something i haven’t had since a kid, that i used to have often? there are many that come to mind, but probably mainly: grilled cheese. butter and honey on homemade bread. gummy bears/candy…my mom’s amazing apple crumble. homemade french toast, pancakes and homemade Belgian waffles..

    and about the protein, i used to really get wayyy too low, and it was def. affected my energy and a lot of things, but now a days, i try to get in as much as i can…i probably still fall short? but i now eat fish, and eggs rather than 1 year ago when i was a strict veg. + i eat Greek yogurt every day, which is a huge help and it’s surprising how much protein nuts/nut butter, sprouted bread and oatmeal can have!


  12. I love the short and sweet vibe.. so don’t think for a second that you are going to be abandoned šŸ˜› Congrats on the Foodzie pack – that sounds like fun! Looks like you’ve already put a dent in it too… not that I thought you wouldn’t šŸ˜‰

    My protein intake is pretty moderate. I don’t think that I fall short, but I definitely don’t get an excess. If I were to stop eating meat though, that number would decrease drastically. I would love for you to do a post on protein.. so I can’t wait!
    ā¤ Tat

  13. i’lll allllwaaaays love your blog, no matter what style!
    I think my protein intake is fine (the nutritionist said so :p) – there’s more than people realise in grains and legumes and stuff, so I think I’m ok šŸ™‚ My ideal diet is high protein anyway – just what works for me.
    Hmm I used to love mac and cheese as a child – but I can’t stomach it now! And not cos I’m vegan either – I haven’t liked it for yeaaars. I think it’s cos I so overdid it when I was younger cos it was the only thing I would eat!

    Oh – and how lucky are you with the Foodzie thing!?

  14. I with Freya, no matter what you post, it is always always exciting!!
    Wow you have snow already!!
    I wish I could get a box of goodies like yours…balsamic honey sounds delicious, I am a big honey and balsamic vinegar lover so the idea of them combined sounds interesting!
    I think I’m short on protein because I don’t eat meat but I eat a lot of beans, greek yogurt and cottage cheese but I always make sure that if I have a meal that has no or little protein in, then I make sure that my snack has protein in so that I’m at least getting a decent amount. I’d be interested to hear what you’ve learnt about it though as I’ve never understood the whole ‘high protein diet’ craze going around.
    As a child I used to love chicken nuggets and fries with ketchup..which I naturally had with EVERYTHING! I don’t eat ketchup at all now and I don’t eat meat and I can’t remember the last time I had fries…I wasn’t a very healthy child haha. Although I did love peas peas and more peas!! I also loved yorkshire puddings if you’ve heard of those? Just basically batter really that goes with a roast dinner but I had them with the most random meals because I loved them so much. Really not something that I could bring myself to eat these days…

  15. How cool about that program! Getting free samples is the best, especially when they’re as unique as those ones! Honey balsamic vinegar would be delicious. I love doing honey, balsamic and olive oil as a salad dressing.

    I feel pretty good about my protein intake. I usually try to have it in every meal. I’m sure between my nut butters, Kashi cereal, Greek yogurt, beans, tofu and occasional meat, that I get enough!

  16. I like the idea of basalmic honey vinegar! There are so many things I would do with that…

    I think my protein intake is in check. Granted, I don’t eat meat every day (maybe twice a week?), but I get it from so many other sources!

  17. Ooh gotta love samples!! And I would enjoy a protein post.. I’ve been on a huuge protein kick lately but don’t want to be eating too much!

  18. What a fun package, as everyone has said. I love fun packagine too, and to try new treats. Hmmm…wonder if Foodbuzz will be inviting more bloggers.

    As for protein, I don’t worry about my intake, because when I was vegan I remember reading that most Americans get more than enough protein, and as long as you eat enough food each day, then protein’s not an issue.

    I do, however, sometimes crave protein, especially if I feel like my energy’s low, so I’ll eat some eggs, fish, or yogurt.

  19. I used to love eating frosted mini wheats with orang juice instead of milk. I didn’t like milk when i was little, and orange juice had calcium so my parents let me. It sounds weird but its actually very delicious.

    I think most people consume too much protein. Its very important, especially, “complete proteins”, but people are overdosing these days as the “low carb diets” become trendy.

    I’m totally jealous of your foodzie membership.

  20. I wish I could be selected for something like that. Jealous! šŸ˜‰

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