Peanut Buttah And…

I’m going to be quick, since I just fiddled around with the site and have a quick business assignment to finish! So – just do this for me.

Pretty please? You’ll thank me later.

Go ahead and grab some bread and some peanut buttah. Homemade bread. That is accidentally a lot smaller than you intended. Trust me, it really lets you get a thiiick layer of p.b. 😉

Then snag a fresh local apple, and a dried fig. That fig is funky lookin’, non?

Now plug in your panini maker.

Glomp (yes, glomp) a bunch of peanut butter on the bread, and slice your apple and fig. Layer on some apple slices, then some fig slices, and sandwich to-gedder.

And then panini away.

Just don’t do like I did, and walk back upstairs to finish a project.

You’ll burn it…but the sandwich will be just that good that it doesn’t even really matter.

What’s your favorite Peanut Butter & ______ sandwich?

p.s. Chocolate chip cookie dough larabar

not as good as I was hoping. Bummer. Too much chocolate chip, not enough cookie dough.



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30 responses to “Peanut Buttah And…

  1. I love the new look to your site!! Teddie’s a cutie up there as always 🙂

    My favorite PB & __ sandwich is definitely PB & banana..and honey! 😀

  2. Wow, look at the white-ness of these photos…I need to take a photo class with you lady!

    Oh, that sandwich sounds amazing…I decided to get myself a panini grill finally…I can’t believe I’ve gone so long without. I honestly love pb and j but pb with apple butter or pumpkin butter (actually prefer with almond butter) is pretty fabulous too….

  3. love the new look 🙂
    i like peanut butter and banana. that would be good panini’ed. pb and apple would be really good though i think i have to make this tomorrow. yes i do.

  4. I almost bought some dried Turkish figs but then I realized they were $2.50 and I could probably live without them… I’m so frugal / monetarily abusive to myself 😦

    I’m digging the new site layout, it’s pretty neat! The only thing I dislike would have to be the text, it’s kind of choppy. Aside from that, it looks amazing!

    And I’ve never actually made the sandwich, but I’ve had it somewhat open-faced… but a peanut butter and pumpkin / roasted squash sandwich would be / is extremely moist, sweet and delicious! Yours really good too though… good enough to make me think again whether or not I’m worth spending an extra three bucks on next Friday. 😉

  5. YESSS!!! We both made some major changes today! I ❤ your new fonts & header!!!

  6. Peanut butter and apple jelly reminds me of my youth! Good luck getting your work done!

  7. love the new layout!! i have been slacking in commenting please forgive me, I love pb& figs dried figs or fig jam. i love dried figs in general mmmmm. any nutbutter will do. I can consume a jar of raw nutbutter pretty fast >.<. I just came up with a genious idea..must try it.(will tell you how it turns out involves figs and nutbutters). peace love and getting figgy with it. Also I concurr with your squash obsession, mine are squash smoothies with DELICATA SQUASH my love. And spaghetti squash how I love thee. Forget my weirdoness..

  8. I think you’re gonna make me bankrupt! All your creations…sigh. So irresistible! First a waffle maker, now for paninis too? 🙂

  9. Love the new blog layout!!!!! I just bought a paninni maker – can’t wait to try it out!!!
    My favorite would have to be good old plain peanut butter on whole wheat with farm fresh blackberry or strawberry preserves – i know boring but i love fresh fruit preserves!!!

  10. I would have to say peanut butter and.. crofter’s superfruit spread + sliced bananas!

  11. That pb/fig/apple panini sounds AMAZING!

  12. I had a peanut butter, banana and bacon sandwich in NY, and it was FABULOUS.

  13. Your blog looks really good. I love these fonts.

    Mine would have to be: peanut butter, banana, and honey. Plain and simple.

  14. Wonderful new blog layout! I’m loving it girl! And I’m also loving the thought of a warm peanut butter and apple panini! I would probably prefer a peanut butter, apple and banana sandwich…and a little honey never hurts. Thanks for sharing sweet girl! I love seeing your baby up top too!

  15. Love the new layout!
    That combo sounds awesome. My favorite is pb&banana, or pb&some awesome jam. Nothing can go bad with pb after all 😀

  16. I like the new layout too but, as Daniel said, the text is a bit of a problem. It looks good but it is a little hard to read (or maybe it is because my eyes are tired…)

    My favorite peanut butter sandwich is with banana, shredded coconut, a drizzle of honey and some chopped almonds on whole wheat or rye bread. Yum! But apples sound like a very good idea, too.

  17. I did a whole slew of post about my new uses for my waffle maker! its a genius tool!

    I like PB and strawberries, not jelly, strait up sliced strawberries.

    seriously, I need a photography session with you. Your making me so jealous.

  18. Haha, love the header 🙂

  19. Another new look! Figs and Teddie – very you 🙂
    I liiike peanut butter and…hmm. Actually, just peanut butter. I don’t need bread or jam or whatever else, I just like it straight up and dirrty 😀

  20. Nic

    LOVE your new layout!!! ❤
    Teddie is such a sweetie!!!

  21. love your new blog layout and header! figs and Teddie, perfect! 🙂
    I agree about the chocolate chip cookie dough larabar, it tasted like the cashew cookie with too many chocoalte chips also the carrot cake i found too pineapple-y and not enough nutty or date-y haha..idk!

    My favorite kind of peanut butter sandwich is peanut butter + dried fruit.
    PB + dried apricots is super good..and PB + figs or prunes.. May sound odd? lol, but so delicious!
    and of course banana and PB 🙂


  22. Love the new look!

    Honestly, it’s been ages since I’ve had any sort of peanut butter. I am a tahini freak, so I use it in peanut butter’s place for everything. My favourite combo is tahini and date syrup.. which I am sure you already know. Seriously – TRY it!


  23. teenagehealthfreak

    i know what you mean about little bread + pnt butter..same thing with me and my homemade rye sourdough!! it’s little..and thick. and sour. but the combo on pnt butter AMAZING. so i totally followed your post today!! minus the panni maker. 😦 but almost!!! i’m having that for lunch + some kobocha?? squash!! and other stuff..crackers YOU inpired me to make (they have poppyseeds…chia seeds…) so yay. if i have time i’m going to make some of those birdseed bars when i get home…i think i’m going to use some gogi berries in them too…’cause that’s what i have. 🙂

  24. My favourite is AB and banana sandwiches! Apple and figs sound like they would be amazing too though. I’ve been loving all of our local apples lately and I’m always trying to find new ways to use them. 😀

  25. Definitely PB + banana! 🙂

    Sorry the Larabar didn’t live up to your expectations… but whenever I hear less-than-awesome reviews of it, it makes me feel a little better that I can’t try it. 😉

    ❤ ❤

  26. Little Bookworm

    Love the new layout – Teddie looks really cute at the top of the page! 🙂

  27. dmcgirl37

    That Panini maker looks awesome!!!
    I love grilled wraps etc..

    Dana xo

  28. I’m a peanut butter & dill pickle kinda girl. 😉

  29. I want to say peanut butter and banana…but once I had a peanutbutter and shredded carrot with cinnamon and raisins…not half bad!

  30. Amber Shea @Almost Vegan

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who uses words like “glomp,” haha!

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