If you’re a self-hosted wordpress user with your own theme,

a. who is your host, and

b. was it easy to upload your theme? I am CSS/HTML/computer illiterate. (surprisingly enough)

I’m having a little OCD about my blog layout again, if you couldn’t tell.

If anyone is willing to help me I’ll let you know what this is, and how it turned out 😉 Bribery…it always works, right?!




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11 responses to “Questions

  1. I wish I could help but I want to switch mine over too I think and have no idea how to start!

  2. I wish I could help. You see, I am pretty decent when it comes to CSS/HTML and graphics.. but I am totally lost when it comes to FTP, domains and hosting :S I really should learn though, because I would love it.

    … You’re still gonna tell us though, right?!

  3. Amber Shea @Almost Vegan

    I can’t help you with the technical stuff 😦 But I CAN demand that you tell us what that is! Cookie dough? PB, perhaps?

  4. I wish I could be of assistance but, to be blunt, I can’t. I have no idea how to do any of it. Sure, I know I’m just adding to the disappointment you’re going to get when you open that “New Comment!” notification and read that I can’t do anything. I’m sorry for that too.

    But your picture looks good and I have reason to believe that this could be bread that didn’t fall on you want I want the details.

    Actually, now that I think about it, your post asks a question with a qualifier “if you’re self-hosted” yet I’m not and I’m still responding. I actually thought about deleting this comment and never sending it but I’ve already gone this far so I might as well post it.

    I hope you get a solution and I hope you made bread that rose.


  5. After watching The Social Network, I left wishing I was an HTML/CSS genius.

  6. I totally wish i could help you but i am definately the last person who known anything about worldpress and self hosting – sorry!!!!! Hope someone will be able to help you!!
    That dough looks interesting – can’t wait to find out what it is!!!!

  7. I am of no use, BUT thanks for inspiring me to eat stuffed squash today, it was deliiiicious!

  8. I was hoping to give you some good news after reading that no one else knows how to give you advice, but I am so illiterate in that department, it is not even funny!!!

  9. LOL at Daniel’s comment!
    Judging by my confusion at not knowing how to upload a header, or send more than 3 photos at a time in an email, I’m going to take a willlllld guess and say I’m even more illiterate than you, so can be of no help 😛

  10. Hahaha, I love what Angelalovesfood said…that movie really does make me wish I actually knew how to do cool stuff on a computer. Maybe then I’d have $25 billion. I know that Ashley from The Edible Perspective has helped a lot of people with their blog layouts though, if you need advice!

  11. i go through limedomains. my husband helped me with a lot of the purchasing and figuring out how to use their services but it still confuses me. i taught myself the rest, like uploading and using wordpress and all that.. and i want to change my layout and header soon but i’m honestly scared i’m going to screw the whole thing up lol. it’s how i wanted it to look at the moment so that’s why i’m not touching it yet 😡 i probably wouldn’t be much help.

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