You just never know when it’s going to be your lucky day.

You know, winning the lotto, hitting the jackpot, finding cans of pumpkin, finding $10 in the trash, or being granted ginormous basil plants .

Did I have any idea I was going to be given this huge of a basil plant from a co-worker?

Absolutely not.

Did I have any complaints?

Absolutely not.

Hmmm – what to do with all my new basil?! Besides pesto. That’s a given.

Another jackpot? This sandwich:

Okay, so it doesn’t look like much. Which would make sense, because that’s it when I packed it. When at work, assembled, it became a panini with:

  • grilled tempeh
  • baby spinach
  • red onion
  • sliced apple and dried fig
  • raspberry honey dijon

I couldn’t have asked for anything more in life. Give it a try! And while you’re giving that a try, give these birdseed bars a try:

Ironically, these bear a shocking resemblence to a treat I’d feed one of the horses. I promise they taste way better though! Well, maybe, I’ve never actually tried one of those. I’ve only ever tried on of Teddie’s Orange Spice and Anise Seed cookies. They’re not bad, but a little too anise-y for my liking.

Speaking of Teddie and eating things, check out this really pointless video!

Hear I am, about to apologize for not reading as many blogs because I have stuff I should be doing, and yet I just spent the last hour editing that video. I have no excuses, nor any shame.

What’s your favorite thing to do with pesto?

Weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten? (I’m talking like, not typical “human food,” or at least really bizarre combinations. Like horse cookies. I can’t think of anything else, though I’m sure there were plenty back in the day!)

And FWIW, be proud: I was fig-less this morning! I was feelin’ the dates. And Boo to Planter’s for selling me a can of mixed nuts with less than 50% peanuts that is pretty much all peanuts with a chance of almond, cashew, or brazil nut. Boo, Planters, Boo.

(With the recent drama, maybe I ought to clarify that yes, I at quite a bit more than three things all day.)



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23 responses to “Jackpot

  1. Hahaha! That video made me smile so big 😉 Thank you! What a little stinker.

    I love fresh basil! I only had it once at the end of this summer, and I kicked myself for not trying it sooner. It’s so expensive in the grocery stores! I’ve never had pesto.. so perhaps if you make some you should post a recipe for n00bs like me? Much appreciated 😉
    ❤ Tat

  2. Great video, I laughed a lot on the inside. It was close, I almost didn’t watch it – whenever someone sends me a video I have a 2-minute rule and usually I don’t like to watch anything over those 120 seconds, but I made an exception. 😛 Really beautiful horse btw.

    Umm, pesto is probably the only thing I’ve really done with basil (that raw pesto from a while back was amazing) or put it on a sammich in place of spinach. It does go really well with tomatoes or sliced into sauces or put onto homemade pizza too.

    I don’t think I’ve eaten a horse/dog/animal cookie or animal food or anything weird of that nature. Though technically I used to have this huge bowl of fat-free frozen yogurt with a 100-calorie pack of oreo crackers, peppermint candies, candy pumpkins/corn, and sugar-free maple or blueberry syrup for dessert everynight wayyyyyyy back when I had no clue about health or losing weight properly and what not. With all of the processed stuff in there I can safely conclude that’s not typical “human food” (or at least it shouldn’t be. 😛 ).

    Really soupy looking overnight oats. I’m guessing that’s just the top layer with a PB sauce though, but I could be wrong.

    Have fun with your basil. 😉

  3. Mo

    Woah. Lucky! I really have no idea what to do with that much basil, besides loads upon loads of pesto. 😉 Oooh, you’d probably love basil bread! It’d make for awesome sandwiches. Just make some bread but stick a bunch of chopped-up basil in the dough. 😀

    HAHAHA. I love your video. That was so random, but so funny. o.O “Special Thanks to Europe”? 😛

    I actually ate a dog biscuit for the first time yesterday. I had a meeting with my tutor at the community center where my mom works, and that was over so I was waiting for my mom to be finished working to take me home. So then I see these boxes of all-natural dog biscuits (they have a “pet expo” every year) and one of the flavors is peanut butter molasses. All the ingredients look great; there’s even whole wheat flour in them. So I ask if I could try one and my mom and her boss, who share an office, said, “Sure. o.O” So I ate the peanut-butter molasses one, and it pretty much just tasted like a gingerbread cookie without the ginger and with a lot less sugar. Nothing terrible. VERY dry.
    So then 10 minutes later I ask my mom when she’ll be done with work and her boss, Sam, goes, “Don’t rush her; where do you have to be anyway?”
    I replied, “It’s dinnertime and I’m hungry. Why do you think I just ate a dog biscuit?”

  4. I had a tempeh sandwich for lunch too! So good 🙂
    And I can’t think of anything truly weird that I’ve ever eaten, hmmm, now I’m going to keep thinking until I come up with something!

  5. That video is so cute! I would be so excited to receive that basil plant! Don’t apologize for not reading as many blogs, I’ve been so behind. I just cant seem to fit it all in this school year. I don’t know how I did it last year!

  6. highonhealthy

    I think one of the weirdest things I’ve eaten would probably have to be shampoo. Sometimes it just smells so good that you have to taste it, you know? It never tastes as good as it smells though.. and yes, I may have tasted shampoo multiple times…

    I’m not able to view the video because I’m at work but I’m imagining it to be adorable. I shall watch it when I get home!

  7. Loved the video!!! It was definately worth the wait!!!
    Gosh – you sure did hit the lottery today – i love fresh basil!!!!! Its the perfect addition to homemade tomato sauce or just fresh tomatoes!!!! I could eat basil with just about anything!!!

  8. hahahaha!! I love the video! Teddie’s a rockstar! 😛

    The weirdest thing I ever ate was cat food. Wet cat food. I wouldn’t recommend it. :/

  9. Yum, we have quite the abundance of basil too these days and so much pesto that I had to freeze it in ice cube trays! I love eating it on sandwiches and even had some today!

    Weirdest thing…hmm caviar in ice cream. Long story..

  10. teenagehealthfreak

    i’m sorta sad to say..never had pesto. 😦 thought about it many a time..i think it has to do with the fact that i’d have to spend around 5 bucks on fresh basil..dumb. oh..no worries..i ate your figs for you this morning on my millet (i’ve still got some HIDDEN in the freezer from my nana’s tree in summer!) hope you have basil for years to come…that looks like a very healthy plant.

  11. basil yum!
    haha i love that video, you are awesome 😀

  12. I’ve tried dog treats – I have no shame.

  13. Your last little comment made me smile. Thanks for the clarification. What a delightful bunch of basil! I would be all over some pesto right now. I like it on pasta, but I prefer it on a piece of toasted bread with a slice of cheese melted on top. Delicious! And great video too…I love it!

  14. Oh NO – this is like Christmas Eve being canceled!! I cannot watch the Teddy video “in my country” because SONY MUSIC says so… – what? I mean, WHAT?

    I tried looking for a little while longer at the food pictures to make up but it just isn’t the same…booo. AND it’s raining. On the better side, I’m having a hair cut later. Half-bad day it seems 🙂

  15. I love the video!! Teddie is SO cute! He reminds me of Chika…but that’s probably cos anything beautiful/horsey/cute/4 legged reminds me of her 😀
    I’ve tried many, many a horse treat – nuts, herby treats, peppermint treats, soaked feed, lucerne, hay, grass – I’ve had it all. Sadly, none of it is very nice :s But i believe as owners, we have a duty to try horse food!

  16. Ooh yes pesto is a definite must with all that basil! I love it on pasta with goats cheese, arugula, and pine nuts! I also love it on pizza or grilled veggie sandwiches with cheese.

    About your last comment – I almost feel like I should do the same thing! I thought it was a given that I don’t post everything I eat and that I eat like 2-3 unposted snacks everyday, but now I’m scared that I should have a disclaimer like that at the end of every one of my posts. 😛 It’s kind of ridiculous what this article has stirred up!

  17. Teddie is adorable! I wish I could hug him from the screen 🙂

    The weirdest thing I’ve eaten must be playdoh. I was very curious and it actually tasted much better than I expected. Dog food looks normal compared to this. Which doesn’t mean I haven’t tried dog food 😀 .

  18. I need a basil plant. I LOVE fresh basil. Teddie is just too darn cute. I think he may be the only creature that loves carrots like I do! I hope you have a great day Jessica!

  19. make pesto pizza!!! i love pesto pizza- my favorite ;P by the way, i can explain how much i adore your oatmeal bowls- they look so filling and delicious!

  20. Hahaaa loving the Teddie video, he is WAY too cute! And gosh, the countryside around you is absolutely stunning too…
    Mmm I love pesto on pasta mixed with spinach, mozzarella and pine nuts. The BEST way to have it I promise you 🙂
    The strangest thing I’ve eaten? Probably play-doh aswell! It wasn’t too great..Oh and also a caterpillar thing in Thailand. It tasted like a cheesy wotsit crisp that dissolves in your mouth when you put it on your tongue if you’ve ever had those as a kid?! WEIRD.

  21. I agree on your last post about the mc article!! there a few blogs I read that they no way in hellsinki eat enough calories, CARBS or fats. It is quite sad. your birdseed bars look yummmmmy. Make a sundried-tomato basil hummus! or make a homemade tomato sauce with fresh basil!

  22. Little Bookworm

    Love the video – Teddie looks so sweet! 🙂 Favourite ways to use pesto – in sandwichs with roasted vegetables, on pizza and with pasta and vegetables.

  23. Dee

    Hey Jessica! I’m so, so behind on all my blog reading so I’m starting from back here! I love this video! 🙂

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