Not What it Seems


It seems an overwhelming portion of you have been also chased by a man bearing a chainsaw. I feel not-so-alone now! That doesn’t make me enjoy Halloween any more, however.

It was a chilly one this morning! I didn’t much care for getting out of bed.

…but the promise of overnight oats and hot coffee makes everything better! I’ve had a question or two as to how I make my overnight oats.

  • 1/2 a ripe banana (or other fruit that can be mashed, like a peach, strawberries, pear)
  • 1/2 c. almond milk
  • 1/3 c. quick oats (or 1/4 c. quick oats, and the rest old fashioned)
  • 1 t. chia seeds
  • cinnamon (a hefty portion!)

The night prior I mash the banana up with the oats, cinnamon, and chia seeds, and then stir in the almond milk. In the morning, I stir in a spoonful of vanilla or plain Chobani – but to make it vegan, just stir in coconut milk yogurt or soy yogurt! Sometimes I’ll add some protein powder the night before, too. Just sort of depends what I’ve got on the cards for the day, I guess!

The rest of my day isn’t as it seems.

What do I mean by that? Well, take, for instance, these figs. I don’t know what I was thinking packing them, as I know I need more of a morning snack than two lone figs.

Luckily, my boss brought in a bunch of apples he’d picked with his kids this weekend, so these figs turned into a baked apple with figs and cinnamon. Chop up that apple, chop up those figs, stir in some cinnamon, and nuke for a minute and you’ve got yourselves a mug (well, in my case) of pure delicious.

Continuing on, pictured is just a plain sandwich with red onion and baby spinach. Yes, I packed more – tempeh and rosemary sauce, to be exact – I just didn’t feel like taking a picture of another container. But, I added to that mix, a few apple slices and panini’d it all up. So yum!

I didn’t mention yesterday that I made another loaf of bread – honey oatmeal wheat, to be exact. Again. It’s a good recipe! But – again, it fell. Dude, what am I doing wrong?! I even follow the recipe now. I can’t wait to bake my next (or very soon!) loaf by hand.

Raw, these carrots tasted…wrong. The solution? Throw on the panini press and smother in yellow mustard. Success. My mustard craving was sort of creeping in there.

This white nectarine was just as delicious as it looks and sounds. I love white flesh peaches and nectarines!

I made these cashew birdseed bars a bit too dry in attempts to cut back on sugar. The first couple days they were still good, but by now they’re just a bit too dry. The solution? Dollop with some pear-almond jam that I keep in the fridge at work!

I’m telling ya – there’s a quick fix for everything!

…and I am 99% sure that things eaten hot and out of bowls are 99% better than things eaten on plates. Too bad they’re always ugly!

However, I quite enjoyed the last of my scalloped tomatoes over the last of my (current) spaghetti squash. It was a match made in heaven!

And now, I’m off. I’ve got senior portraits I’m still going through, as well as orders to put together that came through!

What are your quick fixes for things that turn out not as good as you’d hoped?


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21 responses to “Not What it Seems

  1. My quick fixes usually include tahini. I would eat dirt covered in the stuff…

    I seriously haven’t eaten overnighters for breakfast in AGES, but I still have them every single day ! Haha.. they make a fabulous bedtime snack.
    ❤ Tat

  2. haha I’m glad you think things in bowls are way better than things eaten off plates! I don’t know what it is about it, but it’s true. 😛 But yes, it’s not as pretty unfortunately.

    I love microwaved apples with cinnamon, too. I sometimes serve it with yogurt and some cereal. It’s like the lazy person’s apple pie a-la-mode 😉

  3. I add it to something. Your stuff always looks so good, I don’t know how you are not getting where you want to with it! As for bread, I always make French toast with bummer loaves. I agree that things always look and taste better out of a bowl. I don’t know why…I just feel that way (crazy, huh?). So, I have a recipe of bread, if you want to try it. It is super simple, but I am keeping it a secret. It the loaf I have made and posted on many times, and it comes out perfect everytime. It also stays soft for at least 5 days (although it does not stay here that long). I know you like playing with bread like I do, so if you want it YOU can have it to play with. have a great night Jessica.

  4. I think things often taste better if they’re left for a while..maybe the flavours infuse or something!? Or, if they’re heated up 🙂 I’ve made many a bowl of blended crap, which has tasted muc better after a quick nuke in the microwave. Or a chill in the frdge. Either one does the trick 🙂

  5. I accidently let a batch of mini corn muffins burn last night. Totally going to crumble them and use them as a topping for something…

  6. Things do taste better in bowls for some reason. Plus it’s much easier to scoop grains out of the side of a bowl than it is to get them off of a plate.

    If I make food that isn’t up to par with whatever it was I was craving or trying to make in the first place (which is actually quite often) I slather it in hummus. It really is the culinary cure-all. If I need a bit of a salty bite to something I’ll sprinkle a little nutritional yeast on it; something sweet, cinnamon.

    Avocado also does wonders to any sandwich that ends up a bit too dry.

  7. i totally agree that everything tastes better in a bowls!!!! Yummy white flesh nectarines and peaches – my absolute favorite – i just bought a case of them from Costco!!!
    Soon they’ll be gone till next summer!!!
    If something needs a little tweeking – well if its a dinner or lunch – i fond something like adding tomato sauce or a simple condiment like mustard, hummus can definately do the trick – for something sweet – either vanilla or cinnamon or even stevia sometimes helps!!!
    Thanks for the tutorial on your overnight oats – the dried figs look like a wonderful topping!!

  8. That fig looks seductive.

    Is it weird to call a fruit seductive?

    Probably.. oh well, I’ll jsut go with it!

  9. quick fix? two words: peanut. butter. …but of course that doesn’t work for everything. a lot of times i roast veggies – they’re 1000x better roasted, in my opinion.
    those birdseed bars look good- might have to give them a try!!

  10. Your overnight oats look PERFECT! I can never get mine to look (or taste) that good. Maybe I’m doing it wrong. I’ll try your method!

  11. What a great picture of outside. A very fall morning.

  12. teenagehealthfreak

    coconut and honey seem to fix EVERYTHING. including homemade yogurt fails…i’m talking some sour stuff..that was sadly still edible. ha ha…you’ve got me craving a white flesh nectarine…i was acctually just at the store and saw them!! i was thinkin’..jess would say..get one. but i had to put my money towards some (expensive) leeks i’ve been itching to try. i bet when you do your bread by hand it wont’t fall..mine didn’t..and by NO MEANS am i a bread maker, it was my first attempt. good luck going through those senior portraits!

  13. jen@womanvfood1

    Things are more delicious when eaten out of bowls. Fact!

  14. Lemon. Lemon can do wonders. Also melted cheese. They are my quick fixes for bad bread or over cooked veggies. As for your bread falling…maybe your dough is too moist. It seems like the humidity has been pretty high in your parts, so you might want to add more flour. Just a thought! And I agree that making your bread by hand will make a big difference. Sweet dreams love!

  15. That first picture is so pretty! I love foggy fall mornings.

    That fig and apple concoction sounds so yummy! And guess what? I finally bought figs after hearing you talk about them so much! 😀 I’m hooked!

  16. I’ve been chomping on dried figs and carrots too. I love the idea of baked apples with figs. I bet they would be delicious soaked in apple cider and warmed stove top. *Thoughts running through my foodie head*

    P.S–I love that you panini-ifed carrots and slathered them in mustard. I love warm food in the cold weather–great quick fix!

  17. highonhealthy

    First, you’re pictures are absolutely gorgeous and I wish I could steal you so that you could be my personal photographer.

    Secondly..when food end up being less than I expected I eat it anyways and pretend I did a great job. With this attitude my food is always an amazing success. 😉

  18. Quick fix = garlic salt… though that admittedly wouldn’t work with everything. 😉

    Maybe I don’t want a bread machine like I always thought!!

    ❤ ❤

  19. Ooh a baked apple with figs sounds delish! Also I love how the two figs look sitting against just white. So pretty!

  20. The overnight oats look delish! Will be trying my hand at those soon!

  21. dee

    woooooooooooow gorgeous.
    i seriously want to move to VT.

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